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Author's Note:

The latest #meddison stories have been fantastic folks! Thanks for all of your work! And cheers to the commenters, you are the true heroes :).

Yes, we are back with more of 'Bubble', it always comes through eventually.

Welcome to day 20 of 28~







Addison Forbes Montgomery is trapped for 28 days with only Meredith Grey in her house in Seattle. Will they stay enemies? Will they become friends? Will they become 'more than friends'?

Loosely Based on Current Events. MerAdd. Meddison. F/F. Addison Montgomery/Meredith Grey. Rated E for Explicit. Spoilers through GA-S16-E21, PP-S6-E13 (aka now). Fluff, Humor, Romance.



Chapter 21: Day 20 of 28



Luckily for Meredith and Addison, all of the popcorn crumbs clean up easily with the vacuum cleaner, and the two girlfriends get to spend the morning together kissing, and touching, and cuddling each other.

"This is such a wonderful new normal," says Meredith, as she tucks herself into Addison's shoulder.

"Yeah," Addison nuzzles the top of Meredith's head with her chin.

"You know, it's really cool how we get along, and how we always help each other out with the chores," says Meredith.

"Absolutely," says Addison. "Plus, there's perks of working with you…" Addison husks into Meredith's ear.

"Mmm," says Meredith. "Always here for the perks… And you are insatiable," she adds, as she nuzzles into her redheaded girlfriend's ear.

With the cleaning done, Addison heads out to check the mail, and she realizes there's a package outside of her doorstep.

"It's for you," says Addison to Meredith, predictably because it's Meredith's house.

"Thanks," says Meredith. Could you bring it into the kitchen?

"Sure," Addison offers, before realizing there's several packages.

The first one is a basket of home-made muffins wrapped in a lamely tied bow.

"Well that seems strange," says Addison. "The muffins look so fancy, but the wrapping is a bit…" Addison gestures because she doesn't want to say 'sub-par,' or something insulting.

"Oh, I think you might know who that's from!" Offers Meredith, undoing the half-knot in the red ribbon. "The tag says 'from Alex and Iz. Iz baked the muffins and said I had to help. I dunno how to tie a bow. Sorry. Evil Spawn. Kansas."

"Wow, that's so sweet of them to mail muffins," says Meredith.


"Looks so, why?" Says Meredith, intrigued at how excited Addison suddenly is.

"THOSE ARE MY FAVORITE!" She adds. "Even if they bring back terrible memories of me getting blackout drunk," Addison chuckles. "I once ate an entire basket at Joe's…"

"Wait was that the day you took off work to get drunk?" Meredith remembers.

"Yeah," says Addison sheepishly.

"Sorry about that," Meredith winces.

"It's okay, I mean, I now understand how tempting you are so…" Addison smirks.

"Well now, you know I'm only in it for you, right?" Meredith walks around Addison so she can wrap her arms around her, and press little kisses into her neck from behind.

"You know, after this is all over, I might get a little bit jealous someday," says Addison.

"Well, I won't try to make you jealous on purpose, it's not healthy…" Meredith says, as she opens her mouth to place heated kisses on Addison's neck to show her how much she only wants her. "But a little possessive streak in you turns me on…" She growls, and Addison moans audibly.

Addison swivels in her seat, pulls Meredith down onto her lap, and kisses her fiercely while wrapping her arms around Meredith's back. The grinding is hot, and the kisses are even hotter. Meredith captures Addison's bottom lip under hers, before nibbling lightly, and feeling Addison scratch a bit down her back as she does.

"Meredith…" Addison says warningly, her eyes sharp with lust.

Meredith giggles, smirks, and slides her tongue into Addison's mouth, and wandering her hands all over Addison's back and shoulders before Addison whines into her mouth again, to go further.

It's heating up quickly, and in no time Addison has her hands all down Meredith's shirt, under her bra, unhooking it and squeezing Meredith's breasts under her palms.

"Take it off," Addison husks, lifting Meredith's shirt over her head.

