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Krocken (My OC)
Schala (Chrono Trigger)
Tiny Tina, Moxxi, Mordecai, Brick, Tannis, Zed, Marcus, Claptrap, Hammerlock (Borderlands)
Eilonwy (Black Cauldron)
Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Cartman, Wendy (South Park)
Anubis, Ra, Odin, Horus, Mulan, King Arthur (Smite Battleground of the Gods)
Doom Slayer, Samuel Hayden, Khan Maykr (DOOM)
Sweet Tooth, Grimm, Dollface (Twisted Metal)
Hat Kid, Mustache Girl, Mafia Cooks, DJ Grooves, The Conductor, The Snatcher, The Captain, The Empress (A Hat in Time)
Niko (Oneshot)
Mae Borowski, Gregg, Angus, Beatrice (Night in the Woods)
Spyro, Hunter, Elora, Sparx, Bianca, Zoe, Shelia, Agent 9, Bentley, Sgt. Byrd, Moneybags, Gnasty Gnorc, Ritpo, Crush, Gulp (Spyro)
Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Sanji, Chopper, Usopp, Robin, Franky, Brooks, Jinbe, Vivi, Hancock, Carrot, Pudding (One Piece)
Fighter, Dwarf, Elf, Amazon, Sorceress, Wizard (Dragon's Crown)
Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Chomper, Ruby (Land Before Time)
Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, Anguirus, King Kong, Baragorn, Varan, King Ceaser, Gorosaurus, Destoroyah, Biollante, Megaguirus, Titanosaurus, Megalon, Gigan, MUTO's, Behemoth, Scylla, Methuselah (Godzilla)
Ichigo Kurosaki, Orihime Inoue, Rukia Kuchiki, Renji Abarai (Bleach)
Izuku Midoriya, Ochako Uraraka, Shouto Todoroki, Momo Yaoyorozu, Fumikage Tokoyami, Tsuyu Asui, Denki Kaminari, Kyouka Jirou, Eijiro Kirishima, Mina Ashido, Katsuki Bakugou, Camie Utsushimi, Toru Hagakure, Mashirao Ojiro, Tenya Iida, Mei Hatsume (MHA)
Ash, Dawn, Pikachu, Other Trainers (Pokemon)
Naruto, Hinata, Sakura, Sasuke (Naruto)
Rayman, Globox, Ly, Clark, Carmen, Teensies, Ssssam, Uglette, Mr. Dark, Razorbeard (Rayman)
Omar, Angel, Dizzy, Stretch (Rock and Rule)
Sora, Kairi, Riku, Namine, Roxas, Xion, Ventus, Aqua, Terra, Lea (KH)
Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)
Samus Aran, Ridley, Kraid (Metroid)
Callie, Marie, Pearl, Marine, Judd, Cuttlefish, Octavia (Splatoon)
Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Yoshi, Pauline, Wario, Waluigi, Toad, Bowser, Bowser Jr., Koopalings, King Boo (Mario)
Link, Zelda, Mipha, Revali, Urboas, Daruk, Sidon, Teba, Riju, Yunobo (Breath of the Wild)
Tiz, Agnès, Ringabel, Edea, Yew, Magnolia (Bravely Default)
RED Team (TF2)
Crash, Coco, Crunch, Aku Aku, Polar, Pura, Baby T, Tawna, Isabella, Megumi, Ami, Liz, Yaya, Cortex, N. Gin, N. Tropy, N. Brio, Uka Uka, Tiny, Dingodile, Ripper Roo, Komodo Bros., Pinstripe Potoroo, Koala Kong, Ripper Roo (Crash)
Guybrush, Elaine, LeChuck (Monkey Island)
Sam and Max
Alucard, Seras (Hellsing)
D'Artagnan, Constance, Jean, Milady (Sanjushi)
Filia, Cerebella, Peacock, Ms. Fortune, Parasoul, Painwheel, Valentine, Double, Squigly, Big Band, Eliza, Beowulf (Skullgirls)
Geralt (Witcher)
Hornet (Hollow Knight)
Drifter (Hyper Light Drifter)
Johanna, Li-Ming, Kharazim, Nazeebo, Sonya, Valla, The Chosen (Diablo)
Kirby, Meta Knight, Dedede, Ribbon, Adeleine, Daroach, Magolor, Susie, Taranza, Francisca, Flamberge, Zan Partizanne (Kirby)
Asgore, Toriel, Asriel, Female Frisk, Male Chara, Sans, Papyrus, Undyne, Alphys, Mettaton, Gaster (Undertale)
Banjo, Kazooie, Mumbo, Humba, Bottle, Jamjars, Gruntilda (Banjo-Kazooie)
Yooka, Laylee, Trowzer, Dr. Puzz, Dr. Quack, Capital B (Yooka-Laylee)
Tracer, Winston, Mei, Genji, Echo, McCree, Solider 76, Ana, Pharah, Mercy, Reinhardt, Torbjörn, Brigitte, Lúcio, D.Va, Reaper, Widowmaker, Sombra, Moira, Sigma, Doomfist, Ashe, Junkrat, Roadhog, Hanzo (Overwatch)
Donkey Kong, Diddy, Cranky, Dixie, Kiddy, Candy, Funky, Chunky, Lanky, Tiny, King K. Rool, Tiki Tong, Lord Fredrik (Donkey Kong)
Sterling Archer, Malory Archer, Lana, Cheryl, Pam, Cyril, Dr. Krieger, Ray (Archer)
Grayson, Trishka (Bulletstorm)
Aladdin, Badral (Aladdin 1982)
Paarthurnax (Skyrim)
John, Linda, Kevin, Mark, Lucy, Joey, Mary, Ben, Ryker (Children of Morta)
Ori (Ori and the Blind Forest)
Kisuke, Momohime (Muramasa)
Zero, Ciel (Megaman Zero)
Ragna, Noel, Jin, Tsubaki, Makoto, Kokonoe, Tager, Bullet, Taokaka, Kagura (BlazBlue)
Red, Elh, Chocolat, Beluga, Merveille, Opera, Gren, Calua (Solatorobo)
Shantae, Sky, Bolo, Rottytops, Mimic, Risky Boots (Shantae)
Goblin Slayer, Priestess, Elf Archer, Dwarf Shaman, Lizard Priest (Goblin Slayer)
Lilac, Carol, Milla, Neera, Magister, Gong, Dali, Zao (Freedom Planet)
Various Champions (League of Legends)
Abe, Munch, Stranger (Oddworld)
Gungeoneers, Shopkeepers (Enter the Gungeon)
Fox, Falco, Slippy, Peppy, Krystal, Wolf, Leon, Panther, Pigma, Andrew (Star Fox)
Morrigan, Demitri, Felicia, Jon, Bishamon, Anakaris, Lord Raptor, Victor, Rikuo, Sasquatch, Hsein-Ko, Q-Bee, B.B. Hood, Lilith, Jedah (Darkstalkers)
Regina (Dino Crisis)
Various Warhammer cast (Warhammer Fantasy/40K)
ARMS Fighters (ARMS)
Gustavus Adophus

