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All Grown Up

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“Don’t I look like a MAN now then?” Dele grinned, rubbing his facial hair.

“Look like someone who’s lost their razor.” Eric teased, pulling on a t-shirt.

Dele spluttered. “Excuse me Diet, I’ll have you know this me becoming a MAN. Anyway, I could always borrow YOUR razor seeing as you’re always shaving your head bald.”

Eric chuckled at that, stepping into his trainers.

“You really don’t like it?” Dele pouted then, pushing himself up from the bed and walking to stand in front of the older man.

“Who said I didn’t?” Eric smiled. He reached out, brushing his thumb down Dele’s scruff of facial hair, touch soft.

“Well, don’t I look grown up now? Not like a kid?” Dele persisted. He reached out, tangling his fingers in Eric’s England t-shirt to keep him close.

Eric raised an eyebrow. “You didn’t look like a kid before, Del. But yes, you look like a MAN now, ok?”

Dele smiled, looking up at Eric for a long moment.

“Ok.” he said eventually. “Good.”

Eric huffed out a laugh. “You’re a funny one. Back soon, ok?”

He leant down, kissing Dele soundly on the forehead. 

Dele nodded, letting go but wrapping his arms round Eric’s broad frame instead.

He cuddled in and Eric cuddled back.

“Still my boy.” he murmured then, voice soft. “Still that boy I first met in those horrible hi-tops.”

Dele laughed. “They were designer, you prat. No fashion sense.”

“Chopstick legs and a big grin.” Eric continued, resting is head on top of Dele’s. “Swaggering about, doing tricks… I thought we should send you back to Milton Keynes.”

“Hey!” Dele laughed, pulling back and pouting deeply. “Take that back, baldy.”

Eric grinned. “Come here.”

He pulled Dele in then and lifted him up off his feet properly.

Dele squawked in protest but clung on tightly.

He met the older man in a soft kiss, sliding his hand up into Eric’s buzzcut and rubbing the short hairs.

“ANYWAY, I saw this kid and was like hmm, not sure.” Eric continued, their foreheads almost touching.

“And I wowed you with my footy skills?” 

“You won me over by not leaving me alone and constantly talking to me.”

“I thought I’d chip away at you.” Dele said airily. “That was FIVE years ago, Diet...”

“Crazy.” Eric nodded. He smiled then. “Lots changed, hey?”

Dele snorted with laughter. “Imagine someone THEN telling you that the kid in the ugly trainers would be your boyfriend, you would’ve got me kicked off the team.”

“Life surprises us all.” Eric smirked. He hoisted Dele up tighter and kissed him again. “I gotta run for this appointment, babe, kay? Love you."

Dele nodded and stole another quick kiss. "Love you too." he whispered before reluctantly sliding down and stretching.

“Be good.” Eric instructed, searching for his wallet for a long moment before pocketing it.

“Yeah yeah, later baldy.” Dele grinned, sauntering off to the en suite bathroom.

“Razor’s in the cabinet, Bamidele!” Eric called back, heading off down the stairs now.

Dele rolled his eyes, grinning to himself as he headed for the shower. Bloody Eric.