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The concert for that night had drawn to a close. Not so much because they finished their 5th run of the setlist, but the freely flowing alcohol had taken it's toll: Aljoscha was sitting with friends at a campfire and Flake had gone to pee and hadn't been seen since. Drummer Kriening gave one last drumroll "Right! I'm off!" and did exactly that.
Paul grinned as he quickly put his guitar away where it wouldn't get trampled on, and then went to find the girls he had spotted earlier.

Not that he was much of a ladies man, at least he didn't think so himself.
Not like his friend Sven from Schwerin who, judging by the letters Paul had received from him in recent months already had gone through several girlfriends. And from the photos he received of Sven even he realized Sven had turned into a goodlooking guy over the years since they last met.
But even though he doubted his own good looks, it didn't bother Paul that much. He knew girls often found him funny and cute, and as being funny and cute turned out to be a great way to get some smoochies and cuddles, that was all fine by him.

And now, helped by several bottles of beer which as usual had made him relaxed and giggly, he went to the girls who sat together on a large beachtowel. One of the girls was already half asleep, the other two giggled as Paul plopped down between them "Here i am, what are your other two wishes?".
The girls giggled again at the cheesy pickup line, but were happy to have the blond guitarist join their campfire "We loved your music, it was the best ever!"
"Yeah? Which song did you like best?"
The girls exchanged a quick look, they couldn't really remember distinct songs from the evening by now "..the really fast one.."
Paul grinned "Yeah, that's my favorite too.." as the nestled himself between the girls on the towel.

The next hour they spent talking, having another drink, and canoodling. The girls ruffled his hair, Paul was enjoying himself, exchanging a smoochy, now with one girl, then with the other, but all of them were too sleepy and tipsy to make a serious move.
When the other people on the beach were slowly clearing out to find a place to have a few hours of sleep, Paul and the girls found a place between some bushes, which Paul craftly kitted out with a small tarpaulin and a blanket so they had some privacy.
While giggling they all helped eachother loose their clothes and in their underwear lay down on the tarp. A few more smoochies were exchanged but somehow they all drifted away to sleep under the moonlit sky.


"Hey Paul!"
Paul didn't wake up.
"Paul! Hey Paul!" now Paul felt a kick against his foot and with a grumble he pulled his foot in, not ready to wake up yet.
Aljoscha grinned at Sven "He probably had a lot to sleep off.."
Sven gave him a nervous smile, seeing Paul laying there with the girls, made him reconsider if it had been a good idea for him to come here...what if Paul wanted to be with these girls, what if he had a steady girlfriend..
"Paul would have mentioned it in his letters if he had, he writes about everything.." a small voice in his head said.
"Maybe he didn't want me to know.." Sven answered the voice.
"Don't be silly, didn't he write he wanted to see you again..?"
"Yeah, but maybe he didn't mean it, maybe.."
"Oh, quit worrying.." the voice snapped and Sven felt a blush on his cheeks, hoping the little voice had indeed only been in his head.

Aljoscha nudged Paul's foot with his shoe "Hey sleepy, wake up.."
"Someone to see you..I think it's a groupie" Aljoscha grinned at Sven.
"Mmm...she can sleep here too.." Paul didn't move.
"It's not a her.." Aljoscha looked at Sven thoughfully "'s a guy with many names.."
"Huh..?" Paul slowly woke up and pushed himself up on one elbow, with the other hand wiping the sleep from his eyes, before turning around to face them...

Sven swallowed away a lump in his throat, what if.. what would he do if..

But before he could finish the worrying thought he was grabbed in a tight embrace. Paul had jumped up from the tarp "Sven..?" he flung his arms around his friend "Sven! It's really you! What are you doing here?"
Sven grinned. The small voice was immediately forgotten the moment he felt Paul's arms around his shoulders.
He wrapped his arms around Paul's waist and happily returned the hug.

Paul sleeping companions had by now woken up too, and quickly put on their dresses when the realised they had more spectators than they had expected.
A bit confused from the abrupt waking up they tried to get Paul's attention again, but he seemed too occupied with this new guy they hadn't seen before.