Settings Used for World areas:
Elder Scrolls
Monster Hunter
Dungeons and Dragons
Half Life
Hollow Knight
Dark Souls
Ori and the Blind Forest
One Piece
Team Fortress 2
Dragon's Crown
Sea of Thieves
Monkey Island
Crash Bandicoot
Fallen London
Hyper Light Drifter
Donkey Kong
Urban Rivals
Monster Girl Encyclopedia
Children of Morta
Hyper Light Drifter
Final Fantasy
Deep Rock Galactic
Bravely Default
Mad Max
Wii Sports
Quest 64
Star Wars
A Hat in Time
Lego City
Freedom Planet
Horizon Zero Dawn
Magic: The Gathering
League of Legends
Enter the Gungeon
Darkest Dungeon

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Background: A possible timeline has Ghidorah and Tiamat attempt their great plan to make themselves Supreme Gods and remake the world in the middle of the major battle against the Heroes (Krocken, Schala, Tina, and Eilonwy) and allied Gods, with monsters of their own back them up. The machine used to bring about the ‘new age’ was activated in the midst of the fight…but it was suddenly damaged, causing a severe malfunction.

The original plan was to kill of most life and allow the two Dragons to gain massive power to remake the universe in their own image.

What happened instead: Ghidorah and Tiamat were complexly obliterated by the blast, body/mind/heart/soul, and the universe was pulled apart and ‘uploaded’ into a data plane…and was soon ‘place’ back into the empty realspace as one contiguous, expanding ‘flat plane’. Such was the new reality.

Bio: Rebirth, as it is called, it the combination of many worlds and then some. A odd realm of countless environments and life forms, it is mostly wilderness that will likely never be tamed. Most settlements are towns, villages, and small cities of medieval type. Modern hi-tech cities do exists, but are few in number and scattered.

The world is a hodgepodge of environments, each with its own dangers and wonders. Sometimes layout makes sense, other times it does not, but the heavy flow of magic makes it all work.

The world’s magic and layout causing a unique effect of aging of the citizens. Not only do people live much longer, but stay in their prime much longer. However, this is balanced out by the expanding size and the hostile environments/creatures.

Transportation on foot is dangerous and ill-advised. Most people use mounts and simple vehicles to get around. Trains, zeppelins, airships, and seaships are used for mass transposition in safety. Still some risks, but still much safer.

