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Sweat and Sex and Sin: The Passiflora in Bloom

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The bard and the courtesan went up the stairs and down the hall arm-in-arm, with the witcher trailing after, unsure of his position here, of what kind of punishment to anticipate. Jaskier, ever the gentleman, unlocked the door to their room when they reached it and waved Dandelion inside with a little bow.

Dandelion entered with his hands on his hips, surveying the room like a king surveying a new castle. He looked to the narrow bed and frowned. It really only accommodated two grown men when they were wrapped around each other. To suggest it might fit three was laughable. But he made no comment on the matter.

Geralt followed them in and shut the door behind himself, still keeping his distance.

Over-eager, Jaskier pushed into Dandelion's space once the courtesan had made a full inspection of the room, cupping his face and kissing him fiercely. Dandelion made an amused sound into the kiss, but then planted a firm palm in the middle of Jaskier's chest and gently pushed him away.

The bard looked confused, but stepped back.

"There's only one honest way forward for all of us," Dandelion said, "and if neither of you can handle that honesty, I understand. But that means this ends now. I won't be a part of your sex games only to be discarded."

"We don't want that," Jaskier reassured him.

"We don't," Geralt agreed. "We want...we want you, Dandelion.  I want you." He gritted his teeth, hoping Dandelion understood. "You."

The courtesan looked between the two of them, expression grim. "Then Jaskier needs to know everything that happened when you visited me. And what you told me about him. Everything." He turned to Jaskier. "If we're... if you both truly want me, personally, not just as someone you've hired, then I need you to know. I can't have it hanging over us. Agreed?"

Apprehension made Geralt's stomach turn over, but Jaskier didn't share in his hesitancy.

"Agreed," the bard said lightly. "Geralt?"

He wasn't sure why he was so nervous. Everything was fine now, they were here, together. They'd already jumped the largest hurdles. The truth--of both his pining and his folly--shouldn't be able to hurt them. And still, he was afraid.

"Agreed," he said, the word barely choked out past his teeth.

Dandelion nodded. "Do you want to tell him, Geralt, or should I?"

"Oh, oh--no offense, Geralt, but this is a story I'd much rather hear from Dandelion," Jaskier said quickly, draping one arm around the courtesan, letting his body bow against his side. "Geralt would leave out all the best details," he explained, running a finger up and down Dandelion's chest.

Dandelion took that wandering hand and brought it up to his mouth, kissing the inside of his wrist as he curled his other arm around Jaskier's waist, holding him close.

Geralt bit back a groan and leaned heavily against the door.  They were fully clothed, and yet this was the most sensual sight he'd ever seen. They were going to kill him through the sheer intensity of their corporal beauty, he was sure.

"First, my own confession, my own apology," Dandelion said, releasing Jaskier's wrist to thumb at his chin instead. "There's something you mentioned earlier today, when you came to the Passiflora, that Geralt need not take the blame for."

Jaskier's brow furrowed in curiosity. "What's that?"

"He only called me Jaskier because I dragged it out of him. For the longest time, he wouldn't even give me your name, let alone call me by it. Not your chosen name, anyway."

Geralt pursed his lips and looked at his feet for a moment. He'd half hoped Dandelion had forgotten he'd called him Julian during their first encounter.

"I'd deduced he'd hired me because I looked like someone in his life, but he wouldn't tell me who--even though I asked, I pushed. He wanted to protect you, and for good reason. If you'd just been some farm boy, your name wouldn't have meant anything to me, not really. But you're famous.

"With naught but your name--once I had it, from another client--it was easy to learn things about you. Public details that would help me put on a show. I thought to surprise Geralt. I wanted to give him everything he wanted."

Dandelion let his thumb trail from Jaskier's chin up his cheek, then to his temple and back down the curve of his jaw. "I wanted to give him you."

Jaskier's eyes flickered in Geralt's direction, but the witcher swiftly looked away. 