Paul didn't notice. He gave Sven another squeeze, then let go to take a step back and look at Sven, his hands still lingering on the other's shoulders "Let me look at you! I still can't believe you're here! How did that happen? And how did you grow up so much? Did you come today or were you here already?"
Again Sven grinned; Paul might have grown up too, but he was still the old Paul "So many questions, were do you want me to start?"
"Eh... Paul..?" one of the girls decided to try and get his attention back " you want to get something to eat?"
Paul threw a quick smile at her, but turned his attention back to Sven right away "That's a great idea! Are you hungry? Do you want something to eat?"
He didn't wait for an answer, but grabbed Sven's arm to pull him to the beach to join one of the campfires.
Aljoscha smiled at Paul's excitement, before he turned to the girls "Ladies, I'm afraid my guitarist isn't much of a gentleman, allow me to treat you to a luxury breakfast in the house, guaranteed sand-free, which is more than you'll get at any of those fires."


Any worries Sven might have had, were washed away by a hearty breakfast of leftover sausages and an excited Paul, trying to show him everything he had written about.
He dragged Sven from the beach to Aljoscha's house, to the small artist's colony that camped on the island.

In the middle of the colony they caught up with Flake, sitting on the ground with a small selection of what appeared to be jewelry.
"What are you guys doing with that?"
"We make earrings and sell them, that way we earn a little spending money, and it's real easy and cheap to do."
"Look.." Paul showed Sven his ear and only now he noticed Paul was wearing their own merchandise.
"I wouldn't have thought you were jewelry kind of guys.." Sven grinned.
Paul took Sven's hand and spread the fingers; the pink nailpolish clearly visible in the sunshine "..and I didn't think you were a nailpolish kind of guy.." he chuckled as Sven quickly drew back his hand, his cheeks reddening "'s okay, I like it, in a way it suits you.."
With one finger he gave Sven's cheek a quick stroke, making Sven smile again.

Paul smiled too.
He always liked Hiddensee, but having Sven here with him, without having to worry about parents dropping in or other people interfering, felt better than Paul could have imagined he could feel.
And the best thing was that he knew without asking that Sven felt the same.
He could see it in his eyes, in his smile when he laughed over Paul's stories or when watching the hustle and bustle on the beach together.
Again he stroked Sven's cheek, this time a little bit slower, then quickly running his finger through Sven's hair.
"I missed you.." and as he said it, he felt a warm feeling in his stomache, realising how much he indeed had missed the other boy. Or..boy.. at 16 Sven had turned into a young man, as tall as Paul himself, with lean but well developed muscles through years of wrestling practice.
He felt an overwhelming urge to embrace him, still stroking his cheek and jaw.
The feeling turned out to be mutual; before Paul could act, Sven took a step towards him and wrapped his arms around him in a tight hug "..I missed you too.." burying his face in the curve of Paul's neck "..I thought about you so often.."

Paul closed his eyes, as he felt Sven's lips move against his shoulder, giving him goosebumps at hearing the words.
He wrapped his arms around Sven's back and stroked him, feeling the warm muscles through his shirt.
For a while the were happy to just stand there holding eachother.
Paul felt a sudden urge to kiss him, to feel his skin against his own lips..

"Ouch! Damn, that's the third time that happened today.."
Paul opened his eyes, all of a sudden aware they were not alone.
He looked over Sven's shoulder to Flake, who was sucking his thumb with a disgruntled face.
Sven let go of Paul and turned to Flake as well.
"It's that stupid iron wire! When I cut it, it always springs back and pinches me, if this happens again, I'll switch to make earrings out of wood.."
Paul grinned "..knowing you, you'd get a splinter.." then turned to Sven, a little sad their moment was gone, but determined not to let anyone notice "..what do you you want us to fit you an earring too?"
Sven chuckled "Okay.."
"No problem, sit down, I'll pierce your ear and then you can choose which one you want from Flake's collection.." he grinned " of charge.."

It was not the first time someone spontaneously decided to start wearing earrings, piercing ears was one of the many things Aljoscha taught them.
Paul got out a cork from a winebottle, a handkerchief and an iron needle. He heated the needle to desinfect it.
"Okay, which ear do you want pierced?"
"Don't they have a saying that one ear is 'cool' and the other is 'gay'?" *)
Paul grinned "Yeah, but I never know which is which, so I have both pierced, just in case.."
He gently grabbed Sven's face, shortly distracted by how seagreen his eyes were, but shook the thought off quickly; piercing a hole in someone's body was not the moment to get distracted.
He put the cork behind Sven's ear "Now this is going to sting a bit, I'll count to three.."
Sven braced himself.

