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Jacket's Journal

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Meeting Room

"So you don't know where Jacket went last night or had any acknowledgment that he left?"

"No, our rooms aren't that close Dallas."

"Alright then, since your up here, you have babysitting duties."

"What! What about Bonnie? Or Dragan? Or basically anyone else other than me?"

"Bonnie is out on a heist with Sangres, Wick, and Bodhi. Dragan is out for some fresh air and possibly some runs and most of the gang are busy with personal stuff, which leaves you, Sokol, Houston, Jacket, Clover, Jiro, Jimmy, Chains, & Rust."

"Ah, Wait, what about you?"

"I have a dentist appointment soon."

"I thought you hate the dentist?"

"I do, but I just need a check-up, some teeth are being achy and stuff," Dallas said as he rubbed his jaw, feeling some of his teeth aching a bit just by talking or basically having his tongue touch them. Hoping that the appointment will just be quick and not have any drills go into his mouth, good thing wolf isn't into dental stuff.

"Who am I babysitting?" Wolf said, wondering which of the young heisters they have that needs to be watched. Joy is fine, she plays video games or hacks something in her van, Clover basically sits in front of million screens of CCTV footage from the safe house cameras, Sokol practice hockey or works out, and Sydney usually doodles and draws at her station. Maybe Houston? Possibly not, he'll just work on the van and maybe give the escape van a new color or something. Jacket? I doubt it, hell we don't even know how old he is and he always wears his chicken mask so it's hard to tell plus he'll stay in his room and work on some tapes. Staring at Dallas waiting for a response as he finally stopped rubbing his jaw.

"Just Houston and Jacket, just make sure they stay in one room. I need Houston to try and be comfortable around him or we're gonna have some issues on heist if I put them in a group together..."

"Wouldn't Hous be mad about this?"

"He would, but he needs to suck it up and play nice. Sure Jackets a mystery, but he hasn't done anything that causes us to be dead or captured."

"Yeah, also, did you go on like a quick small heist Dallas?" Wolf asked, seeing an opened duffle bag on Dallas desk, couple wads of money and gold bars showing inside, some on the desk. Noticing a bit of bloodstain on the bag. 'Maybe he had to use the bag to beat some swat.' Wolf thought.

"No. That bag was there this morning, Clover mentioned me about it before I saw it myself and since Jacket was the one that left with a duffle bags, we were hoping that you would know where he went to get all that loot or basically know what his heist was, bust since you don't know then we have no leads or anything to know where he went last night."

"Why not ask Jacket then? Or maybe, it was an angel that decided to join in and-"

"Wolf. Off-topic and no."

"Sorry, why not just ask Jacket then?"

"Sometimes asking the culprit won't go so smoothly as you think Wolf, speaking of which."

Once Dallas finished his sentence, Houston and Jacket entered the meeting room. Houston with his hands in his pockets looking a bit unhappy as he heads to the long oak wood table that still holds dozen of papers and files. Jacket followed suit, thinking it might be another heist just the four of them. There is a short dark oak table in the corner, but it's mostly used for blueprints of banks or to play some game of cards if you're bored. Jacket still wearing his usual chicken mask despite all the other heisters not wearing theirs in the safe house. Wolf watches them both, seeing Houston just eyeing some of the papers and moving some while Jacket simply stares straight ahead and sometimes looking at the papers, usually the ones Houston touches and moves around.

"Alright, I got Wolf and Jacket up here, need anyone else?"

"Nope. That's all I need." Dallas then Walks by the table and almost out the meeting room until Houston asked him a question, confused, thinking he missed someone or something his brother needs.

"Wait, where are you going?"

"Dentist appointment."

"Don't you hate the den-" Dallas cuts him off while waving goodbye to his little brother and the others that are in the room.
"I'll be back Houston, be good, same goes for you Wolf and I need to have a chat with you Jacket about the loot bag on my desk."
After that he left, seen on the CCTV cameras shows Dallas having a walk to his car and driving out the somewhat empty parking lot.

"All righty then..." confused how his brother just asked him to get two heisters into the meeting room and just left saying he has a dentist appointment, he hates the dentists! He usually fights when he needs a check-up on his teeth! I'm guessing he finally mans up to something he hates.
He turns around to face Wolf, hoping Dallas told him what and why he wanted him and Jacket up here.

"Wolf, did Dallas tell you why he wanted you and the Chicken in here?"

Wolf's eyes were on Houston for a minute until his eyes began to wander at the walls or anything else besides the Ghost Fugitive in the room, though sometimes on Jacket since he's wearing his usual chicken mask.

"Well, um, he did tell me about his appointment before you both came in here, and uh told me the reason why is that he wants us to um....clean up the table! Yeah, basically organize the papers and files and everything!"