The mass amount of worlds brought together allows for a diversity of trade and entertainment. On the other hand, multiple factions can and do clash with one another.

‘Dungeons’ are dimensional anomalies that appear from time to time across the world, filled with both treasures and monsters. Always changing, disappearing and reappearing.

Settlements, from large to small, often have some sort of defense to keep them safe from monsters and raiders. Some are magic, others tech. In any case, ill-advised to go out at night.

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Schala took another breath as she worked, writing down on the scroll in the tower of the shared house her lover and his sisters live in with her.

A modest but large home, this had all the creature comforts they could ask for. Several bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a small aquarium, a library, a workshop for mechanics, a greenhouse, a storage, and this mage tower. All warded against threats of the world.

This world…it was so bizarre! Hard to believe this happened after that battle. Oh, those two bastards and their lackeys remade the universe, all right. Just…not as planned.

Oh, those two died…yet some of their minions possibly made it through, with the Chaos Gods still functioning, though wounded and hiding, usually sending their minions to do their work. But they faced a lot of competition in this world, filled with so many threats…and how magical it was.

Magic seemed to flow all over the new world, pulsing with energy and power. It affected people and life all over, extending lifespans to long numbers.

This, of course, was balanced out by the massive (and growing) world, and the various predators that dwelled in it, eating anyone unlucky enough to cross them.

Schala, for her part, was happy with her life for now, with the people she cared about around her. It was so much to take in, though, even now…so much to do and see!

Her task right now was her recordings on her observations on the magic here…and she was quite detailed in her works.

The magic here could allow for a great deal of effects, and it seemed it was always regenerating at a constant rate, much like the various spice geysers that dotted the landscape. Hmmm, good energy sources nonetheless.

She wrote on the scroll, taking notes and diagrams on the various elements she had observed working in the area they lived in. Kind of a wilderness area, though not far from a small town for supplies, as well as a station for trains and airships for travel across the world.

Schala took a moment to look about the room. Not just books and scrolls, but vials of potions, a terrarium, a telescope, and more. All for magic and divining. Best keep prepared in this world of wonders and dangers.

Schala put her pen away for the moment and stood up for a break. She walked over to a window and opened it, taking the view.

A forest was to one side of their house, stretching beyond the view. A small grassland and path was on the other side to lead to town…though the woods also provided resources, as it (and many other natural zones), seemed to be always regenerating life and resources. Must be more magic, which she recoded as well earlier.

A new world! A new chance for so many people! Yes…people had died…and things would always be tough. But one must make the most of it.

Krocken had adapted fast, as usual, and his power and her magic helped build this home. Right now, he was taking his sisters out to hunt. Schala decided to stay behind this time to do her work.

She looked up into the sky, seeing the various species of birds fly about the sky, no doubt many from different worlds brought together by the event.

Of course, fouler creatures were brought over as well…Skaven, Beastmen (different from civilized Beastkin), Orks, Chromatic Dragons, Salmonids…worse, like the Fiends.

Schala and others leaned that though this was the ‘Main Plane’ other planes existed, notably those of Celestials and Fiends, the foul Warp among them.


Still, people were more prepared for their kind, and the various Fiend/Celestials focused more on each other than anything else. Good.

Other animals had also stepped up their game due to the powers that be. Pokémon, for example, had adapted, becoming wilder and stronger. The flora and fauna of PNF-404, meanwhile, had greatly enlarged in size to adapt to the new world.

And of course…dinosaurs!

Wild ones, not like her loved one. Still made good beasts of burden and mounts, though.

Right…not good to dwell on that right now…she grabbed a novel from the bookcase to read and sat down, ready to just relax for now. ‘Watership Down’, it was called, and quite a tale it was!

A distant roar of a wyvern caught her ears, but she was unconcerned. Not only could she easily drive it away, but wards were about the house to keep it away, along with other threats. Many settlements used them as well. Kept unwanted creatures out.

At her side was an Absol they managed to tame with respect, not cruelty. Acted like a loyal guard dog now, and was good in helping predict upcoming weather events…and disasters.

She gave it an affection head rub as she read, taking a glance at the telescope. Even in this flat plane, celestial objects somehow filled the outer space area, and she, along with others, took to learning about them.

They seemed to be small planetoids with different environments and creatures, like biomes of their own…


Right now, she was happy on this plane, having done a lot of space travel in the previous universe. Right now, just travel this world.

Schala, reading, then heard the sound of the others coming back, and looked up. Ah good, must have got something good to eat.

Looking out the window, she saw Krocken, Tina, and Eilonwy return with some fruit…and a large dead Bullfango.

“Good eating tonight!” Tina cheered as Schala smiled at the sight.

Sure, life would tough here…but with the people she loved at her side, and sensing Janus was here somewhere…everything would be all right.