Sven closed his eyes and pressed his lips together.
"Two" immediately Paul pierced the needle through Sven's earlobe.
"Hey! I thought you said three.."
"It works better this way.." Paul chuckled ", hold the hanky against your lobe to stop the bleeding.."
A bit startled, but determined not to let it show, Sven did as he was told.
"So which earring do you want?"
"One like yours.."
"Have this one, this is the first one Paul had as well.." Flake pulled out a small hoop and opened it, giving it to Paul who put it in Sven's ear "..there.." again he gave Sven's cheek a quick stroke and put the hanky back at the ear "..i hope it doesn't bleed too long.."
"Don't worry.." Sven gave him a shy smile "..I heal pretty fast.."
The unspoken story behind the words was clear to them both, and as Paul pulled Sven to his feet again, he gave his hand an extra squeeze.


The day flew by, filled with catching up on everything that had happened, Sven meeting everyone from Paul's band and friends and relaxing on the beach.
Sven had even managed to impress Aljoscha at dinner, which was usually the same old menu of sausages with beer; he came up with something none of them had tried before.
He asked Aljoscha if at the house they had butter and eggs and snagged a role of tinfoil the band brought with them.
Then he found a forked branch of a tree, and wrapped the tinfoil around the forked part, to make a makeshift fryingpan.
He stuck it over one of the campfires, put a lump of butter in it and when it had melted, broke an egg, to make a perfect sunny-side-up fried egg.
A huge succes, Sven one after the other supplied all of them with a fried egg, some with bits of sausage in between.

"That guy is a keeper Paul" Kriening laughed after finishing his second batch.
"Hey Richard..Sven..whatever your name is..where did you learn that?" Aljoscha grinned.
Sven quickly glanced at Paul "I eh...I camp out sometimes.."
"With a youth club or something?"
"..or something.."
"Must be a cooking club, you could be a professional.."
Sven hoped he wouldn't be asked to explain, but a new supply of fresh beers made Aljoscha loose interest in the topic.

Paul gave Sven an encouraging smile, Sven's backstory was something between them.
He declined the beer, knowing Sven wasn't used to the alcohol the way the group was, Paul had decided to go sober today as well, so Sven wouldn't feel pressured.

When the evening's concert started he made sure Sven was sitting next to the band area so he could regularly look at him and make sure he was okay.
Sven enjoyed the band and the music, and he was actually interested in the songs as well. More even, Paul thought with a grin, than the band themselves, who usually weren't that bothered with finishing what they started and more or less played what they felt like, when they felt like it.
Being that close to the band had one disadvantage though as Sven quickly found out, when a few guys of the group started a wild dance splattering beer all over the place in the proces.
Much of the beer landed on Sven, who pulled a face at getting downed in a cold shower, but quickly recovered so people wouldn't notice.
Only Paul noticed, and he winked at Sven while he played on.

The concert ended sooner than usual this night. The sun hadn't even set yet.
Kriening had disappeared in a tent in the shrubs, Aljoscha hadn't been with the band for over half an hour. Flake was absorbed by a long solo he was doing on his keyboard and which had no relation anymore to the song Paul had last been playing.
Paul didn't mind.
He nodded to Sven to come with him.
Sven grinned and got up "All done?"
"As done as we're going to be tonight.." Paul grinned too ".. wait here, I have an idea.."

Paul quickly put away his guitar and grabbed a tarp and blanket lying around.
Back with Sven, he gave him the pieces, grabbed a branch and lit it on a campfire.
He grinned again to Sven "It'll save us from having to make a new one.."
"Where are we going?"
Paul took Sven's hand and gave him a little pull. From his previous weekends Paul knew there was a small strip of sand and shrubs around the island's bend. The Hiddensee-crowd didn't seem to go there, it was too far away to hear the music, too inconvenient to haul cases of beer to and too narrow to hang out with a lot of people.
But tonight, Paul had no intention of hanging out with a lot of people at all.

