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A Blue 520

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Shanghai was an odd city. The skyline never changed much, but Xiao Zhan always felt that the streets went through tiny revisions, that new buildings replaced old ones, and that the air tasted different each time. He could never get a hold on the pulse of the Shanghai people. It was unlike the comfort he found back home in Chongqing, navigating roads carved into the sides of mountains, and it didn’t offer the industrial predictability of Beijing.

He left the airport in a taxi service that specifically catered to celebrities that needed to run away from persistent fans. Inadvertently, the car rides always became a bizarre mode of exploring a city. They visited new streets, took the busiest roads, escaped down freeways, and lurched into last minute turns.

When Xiao Zhan finally arrived at the hotel, he would’ve believed that he was in a whole different town. He tipped the driver and slipped out of the car with his bags. His manager and the rest of his staff would stay at a separate hotel while in Shanghai, both to give him his privacy and to hopefully confuse the fans even further.

The hotel manager greeted him in the lobby and led him to his room. Xiao Zhan politely declined when the manager offered dinner on the house and closed the door to silence. He looked at his watch. 10:42PM. It was late enough to go to bed, but he hadn’t been sleeping well these days. Sometimes he would stay up until sunrise, checking his phone intermittently as he tossed around in bed. He would think about the comments online, the smear campaign, the heady journalists who wrote speculative articles. And he would think about Yibo. Him and Wang Yibo.

Xiao Zhan decided to try sleeping early anyways and that tomorrow had the potential to be a better day. He checked his phone. No new messages. He texted Yibo a goodnight and pictured his boyfriend busy with work. Maybe he was in the dance studio practicing for his new variety show, or maybe he was shooting another commercial, or studying the script for one of his many movies or dramas. Xiao Zhan felt a burn in his throat and behind his eyes. Without bothering to work the taut blankets out from underneath the mattress, Xiao Zhan lied on top of the bed and shut his eyes.




Wang Yibo arrived in Shanghai early the next morning to nearly a thousand people crowding the airport. He was easy to spot with a bucket hat pulled low on his head, skateboard tucked by his side. His staff surrounded him, leading him through the crowd and to the car that was parked at the arrivals gate. When he finally retreated inside, he shed his hat and his mask and checked his phone. Last night, he had missed Xiao Zhan’s goodnight text for the second time this week.

YB: 宝宝, how’d you sleep?

A few seconds passed, and Yibo thought that Xiao Zhan might still be in bed before his phone buzzed.

XZ: Just okay. Did you just land?

YB: Yeah, I’m heading to the studio now.
I get to see you soon!

How are you feeling?
I have a surprise for you tonight.

Don’t be sad ^^

Yibo kept texting Xiao Zhan until the other finally replied.

XZ: Doesn’t your family find you annoying?
Okay, okay. I’m fine. Work hard.
I’ll see you tonight.

YB: :’(

XZ: <3
Don’t worry, I’m okay.

Yibo resigned with a sigh and switched the screen to the video from his dance practice last night. He reviewed the movements mentally, focusing on the complexity of the song and thinking through the character he wanted to portray on stage tomorrow. When he arrived at the studio, the day started to pass quickly. Work was a whirlwind lately, sweeping him from one venue to another as his manager puppeted him. Cue cards were thrust into his hands with only a moment’s notice before recording, introductions were made to company executives excited to have Yibo’s endorsement, and he could never remember eating but he must be because he seemed to make it to the next day each time.

“Yibo, you’re done.”

He looked to his manager in surprise and then to his phone. 7:28PM. “I’m done?”

“Happy 520. We thought you could use a break. There’s a taxi outside waiting for you,” his manager said.

Yibo smiled with excitement. He told Xiao Zhan that he wouldn’t be done until at least nine, but now he could surprise him with a few extra hours.

“Don’t be late tomorrow, okay?” his manager yelled after him. Yibo was already halfway to the exit before turning around and waved goodbye.

“No problem! Just send the car for me. I’ll be downstairs in the morning!”

All of his stuff was already in the car, and he canvassed his belongings to make sure he had Xiao Zhan’s gift with him. As the driver started to weave through the roads, spending nearly an hour going in dizzying circles, Yibo’s excitement grew. He thrummed his fingers against his knees and pictured Xiao Zhan in his arms again. He imagined hugging his thin waist, head comfortably nuzzled in the space of the taller boy’s neck. If he wanted to, he could kiss the other’s collarbones gently, or turn up slightly to peck at Xiao Zhan’s sharp jawline. He couldn’t wait any longer.

Back at the hotel, Xiao Zhan changed out of his suit and massaged his neck. The tie had been a bit too tight during today’s interview. Lately, all of his public appearances required a full suit and a solemn composure. Now, in the hotel room, he had a hard time shedding the serious air that weighed heavy on him.