Chapter Text

The world of Rebirth, born from a cataclysmic event, was a strange place. A 'flat' plane of existence, formed form various worlds and realms pulled and 'smashed together', it was something to behold. Magic and technology both flowed though here, and the wilderness dominated.

Said wilderness was teeming with all manner of creatures, some mundane and relatively harmless, others... not so much.

And among THOSE creatures ranged from simply fearsome to downright supernatural.

And when such creatures were getting quite aggressive, hunters were called in.

One such hunter was traversing a particularly dangerous forest, searching for something especially nasty, the kind of ugly that child-frightening monsters would dread finding under their own beds. As for the hunter, he was a tall, somewhat brooding specimen who sat astride a mighty steed.

With white hair and piercing eyes. A crossbow hung along his back, as did two swords, one steel for mundane threats, and one silver for supernatural beings.

Both for monsters.

The man was a witcher, a type of warrior trained specifically to hunt and kill highly dangerous creatures. Often for profit, in his case. This witcher was on the trail of a particularly nasty beast...

For the past few days, in fact. Would not be much longer now...

He recalled the details.

A reptilian beast, they'd told him, with as many legs as a spider. It had the effect of turning other beings to stone somehow. The witcher knew from experience that this could only be a basilisk.

Hmmm, could be large, could be small. Always seemed to vary.

Being turned to stone was lucky, meant they could be cured. Other species could kill outright with a glance.

Either way, the thing could still bleed and die. It was just a matter of finding the damn thing.

Tracking was his specialty...and so was killing.

Hmmm... he was in the wilderness now...

A few broken twigs and branches told him something quite hefty had been here recently. Following the trail, he found a sign he was on the right track: a petrified wolf.

Shame...wolves were noble animals once you got to know them...

"Keep moving, Roach," He said at length.

Roach, the witcher's steed, trudged on as its master checked his surroundings. From the looks of it, he was going up against one of the bigger varieties of basilisk, so alertness counted for more than just making sure he didn't become a statue himself.

He could sense things coming...always sense them.

Hmm, when this was over, find the nearest tavern once more and rest up.

Remaining very quiet, he listened for the right sound. The forest ambiance gradually became quieter... all there was to hear were the hoof falls of Roach and the witcher's own breathing.

Steady, steady... there! A low hiss!

He dismounted, urging Roach back, drawing his steel sword. It was flesh and blood, so this would work...

Standing in the wood, he listened again. Another hiss, this time closer. Closing his eyes, the witcher slowly inhaled...

And swung his sword! Blood was drawn!

An unearthly howl came from the creature, telling the witcher where to strike next. With his eyes still shut, he thrust his steel blade forward and pierced flesh once more.

Blind, he could not tell exactly where he hit...but he knew he would hit.

Sure enough, another shriek of pain issued from the basilisk, this one telling him he struck something important. But the next thing he knew, it tackled him.

Damn! Thing was tough! He shoved it off and stood up, hearing the foul hissing of the beast.

Again it lunged, but this time he dodged, scoring another hit with his sword in the process. He felt the blade slice clean through something this time,

A screech, and he knew it had to be a good hit there!

A thump of several feet against the ground followed: seven of them, meaning he'd severed one of the legs.

And he could feel the foul breath of the monster! It was getting close fast.

The eyes. He had to take out the eyes!

Hard to do with his eyes closed. Hmmm...needed to really focus for this...

He breathed, then opened his eyes...looking into his silver sword as a reflection.

The basilisk loomed, its baleful gaze harmlessly reflected in the shiny metal. It was a big one for sure, its gait only slightly unsteady from its missing leg.

Right, a clear shot to the head now! All it took was a swing!

Just as the creature was almost upon him, the witcher swung out with one last strike, aiming to kill... and once again the sound of the blade slicing through flesh and bone rewarded him.

Ah good! Lucky hit there! The head tumbled the ground, the dark power fading with the life.

Contract won!

Sheathing his sword, the hunter let out a sharp breath and picked up the grisly prize before heading back over the Roach. To him, this was just another work day, for he was Geralt of Rivia.

Well...wondered what the tavern, one of traditional and hi-tech, would offer.

Putting the head in a sack, Geralt mounted and rode off in the direction of the tavern to rest and collect the bounty.

And before long...

The tavern was large place, more like an inn, filled with food, drinks, table, counters, arcade games, a jukebox, rooms, and more.

And it was crowded at this time.

It seemed this was quite the social hotspot. He left Roach outside and made his way inside, finding his way through the crowd. Over the din of multiple conversations, arguments, and everything in between, he followed the sound of clinking, clattering glasses.

And the sounds of arcade shooters and pinball.

Nice little set up.

A diminutive white rabbit... thing was at one of the arcade cabinets, standing on a stool to reach the controls.

"I'll get you THIS time, Wreck-It Ralph!" he crowed.

