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Jacket's Journal

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Close to midnight, the safehouse is dead and quiet. Each heister has gone to their homes and bedrooms to sleep. Except for one heister, staying up to work out in the gym without having another trying to one-up him or showing off.

Sokol was using the dumbbells, doing the easy work out first. He would've started using the bench press, but using the dumbbells seemed to be the easier way and a ready up before using the bigger weights. It's dead silent in the basement, from the lack of Wolf using his tools, Dragans grunts and complaints, Bodhi power saws, and Jacket testing out random cassette tapes.

It made Sokol uncomfortable from the lack of noises that he's used to, but he has the chance to use the gym without Dragan showing off or starting a competition that will leave his body sore. So he's using his opportunity to work out, he would practice his hockey skills, but the goal is very tiny and kid-size it ruins the illusion of him back in Russia with his team.

Sitting on the edge of the bench press, since theirs no other benches to sit on, lifting weights with his right hand. Sokol works out, in thought about his team in Russia thinking how they're doing while he's in America. Thinking about the gang he's joined, makes him think of the gang as a big family of weirdos with their own weirdness. Then his thoughts go to the new member, that left about almost an hour ago, wondering where the chicken head has gone that required a baseball bat. The new member is strange, yes, but all the others are strange too. Yet, he seems to stand out, not wearing a suit nor a clown mask, does not speak normally but only through a Walkman Cassette recorder and hasn't removed his mask once he got here or when he got back from his first heist.
Very strange.

Sokol then looked to his right, looking through the two tanks and a fence to see Jacket's room. The only thing lighting up in the room is the neon skull sign that hangs up on the wall, the cement floor littered with empty cassette tapes. There must be a store that sells cassette tapes of songs or training instructing, if there isn't then how the hell did he get so many of them? Was he prepared to be forced to talk? Possibly, you'll never know.

Sokol remembers hearing scribbles or pencil on paper noises coming from Jacket's room when it was just only Jacket and him. It makes him wonder what the chicken was writing, something secret? creating a hit list or any other lists, or just doodle from boredom? Sokol knows better than to snoop around another heisters station without them there, it's rude, plus trying to find something secret is even ruder. He learned the consequences while going through Sydney drawing station to see if there were concept designs for his mask, yet he found some other drawings he wasn't meant to see.  Let's just say the Australian is trying to find a lucky charm for herself to keep.

Sokol shook his head, trying to remove the memory from what he's seen and the ass-kicking he got from Sydney, also the humiliation she did on him. Luckily, he heard some footsteps coming down the spiral staircase distract him from the memory, thinking it's Aldstone coming down for a midnight check in to make sure everything all tidy and blood-free.

What he wasn't expecting was a bloody chicken holding a baseball bat covered in blood and possibly some brain pieces on it, a hammer sticking out of his pants pocket that seen better days covered in blood as well and an Uzi that he holds in his opposite hand, staring at him.
'He must've thought there would be no one down here' thought Sokol.
"Rough night?" He said to the bloody chicken.
Jacket only stared at the Russian grinder for a couple of minutes, which almost felt like hours to Sokol and head to his room.
Sokol decided that it was time to head to his room, so he put down the dumbbell and stretched, already feeling his arm becoming sore and almost his entire body from the day itself. He said goodnight to Jacket and head upstairs, already know that the only answer he's getting is a stare and silence.
Going through the door and into the connected apartment and through the wooden door to his bedroom. His room is simply a teenage athlete's style, hockey poster of his team, or the team he cheers for on his wall, hockey sticks above his bed forming an X, a stand that holds some trophies he earned before he left and pictures he cherishes dearly for memories. Sokol Changes into his pajamas and lays down in his bed, thinking about tomorrow and the bloody chicken he recently saw, wondering where did Jacket go to get all bloodied up and why? Who did he beat the shit out of?

Sokol smacked his face, he forgot to ask if Jacket was injured. Though he didn't see any cuts or bullet wounds on him when he stands perfectly still for Sokol to quickly inspect with his eyes, plus he didn't seem to have any limping issues when he walked down the stairs or when he went into his room.
He sighed and simply rolled over to sleep, thinking of what tomorrow's gonna be like.

-----Webster Celyn Apartment-----
-10:58 AM-

Blood covered the floor and painted on the walls as dead bodies of Russian mobsters littered the floor with guts and pieces. Yet there are some bodies of policemen and SWAT littered the floor too. A civilian heard gunshots and bloody murder happening at the apartment and did a quick dial to make it stop, but it only made it worse.