Everything felt so fragile. One wrong word from Dandelion might make Jaskier realize that everything between the witcher and the whore had taken a sour turn, had gone too far. It might have him running for the door, leaving them and their depravity behind.

"So I borrowed a lute," Dandelion continued slowly, "Bought a doublet a few seasons out of style, found your perfumer..."

Jaskier's eyes went wide. "You pretended to be me? Not just in the heat of the moment--you planned it. Staged it."

Dandelion nodded. "I tried to make his fantasy of you a reality. But he didn't want it--"

"I did want it," Geralt countered, throat tight, his voice small. "I wanted it too much."

"--He tried to tell me no, but I didn't listen," Dandelion said. "He didn't want the temptation. Before, it was just fucking.  But when it started to feel too real, he--" Dandelion cut himself off, shook his head. He glanced at Geralt. "I understand, now, that it hurt you. I'm sorry."

Geralt couldn't find any words. He simply set his jaw, nodded sadly in acknowledgment.

Jaskier captured Dandelion's gaze again. "But when it started to feel too real he...what? What happened?"

Geralt's eyes felt hot, his tongue thick. Surely Jaskier wouldn't forgive him for this.

He couldn't look at them while he confessed. He hung his head, covered his face with both hands. "I...I said I love you.  I said it to him, but I meant it for you."

The silence that followed was deafening.

Geralt wanted to curl into himself. If he died on the spot, it would save him from having to face Jaskier's reaction.

The pause was shattered by a sharp, self-deprecating chuckle from Dandelion. "And I knew it was for you, but I wanted so badly for it to be for me that I broke down and spoiled my own illusion."

"Oh, you two..." Jaskier said softly.

Geralt risked a glance up.  

Jaskier's eyes were wide, pitying. Dandelion's expression had gone meek, tight--holding just on the edge of sadness.

The bard took the courtesan's hand, kissed his knuckles. "You two...hurting each other because of me."

"You were like a ghost between us," Dandelion said quietly. "We never would have come together without you, but..."

Jaskier nodded. "I understand. When I realized Geralt had been seeing you, I thought you were a barrier. A buffer. But you're not a wall between us, you're our missing piece."  He smiled warmly, brushed at Dandelion's cheeks, even though no tears had fallen. "So no more sadness," he said firmly. "We're all together. We all want each other. And you promised to tell me a raunchy story filled with Geralt's sexual proclivities."

The bard spared a wink for his witcher, and Geralt felt ten times lighter, as though that simple gesture had...well, not absolved him, but temporarily pardoned him at the very least.  

And then Dandelion let out a genuine laugh and that much more weight lifted off Geralt's shoulders.

The tension in the room shifted, abated.

Perhaps this could work. Perhaps they would all be okay.

"Hmm, what shall I tell him first?" Dandelion asked Geralt as he shook off the last vestiges of melancholy, tone gone silky. "About the shirt? The bed sharing? The blacksmith?"

Jaskier furrowed his brow, looked at Geralt. "The blacksmith?"

Dandelion brushed his lips against Jaskier's ear as he spoke. "Our witcher's quite the voyeur."

Geralt's face went hot again, for an entirely different reason.

Jaskier's eyes sparkled. "Is that that why you left me behind? I didn't see you again for three days. What all did you see?"

"Enough," Geralt said gruffly. "It was more what I heard, what you said, that..." He was too embarrassed to continue.

"What? What did I say?"

Geralt shook his head, unable to force the words past his lips.

"Oh, no, that's entirely unfair," Jaskeir said brightly. "Shoot, what did...what did I say? I remember he had a thing about the size of his cock."

Geralt nodded. "It was...the...the way you spoke to him."

"Did you like it?"

Geralt's shirt felt too tight, the room too stuffy. If he'd had an unmutated man's heart rate, he was sure he'd be flushed from head to toe. "Yes," he admitted.