He entered the bathroom and switched the shower to the hottest setting. As the mirror started to fog up, he readied his familiar playlist of sad love ballads at full volume. He let the steam bathe over him first before he stepped into the small glass enclosure and relished in the heat of the water. He spun in slow circles, eyes tightly shut, and continued to knead at his shoulders. The song switched, and he started to sing along.

He rubbed the water off of his face and when he opened his eyes again the room was dark. A few seconds later, the music switched off.

“H-hello?” Xiao Zhan stammered. He was facing away from the door, so he couldn’t confirm that someone had entered the bathroom. His first thought immediately went to Yibo, but he didn’t dare call out the name in case it was anyone else.

“Ge, is that you?” he asked, hoping it was his manager. There was no answer. He thought he could hear footsteps coming towards the shower.

“Who’s ge?”

Xiao Zhan sighed in relief as he heard the familiar voice. The door of the shower squeaked opened behind him. “Yibo, don’t scare—”

A cold hand suddenly pushed against his back and pressed the entire front of his body into the frigid tile wall. Against his back, Xiao Zhan felt familiar bare skin on his and hissed at the cold. He tried to wiggle towards the hot stream of water. Another icy set of fingers appeared at the curve of his waist, sliding down until it found the fleshy part of his hips and pinched. He gasped and turned to look over his shoulder.

“I said, who’s ge?” Yibo asked again. He stared intensely at Xiao Zhan, teasing. He was slowly increasing the pressure at his hips and rocked forward towards his boyfriend. He could feel himself growing hard and smirked when he felt Xiao Zhan’s ass cheeks part slightly against his cock. Yibo took his time to explore Xiao Zhan’s body again, running his hands over the wet, hot skin of the other. “Were you cleaning up for me or for your ge?”

“Wang Yibo…” Xiao Zhan whimpered. “You can’t scare me like that.” He tried to push himself off the wall, but Yibo pressed closer. Xiao Zhan shivered as he felt his cheeks spread even wider. The heat behind him combined with the blistering water was unbearable.

Yibo gave Xiao Zhan a light kiss on the nose. He smiled gently, reassuring the other that he was only joking around and wasn’t actually mad. “I know. I’m sorry. But imagine how I felt when I came in and heard you singing. And then I saw you showering.”

He nipped at Xiao Zhan’s ear. “You’re too pretty, Zhan-ge. You were practically teasing me. Who said that you could shower without me?”

Yibo licked up Xiao Zhan’s neck, feeling the hot water tickle his lips as he continued to kiss along his shoulder. He turned his boyfriend around and his hands grabbed at Xiao Zhan’s round ass, cupping a cheek in both hands and squeezed tight. As Xiao Zhan moaned loudly, Yibo caught the other’s mouth in his and kissed his boyfriend deeply. He lapped at the other’s lips and sucked on Xiao Zhan’s tongue, relishing in the sounds he was able to reduce the other man to. The two continued to kiss desperately, their hands wandering around each other as they made up for the months spent apart. As he kept Xiao Zhan distracted with the kiss, he gently pushed a finger in down below. He felt Xiao Zhan’s moan before he heard it. The vibrations buzzed against his chest and the other bit down on his lip, drawing blood. He could feel Xiao Zhan losing control as he fucked himself on that one finger, slowing turning himself around so that his back faced Yibo again. Every time he rocked down on Yibo’s finger, he lost the will to come all the way back up. “A-add another one,” Xiao Zhan said and straightened himself up a bit. “Add two.”

Yibo kissed the back of Xiao Zhan’s neck in acknowledgement and gently worked three fingers in. He could feel Xiao Zhan clench around him, and his own cock twitched in arousal. He grabbed the slim waist in front of him and pulled Xiao Zhan back by a few steps.

“Hands on the wall,” Yibo ordered, voice low. Although his words were rough, he took a hand off of Xiao Zhan’s waist and helped steady the other as he folded over. He noticed that the stream of water was pointing at Xiao Zhan’s head and reached up to adjust the shower head so it hit his back instead. He leaned down and brushed Xiao Zhan’s hair out of his eyes. “Is this okay?”

Xiao Zhan moaned and answered by rocking back into Yibo’s hips. “Goddamnit, stop being so gentle and fuck me.”

Yibo wasted no time and returned one hand to Xiao Zhan’s hips and one hand to his cock. He gave himself a few pumps and tried to lubricate himself the best he could.

“Baby, it’s going to hurt,” Yibo warned. The other moaned again and spread his legs wider until he had an obscene view of Xiao Zhan’s puckered hole in front of him.