15 minutes later they walked onto the strip of sand, overlooking the sea.
"It's beautiful here" Sven sighed as he stopped to look at the slowly rippling water against the sand.
Paul walked a few more meters and cleared a spot in the sand to put the burning treebranch.
On the ground under the shrubs he found some more dead branches and even some bigger pieces of wood. He took it with him and built a small fire on the sand.
When that was burning nicely, he took the tarp and spread it out on the sand a few meters away from the fire.
Job done, he plopped down on the tarp and grinned at Sven, still standing a few meters away "I thought it would be nice to chat, just you and me, without the others interfering."
Paul took off his jacket and propped it up to a makeshift cushion to put under his head, as he lay down.
Sven grinned and made a move to do the same, then made a face "yuck, my clothes all smell of beer.."
Paul smiled lazily "I'd offer you a set of mine, except that i didn't take any spare.."
"Gross, this is going to be awful tomorrow."
"Well, why don't you wash them in the sea...they'll be dry tomorrow.."
"Maybe that's not such a bad idea.." Sven stripped down to just wearing his underpants and made his way to the water's edge.
Paul watched him from the tarp, once again struck by how much Sven had grown since the last time he'd seen him, his muscles were clearly visible in his arms and back and especially around the shoulders and chest. Wrestling was said to be one of the sports which built the greatest variety of muscles in the body, and looking at Sven sitting in the shallow surf, soaking and rubbing his cloths, Paul could only agree.

"I could really use some soap.."
"It's just beer, if you let them get wet through and through, the beer will soak out automatically."
Sven grinned over his shoulder at Paul "Is that what they teach you in Berlin?"
" is just water flavored with a little grain, isn't it, so you just let the seawater flush out the beerwater.."
"Sounds real scientific.." Sven laughed, half still scrubbing his clothes, half turning to Paul on the tarp "..oh damn.."
A splash as Sven lost his balance and was now lying on his back in the water, spluttering as his head was dunked under as well.
Paul laughed out loud, even more when Sven looked back at him with a slightly injured face at first, then laughing too at Paul's giggles.
He grabbed his clothes, and went to the tarp, hanging his shirt and pants out on the shrubs to dry in the evening air, then with a slightly perplexed face hesitated to join Paul on the tarp in his dripping underpants.
Paul giggled "You might as well take them off too, they'll dry quicker when you're not wearing them.." and a bit softer to comfort Sven a little "..there won't be anyone here tonight anyway, just you and me.."

"Okay.." Sven hesitated a few seconds, then deciding it was the sensible thing to do, he hung his underpants on another branch and joined Paul to lay on the tarp.

For a while they lay there, just chatting, enjoying a small summerbreeze.
The sun was setting and night was falling over the water, but a full moon in the clear sky and the glow of the camp fire were enough to still be able to see eachother.
When the sun was gone, Sven shivered a little, still laying naked on the tarp.
Paul turned to lay on his side to look at his friend "Are you cold?"
"Not much, it's okay.."
"Well, maybe a little.."
Paul pushed himself up, supporting himself on his elbow, while he reached for the blanket they had brought.
He spread out the blanket, over himself and over Sven, making sure it covered all of him, over his feet and side. He made extra effort to tuck the blanket in under Sven's arm. As he did so, Paul brushed his hand over Sven's shoulder, at first accidently, but when he caught Sven's look and they both grinned, he let his hand rest on Sven's chest for a minute, then traced Sven muscles with his finger, his chest, over to his shoulder and upper arm.
Sven reached out with his other hand and stroked Paul's cheek.
Their faces close together, again they caught eachother's eye, and again they smiled.
Paul moved his hand to Sven's face and stroked his cheek "'s the ear..?"
"Fine, doesn't hurt a bit, you're an expert.."

Paul felt a nervous flutter in his stomache as he brushed a few strands of Sven's hair, still moist from his dip in the sea, away from his cheek " look good.."
Sven ran his fingers though Paul's hair " do you..I like your hair this way.."
Paul smiled; Sven moved his hand to cup Paul's cheek, gently rubbing his thumb over Paul's lips.
"I love it when you smile, when I read your letters I always imagine you smiling at me.."

