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some rivalries

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The problem starts like every other problem that has ever appeared in Megumi's life--from a sleazy bastard that goes by Gojo Satoru.


Megumi prides himself as someone who could understand Gojo quite well despite his roundabout way of speaking. But when Gojo crouches to his level, tilting his head slightly to the side and tells him, "You just need to be more earnest like Yuji." Megumi realises that all he understands about Gojo is that he's full of shit because what the fuck was that supposed to mean.


He trained his whole life to become a shaman. Sure, his ideals aren't in the same impossible level as Yuji's but to imply he's not as earnest about it? Too annoyed to say anything, Megumi pushes the hair sticking on his face from his sweat in silent rage as Gojo continues, "You're always looking at him, anyway. Why not learn from him while you're at it?"


"I do not--"


"Yeah, yeah. Just try to convince yourself that." Gojo ruffles his hair as he stands up, towering over Megumi and grinning down at the student's glare. "Hope that helped," he says. It did not.


Megumi watches as he turns and walks towards the door leisurely. "Well, I'll be off now," Gojo tells him with a wave his hand without looking back. "Sensei is a busy man."


Though he didn't really had the choice, Megumi regrets ever meeting Gojo.





Despite what Gojo told him, Megumi is not 'always' looking at Yuji. He doesn't think so. But almost as if the devil (read: Gojo) was laughing at him from above, at that moment Yuji turns around and their eyes meet, and Megumi realises he definitely has been staring. 


"What's wrong Fushiguro?" Megumi's hand twitches at his side. Yuji's big eyes are directed at him looking all worried and sweet, and Megumi can't stand to look at it for too long. 


Megumi coolly redirects his gaze to what looks like Panda bench pressing Nobara. "Was just checking your form. It's getting better." 


Yuji brightens up at the praise. "Thanks! Gojo sensei is confusing but his advice really helps."


How earnest. Maybe this is what Gojo meant. To have a grin brighter than the sun and a heart so good it makes people question their own morals. To want to help anyone and everyone no matter his own limits. But that's just Yuji, and Megumi can never become him. There's really nothing possible for him to learn from Yuji. 


Megumi bumps his shoulder slightly against Yuji's as he makes his way past. "Don't listen to everything Gojo sensei says, though."





In a sense, Megumi has probably found his rival. He mulls over this when he's got Yuji peppering kisses along his neck once they're alone in his room, the evening sun filtering through the window. Yuji's hair isn't dried properly after showering and he's gonna get Megumi's pillow wet. "Itadori," Megumi calls out to him distractedly. 


"Hm?" Yuji stops sucking a hickey right under his jaw and peers up to look at Megumi.


Megumi stares at Yuji's unassuming eyes and cups his face, squishing his cheeks in the process. "Nothing," he says then brings their lips together.


Yuji smiles into the kiss then sucks on his bottom lip for a while before breaking it when Megumi starts licking into his mouth. They probably shouldn't be doing this right now. Megumi vaguely remembers at the back of his mind how Yuji's only here to ask him something about class, and they're not free tonight either so they can't fool around.


But then Yuji snakes a hand under his shirt and Megumi's thought process short circuits. Yuji's a bit overeager. More like a dog that's getting a treat from the way he uses more tongue than necessary, and Megumi's positive his chin is soaked with spit already. But despite that, Yuji gets to him far too easily. Megumi gets so clearly affected by the littlest things that Yuji does.


Megumi tries to not be too needy but can't help the whine crawling from his throat once Yuji slips a thick thigh in between his. It doesn't take much for them to start rutting against one another. They're not even trying to find release, just doing it because it feels mindlessly good.


At one point, they've kissed for too long and Megumi has to physically wrestle Yuji's head away to breathe. Yuji is overwhelming, sure, and though Megumi isn't competitive per se, he's not gonna let Yuji win this. This, being, whatever badly initiated rivalry Megumi feels like he's in.


Still, it certainly feels like he's getting carried along Yuji's whims. Yuji's back to leaving small nips on his neck and Megumi splays a palm at the back of his head, still wondering if he should stop this. It's getting darker outside and they're supposed to meet Nobara soon. But then he feels Yuji's growing chub, warm and distracting on his thigh, and Megumi buck his hips to rut against him harder and hears Yuji's moan reverberate around his room. 


(One messy handjob later, while Megumi contemplates going for another shower, Yuji lights up with an, 'Oh, right! Fushiguro, about class--')





What they have is a casual relationship. Sometimes it's just the adrenaline after a hard mission and they need an output for it. Especially for Yuji with his endless amount of energy. Megumi tells himself he's only here to help Yuji release it. They're both healthy teenagers so it's only natural, after all. It's a win-win situation for both of them. 


