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Of Supervillains and Paternity Tests

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“Oy! Nerd!” Izuku cuts himself off in the midst of a long-winded explanation of Hawks’ heroism to Todoroki and wheels around, beaming. 


“Hi, Kacchan! How are you?”


“What do you think you’re doing, walking in front of me, haah?!” He snaps, and Izuku giggles. 


“Sorry! We’ll walk next to you, then.” Todoroki makes a face that Izuku has to actively keep from reacting to. 


“Eh?! I didn’t say--”


“Yo! Midori, Todoroki, Bakubro!” Suddenly, Kirishima’s by them as well. Izuku grins at him and at the way Kacchan gets twice as defensive immediately. 


“Hiya, Kiri!” Their usage of nicknames has certainly pissed Kacchan off. It was funny to watch how emotionally constipated he was. 


“This doesn’t happen that often, now does it?” Todoroki says dryly, and he was right. They didn’t usually end up walking to school together, like, ever. 


“Maybe it’s ‘cause we’re so close to UA!”


“Or because our dorms got destroyed for the first time in a while, dipshit,” Kacchan growls, and, well. He's not wrong. 


“It’s faaate,” Izuku croons to lighten the mood, and Kacchan stiffens.


“Shut up, Deku.” His ears are pink. 


“But Kaaaacchan, what are the odds?” 


“Bakubroooo!” Kirishima interjects, hanging off of him. “It’s totally fate!”




“Heheh.” They walk into the classroom like that, moments before the late bell. Aizawa unzips himself from his yellow sleeping bag, and Izuku scarcely has time to wave at Uraraka and Iida before he's in his seat and ready for class. 


“Good morning to all of you,” Aizawa-sensei says, but it sure doesn’t seem like a good morning for him. Ashido announces this under her breath, and Izuku chokes on his laughter. Aizawa-sensei turns to them, eyes squinting suspiciously, and Izuku settles for shaking slightly under the weight of his giggles. Ashido gives him a triumphant thumbs up when Aizawa-sensei isn't looking.


“Good morning, sensei!” The class choruses in eerie unison, and the excitement in the air is palpable. That’s why Izuku loves coming here now-- he didn’t know if anyone felt the energy, but it was so much nicer then going through online courses to just… Be here.


Granted, the online courses did make sense in light of someone blowing up their dorms, but you couldn't learn to be a hero like that! And he was training to be a hero-- how absolutely great was that?!


“As you all may know, we had to have you all go to your homes to sleep, because someone destroyed the dorms rather… easily.” Aizawa-sensei says bluntly, and Izuku freezes, as does the entire rest of the class. 


“So then it really was intentional?” Kaminari asks disbelievingly. Izuku had had his suspicions, but he'd also though that it was perhaps some scuffle between Hero and villain that landed some ill-placed rubble. 


“Well, it’s not like much else could have caused the ceiling to just cave in on itself like that…” Ojiro mutters. 


“It was a definite attack. We’re fortunate that no one got hurt, even if your rooms are looking… worse for wear.” Izuku winces-- some of his posters and figurines were beyond saving. Luckily, he’d left the most valuable ones at home! 


…It still sort of stung, though. 


“It was intentional? Seriously?!” They scream as one. Aizawa nods, looking eight years older. 


“We have video evidence, but that’s the least worrying of news.” The class goes silent, and Izuku feels bile creep up his throat. What could have possibly happened? “I’m sure you all heard that the internship students here-- namely Midoriya, Asui and Uraraka-- were directly involved in the saving of a little girl.”


Izuku does not like where this is going. The class nods cautiously. 


“That little girl’s power is Rewind-- she can turn living things back , and go as far as unmake them.” Dead silence. 


Izuku gulps. 


“All For One has escaped from prison.”




“What-- how do those correlate, Aizawa-sensei, kero?” Tsuyu asks quietly, confusion coloring her voice. Izuku knows. Izuku had realized. 


“The most powerful supervillain in the world just escaped prison and broke into where they’re taking care of Eri-chan, the little girl who can rewind people, which means that All For One is now at full power after utilizing his Quirk.” Aizawa-sensei says slowly, and Izuku’s standing before he knows it.


“H-he didn’t hurt her, did he?” He asks, and his voice trembles in fury. After all they had gone through, after All Might’s sacrifice--


“No, actually,” Aizawa-sensei says, his poker face still in place. “Apparently he merely asked her to use her Quirk on him. She was afraid, but he apparently said something to placate him and she calmed down.” 


Izuku hisses his exhale through his teeth, sitting down harshly enough that his desk moves forward. Aizawa looks down at all of them, and rubs the bridge of his nose. So he just… came here afterward, and didn’t kill us, nothing? The ceiling collapse wasn’t anywhere deadly… There's something wrong here.