Paul felt his flutters even more in his stomache, but realized there was more to it then nerves.
"Can I.." he giggled, suddenly shy "..may I.. kiss you.."
Sven flashed a smile "..we did kiss before.. "
Paul's nerves fluttered again "..I know..but I..I don't know..maybe you didn't want.."
Sven's hand slid from Paul's cheek to his neck, and he gently pulled Paul towards him, until their lips met.
Paul's hand found his way back to Sven's chest which he kneeded as he put his lips on Sven's and kissed him.
At first just lightly touching their lips, then savouring the feeling, he shuffled a bit closer to Sven under the blanket.
He tasted Sven's lips, slightly salty from the seawater, and enjoyed the feeling of Sven also tasting his own, when he felt Sven's tongue touching his lips and licking them.
Paul's flutters were building, but strangely his nervous feeling was gone, and a whole new feeling had replaced it.
He opened his lips a little against Sven's, and felt Sven's tongue carefully entering his mouth, just the tip, almost hesitating to go too far, but when entering was happily welcomed by Paul's own.

Paul felt Sven's breath against his face, as he shuffled closer again. Sven turned a little on his side to meet Paul's body, one hand still stroking Paul's head, he reached with his other hand down Paul's side to the small of his back.
Still kissing Paul felt Sven's naked body now against his own, still clothed, one and slid his hand down from the chest to Sven's side to pull him closer, then his hand moved even further to pet his back and, not hindered by any annoying clothing, moved effortlessly to Sven's butt.
Round and muscular and soft; Paul gently squeezed it, and smiled against Sven's lips when he heard the soft moan that gesture produced.

And not just a moan.

Through their closeness, Paul felt Sven's member against his leg; firm and warm, Paul had never been this close to a guy before, had never even considered it, but this time, with Sven, it was like this was what he had been waiting for, and feeling Sven like this, his manhood hardening, Paul wondered how it would feel to touch it, to feel it against his skin.
He slowly released the kiss, Sven was panting a little as he gave Paul a few kittenkisses on his jaw, then rested his head against Paul's shoulder.
Paul took a few moments to catch his breath, then again kneeded Sven's buttock under the blanket.
Again a small moan against his shoulder, Paul smiled, happy to be here, on this beach, with this guy. Sven's member was still laying against his leg, with every move he made to change position he felt Sven moving with him, eager to try and keep the touch he received from Paul's closeness.

As he squeezed the soft buttock again, this time a little firmer to pull Sven even closer, he felt he a spot of wettness against his leg.
The stirring Paul had felt in his stomache before, he now felt in his own pants too, and with every soft moan he elicited from Sven, his own pants grew a bit tighter as well.
Again he pulled Sven in to rub his member against his leg, and again Sven moaned.

Paul all of a sudden got up from under the blanket. Sven, a bit dazed, left under the blanket, looking up at him confused "Hey...don't go.."
 "I'm not going anywhere.." Paul grinned and without bothering to neatly undo all the buttons, he pulled off his own clothes; shirt, pants, underwear all in one go.
Sven grinned too as he saw Paul's manhood spring out from the confines of the clothing, he held the blanket open with one arm and Paul was all too ready to nestle himself next to him again.
They giggled as their bodies touched full length, skin on skin for the first time.
"Where were we.."
Sven lay on his back, two hands now free to touch Paul. He let his hands glide over Paul's slender body, then pulled him towards himself, to enjoy a new kiss.
Paul gladly responded, and eager to experience the sensation, his hand eager to get back to the spot it was before on Sven's behind to pull him against himself.
He hitched his breath when again he felt Sven's member against his leg, but this time, against his bare skin. Paul forgot to kiss, so distracted by the feel of the warm shaft, he felt himself grow hard as well. As he kneeded the buttock a few more times, each time rubbing Sven's dick against him, Sven let his own hand glide away from Paul's back.

He felt for Paul's hand on his butt and when he found it, lightly grabbed it, guiding it to a different place.
Paul was still distracted by his own dick twitching; at first he didn't really sense what Sven was doing. But when he felt his hand being guided to the front, he opened his eyes and looked at Sven's face. Sven was looking at him as well, eyes half opened, coy smile on his lips.
Paul smiled too, kissed Sven's mouth and put his hand on Sven's member.
Paul had never been this turned on in his life, and by the sounds Sven made, he suspected the same went for him.
Paul gently closed his hand around Sven's shaft, he felt the soft skin, the veins on it. With his thumb and forefinger he enclosed the head, gently fondling the skin. Again he kissed Sven, this time a little deeper than before and Sven responded eagerly.