"Yes, Addison," Meredith responds obediently in a whisper.

"So soft," Addison responds, as she lays the shirt gently down beside them as she continues to kiss her way down Meredith's chest in the middle of the kitchen.

Her lips reach Meredith's breasts, and she takes them into her mouth as much as she can before teasing Meredith's nipples with her tongue all around, as she can feel Meredith writhing beneath her touches.

"Yes, yes, Addie," Meredith gasps, studying Addison's motions as her eyes flicker open with tenderness, and then closed again with pleasure.

"You drive me wild," says Addison as she switches to the other breast, laying her hand on Meredith's delicate waist to give her more leverage.

Addison's initiative is lighting a fire in Meredith, and also reassuring her that Addison is feeling more connected and comfortable with her.

Only yesterday Addison showed her an incredibly intimate moment with her.

Now, Addison is showing her just what she can do with her mouth to her chest.

It's more than Meredith could ever have dreamed about.

"I can feel you thinking," Addison says thoughtfully, as she pulls her lips away from Meredith's breasts for a moment to come back to kiss Meredith on the lips.

"I'm just thinking about how much I appreciate you," Meredith says softly, tucking a stray hair of Addison's behind her ear.

"I can't wait to appreciate you even more…" Addison hushes, dragging her lips down to Meredith's neck again, watching Meredith's head fall back to give her more room.

Just as Addison's hands start to wander lower and lower to Meredith's hip bones, the house phone rings, and Meredith has to pull herself away from her girlfriend to go answer it at the very last ring.

"Hi-" Meredith says, completely out of breath from all of the heated kissing.

"Hey Mer, did you get Iz's package? She's freakin' out about it," says the familiar voice of Alex Karev.

"Hey, ah, yeah," Meredith says, still panting a little from all of the exertion.

"You good Mer? You sound like you just ran a freakin' marathon," Alex says with a chuckle.

"Yeah, good, I ah, just ah, had some exercise," Meredith says unconvincingly as she feels Addison walk over to her, and wrap her arms around her waist from behind.

Meredith sighs and leans into her girlfriend as she does this, while she keeps talking with Alex.

"We did get your muffins, by the way, you can tell Izzie," Meredith says, biting her lip not to moan out as Addison brushes her hair from the back of her neck and starts planting delicate kisses there.

The height difference between them works well here, as Addison has full access to all of the free real estate underneath Meredith's hairline.

It tortures Meredith a little, feeling Addison's lips graze her neck less and less gently while she tries to carry on a conversation with her friends who still don't know about her newfound lesbian relationship.

She's kind of hot for it, actually.

"Did you eat them yet? Izzie's trying some new recipe with some secret ingredients and she's looking for guinea pigs, and I'm getting fat from all of the taste tests," Alex explains, just as Addison opens her mouth and suckles on the spot right behind Meredith's ear.

"Ohh," Meredith can't contain her moan any longer, and she she bucks her hips into nothing as Addison's teeth graze her neck again.

"That good? Are you eating them right now?!" Alex asks her, amused.

"Y- yes," Meredith agrees with him, because it's the only thing she's willing to admit right now.

"Good, Izzie will be happy if you're making sex sounds for her muffins," Alex smiles, and Meredith can practically hear his smirk right over the phone.

Addison smirks down at Meredith as she keeps kissing Meredith's sensitive spot even harder, laying the pad of her tongue down onto it, and swirling it around precisely before sucking a bit into a hickey.

"Oh, fuck," Meredith swears as Addison's lips form a suction there. Luckily for them, Alex mistakes Meredith gulping down air for gulping down muffins and doesn't question it.

Addison chuckles lowly under her breath, determined now to push Meredith to the brink of her facade as Meredith can hear a clattering over the phone, and Alex talking to Izzie who wants to talk with her now.

"Yo, Alex. Let me talk to Meredith, I need to know how she compares the muffins to the other ones!" Izzie's voice sounds less distant as she picks up the phone from Alex. "I'll give it back to you after, I just have some questions," Izzie insists, before Alex says over the phone that he'll talk with Meredith later.

