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Jacket's Journal

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-----Orville Canny-----
Oct 5th, 10:08PM

" Plea-Please..! Блядь.... wa-wait! "

The mobster laying on the floor, blood leaking from his nose and mouth as he was missing a couple of teeth. The mobster panics as he tries to crawl away from his attacker, trying to see if he can reason with it to spare him.

" I-I can tell you where the vault is! Just-Just please! I-I-I can tell you anything just spare me please! "

Pathetic. Weak. Kill him! Get it over worth!

The tiger snarled and growled, tired and hungry as the beast watches its prey cowering in fear, begging for mercy that will never come. Each time the mobster beg the beast comes closer until it came close enough, the beat sitting on the mobster stomach and raised both of his fists together, ready.


No more please and beg Came from the mobster anymore as the only sound was a blood splatter hitting the floor, while the skull, flesh, meat, and brain became a piling mush as the beast hands were covered in blood with bits of brain sticking to the bandages. The beast panted as it stands up, looking down at his feast he destroyed, tilting his head as the body twitched.

The beast walked away, searching for more prey to feast on. As the beast walked up the stairs, the tiger speaks again, expecting more Snarls and growls but only get calmness and concentration from the angered tiger named Tony.

It's strange, isn't it? How they manage to easily find and trace your location without anything to trace. Who is this and why are they personating the 50 blessings?

The beast stops in its track after hearing the tigers' questions. It is true, how did they manage to track me when I didn't have any phones to track down? How did they know I'm in Washington? How did they know about the bank heist...?

Many many questions, yet I don't have the answers nor should be the one talking to you like this. Maybe when you sleep, they might be able to give you better fucking hints then more questions to add on. Hurts my fucking head...

The beast listens to the tiger as the predator returns back to snarling and growling. The beast itself return back and continued up the stairs to the second floor, already hearing nearby chatter and footsteps that are on a loop of whoever is patrolling. The beast was ready, wearing the tiger gave him gruesome amounts of energy, as if he's an entirely new person. Wearing another one faces and gaining their abilities. The tiger snarled as he heard nearby prey, the beast simply stomps and prepares himself to begin the blood bath feast.


The cops have arrived, but they were too late.
They were called on when a nearby civilian heard multiple gunshots and screams, yet they only send in normal cops instead of swats.
Entering the building, the first floor was clean, except for the one lone dead body of a mobster that had his head caved in and beaten.
Yet the second floor wasn't spared, the floors and walls splattered with blood, each room contained multiple dead bodies, each died in the same way. Limbs ripped apart from their torso, heads bashed in, necks snapped, and throats ripped open.

Leaving the cops shitting their pants after going through the room to room, finding more blood and bodies. Yet not knowing that the one responsible was simply having a drive around town to clear off his adrenaline rush and mind. Still having those questions in his mind, hopefully, he'll gain the answers he needed.

How did they track me?

How did they know I'll be in Washington?

How did they know about the bank heist to plant that mail?

Is it truly them? Or someone pretending to be them..

He grips the wheel, thinking more in more, but he doesn't need to add in any more questions. Right now he needs to relax and head back to clean up. Hoping that Sokol isn't awake again. Driving by stores that are open with their neon open signs, driving by quiet neighborhoods, simple parks, until I felt relaxed enough to head back to the safe house. The home of the payday gang.

Wolf is being curious, Sokol might know what I've been doing or has a guest of what, Dallas simply requests me to inform him when I go out to do these little 'heists'. The others, I don't know, don't know if Houston still hates me or has softened up. Dragan? Well, possibly will complain about the somewhat 'chubbiness' I have or anyone if they come up to him. Bonnie would just ask if I want to play any gambling games with her. Jimmy sometimes looks like he's somewhere else than here or just looks like he stopped breathing and randomly still be alive somehow. Rust is just a big grumpy cat who loves his bike. Joy is usually in her van playing games or doing a hack to possibly get a game or something. Jiro doesn't seem the type of guy to have a stable conversation with. Sangres? Well, he may tell me some stories of what he's done before joining the gang and possibly give me Spanish lessons. Clover is busy watching cameras, well busy watching us really... Sydney? No, not in the mood for art or crazy talk to be honest.

I kept driving as I felt the blood on my hands starting to dry up, feeling the dried blood crackling as I grip the wheel. The skies are covered by black clouds, the moon shining through them. I think it's time to go back...

What time is it?



I've done the usual, park my car and pass the gate. Holding Tony while looking at my fists, seeing them shake a little, either I hit too hard or Low blood sugar. Oh well, at least everyone isn't awake at this time, seeing how dark the safe house is right now as I entered the basement and into my room, tossing Tony on the couch. Noticing that I now have a new couch, it seemed to be a black leather one, similar to the ones we have for the living room couches.

I wonder, where do they put the red one? Maybe in the garbage, luckily I put the notebook in the boxes... I took off my bloodied jacket and toss it on the couch as well as I sit down and relax... lifting my hand as I look and inspect the dried up blood on my hand and bandages. I think I should go clean up before midnight...

My body isn't tired though.... this may be an issue, after what Tony said... those questions still bother me...even after hearing it coming out of a tiger that's usually in a pissy mood and just Snarls at me... I never bought a personal phone... nor a laptop at that matter since it's 2014... then how... how the fuck did they find me? How did they know? How did they know about everything? These addresses... I feel like their just all made up and not even real... I feel like I should bring the others...yet I feel like they'll be disgusted and be disapproving of what I do... sure they do heist's that all have the same goal like robbing, though I feel like some heists are a bit different than the rests... I don't know... robbing isn't my thing, though bein something like robin hood seems fine with me.

Yet I feel like this was the last level I'll be doing solo...

I should really clean up, good thing the blood dried up..... the couch is comfortable though...fuck...