Paul slowly moved his hand, up and down, up and down, as he felt Sven's breath become quicker and get in rhythm with Paul's hand. He felt wetness on his hand and applied a little more pressure, eliciting more moans from Sven.
Sven's hand on Paul's back was pulling him closer, his nails starting to dig in the skin.
Sven spread his legs a bit more to give Paul's hand more room to hold him. Paul put his own leg over Sven's, and shuffled closer, so his own dick rubbed against Sven's upperleg, growing harder himself and leaking precum between both their bodies, he too now not able to contain soft moans anymore.

He buried his face against Sven's neck and panted as they continued to move together, body against body, pulling eachother closer to try to feel as much of the other's skin as possible.
Sven's gripping of his back and arm became tighter and his movements choppier, as he panted "..can't..hold it.."
He was the one to say it, but Paul was just as close himself, the friction of his dick against Sven's body more stimulating than his own hand had ever been "'s okay..let it go.."
And as he said it, Sven cried out and rocked against his hand and Paul felt his squirts gush over his hand, still moving to pleasure Sven as long as he could.
And as he felt the warm cum, the thought of them here together on a beach on Hiddensee, being intimate like this, he felt himself tip over the edge too and he came as well, his cum landing over Sven's leg and hip.

As they felt their orgasms subsiding their moves became slower until they both lay panting on the tarpaulin, Paul half on top of Sven, their bodies sweaty and sticky.
When they managed to catch their breath a little, Sven put his hand on Paul's cheek and pulled him towards himself to exchange a tender kiss, languid and lazy, in the afterglow of their shared orgasms.

After a while Paul pulled back a little, he smiled and was happy to see Sven smiled back just as broadly. He gave Sven a few eskimo kisses and grinned, before moving in for a new lazy kiss.
Sven stroked his back "I've wanted to do that for so long..but i wasn't sure.."
Paul grinned "..well you can be sure now.." as he nestled his head in the nape of Sven's neck again "..that was hot.."
He moved his hand over Sven's chest, stroking it, then moving down to his well-trained abs, giggling as his hand landed in the sticky traces of their lovemaking.
Sven smiled as he lifted his head to try and see what was going on "..what..?"
"Now you have to wash up again.."
Sven grinned too, but pulled Paul's shoulders in a tight embrace, as he kissed Paul's forehead "..not right now, i want to enjoy this a bit longer.."

Eventually they did pull eachother up and walked to the seafront, laying down in the shallow water near the beach.
They helped clean the stickyness off of the other's body, then lay back on the beach, chatting, feet in the surf.
Now and then they exchanged kitten-kisses, after a while, Paul sat up and gave Sven a quick kiss on the lips "Want to move back to the tarp?"
Sven grinned and nodded, as he let Paul pull him to his feet..

The full moon was bright enough for them to be noticed by others, should someone have considered making a midnight stroll, but luckily the whole island of Hiddensee was asleep.


When next morning the first breakfast fires started to be stoked up on the band's beach, Flake was the first who noticed them missing "Where did Paul and Sven you think we'd save them breakfast?"
"They'll turn up when they get hungry.."
"What can they be doing on an island this small?"
Kriening smiled "For some kinds of fun you don't need a big space.."
"If it's fun they were after, they should have stayed here with those friendly girls, they could have some extra special fun.."
Aljoscha grinned at Kriening "..I think those boys are having the kind of special fun you can do without girls.."
"Oh.." Flake looked at the other two when it dawned on them what they meant "..oh!.." after some thinking remembered "..the first day we met, i think Paul was away at night with Sven..i just thought they were sharing a secret beer.."
Kriening smiled at Aljoscha "These youngsters of innocent.."
Aljoscha grinned "..I bet one of them is not so innocent anymore by now.."


Feeling the sun tickling his nose, Paul slowly opened his eyes. For a second he was confused about where he was, but when he felt someone laying next to him, regularly breathing against he shoulder, he smiled.
He gave Sven a small peck on the brow, and chuckled when that seemed to wake him up, looking at him with his seagreen eyes.
"Good morning.."
Sven smiled too "you can say that again..."

