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Yesterday was fine, a bit weird, but still fine.
Called into the meeting room, followed 'Houston' there, 'Dallas' had to go to a dentist appointment and we had to clean up the table and organize papers.

Theirs a lot of files about some of the banks, locations, prison transfer schedules, and list of prisoner names. There were possibly more other things written down, but I mostly looked at the important ones that have something to do with the big breakout plan.

I also learned how to know when 'Wolf' is lying and making things up.
I'm guessing 'Dallas' must've made a secret plan thing with Wolf or something. I don't know what it is, but I think it's just us doing chores for once.

Hopefully helping 'Houston' made him less angry or hate towards me. Even if he did question my name, it was still nice when he checked on me. I must've looked like I was dead or I fell asleep in a terrible position.

The four aren't here at the moment, 'Dallas', 'Chains', 'Wolf', & 'Houston' left to go to a museum. I don't know what the heist is, but it has something to do with a museum. Dallas looked like he was being forced when he came back, plus from the short chat we had about the bloody loot on his desk.

We could do a small heist here while the others are away, we just need to contact Bain about it so he can keep an eye on us.

I also remember seeing some papers about mental illness, well a list of mental illnesses. I didn't get to see any since 'Houston' took it and put it in a folder.

Maybe I should ask Aldstone if we can have pizza. I don't think we have any ingredients for anything. 'Clover' did ask me if I can write down some stuff we need in the kitchen.

I̷̯̝̭̮͐ ̴̡͖͚̌w̸̨̺̞̤̅i̸̲̻͗͠s̸̢̮̝̣͂h̶̢͖̳́̐̅̚ ̴̬̓̋̏ŝ̵͇̃͋h̴̭̦̒̆̚ͅę̴̭͇͚͊ ̸̩̪̋̊͂̅w̷̥͍͈̑̂͌a̶͙͕͉̲͐̿͠ş̷̈́͌ ̶̺̏̋h̷̯̱̼̃̍̾e̸̫͖̖̍͐r̴̙̯͍̀ě̴̼͖̮͓̂̕.̵͚̬͔̟̔.̶̠̉.̷̫̲̙̿̈́͜͠.̷͔̗̜̓̑


Jacket flips to the next page, placing the pencil inside the notebook so the next time he needs to write down anything new, he'll start on the blank page.
He wasn't expecting the blank 8th page to have a weird question on it, luckily the person left their name, the name Jacket wasn't hoping for him to find his notebook.

"What are you writing down? I do not understand, it is all chicken scratch. Why not talk like human with Sokol, да?" - Sokol

Jacket relaxes a little, but still tense. Now knowing that Sokol entered his room and went through his stuff without permission, even had the audacity to find his notebook and looked through it.

He knows his terrible his handwriting is, it's been a while for him, possibly too long. Jacket mostly watch TV or movies, play games, eat pizza, and finish levels given to him, their wasn't any reason for him to write anything, not even write any letters. Not even the ones he wants to so badly, but they'll never receive. He passed high school and halfway through college until he joined the army to be sent to a secret group called the Ghost Wolves, where he met him and the others he wished were still around. His varsity jacket shows he passed high school, joining the baseball team called Miami Beasts, now that he thought about it, it explains the swiftness from him swinging his favorite melee weapons, especially his baseball bat. Jacket remembers people with static faces and skin saying how he's ambidextrous, explaining to him that he can use both hands equally and none are primary to him. How easy it is to swing anything in his hands either a weapon or his own fists.

Maybe he should teach Sokol a lesson on entering his room without his permission. Maybe he shouldn't, it would cause issues and maybe make things even worse for others to trust him. Maybe he should answer Sokol's question in his notebook and find another hiding spot. He remembers hearing that the rooms are going to be upgraded, mostly the upstairs rooms the following down. So he might get a new couch or not, but still, need a new hiding place.

Now he questions how Wolf reads his writing. Wolf's handwriting is also neat as well, he thought that maybe he should just use sign language with Wolf or use his recorder to talk to him. Seems easier than having Wolf struggling on figuring out what letter or number he just wrote down.