Do they truly think they are safe here?

Many bodies showed different ways of how they were killed, some have their heads bashed open and showing their brains, some shot in the head once or multiple in the torso, some with their limbs torn off and thrown to random spots some with their bodies all twisted and head snapped or strangled.

The police are weak.

Not many came here.

A lone man who responsible for the killing spree clutched his Uzi, the cover painted with blue and hot pink with black trees to resemble Miami and a vaporwave feeling, stood in the hallway. Looking at all the bodies, as if he can hear them screaming or laughing at him as part of their fingers or limbs twitch from time to time, but it's only hallucinations. He begins walking down the bloody hallway, hearing grunts. A tied-up Cloaker squirming and trying to break free from the zip ties as he was surrounded by his fallen comrades. Hoping that once he breaks free, he can take down the killer and the job will be finish, but it wouldn't. The Cloaker heard footsteps hitting the wooden floor along with the sounds of squishiness from the blood and dead bodies.

The Cloaker began to panic that the psycho was coming closer, trying to break free while hearing a grunt from one of the police members, who only got knocked out when the Chicken threw his bat at him to take him down while slaughtering the rest.
'Don't get up don't get up!' The Cloaker repeated in his mind while watching the police member get up while holding his head, only to be shot in the head once from an Uzi that only had one bullet left.
The Cloaker froze, slowly turning his head to see the killer psycho himself, staring back at him and tilted his head. That's when he begins to panic and tries to break free.

Jacket walks up to the tied up Cloaker, watching the struggle. Knowing he's out of ammo and could pick up his bat that he has thrown, but he spotted a hammer on a fold-up table. Grabbing it and inspecting the hammer, seeing it being a bit rusted but seeing it could still be in good use. Turned back around the Cloaker, seeing that know they both stare at each other, feeling the minutes go by.

Do it.

End the level.

Jacket took out his cassette recorder, the tape inside labeled 'Fun' in sharpie chicken scratch, pressing the button to play out a line with the rewind sound and static saying:

"ḁ̶̻̌s̸̰͚̐ď̶̺̖f̵̯̟̀͝~̶̜̈̑Do you know what time it is?-̶̜́̆a̵̦̥̕f̸̨̼͒͗e̴̛̦"

Then taking out the Cloaker with the hammer, beating his head into a bloody pulp, adding in more blood on his mask and clothing.
Then silence ran through the building, the only noise is the heavy breathing from the killer himself, regaining his strength as he heads to room 104.
Inside the room was a safe with a key card slot which he manages to find a key card on one of the mobsters. Inside were money, some gold bricks, and files that aren't useful to him.


I'm going fast as I can Richard


He packs it all up and exited the building, he picked up his bat on the way out, and into his Delorean.


Hoping the gang won't mind if he brought some extra loot from his game. Thinking as he drives back to the safe house, though he did drive around the night to calm his nerves and to take in the starry night and see if any pizza shops were open late at night.

My own body doesn't feel like it's mine, the mask I wear is my own face and I'm afraid to take it off and reveal myself.

344507 / 247000 PTS


The drive helped ease his nerves as he parked his car, hidden from the trees and bushes.
Exiting out while grabbing his weapons and bag filled with money and gold. The weight helped remind him that it's a gift to the gang and they can help themselves to it for whatever they want, money isn't something he wants.

Entering the safe house garage he notices how dark and silent it is. Noticing that the gang must've gone to bed. He didn't feel tired plus he doesn't want to visit them again. Insomnia seems to help him or possibly torment him, staying up until the sun rises then sleeps at noon. Maybe he'll have sleep issues soon, hopefully, that issue wouldn't go into a heist, if they set him in one.

Through the garage and down the spiral staircase, thinking that he'll meet the dead silence of the basement and isolation, yet he's greeted by one of the member heisters, Sokol.
Who seems to be working out his arms with a dumbbell. Guessing he's using the opportunity to work out without Dragan around him.

Jacket stopped in his track once he and Sokol made eye contact, well human eye and rubber chicken mask eye contact. Jacket watching Sokol staring at him with eyes looking at the blood-drenched all over him. Possibly thinking of how it's a bitch to remove from cotton clothing, he's not wrong if he's thinking of that. The stare felt long until Jacket notice Sokol finally got out of his thoughts and moved his mouth, Jacket didn't hear anything.

But he sees something he wishes he didn't.