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A Walk Home With Setsuna

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Shizuku looked out at the dark sky, her stomach churning at the thought of it raining during her long walk home, students walked past her pushing up umbrellas. Shizuku felt a tap on her back, it was Setsuna, she opened her umbrella.
“Forgot to bring and umbrella” Setsuna smiled, Shizuku looked around
“Yes I did” Shizuku looked to the floor slightly embarrassed that she forgot something so trivial
“Well you can borrow mine” moved the umbrella in between the two.

“Bye nana!” someone ran past Setsuna waving bye
“I forgot for a while that Setsuna wasn't your ‘real’ name” Setuna giggled in reply and started slowly walking away, Shizuku got caught up in her thoughts before releasing that Setsuna was almost out of the school property.
Shizuku ran towards Setsuna using her bag as a makeshift umbrella, She bumped into Setsuna. Setsuna helped Shizuku up, Shizuku's face went red as she held Setsuna's hand to lift herself back up.

They started walking, silent, awkwardly silent, Shizuku decided to start some small talk to avoid the uncomfortable noise of silence.
“Uhh, do you like the rain?” Shizuku asked her, that's a basic topic you can talk about with people, right?
“I prefer the sun” Sentsuna said bringing her body closer too Shizuku, Shizuku's face turned hotter and hotter, Setsuna turned right, Shizuku didn't notice, Shizuku felt the heavy rain on her head, she looked around and caught up to Setsuna.
“You need to be more aware of your surroundings” Setsuna giggled “It will help you on the stage as well, you kept on stepping on my feet”

“Oh” Shizuku looked on the floor, she had always admired Setsuna seeing that she was deemed as anything less than perfect and hurt her deep DEEP down.
“But don't worry about it” Setsuna suddenly stopped, “This is my house” she looked at Shizuku, “You can take my umbrella, just remember to give it back to me tomorrow” Setsuna opened the front door to her house.
“Wait!’ Shizuku kissed Setsuna on the cheek.
“Uh uh uh, Thank You!?” Setsuna said blushing before closing the door.