Meanwhile, Eilonwy and Tina, sisters of fabled hunter Krocken, were playing 'Ocean Hunter' and grumbling about the toughness.

"Aw, come on!" Tina whined. "That was just cheap right there!"

Too many sharks about in the game!

Ragna the Bloodedge sat at a table, nursing his ale, with a slab of giant crab meat in front of him.

He and Geralt shared a brief nod of mutual respect as the witcher passed him. Over by one of the pinball machines, Hat Kid danced smugly to the New High Score chime, pleased with her performance.

And the radio was prattling news.

"Spyro the dragon has done it again," a newscaster announced. "A cabal of Chaos worshipers found themselves on the wrong side of his fire today..."

Show off.

"Meanwhile, Clint City is still risky territory to travel to due the ongoing gangs wars with their multitude of factions!"

Par for the course. That place was basically a municipal deathtrap.

More news about events, plans, schemes, adventures, and more.

Tall tales were all about the tavern.

He sidled up to the bar, catching the attention of a barmaid as he beckoned her over.

Across the room, Revali, along with the other Hyrule people, was regaling others with a tale of how he and the others took on a Adamantoise.

"That thing was as big as a mountain, and twice as tough!"

Naturally, he took a lot of credit for himself.

"What'll it be?" the barmaid, Makino, asked Geralt.

"Redanian Lager," He said simply, needing something small this time.

"Coming right up!" Makino chirped, taking up a glass for her customer's chosen drink. Geralt had adjusted well to this new world. Now that beings with strange appearances and terrifying powers were commonplace, a witcher with albinism was hardly a sight anyone raised eyebrows over.

Good. Meant he could get some peace and quiet.

He placed a bit of coin on the bar as Makino served him his lager. Now, where was the person who posted the job?

Had to be here somewhere, skulking in the shadows.

Between sips, Geralt scanned the tavern for some sign of the contract maker. All this pussyfooting around. Some things never changed.

Ah, there he was!

An old Koopa named Koopa Koot.

"Ah, you came through," the old codger observed. "The last three who went probably died horribly."

Hmmm, they said this old turtle was one who asked a lot of 'favors' but this world had a lot more to offer.

Geralt set the sack on the counter, pushing it towards Koopa Koot.

"See for yourself, if you want," he muttered.


"It's dead, so no more powers to it."

Koot poked the sack, bracing himself as if expecting the thing to attack. When nothing happened, he blinked and said, "Right, then. Now, uh, lemme see what I got..."

He fumbled around in his pockets, but Geralt wasn't having it.

"You set a specific price," he admonished. "It's poor form to renege now."

Really, it wouldn't be the first time someone had done that to him, but the witcher was very firm in his expectations these days.

One must be well equipped in this world, lest one dies.

Koot's eyes went wide, realizing he wouldn't be able to get away with being stingy this time, and cleared his throat, muttering, "Right, let's keep this fair..."

With great reluctance, he placed a hefty pouch of coins on the counter, which Geralt picked up and weighed thoughtfully in his palm.

Good enough, considering Koot usually only gave one coin for 'favors'.


Now the radio began to talk on the Conductor's next train film, taking place in the Arrakis Desert.

Anyone who knew anything about the Conductor would already know that the film would take place on a train, with little to no interaction with the outside location. It was almost like the so-called owl had some sort of train fetish.

And going to a place filled with giant worms? Suicide, some would say!

Geralt almost pitied whatever poor saps were about to get dragged into this impending cinematic fiasco. Ah, but enough dwelling on such things; there were other jobs to do.

As he looked over the board, all others were engaged in shenanigans.

Rayman and Globox, for example, were hamming it up as they blasted their way through Time Crisis 2 together.

Sora and Riku sweated through a game of air hockey underneath the Bullfango head mount.

Mae, Gregg, Angus, and Beatrice, meanwhile, haggled with Moneybags on a rate for a concert appearance in Avalar.

Coming from a old, dying town before the Rebirth, good to see them trying to make a new start.

And of course, they, like all others, disliked Moneybags. Nobody liked Moneybags.

Not only was he a notorious price gouger and con artist, he was also a massive skinflint, rivaling Koopa Kloot at times. Even in this new world, with all sorts of currencies.

Now, what did the bounty board have to offer? More monsters, more threats...

Someone standing beside him cleared their throat suddenly, catching his attention, and said, "If you want something that'll pay more than chicken feed, that board's not your best bet."

Geralt blinked as he turned to see who had spoken.

A beautiful woman with luscious long green hair was standing there, a little monkey perched on her shoulder. She smirked at the witcher, as if she were in on some private joke at his expense.

This woman...something rang wrong about her...and yet...

"You have something in mind?"

