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Jacket's Journal

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pg 6

Each mask has their own voice and personality.
Dennis, the grey wolf, Snarls and growls angrily at anyone close. Demanding me to stab them with a sharp blade, any blade will do to satisfy his hunger.
Graham, the orange or white rabbit, telling me to be quick and quiet, listening out for any enemies nearby.
Phil, the green fish, speaking to me in French, while having other voices be badly translated into French. (I only wear him if I'm bored and see if I can guess correctly what the other is saying. A possibly difficult way of knowing French words)
Jake, a green cobra, hissing at me to wait and strike, to ready my weapon to throw. Seeing my enemies die from the killing throw.
Peter, white unicorn, speaking elegantly to me as if he's busy at a royal party while I kill thugs. Silencing gunshots from any guns I carry.
Tony, the yellow tiger, growling and roaring for me to be angry and punch everything in sight. Giving one killing blows, the strength given to me without my knowledge, yet it terrifies me that I might hurt someone accidentally. With or without Tony.

I can continue on with the list of names and animals,  27 animal masks. Each with their own names and personality and abilities from the previous owners. Yet I believe some didn't gain them until I found them. I can choose one of many and listen to what they have to say and how they can aid me through the levels.

Yet the one I chose was Richard, the first I met and received.  Yet he doesn't give me any abilities, only orders and demands, hearing him when theirs no one around me.
Telling me to finish them off, to hurry, to find, search, run, hide, dodge, escape. Judging sceneries, my way to kill, and the enemies who are cocky. Giving me questions that I can sometimes answer and sometimes don't. Telling me that I've done well.

'Sokol' was the only witness in the safe house to be up and doing something.
I must've terrified him from all the blood that stained my face and clothing. I wonder what he was thinking when we just stared for about a couple of minutes. He didn't give a smirk or a smug look or a judging one, to be honest, only a question I didn't hear.

I only heard gurgles of him trying his best to say the question. The static didn't help at all either and Richard was quiet to judge or say anything.

The hallucinations seem to be getting worse and I thought they were getting better.
First, it was the dead bodies twitching, laughing, and screaming.
Next was 'Sokol' having half of his head clean cut off, only leaving his bottom jaw and tongue moving around as if he's speaking normally without knowing the damage happened to him. Blood squirted out a bit yet it didn't leave any stains on the floor.

Sleep won't help, dreams no longer exist to me no matter how hard I try, and nightmares are the least of my worries.


The sun is rising.
Orange and pink, lovely colors of relaxation.
Morning is arriving. The gang will be up soon.
Luckily I managed to clean up my bloody clothing before any had questions, but I believe 'Sokol' might ask or leave me be.

Blood can be a bitch, but it's worth the time of staying up then do nothing at night.
I do have other jackets that are similar to this one,  just each has different colors and one is a camo zip hoodie,  yet this one I mostly wear is important to me. Replaced the one I normally wear in Miami and giving it to someone who needs comfort and warmth just like me.
A present from her that I'll cherish forever.

It's noon and most of the gangs are up and doing their usual things, some are possibly busy with something at home or simply sleeping in, which sounds nice.


'Sokol' seems to be looking into my room.
I can feel him staring while I'm writing this.
'Dragan' complained about one dumbbell not being put back in with the others in order.

I wonder if 'Dallas' is surprised by the little gift I placed on his desk. There might be some blood on the bag, but hopefully, not much for it to place some marks on his desk.

Maybe I should check the news to see if they report about the blood bath I did, maybe they didn't and ignore it, but I doubt their stupid than Miami police and reporters. Hopefully, they don't have a killer detective that wants attention and fame.

I wonder if they have forgotten the 'Mask Maniac Killer' and the 'Miami Mutilator'. Did they finish the 'Midnight Animal' movie? I heard that the actor playing the killer, or 'me' basically, was killed on set, I wonder how he died.
I bet that movie is just another slasher film, trying to use a real-life incident and bending the story into how they think it truly goes. I bet they just went what the report, news, and police said what happened at the scenes I've made.

I don't know if it will be worth it to find the movie and watch it.



Pg 7

"Where did you go last night?" - Wolf

I went for a night drive

"You didn't get a mail from the cult-group?" - Wolf

No mail, no messages

"Did you sleep?" - Wolf

Yes, I'm fine Wolf
Why do you worry so much about me? You don't know much about me

"It doesn't matter if I don't know much about you, we can still be friends and we can learn about each other on the way!" - Wolf

"See? Sorry for the terrible drawing." - Wolf

It's fine, it's cute

"Thanks." - Wolf


'Wolf' left, being called by 'Houston' from the top of the spiral staircase, guessing he still doesn't like me and doesn't want to be near me. They might be planning for another heist or possibly question the bloody bag, hopefully, I didn't leave any blood tracks.
The drawing is very cute.

I can still feel 'Sokol' staring in my room, even when 'Wolf' was with me. I would go ask him why, but I think I'll make it awkward and 'Dragan' would be the only witness seeing two heisters trying to have a small conversation, but only started tense-awkward silence.

Maybe I should work on some cassette tapes or play a game on my NES, maybe ask 'Sokol' to play along. I might have a hockey game somewhere or baseball or other sport games.

I forgot to clean my weapons, the only evidence, but I don't think the others care and think it was leftover blood from the bank heist. The hammer does need a bit of a clean and fixer up, but it can still be used for killing and possibly be used for fixing shit or tools.

'Houston' is back and calling out for me, maybe I'm in need for the heist their planning or possibly for an explanation of the random duffel bag of goodies.
Gotta make sure to hide this if 'Sokol' decides to come in here and investigate.