He thinks about this while laying down in the middle of the woods. They came here in a group of four, the curse spirits being stronger than they expected and they have all gotten separated from each other in the process.


While he has the thing beaten and done with, the walk back to the main road seems too far, and the others are taking a while to get back. He hears shuffling of feet, and doesn't even bother lifting his head. Peeling an eye open, Megumi sees a blur of dirty pink hair, and only then pushes himself up.


Rather than physical injuries, Yuji always looks more emotionally injured. There's a crease of frustration and sadness at the corner of his eyes that Megumi doesn't know how to smooth out. There's no questioning on who did better or worse, or who had more bruises and blood littered over their bodies. But often times, it's Megumi that gets fucked over pretty badly.


But to see Yuji with that look on his face, it makes Megumi move before he could think. He's lightheaded and could barely stand but the high from the pain makes him coherent enough to reach out for an equally beaten up Yuji as an anchor.


As soon as he gets back onto his two feet, Megumi finds himself pushed against a tree before he knows it and hisses when something digs into his back. "Sorry," Yuji apologises but only crowds into him closer and Megumi is too tired to care about adjusting his body.


The press of Yuji's lips against his always gives him a jolt of energy though. He sighs into the kiss and moves to thread his fingers along Yuji's hair, tugging his head slightly to the side to slot their mouths against each other properly. It tastes like blood in his mouth and yet it's just perfect.


Something is still digging uncomfortably into his back and his body is aching after the bad fight, but with Yuji's warm and sturdy frame holding him up, it doesn't matter as much. Somehow, it only feels like his senses are amplified and everything just feels good.


Times like these, Yuji just forgets how fucking strong he is and it has given Megumi more trouble than once. And currently, the strong grip Yuji has on his waist is pressing on a blooming bruise and it makes Megumi's eyes roll to the back of his head. 


Calm down, he wants to say. They're still in the middle of the woods, for fuck's sake. He didn't need a boner from the pain (though honestly, it's mostly from the thought of Yuji's strength). Still, it's gonna be a bitch to hide once the others get to them. But Yuji is kissing him with a desperation Megumi can't bring himself to stop. It's ridiculous how weak Megumi gets when it comes to Yuji. 


He hears Yuji letting out a pleased little noise from Megumi's fingers gripping the strands of his hair tighter and their kiss goes from wet to downright sloppy, Megumi slowly letting his restraints go.


"Oh so that's a thing we're doing?" The voice pierces loud and clear enough between them and it makes Megumi shove Yuji away a little too hard. Well, fuck.


Maki nudges Nobara to keep walking. "It's just boys being boys," answers Maki calmly. She didn't bother hiding the insufferable smirk on her face despite the tone.


There's only dead silence between Megumi and Yuji as they listen to the two girls share a laugh and somehow it's more humiliating than getting mocked straight out. Their chatter fades away soon after they walk out of Megumi's vision. He hears a final 'Maki-san do you wan--' and an amused 'no' before he turns to look at Yuji again.


Yuji's staring at his shoes as he kicks the dead leaves there softly, expression like a kicked puppy despite his bruised and bloodied form. "Sorry. I got carried away and got us caught."


Megumi thinks about Gojo and the amount of shit he got Megumi into. Then he pulls Yuji flush against him again until their noses brush one another and murmurs, "Don't worry about it. I've been through worse."


As Yuji was about to chase after his mouth, Megumi slumps against him and hides his face into the crook of Yuji's neck.


"Hold me up, though." Megumi slurs, "I'm 'boutta pass out."





He wakes up in his room, the day before a blur of treatments and medicine before he finally blacked out and Megumi hates how this is becoming a reoccurring theme.


Pushing himself off the bed, Megumi thinks about Yuji's expression from yesterday, and basically every other day they finish a hard mission. He won't tell Megumi what's wrong, and Megumi's not the type to pry. But he wonders how Yuji always goes back to his reassuring smile the day after, and why he does it. There's really no point to it.


It doesn't matter, Megumi thinks. He needs a cold shower to clear his mind off of Yuji for a day. And just because he has terrible luck, Megumi finds himself facing a chirpy Gojo the moment he steps out of his room.


Without acknowledging the teacher, Megumi slides past but Gojo simply trails closely behind him.


"You're getting more reckless."


"Learnt from the best," Megumi snaps back.


Gojo shrugs. "At least I'm strong enough to handle it." God, he's full of himself.