"There's a certain man of the cloth who's in need of someone who's good with a silver weapon," the woman purred. "His usual enforcers have a nasty habit of losing all their blood when he sends them after this problem."

Sounded like this "problem" was a vampire.

Powerful members of the undead, alongside mummies and the lich wizards. This was not going to be an easy job.


"Where can I find this vampire?"

"There's a mausoleum two days' journey by horse from this tavern," she explained, "amidst a cemetery for a town called Malice. The town itself no longer exists. As for the vampire, it will wear a signet ring. Bring that back here along with the creature's ashes as proof of your deed, and you shall be appropriately compensated."

"Good," Geralt muttered, "because that won't be cheap."

"Oh, I know," The woman smiled. "You WILL be paid handsomely for this."

Geralt eyed the woman suspiciously. There was something she definitely wasn't telling him.

"On whose behalf are you offering this contract?" he asked.

"I'm not at liberty to say," the woman replied in a coy, slightly mocking tone. "But if you have reservations..."

"No...I'll take a look into it,"

"Much obliged."

He didn't stay at the tavern much longer after that. Vampires were tricky things to hunt; the older they were, the more powerful and cunning they became. Those who lasted long enough, like the notorious Vlad Tepes, had lifetimes of experience to work with.

Not mention the mercenary, Alucard...hard to pin him down...

Some kind of force of nature, in fact.

Getting back on Roach, Geralt already started going through possible scenarios for how to confront the vampire.

Hmmm, while most where vulnerable during the day, not all were, and even the weaker ones would have guards.

Attacking at dusk would be a tempting way to catch the thing unaware, but timing would be crucial.

Very good timing.

He rode on ahead.

The woman who gave him the quest, while sketchy, gave good directions. After two days on horseback, camping by night, Geralt arrived at an abandoned graveyard marked by a faded sign for the ghost town of Malice.

Hmmm...dark goings on around here....

He dismounted, leaving Roach outside the gates. It didn't feel like the place was enchanted, but...

Something was off around here. Time to examine the area with his Senses.

A set of footprints appeared, telling him that at least one person had been through there recently. Whoever left them appeared to be barefoot.

His silver blade was in hand. Always had to be on guard at times like this.

It seemed there was no enchantment on the gate, so he cautiously opened it and headed inside. The footprints led up to a small building. That had to be the mausoleum.

Well...time to seek his bounty, and claim it.

The door to the mausoleum was locked tight, but Geralt's Senses showed him another way in: a false wall.

Sliding it aside, he took a look around, eyes adjusting to the dark...

A few dusty sarcophagi lined the walls. None of them were particularly eye-catching, but Geralt still gave each of them a once-over.

Always be sure...or your dead!

For the first three, all he found were dusty old skeletons, but the fourth held something most unusual: a pressure plate. Geralt could tell it was some sort of unlocking mechanism, but for what?

Something did not sound right here...and he kept on guard.

Gripping his silver sword in his right hand, he pressed the switch with his left... and a section of the floor moved away, revealing a twisting staircase. So this was how the vampire kept its resting place concealed.

Hmmm, keeping to the darkness. Typical vampire.

Regardless, Geralt always saw a job through to the end, and a little darkness wouldn't put him off.

He conjured a small flame, helped him look about more. Should have made a Cat potion to see in the dark.

Couldn't be helped. The witcher made his way down the staircase.

Wondered where this place of origin was? So much taken in after the Rebirth occurred, all thanks to two mad beings trying to remake thing in their own image.

How fitting that they both died in the process.

Well...time to see what deadly being waited him.

The subterranean chamber that awaited him had a massive coffin in the center of it.

And he could sense the unlife in...

The coffin opened!

Shit. This freak was an early riser!

And out he came! A bald vampire decked out in draconic armor, wielding a nasty looking sword.

Mannfred Von Carstein.

Wait...what was he doing so far from his territory?

"Ah..." The deep voice of the Vampire sounded out. "The fabled Witcher has droll."

"Is this your vacation home?" Geralt cracked, holding his silver sword at the ready.

"Your humor shall not save you," the vampire fired back.

And yet, Mannfred made no move to attack yet.


"Why are you here?" Geralt asked.

"Simply seeking potential territory," Mannfred replied. "And who sent you? A green-haired woman with a monkey, perhaps?"

"...What do you know of her?"

"Only that she is dishonest, manipulative, heartless, sadistic, avaricious..." Mannfred chuckled. "Quite the catch, no?"


"But enough chat. I came to scout territory, and you need not worry...I have no interest in this area. Nor am I here to fight. Simply...think on what I said."

Before Geralt could stop him, Mannfred transformed into mist and flew off into the cracks, heading back to his homeland.

Well, that was a bust. So much for fulfilling the contract... but what could he find around here?

He began to sense...not much to see...