"Geralt of Rivia," Jaskier said teasingly. "Do you want me to talk dirty to you?"

Geralt gave a little half shrug as Dandelion smirked.

The courtesan leaned in to the bard's ear again. "He wants you to talk dirty to him while you're buried to the hilt inside him."

Jaskier's eyelashes fluttered in pleasure. "Oh fuck."

Utterly embarrassed, and unsure as to why, Geralt hid his face for a moment again, before forcing himself to meet Jaskier's gaze.

The way the bard regarded him sent a shiver up his spine.

"Hmm, what else?" Dandelion asked Geralt. "Should we talk about all the times you touched yourself thinking about him? All the little fantasies you confessed to? Or the time you came to me and only wanted to be kissed?" Dandelion pecked Jaskier's cheek in demonstration, whispering to the bard, "I think you broke him when you told him you wanted to reward your knight."

"That, at least, I'd deduced on my own," Jaskier said sheepishly. "In this very room, no less. Though, honestly, I should have known something was up immediately," he admitted. "You didn't even give me a hard time about it the next day."

Geralt's mouth had gone dry. "If I'd said something, I wouldn't've been able to stop myself from kissing you. Do you know how many times I've had to stop myself from kissing you? I'm doing it right now."

There was a brief pause, a holding of breaths, as something heated and desperate passed between the bard and the witcher, creating a thick tension across the small room. 

Jaskier moved to go to him, to shift away from Dandelion, but Dandelion jerked him back, held him firm. Jaskier gave him a sorrowful look, but the courtesan quickly quailed it with a kiss on the tip of his nose.

"Come to us, Geralt," Dandelion said.

The witcher eagerly pushed himself away from the door, hurrying to stand before them. He wanted to grab Jaskier, to pull him flush against his own body, but he waited for Dandelion's instructions. 

They both did.

"Kiss him," Dandelion ordered, but he did not let go of Jaskier as Geralt moved closer, as Geralt grabbed the bard by the chin and claimed his mouth.

Jaskier let out a muffled, needy sound as their lips moved, as Geralt let the kiss deepen.

The witcher's heart fluttered. He could still hardly believe he was allowed this, to taste Jaskier this way. He tasted like wine, and like Dandelion.

Dandelion made an approving hum as they kept kissing. "Maybe I should tell him about what you wanted most, Geralt," he said softly. "What you kept denying yourself with me, until that last time."

Geralt growled in the back of his throat.

Dandelion's voice was rich and mischievous. "Maybe I should tell him how badly you want his cock in your mouth."

Jaskier dipped a little, lips slipping away from Geralt's as his knees went weak.  Dandelion tightened his grip around the bard, kept him upright.

"Geralt," Jaskier whined, all high-pitched and desperate.

"Did you suck him in the Passiflora, like I told you to?" Dandelion asked.

Geralt furrowed his brow. "Like you...?"

Dandelion sighed, his disappointment clear. "After I pushed him into the hall, I told you to finish what I started," he said plainly. "I made of gift of him for you, but you can't even follow simple instructions.  Whatever shall we do with you?"

Jaskier fisted the front of Geralt's shirt. "Perhaps he needs training," he suggested breathlessly. "Can't expect an old wolf to pick up new tricks on his own."

"What do you think, Geralt? Can you learn to obey like a good boy?"

Geralt lapped up the derision just as readily as he would lap up praise. As long as they kept turning those heated gazes on him, they could talk to him however they pleased. "Yes," he hissed through gritted teeth.

"Go to your knees, witcher," Dandelion ordered.

Geralt dropped so fast his entire body jolted from the impact. He stared up at them, wide-eyed and ready to please.

"Take his cock out," Dandelion said.

Geralt's breath left him in a punched-out huff.

"Both," Jaskier gasped quickly, looking first at Dandelion, then at Geralt. "Take us both out."


If this was a punishment, he couldn't imagine what a reward looked like--though he dared not say anything, lest they realize their mistake.