"Hi-" Meredith says breathlessly as Addison starts moving her hands up her sides, feeling her up inappropriately as Meredith tries to maintain this coherent conversation.

"Hi, Meredith. So I hear you like the muffins. As in, really like the muffins. Seriously!" She adds in, and it's just so Izzie to be optimistic like that.

"Seriously," Meredith groans out, only it's not really for Izzie, it's for Addison, who is now running her hands to cup Meredith's breasts into her hands from behind.

Her whole chest is still bare from before, and Addison's hands are so soft like before, and Meredith just wants to turn around and have her way with Addison now, but she knows if she does that the whole game will be over.

She can tell that Addison is getting a rise out of her 'multitasking,' and Meredith loves anything that gives Addison confidence in her prowess.

So she keeps trying to advise Izzie on the muffins she still hasn't tasted, while Addison tastes the tip of her shoulder blades, and Meredith leans her head back into the crook of Addison's neck as she does this.

"That good, huh?" Izzie beams.

"Uh-huh," Meredith mumbles as Addison starts leaving delicate purple marks on the back of her neck with her lips.

"Mmph," Meredith mutters as Addison drags her fingertips over her bare stomach, causing her to shiver, and almost from the phone in how good she feels.

"Guess you really like your tomato and basil muffins!? See, Alex, it totally works!" Izzie smiles, and Meredith's eyes fly open as she realizes what she just agreed to unknowingly.

"What?!" Meredith tries to utter. "Ohhhhhh-" Meredith starts moaning again as Addison doesn't give her a break, and starts nibbling on the rips of her earlobe where Meredith is incredibly sensitive.

"See, you didn't even know what they were, but you still loved them. How about that for a new experience?" Izzie smiles, still talking about the muffins.

"Mmhmm-" Meredith nods and responds, not trusting herself to speak without her voice shaking at this point.

"See, next, I want to experiment with other savory muffins, like pizza muffins…" Izzie continues as Meredith feels Addison working her lips starting to drag down her back, planting wet kisses back down her shoulder blades, as her hands start to wander down over her covered hips over her jeans.

"Mm?" Meredith nods fervently, barely keeping it together as Addison's lips reach the place where her shoulders are usually sore, and now are being lit on fire from Addison's lips and teeth and tongue.

"Yes," Meredith says with a hiss, as Addison's fingernails dig into her hips. Addison is becoming rougher with her, and it's a huge turn-on for Meredith.

"That good, huh, guess I'll have to try out some new recipes then, I'll mail you the next batch!" Izzie says enthusiastically.

At the same time, Meredith moans enthusiastically as Addison wanders her hands all over her legs, as she bends down behind her to roam kisses down to her lower back, teasing all the way to her waistband before moving up again, stopping to leave love-bites on the places tht her breath catches.

Addison can feel her body reacting against her own, dutifully keeping her own voice silent so she can hear Meredith's near-nonsensical conversations as her body melts like putty under her touch.

At the same time, Addison is grateful to have Meredith turned around like this, so she can hide all of the emotions she's withholding behind her eyes.

They're getting to the crux of her planned visit; these days aren't permanent, and Addison knows that.

Once this is all over, she'll have to go back to LA, and Meredith will have to stay in Seattle.

Addison runs her hands tenderly over Meredith's torso again, nuzzling into her as if this were the last day on earth.

What started off as pure lust and desire transformed somewhere along the way to more than that. As Addison keeps touching and feeling Meredith's body respond against her own, she realizes that this is more than wanting to be sleeping with someone.

This is a deep connection she hasn't felt since- since possibly ever, as she reflects back on her past relationships.

Sure, she's had great sex, and great love, but she hasn't really had both of those things together until now.

And just here, in Meredith's kitchen, as she allows her hands to wander as she wants to, she closes her eyes and breathes Meredith in, dreading the moment when they have to let go.

She shuts them tightly, self-conscious, suddenly, that Meredith could turn around at any moment and sense that her energy has evolved, and that she's contemplating things far into the future while she was just teasing her girlfriend while on the phone.