A heavy arm slings over his shoulders and Megumi fights back a wince. "Looks like you're thinking a lot more than usual these days. Need any guidance from your favourite sensei?"


Guidance, Gojo says. As if the problem didn't come from him. Megumi ducks under Gojo's arm. "No thanks."


But Gojo is impossible to run from. Megumi has learned this the hard way ever since he was a kid when Gojo was more young and reckless--even more than he claims Megumi to be. As it is, within a second, Gojo has his arm over Megumi's shoulders again, this time squeezing him close to his body. "Thought we already went past your rebellious days, Megumi."


Megumi sighs and is forced to walk along with Gojo, not bothering to give him an answer. Which didn't matter, anyway, because Gojo continues to chatter. One after another, before he starts mentioning about this new cafe he found that had really good cakes. He never really understands Gojo's thought process.


Which is why, half an hour later, Megumi finds himself in a cafe, seated across Gojo who is positively flirting with the waitress. Megumi lifts the book a little higher to hide his face.


"Thanks for your service," he hears Gojo say, voice oozing with fake sweetness. Megumi then flinches when his name is called out with the same tone. 


A finger pushes his book down and Megumi eyes flits up to catch Gojo's sharp ones looking back at him. "I didn't get you that book for you to read it now."


"That's on you."


Gojo leans back with a dramatic sigh. "I get back after almost a week to see my cute student all beat up and got worried, but you won't even look at me. No 'welcome back's or questions on how I did. At least ask me about my day, Megumi."


Megumi doesn't really like asking Gojo questions. Mostly because he knows the teacher isn't going to give him answers for the serious ones, and Megumi is painfully disinterested about things regarding Gojo's day. But for the sake of it--


"When you told me that last time, about Yuji, what did you mean by it?"


Gojo gives him this confused noise, as if he doesn't know what Megumi's asking about. But Megumi continues to halfheartedly read his book without further explanations, keeping watch on Gojo from his peripheral vision. 


Sure enough, he sees the corner of Gojo's lips curling into a smile. He's so full of shit.


"Did I need a deep meaning when I told you that?" Gojo says as if he's holding back a laugh, "I just wanted to rile you up."


Ah. Gojo really pisses him off.





If there's anything Megumi learnt from meeting Gojo, is that to not think about half the things he tells you. He doesn't know why he fails to follow this rule when it comes to Yuji.


Thinking about it again, maybe Megumi doesn't see Yuji as a rival. He just hates the knowing smirk Gojo has on his face whenever he talks about Yuji with him. Not to mention how Megumi gets closer to committing a crime every time he has to hear Gojo sigh about him being so 'young and in love'. It's an exaggeration.


Megumi won't deny that he likes Yuji as a person, despite how he has treated Yuji more like a pet that he's trying to take care of. But maybe so far, it isn't Megumi catering to Yuji's needs but the other way around. Yuji is nice like that. Too nice in a way he can't relate. Yuji is an open book written in a language Megumi can't read. 


Right now they're in Megumi's room again, not entangled and sucking each other's faces for once. The silence is comfortable, but it's hard to not notice Yuji acting more restless than usual. He's been ignoring it so far, but the jade hound curled up beside Yuji starts whimpering as if it's trying to get Megumi's attention.


Megumi sighs heavily. "Out with it, already." 


"W-what do you mean?" Yuji flushes, clearly didn't expect Megumi to call him out. He honestly thought he was being subtle. Cute.


"You're obviously trying to tell me something."


Yuji's lips purses as he plays with the dog's ear nervously. "You know how Kugisaki saw us last time," Yuji starts slowly, being uncharacteristically quiet and unsure. "And she won't stop asking if we're a thing."


Megumi hums in reply.  


Yuji asks, "Are we?"


A thing, is one way to put it. "What do you want us to be?"


He quietly studies how Yuji's expression softens when he tells Megumi, "It doesn't really matter. I just like being with you."


Megumi wonders how Yuji can be so open and honest about it. He literally says it with a straight face while Megumi is struggling to even think up of a reply that doesn't sound as insincere as, 'Oh yeah, me too.'


So instead Megumi climbs up the bed, the dog perking up at Megumi leaning in and nuzzles it's face under Megumi's jaw as he presses his lips against Yuji's for a moment before backing away. Megumi worries his bottom lip for a while and decides, fuck it. "Yeah, me too," he says. 


Yuji breaks into a grin that Megumi really likes. One where he looks particularly bright and looking at him makes it a little harder for Megumi to breathe. Yuji's right. It doesn't matter what their relationship is. He likes it enough as it is.