“As stupid as I think this is, we’re working on fortifying the dorms further, which means you’ll be out of them for tonight as well.” Aizawa looks at them. “And because All For One is a pretentious prick, we have photos of him and security tapes that will let us know if he tries to approach any of you.” 


The tension is high and thick in the air. Izuku almost can’t get enough into his lungs to breathe. If All For One approached them, they’d all be dead, and everyone knew it. No one had to think back to Kamino to know. 


“Tch. Can we see the damn pictures?” Kacchan says finally, unusually subdued, breaking the silent air.


“Yes.” Aizawa opens a laptop, sighs, and connects it to the projector. “You all should get as far away as possible in the event that this man is sited anywhere near you. Just to be sure, we’ll be keeping you here overnight, and all of your parents have been placed in witness protection.” No one mentions that it won’t do anything if All For One is truly determined. Not when All Might is retired. 


The photo is buffering, and Izuku yawns, feeling strangely detached. His coffee hadn’t kicked in, evidently, or maybe it was the fact that his whole world was effectively crashing down at his feet. Then the picture loads, and Izuku looks up so quickly his neck cracks. 




“He looks… kind of normal,” Uraraka murmurs absently, eyes wide in horror. 


The breath gets caught in Izuku's throat as he stares at the face looking back at him in utter disbelief, because that can’t be right.


Then it comes out in a ragged cackle a few moments later. Kacchan in front of him is very, very still, for good goddamn reason, because Izuku’s life is a bad comedy. 


Amber eyes, black hair--


“Midoriya, I’d like to remind you that this is arguably the most dangerous man in the world, and he is targeting UA. What, exactly, is making you laugh?” Aizawa asks dryly, eyes tired. Izuku faintly feels the eyes of his classmates on him and his laughter pitches upwards, bubbling out of him uncontrollably. 


Perhaps what is the most surprising thing is that one Bakugo Katsuki has gone completely pale, clenching the sides of his desk. The room is dead quiet, except for Izuku’s hysterical giggles. 


“Kacchan,” Izuku says, as Kacchan turns, looks at him, face pale, sweat on his forehead. “Kacchan, look,” He says, giggling. 


“There’s no fucking way,” Kacchan whispers, and Izuku agrees, very, very much so. 


“Do you recognize this man?” Aizawa-sensei says, with something akin to horror in his voice, because no teenagers should recognize the man standing there, and what if he’d been rewound at Kamino, and--


Izuku thought he was dead.


Izuku hadn’t seen the resemblance when he was a child, not at all. But now, looking at the man in the picture, with the smile, the curls, and the-- the--


“Deku, what the fuck?” Kacchan asks, and Izuku, well Izuku really doesn't know either.


“Midoriya?” That’s Todoroki, Izuku thinks, but pays no mind as more uncontrollable, disbelieving laughter spills from his lips. 


“Kacchan, he--” he hiccups, and then Kacchan’s turning, eyes wide, “I have his freckles!” 


The class pauses, and it gets so quiet you could drop a pin. Everyone turns to the photo as Izuku tangles his hands in his curls. “I have his fucking freckles, and his jawline, and his hair. Kacchan, that’s--”


“What are you saying?” Aizawa asks, because he just doesn’t get it.  


“Haven't seen the scumbag in years,” Kacchan says, and his voice shakes, uncharacteristically so. Izuku laughs again, hysterical tears pricking his eyes. 


“Yeah, look what he’s been up to, evidently!” He says, throwing his hands out and standing up again. “Overseas my fucking ass.


“You have his-- his fucking smirk, Deku.” Kacchan says, eyes blown wide, and Izuku laughs harder, tears pricking at the edges of his eyes. Any time he was using an overconfident persona, he made-- he made the face that was on the screen. 


“My father is fucking 200+ years old, Kacchan. That’s-- that’s so nasty, oh my god--” 


Kacchan leans back in his seat, barking out a short laugh as he presses at his eyes with the heels of his palms, only to continue choking on laughter. They laugh together in utter disbelief. 


His father's worst enemy's face was on Izuku's sheets when he was a baby. 


“Only fucking you, Deku. Only you could get into this bullshit.” 


“...I’m going to call the Principal,” Aizawa-sensei says, a degree of utter horror in his voice. 


“Yeah.” Izuku’s own voice cracks. “Yeah, maybe we should-- maybe we should tell All Might, too." 




“Um, who are you, mister?” Asks little Eri, wary and shaking. She shrinks closer to her bed. Maybe the man is just a nightmare?


“Hello, Eri. Could you do me a favor?”


“U-um… I don’t know you… Deku said not to talk to strangers…”


“Oh, you know Deku? Midoriya Izuku?” 


“Mmhm! He saved me!” 


“Well, Eri-chan, I’m Izuku’s dad! Do you think you could help me now? Like a Hero?”


“Oh! I’ll be a hero like Deku! I’ll help!”


“Thank you, Eri-chan.”