Approaching the coffin, he peered inside and found something odd: a garishly-colored papaya, covered in dark swirls. Geralt's Senses told him it carried magical properties. His experience told him it had to be a Devil Fruit.

Wondered what that was all about.

He took it and tucked it away, planning to study it later.

For now...time to chat with that woman...

Chapter Text

The world of Rebirth, a small restaurant by a river…

“So…you three are planning to explore the canals around the ruins of City 17?” The old human owner asked the three youths before him . Two of them were human themvels, a male and female. The other was a goat-liked male Boss Monster.

The Dreemurr siblings sat at the bar, feasting up on some waterfood grub, fished from the river itself to prepare for the next leg of the trip, having gotten here via portal and planning to use a riverboat the rest of the way.

Dishes here included Sabertooth Salmon, eggs of Seismitoads, slices of Water Dumples, and some water plants, all cleaned and prepared.

“Yeah,” Chara, the male human, nodded, “Hoping to find some lost tech and treasure there.”

Hmmm, City 17. A wrecked city also made part of the Rebirth, the various wildlife and…worse had made the ruins their home, as well as the Canals and Raods that surrounded the Wasteland. Antlions were the most numerous of such creatures in the dry areas, while the waters were filled with aquatic and amphibious beings. Some docile, others territorial, others…nasty.

But the rewards could be worth it.

“Seem kinda young to do so,” The owner mused, pouring some soda for the three. “A lot of people seem to meet their end around there.”

“We’re different,” Asriel, the Monster, insisted. “We are magical!”

“Ah, magic users! Always good to have around these days.”

Frisk, the female human, nodded. “A powerful force that runs through the entire world now.”

“Yeah, but still…” The man mused.

He had a point, Frisk had to acknowledge. Everything in this world had grown powerful and sturdy, beasts and supernatural creatures notably. And to even get around, magic and technology was mixed together to do so.

What a world…

“Eh, we can handle it,” Chara shrugged, “Mom and dad made sure we prepared for the trip.”

Asgore and Toriel, their folks, made sure to train them for the new world, and made sure they were well equipped for what was to come in this place.

“Ah, should mention some waste is still around the area, not a whole lot, but still some…”

Good thing they had pills for that.

“Yeah, staying the night in a lodging here,” Asriel said. “And then will be on our way,”

Payments were made for that, as this restaurant also doubled as a place to stay, with comfy rooms to be honest. Well, good to rest easy before the long trip…
The next day…

The motorboat sped along the river, the three siblings riding on it, Asriel piloting, Chara at the gun, and Frisk keeping a lookout, using charming magic to repel any Murlocs trying to get close, leaving them dazed and confused. Good. Save bullets for more unreasonable foes, like savage animals.

Crocolisks and Riverbeasts lined the banks, while Carvanhas dwelled the waters of the river, sturdy as always. Castoroides built dams along several forks in the rivers, as eagles flew though the air. A sight of mixture for all forms of life.

They soon stopped by the ruins of a possible…barn? Dismounting the boat, the three managed to clamber up and take a look around. A mess, it was. Nice.

“Yeesh, all that crap with the Combine and explosions took a toll on this place,” Chara noted as they rooted around for anything, shooing away little pests about the area.

“Eh, don’t forget the Rebirth,” Asriel said. “Really shook it all up.”

Frisk was silent as she looked about, grabbing some small pieces of metal to reuse later. It was QUITE an experience, like some sort of storm…seeming to erase them from existence, only to be ‘uploaded’ into a patchwork world of incredible size, with smaller planetoids in space.

Odd…but better than the alternative that COULD have happened.

A journal lay on a box, and Frisk, curious, walked over to it. Picking it up, she began to look over it…

‘To anyone reading this…do not linger long…

We traveled here, to seek our fortune amongst the ruins. Not much could be found at first…though perhaps we simply did look closely enough.

Not that is matters…something arises in this area, something…dangerous beyond understanding…we evaded it for several days..but eventually it began to hunt us down…now, only I remain, if only for so long…

Beware…of the-‘

The text cut off at that, and Frisk, looking about, noticed the fading, dried blood.

“Lovely. Last notes of a failed expedition,” Chara noted, looking over his sisters’ shoulder. “Wondered what it was.”

Asriel looked outside. Sun was still in the morning phase…best still make it quick.

Packing up the metal they had for later forging, they got back on the boat and sped off to the next desination…

But only a few minutes passed when they came across a disturbing sight.

A mass of butchered animals and smashed trees…blood and death filled the air.

“Sheesh…what happened here?” Chara muttered as they slowed and looked over the mess…and Frisk noticed then the large footprints on the ground…some kind of beast.