“Yibo, I swear to god. If you don’t fuck me right now, I will ride you into obli–” Xiao Zhan gasped and braced himself against the wall, nearly slipping on the wet tile. Yibo thrust into him, jerking Xiao Zhan’s hips back until he was buried deep inside. Yibo smirked as he heard Xiao Zhan curse. He continued to fuck the boy at a painful pace, letting all of his control dissolve as he thrust into his boyfriend. Heat climbed from his lower body all the way up to his neck as he watched himself disappear into Xiao Zhan over and over again. He bent over and bit again at Xiao Zhan’s ear, starting to whisper. “Is this what you wanted, baby?” He punctuated each word with another thrust. “Is this what you had planned for tonight? You wanted me to find you in the shower and bend you over?”

Xiao Zhan moaned and tried to turn to Yibo for a kiss. His lips missed, and he planted a wet string of kisses along the other’s forehead. “Please, baby, f-fuck me harder,” he whimpered.

Xiao Zhan could feel himself tightening around Yibo, as if he was trying to pull the other deeper into him each time. The sensation in his lower abdomen was almost painful, and Xiao Zhan slowly dropped lower with each unforgiving assault below. His hands finally slipped down the wall, and Yibo swiftly adjusted his angle so that he kept contact. Xiao Zhan’s hands were on the ground as his ass stayed pointed up to Yibo’s hips. The stream of water now cascaded down his back and into his face, eyes stinging from the drops of water. He shut his eyes and focused on pushing back in tandem with each thrust and cried when he felt a sharp pleasure blossom in his core.

“Baby, r-right there. Don’t stop,” Xiao Zhan pleaded. His hand found his own cock and started stroking, matching the quick rhythm behind him. He felt how hard he was and cried in pleasure, stimulated from too many points. As he jerked himself off, the tighter he clenched around Yibo’s dick. The thrusts started to become more erratic and Xiao Zhan moaned, crying out incoherencies as he felt the heat pool in his abdomen. His foot suddenly slipped from out under him, and he landed on all fours. Yibo came down with him and took the opportunity to fucked him even harder with the added stability. Low moans escaped every few seconds as he drilled into his partner. “Baby, I’m going to come,” Yibo warned, voice breathy and hoarse.

Xiao Zhan responded by raising a hand to the wall and pushed back against Yibo’s hips. He fucked himself back and forth, tightening as he felt Yibo’s cock twitch inside of him. Yibo tried to keep pace, one hand grabbing Xiao Zhan’s hip and the other reaching for his shoulder. Xiao Zhan collapsed in front of him, letting himself be controlled entirely by Yibo and moaned obscenely as he reached his climax. His whole body convulsed as he shuddered through his orgasm. Xiao Zhan pushed himself up abruptly, causing Yibo to slip out of him before he sat back down forcefully on Yibo’s dick to ride out the end of his climax and buried the other deep inside of him. Yibo moaned behind him and thrust up, releasing himself into Xiao Zhan’s hole. The two breathed erratically for a long while until Yibo gently wrapped his arms around Xiao Zhan’s torso in a hug. He was still deep inside the other boy and bent Xiao Zhan over a bit so he could slide out gently.

Xiao Zhan whimpered as he finally felt the soreness kick in and gingerly sat down on the tile. Without a word, Yibo started washing him, carefully inserting a finger to clean him out as he distracted Xiao Zhan with kisses down his neck. Xiao Zhan was still sensitive as he felt the finger inside him, his cock twitching in a natural response to the small stimulus.

“What, ready for another round already?” Yibo joked, kissing Xiao Zhan on the forehead as his hands rubbed the other’s thigh.

“Shut up,” Xiao Zhan responded. He knocked his head gently against the other and reached his arms out. “Carry me to bed. I’m tired.”

Yibo smiled gently and shut off the water. He cupped Xiao Zhan’s face in his hands one last time, planting a sloppy kiss on his lips, and lifted the boy up in his arms like a princess. From Yibo’s arms, Xiao Zhan grabbed a few towels on the way out of the bathroom and began to dry Yibo’s hair. Light blue dye started to stain the white towels as he looked at his hands and realized that his palms were a light blue as well. He looked back to Yibo and only just noticed that his boyfriend’s hair was dyed a deep blue. He met Yibo’s eyes in a question.

Yibo grinned. “Oops, I forgot that I wasn’t supposed to wash my hair until after tomorrow’s shoot. They wanted a new look for the dance show.”

Xiao Zhan pouted and ran his fingers through Yibo’s wet hair. More blue started to stain his skin. “Yibo, why is it every time we have sex you leave a mark on me somehow?”

“Gege… We’ve been over this. It’s my way of branding you,” Yibo laughed and smiled at his boyfriend. “You’re mine forever.”