A part of her wants to keep fooling around, a part of her wants to- to save this for when they have each other's undivided attention.

As Addison has this self-realization, she slows her movements, standing up again a bit abruptly, and resting her chin onto Meredith's shoulder, wrapping her arms around her waist again, and pressing her lips tenderly to Meredith's temple.

Sensing Addison's shifting, Meredith furrows her brow for a second, regaining her breath talking to Izzie again.

At this point, Meredith has been through a frenzy of nearing the brink and back again, and now she just feels warm, and safe… And loved.

It hits Meredith like a pin over the head that they haven't said that to each other yet, and that maybe it's way too early, and she doesn't want to scare Addison off.

But she also doesn't want to delay it, and think that she's holding back, or not being honest.

As Meredith feels Addison nuzzle her closer and just hold her there, she relaxes again into her girlfriend's arms, re-focuses on Izzie's questions about muffin flavors, to which she responds that pizza muffins do in fact sound intriguing, as do pumpkin pie muffins, but perhaps she's less passionate about the turkey dinner muffins, and Meredith giggles as she matches Addison's reactions as she feels Addison frown at that last idea in disbelief, and also in respect for her creativity.

"You know, Iz, it's been great talking with you, but ah, I think I gotta go now," Meredith squeaks as she feels Addison unable to contain herself, kissing down at the top of her head again.

"Yeah?" Says Izzie, giggling because she can tell that Meredith is getting distracted, even if she can't tell what's happening exactly.

"Yeah," says Meredith. "We have work soon, so we better get going and-" Meredith begins as Addison continues to run her hands soothingly through her hair. Addison loves running her hands through Meredith's air, and Meredith loves how it feels.

"Wait- we!?" Izzie exclaims pointedly.

"Yeah!?- OH!" Says Meredith, realizing she hadn't talked with Izzie and Alex since Addison had moved in, so they both didn't know she'd had someone staying with her the whole time.

"Yeah, I mean, Addison and I have work at GSMH, so we can't stay super long…" Meredith offers awkwardly, then biting her lip, and turning her head around in a panic to Addison, realizing she doesn't know how to approach potentially 'outing,' their relationship, and thus, also Addison, in this process after they hadn't talked about it yet.

"Wait, Addison as in 'Addison-Addison!? The she-Shepherd!? The she-Satan!? The Ruler-Of-All-That-Is-Passive-Aggressiva-Queen!?" Izzie exclaims in pure shock.

"Hey, she's not actually-" Meredith tries, as Addison starts chuckling openly in the background.

"WAIT, MEREDITH!? SHE'S WITH YOU!? SHE'S BEEN LISTENING IN THIS ENTIRE TIME!?" Izzie practically yelps into the phone.

"Yeah, I mean-" Meredith tries to explain herself as Izzie continues.

"I can't believe that the Evil Witch Of The East is in your living room! I mean her Facebook dropped off the face of the planet after her horrible divorce but I never thought she'd end up back in Seattle, much less after I transferred to Kansas," Izzie rambles.

"Well-" Meredith tries to come up with something that doesn't sound ridiculous.

"Whoa, I mean, is she still a gyno? Is she still a redhead? What's she like as a second-time divorcee!?" Izzie blurts out, and Meredith clears her throat pointedly, and Addison chokes in amusement hearing Izzie gasp when she realizes she's been present the entire time.

"Ah-" Meredith tries to cut in, but Alex comes running over.

"Dude, Dr. Montgomery's at Mer's!? Do you think they're fighting like cats and dogs again!? Do you think they're bonding over being sad widows together!?" Alex laughs.

"Well-" Meredith squeaks, but Izzie interrupts her.

"Hey, Addison's ex-husband isn't dead- she broke up with him, remember?" Izzie offers.

"Right…" Alex says in a similar tone of voice that Addison remembers from Mark Sloan, and she notices that Meredith also sees this similar tone and giggles a little inaudibly.