Jacket closed his notebook and placed it in a new hiding spot. Inside one of the boxes that hold books he thought are interesting, some are even comic books, and theirs a cookbook inside as well. Before putting it away, he replied to the question, hoping Sokol could read his handwriting as he tried to make it neat for it to be readable, but right now he has a chore to do and see what they need to restock in the kitchen. As he exits his room, he noticed that Sokol isn't playing or practicing his favorite sport, he sees Dragan though, always working out without a break for some reason. Still wondering if people can die from working out too much, thinking about what they could pull or burst which organs inside their bodies. Jacket shook his head to focus on where he's going and why Dragan must've noticed his presence and looked up. He was doing push up's, I don't know how many he did, he's just doing some push-ups in a brown suit.

"Ah, you're awake Jacket. You did not come out to watch me work out, did you?"

Jacket shook his head and answered.


"Hm? Falcon? Do you mean Sokol? He's not here at the moment, he's in the kitchen grabbing a drink for himself and hopefully, he gets one for me too. It's damn hot down here."

Jacket nods, knowing the heat down hear, but living in Miami and through the heats, it goes through makes him used to it and possibly be immune to it or not. Jacket now knows where Sokol is at the moment, doesn't know if its a good thing or a bad thing that he's in the kitchen, and that his chore needs him to be at the kitchen to create the list. Do it now or have an angry gang complaining about how low we have in the fridge.

Jacket walks up the stairs to the main floor, seeing Jiro, Bonnie, & Jimmy playing a gambling game. From what he can tell, it's either between Jiro or Bonnie that's having the winning card. Jimmy just wants some fun and try to cause some chaos on the gambling table. Jacket goes up another set of stairs that leads to the kitchen top floor. Seeing Sokol drinking a water bottle and watching out the window.

Ignore and get it over with

Jacket almost forgot he's still wearing his face. Well Richard, but the masks are his face to him, just came in different forms and voices. He wonders if he should get Carl and see if he has something for him. Putting Carl on that one time made him learn new things he didn't even know, know more about the 50 blessings, and the reason why their recruiting either ex-military or random patriots that want the Russians out of Miami or America. Luckily that chaos was over.

Jacket saw a note pad on the counter, good, he forgot to bring paper, but I think either Clover or Aldstone left it there just in case. Jacket walked by Sokol and head to the counter, picking up the notepad and a nearby pen that had some ink left. He heads to the fridge and opens it to see what they need.

Milk, water, soda, beer-that-everyone-is-okay-with, bread, possibly some meat for any future dinners Dragan wants to make or anyone else, vegetables-y'know.

Jacket continues writing, not knowing a Russian heister walking up to him and looking over his shoulder to see what he was writing.

"So the Chicken is doing kitchen chore now?"

Jacket didn't jump from the question, but just nod and simply continue writing and finishing up.

"You are still doing куриная царапина. You are already chicken enough."

Jacket ignored him and close up the notepad, had everything down that they need, and give it to Clover. To show proof he did the chore and hope she doesn't make fun of his writing too. Jacket walked away from Sokol and out of the kitchen to head into the meeting room since Clover station is inside the room. He walked into the security room to see Clover looking through the cameras and sometimes through her phone when nothing is happening, which is most.

"fh̵̡̀u̵͙͌à̴͚͖~̴̨̗̐̈́-̷̧̗̓Un trèfle~̴̭̀̎a̵͇͛̒h̸͖͌͂f̴͇͝"

Clover looks up to see Jacket, I think he almost scared her. She gave him a small smile when she noticed it was just Jacket and his recorder calling out.

"Ey Jacket, did ya check the kitchen?"

He nodded and hand her the note pad, watching as she took it and open it up. Seeing her skimming through the list and humming on some of the ingredients.

"Standard stuff, standard ingredients. Alright, thanks for the list Jack. I'll make sure to give it to Aldstone and we'll go to the grocery store to restock the fridge. Can't believe we already focking low on food."


Says the rooster...

Knowing that he finished the chore and no longer needed, he turns around to exit the room. Waving Clover a goodbye as he heads back down to his room. Ignoring Sokols stare, possibly wanting to know if Jacket saw the question he wrote down. Jacket made it back to his room, felt himself shake for the first time, possibly from the coldness from the fridge or a late feeling when Sokol got to close to his personal bubble. A level would be perfect right now or something, maybe tomorrow, can't believe he wants a level to escape what just happened.


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"What are you writing down? I do not understand, it is all chicken scratch. Why not talk like human with Sokol, да?" - Sokol