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Link List to All of My Videos, Going Back to 1984, Streaming off My Site and off YouTube

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As of this posting, the page shows that husband and I have made 842 videos since 1984. Whew! Lots of memories in that list, as well as lots of people who came to our home to work with us, and those memories are precious. Lots to like. Lots to hate. That's life. Not all are fannish, but the fandoms show on the left and link to pages of videos for just that fandom. I'm resting after finishing the full page, so I haven't gone into the individual pages to make sure they're up-to-date, as well. The full list links correctly. No guarantee yet on the individual pages. Some are up-to-date. Some aren't.

Videos stream from my website in higher quality than they do from YouTube, and they're downloadable.

Latest are mostly Fine Art - mini-lessons in the chronological style development of a particular artist, or an overview of a period or theme. Memories of college.