"Iz, you follow Dr. Montgomery on Facebook with some scrutiny, should I be worried here?" Alex teases.

"Hey, should I be worried here? I mean, you spent a night with her in your internship, right?" Izzie teases.

"Yo, do you think Montgomery would be down for a three-way? I mean, if she ever comes to Kansas you two could work on a case together like old times, and then-" Alex is just teasing, but Meredith gets extremely possessive and yells a big "NO!" into the phone.

"Absolutely NOT!" Meredith puts her foot down. "There's no way you're touching her, both or either of you. Addison's taken, and I don't want to hear about this," Meredith growls, and reaches her hand around to grip Addison to her hip.

"Whoa, someone's all fired up and protective. Guess you've found your new 'person,' huh, well at least I'm off the hook now from all of those late night gab sessions," Alex chuckles.

"Alex-" Izzie nudges, figuring it out before he even does.

"Nah man, it's chill. Both of you at once would be a lot to handle anyway. I mean you're both pretty bossy in the bedroom, so I don't know how that would really play out-" Alex shrugs, and Izzie rolls her eyes at Alex, and Meredith spins around and looks at Addison with a questioning expression.

"Bossy, really?" Meredith asks him, intrigued because with her Addison's always been more of a submissive lover.

"Yeah, I mean," Alex keeps going because he sees the jealousy play out in Izzie's eyes and he's into that. "She practically dragged me into an on-call room, kissed the hell out of me, called me 'Karev,' the entire time," Alex guffaws.

"Was she good!?" Izzie asks him, forgetting they're even having a phone conversation and just asking for clarity.

"She was, she wasn't really my type though. I mean, she's hot and all, but I never really had feelings for her, not like I always did you, or some crap," Alex says gruffly, trying not to show all his feelings because he's trying to be tougher than he actually is.

"So she wasn't better than me?" Izzie asks nervously.

"For me, no. But would she be good for someone else? Definitely," Alex offers politely.

"So did you really want to be in bed with both of us at once?" Izzie asks him, and Meredith and Addison both hold their breath at this.

"Nah-" says Alex. "I just like what the idea of her does to you," Alex teases.

"Hey!?" Izzie lightly slaps Alex teasingly. "I'm not rewarding you for that!" She giggles.

"Hey, but you know that you want to," Alex laughs. "Besides, does the idea of that turn you on, like, even a little bit?" Alex asks her.

"God, what is it with you. Always asking me to 'picture chicks,' or something," Izzie giggles.

"Hey, what can I say? Girl-on-girl is just hot," Alex says with a shit-eating grin.

"God, Sloan used to say the very same thing," Izzie laughs.

"He did," Addison groans, and it's the first time she ends up participating in this conversation.

"Yeah…" Meredith releases her breath once she realizes that everyone is still getting along fine, and that her friends don't actually want to have sex with her girlfriend, and her girlfriend doesn't seem to want to skip over to Kansas for Izzie and/or Alex, either.

"How are you, Addison?" Izzie finally asks her, realizing she hadn't actually addressed her former mentor directly yet.

"I'm well, thank you for asking, Stevens," Addison offers politely.

"I'm glad. I missed you, you know. As my teacher, I mean. I'm glad to go into Oncology now because I feel like I connect with patients long-term, but I really did like maternal medicine as well," Izzie offers.

"Thank you, Stevens," Addison still addresses her formally. "I'm glad you kept up being a surgeon," says Addison finally, and Meredith melts even more at how sincere her girlfriend is.

"So, how did you actually like the new muffins?" Alex asks, and Addison reddens because she realizes that neither of them had actually tried them so far.

"Mmff," Addison stuffs one into her mouth immediately to taste them. "Oh, these are remarkable, even better than I remembered," Addison smiles.

"Awesome!" Says Izzie.

"I'm just glad they didn't get eaten by a bear in the woods before they were delivered," says Alex.

"Me, too," says Addison.

"That would have been unfortunate," says Meredith.