Wolf grins, hoping this worked and Houston wouldn't ask any more questions. Hopefully, this first step he created would help Houston get used to Jacket and hopefully be comfortable around him despite the mystery he has. Houston continues to stare at Wolf, but sighs and groans in annoyance.

"Seriously? That's why? Just clean up a mess that he made? Fucking hell..."

Wolf nods, feeling relaxed as his shoulders sagged, not realizing how tense his shoulders got.
"Yup! Just cleaning up the table!"
He goes over to the opposite side of the table across from Houston and Jacket, helping them start the cleanup. He could see Clover through the glass, seeing that she was looking over her shoulder. Possibly to see if Dallas's plan would work or not and make sure to come in if a fight starts between the clown and chicken. Hoping they wouldn't and simply get along.

"This is gonna take all day..."
Houston groans as he started trying to organize the papers. Jacket helps by getting the folders and placing the correct papers inside, a bit confused about what's happening yet accepts it to show he's reliable.


"I'm going to kill my own brother and you can't stop me, Wolf..."

They finally finished the chore that Dallas gave them, all folders holding the correct paperwork while separate paperwork in neat stacks and ready to be stapled together so they wouldn't be in another pile mess again. Wolf was sitting in one of the chairs by the short table, looking relaxed when they finished.

"I'm still gonna stop you Hous... same with Chains and the others..."

During their clean up, Clover called out saying that the group that was out heisting came back with loot and supplies, Bonnie with bruises and small scratches dealing with bulldozers, Sangres having his own bruises from trying to outrun cloakers, Wick and Bodhi in a mess since they were the runs trying to get the loot in the van, luckily no fatal injuries on them. Houston walked over to where Wolf is and sat down in one of the comfy chairs, hands-on his heads as he groans and mumbles. Jacket was still at the long table, but on his knees as his head rests on the clean table surface. Some might mistake him for sleeping or just dead from the positions he's in. He got bored of the cleanup, but he helped Houston with some paper issues at least. He just wants to go back into his room either sleep, mess with some tapes or just write some more stuff in his notebook, luckily he had some more things to write down today.

"Are you still alive over there Chicken?"

"He has a name Hous..."

"What kind of name like Jacket a parent would give?"

"Nickname Hous, like the names we use."


Jacket listens to their small dialogue about the name he's used to and kept as he takes out his Walkman recorder to answer Houston. Hearing the static and rewind coming out of the recorder as he quickly cuts and creates a sentence.

" ḁ̶̱̅s̶͉̯̭͈̆ I'm feeling -̸̡̧̱͖̎̈́͘~̸͈̀̈́̍͘~̸͔̙̆~̶̡̬̯̄~̵̙̣͓̝́̿̐-̷̦͍͖̈́̂̕ great ti -̸̙̳̌ "

"That's nice to hear.....Hey Jacket? do you mind smacking my brother in the head or tie him up when he's done having a chat with you?"

" ǎ̸͓͝h̴͑͗͜~̶̱͂ͅd̶̩̲͠-̴̡͖̙̚ Negative -̸̩͐~̷̣̓͗Ḯ̵̩ͅ~̴̻̽ͅ "

"C'mon man, it's just a simple tie up and simply smacking him in the face for a bit for forcing us to do his shit."

Jacket lifted up his head and shook his head then put his head back down, tired.


"Mind telling me where you went last night Jacket?"

Dallas asked, he came back home a couple of minutes later after the finished cleanup. When he came in he immediately heads into the meeting room and told Houston and Wolf to stay while he has his chat with Jacket. It seemed like something happened to him while he went to the dentist. He simply leaned on his desk while staring at Jacket, while Wolf and Houston still sitting by the short table in the corner. Jacket couldn't form the sentences he wanted with his recorder, so he started using sign language, luckily Wolf knows ASL.

He started signing while Wolf look to see what he was saying and translating to both Dallas and Houston.

'I went out for a small heist, I thought it would be fine if I could do some solo heisting.'

"He went out for a small solo heist, Dallas."

"Alright, if it was a small solo heist make sure to give us a head's up so we know just in case you need back up."

Jacket nods relieved that he didn't make Dallas upset for something small. Dallas gets up from leaning on his desk.

"Just make sure theirs no blood on the bags alright?"

Jacket nods again.

"Alright, Wolf mind getting Chains? Got a heist we need to do and a new contractor I need to inform. You can go Jacket, thanks for a bonus from your solo heisting."

Jacket leaves the room, Wolf walks with him since he's getting Chains. Both had a chat in silent language, sometimes Jacket using his recorder to answer something easy. Both went separate when Jacket goes down the spiral stairs while Wolf went into the weapons room or Chains station room to tell him that he's needed in the meeting room.

A Diamond heist from the Dentist. The Dentist who knows where Hoxton is being held and transferred.

Jacket enters his room, hoping Sokol hasn't entered or basically anyone hasn't entered his room without his permission.
His notebook is still in it's hiding place, hasn't moved.