The two leaned in to kiss; slowly and leisurely, then Sven shifted to lay his arm over Paul's belly and nestled his head against Paul's "Best..Morning..Ever.."
Paul wrapped his arms on Sven's back and gently stroked him.
For a while they enjoyed being together watching the sun rise and listening to the sea.

"Too bad we're leaving today.."
"Yeah.." Sven sighed " guys go back to Berlin.."
"You can come with us.."
Sven smiled as he pecked a small kiss on Paul's chest and gave his belly a squeeze "..would love to, but you're enjoying your bandlife so much, I don't know how to fit in it."
"You could be our cook"
"Well actually..." Sven lifted his head to look at Paul " guys have given me an idea here..I should start to make my own money, like you do with the jewelry..and..well, I think I should take up a apprenticeship at a cooking-school, our schoolcouncillor mentioned there was one available a while ago."
Paul brushed away a few strands of hair from Sven's cheek and smiled "That might actually be a really good idea.."
"The best thing is..that position is in a different town, so I can move out of my parent's place and live on my own while I do this apprenticeship."
Paul leaned in to kiss his friend "As long as you let me know where you are, so I can visit you.."
"You'll be the first to know.." Sven smiled and lay back on Paul's chest again " don't know how happy it made me to hear Aljoscha call me 'Paul's Richard', like I belonged to you in a way.."
Paul closed his eyes and smiled, gently letting his hands wander over Sven's shoulders and back, trying to feel every muscle and dip to remember it "You do.."

When the sun was climbing higher in the sky he sighed "I don't really want to but we'll have to get up before it gets really late, Aljoscha usually wants to take one of the earlier ferries, he has a theory the guards are not awake by then.."
"And are his theories usually right?"
"Rarely.." Paul snorted "..but we humor him anyway.."

After they got dressed and folded up the blanket and tarp, they made their way back to the  band beach where they found the others of the group who had already finished packing.
Kriening grinned and pushed Paul's gear towards the two "Here..I'm sure you'll have your hands full already with eachother, but you might as well carry Paul's stuff between you.."

"And I guarded your backpack for you.." Flake giggled a bit nervous as he pushed the bag to Sven.
Sven looked at him gratefully "Paul's lucky you're his friend.."
"Tell him that, maybe he'll be less annoying to me.."
Paul smirked "I only do that for your own good.." but he gave Flake a small press of the arm to show him he appreciated it too.


The trip back on the ferry was as uneventful as ever, but Paul and Sven were happy just to sit together and watch the waves, the clouds and the birds.
Paul had hoped to convince the others to make a detour with the van and drop Sven off in Schwerin, but in the end they compromised on taking Sven part of the way and drop him off at a trainstation from which a direct train ran to Sven's hometown.

At the station Paul and Sven got off the van to get Sven's bag and say goodbye.
They stood behind the van to get a little privacy from prying eyes.
Paul smiled and again stroked Sven's cheek as he had done so often these last few days, then took Sven in a warm hug again.
Sven wrapped his arms around him and tightened the hug.
There was much they wanted to say, but neither found the right words so in the end they were happy to just stand and hold eachother.

After a few minutes Kriening honked the horn of the van and Aljoscha looked out of the door "If you're not quick you'll miss your train, and there aren't that many running on sunday.."
Paul and Sven let go and with one quick kiss and a last smile Sven ran into the station where they heard a train indeed approaching.
Paul still stood behind the van, lost in thought, half wanting to run after him.
A few minutes later the train had arrived, stopped and rode off again.

Paul started as Aljoscha stepped up behind him
"Come on, get in the van.."
"What if he was too late and missed that train.."
Alljoscha wanted to make a joke, but looking at Paul's face he decided to go easy on him, and grabbed his arm to gentle pull him to the van-door "He seems like a guy who can take care of himself.."

When the van drove off Paul and Flake sat together on the backseat and looked out of the rear window.
Flake looked at Paul "Remember when we went on that schooltrip and we drove off.."
Paul gave him a small smile "..Yeah.."
"You didn't know if you'd ever see him again, you hardly knew anything about him then.."

Paul smiled as he thought back on the weekend.
He could still smell Sven's scent against his cheek, the feel of his muscles warm under his fingers, the soft skin on his butt and...other parts..

He turned back to the window "..I know him now.."