"Speaking of unfortunate, unfortunately, Meredith and I have to go to work now," Addison says as she reads the time off of Meredith's oven.

"Oh, right. We don't want to make you late for work. Say hi to everyone for us!" Izzie says in a chipper voice as always.

"Will do," Addison smiles.

"Have fun with the raging redhead," Alex teases Meredith.

"Hey, I'm not raging!" Says Addison.

"Sounds pretty raging to me," teases Alex.

"Hey, stop it! They have surgeries!" Says Izzie.

"Yes we do!" Says Meredith, grabbing all of their stuff in a pile on the way to work.

"Got to go, talk to you later," says Addison as they move to hang up the phone.

"Dude," says Alex, finally realizing why Meredith was getting so annoyed with him earlier. "Do you think that Mer's doing' Mrs. McDreamy?" Alex muses.

"Dude, you just called her 'Mrs. McDreamy," Izzies teases.


Addison is so touched, she tears up a little bit, even as she tries to hide it behind Meredith's head again.

"Dude, now she's the one who's got a temper. You know, I bet that Montgomery's hot for that-" Alex teases.

"Hey, what about we stop talking about Addison and Meredith and start talking about us, now, huh?" Offers Izzie.

"Deal," says Alex.

"Good to talk with you again," Addison offers to both Izzie and Alex.

"You too, Addison," says Izzie for both her and Alex.

And then the call cuts off as Meredith reaches around Addison to hang up before pushing her right up against the damn fridge with her entire body.

"You are so bad, practically fucking me while I'm on the phone with our friends," Meredith whispers into Addison's ear, making her moan out obscenely now that she knows no one's listening.

"Yes…" Addison whimpers, submitting immediately to Meredith's ministrations as the blonde runs her hands under her shirt that she still has on to tease her stomach.

"When we get home, when you're ready, I cannot wait to make you mine at the fullest," Meredith growls, and Addison groans at Meredith's handling of her.

"Please," Addison says to Meredith's pure seduction.

"Now…" Meredith says with a lilt.

"Now…" Addison says wantonly, wanting so badly for Meredith to just finally take her.

"Now…" Meredith smirks mischievously. "Now it's time for us to get to work!" Meredith says as she moves away from Addison, making space between her and the fridge.

"What!?" Addison whines, trying to convey her desperation at how badly she wants her girlfriend to keep sweet-talking with her now that they're finally alone for a moment.

"Can't forget those lunches," Meredith says with a devilish laugh as she moves Addison gently out of the way so she can open up the fridge behind her, casually, to take out their matching Tupperware cases.

"What!?" Addison furrows her brow, moving her hands up to Meredith fruitlessly to try to convince her to continue the touching, the kissing, the something.

"What? We're going to be hungry," Meredith raises her eyebrows at Addison, then lowers them, and then pushes off from the fridge and starts to get her shoes and her coat on.

"Wait, we're just leaving?!" Addison whimpers audibly, pouting.

"Yeah, we only have ten minutes before rounds," Meredith says 'innocently,' as she takes her keys out of her pocket and starts the car with the electronic starter.

"But-" Addison starts to throw a mini temper-tantrum, and Meredith almost caves because she finds it adorable.

"Later, honey," Meredith promises, and this seems to calm her girlfriend down.

"You betcha," Addison grumbles, reluctantly picking up her purse off the shelf.

"Later, I want to see what Alex was talking about with you being bossy," Meredith whispers into Addison's ear, pressing her against the car to kiss the hell out of her before getting into the car herself, and motioning for her to follow her.

"You are so on," says Addison, holding her girlfriend's hand all the way to the hospital.

They hold on to all of this anticipation for the next twenty-four hours, as they work a full shift day and night, and hardly see each other before the next morning, but get through the day knowing how much of them each can't wait to come home to each other once more.








****** END OF CHAPTER 21



Author's Note:

Hope you enjoyed this ridiculousness, these plotlines are funny to write.

Let me know everything and anything you enjoyed pls if you want to, guess who's a sucker or the reviews ;).

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