Wait…she saw those in one of the books she read over after the Rebirth…

“Devil Unicorn…”

A dangerous species of animal, uncommon yet widespread among temperature regions, Devil Unicorns were only named due to a single horn on their head, otherwise looking more like demonic reptiles. They had high animal instincts and low sentient intelligence, though this was balanced by a sort of low cunning. Nasty monsters, they killed for fun as much as food, even drawing out the pain for their amusment.

Likely what attacked the previous party here. Damn.

“Well…crap,” Chara said. “Means we gotta get what we came for and beat it!”

“Er, y-yes,” Asriel stammered, looking around, not keen on running into a sadistic beast. “Hurry up now!”

They got back on the boat, trying to ignore the stench, and kept on going, trying not to think on what could be stalking them now.

The boat ride kept going, with some stops at abandoned bases, with only minimal Combine tech left within, already lost before the Rebirth. Still, something for Alphys to work on…

But aside for some weapons to help build defenses, nothing groundbreaking could be found. With some sighs, they decided to just head back to the restaurant, then home…

Twilight came, and the Devil Unicorn emerged from its lair, ready to hunt and kill. It sensed people earlier, but they were gone now. No matter, it would feast and btucher soon…for now, it went to drink in the waters…

…and never saw the Stirpike coming. Hungry, it was willing to eat anything that got too close, and with a lunge, broke the neck of the Unicorn, and dragged it back into the waters.

Rebirth…wonders and dangers abound.

Chapter Text

Evening at a large inn…

The Rathalos Fang was busy today, with so many people relaxing, drinking, eating, having fun, and planning for their next quests across the world.

Maps were all about tables, with people planning the next move…

…among them Lara Croft, a fine explorer of ancient landscapes and ruins. And in the Rebirth, plenty of those to go about.

Still…best to bring help along, and for this, she had brought along some others.

Samus Aran was one, a famed bounty hunter with a special suit that allowed for amazing feats. Meta Knight was next, a small fighter with deadly sword skills. Then the duo Yooka and Laylee, a chameleon and his bat friend known for being skilled treasure hunters.

The map, in this case, was detailing a jungle region known to be populated by dinosaurs of various types…with some ruins somewhere in the green, perhaps an old Yuan-Ti temple? Whatever the case, could be some good loot there…

“So…right trough it?” Meta Knight asked with crossed arms. “Can’t just fly in from the top?”

“Not really…” Lara admitted. “Too many flyers above the trees, as well as odd weather patterns at times. No, we have to do it the hard way.”

“Naturally,” Laylee said, fluttering about. “Things just can’t be easy in this world. Gotta work for it.”

“Right,” Samus nodded. “Nothing we can’t handle, though.”

“Indeed,” Lara nodded, pointing over her supplies, “So we bring medical equipment, food, water, potions, weapons, rope, lights…and you know the lot.”

Yooka nodded. “Yeah, heard the stories of ill-prepared travelers…lucky if the bones could be recovered.”

Lara sighed. She should be more conferenced about the mental health of going into a thick, dangerous jungle, with oppressive heat and creatures throughout the green hell, as some would call it.

But as it was evening, it would be best to rest up for now. Going out at night in the Rebirth was not always…smart. That’s when the worse creatures came out to feast and hunt.

And it was good to take rest in a comfortable location like this to make sure they would be properly energized for the time being.

Who knew what could come?


The morning came, and the party moved out, taking a riverboat down a large river which would eventually lead to the distant jungle of doom…and the boat did provide nice things to make sure they were prepared for the expedition.

As Lara stood over the railing, looking into the river filled with fish of all kinds, she thought about this new realm, of impossible size and diversity. All done by a botched plan…

Well, no going back now…this was the new reality, and people had adjusted to it, some being more satisfied by it.

The air began to turn warmer and more wet as they got closer to the area, and Meta Knight came up to her. “Hmmm, you seek adventure more than the treasure, am I correct?”

Lara shrugged. “A bit…and maybe to show up Wario and Waluigi like usual.”

Meta Knight gave a small chuckle. “Yes, they always need a good taking down. Keeps them from being too big-headed.”

“Too late for that.” A laugh from both of them.

Another moment of silence passed as they stared out into the landscape, all sorts of birds flew through the air, even a few techno-organic ones. Such wonders…and dangers…dwelling in the world around them. Hammerlock and others had taken great efforts to detail the various flora and fauna of the world. A tough process, but many books were already made.

Good to be in anyone’s library.

Soon, the boat stopped…the crew could not go any further. A little narrow and thick here for a large boat. Time to use the riverboat here.

The part of five boarded, made arrangements of contact, and sped off into the upcoming jungle.

The thick green seemed to close in on them as they got closer, with Samus, as usual, clad in her power suit, as to be ready for anything that might come to kill them…

Yooka and Laylee watched at the jungle seemed to close in on around them, the sounds of insects, birds, and nasty reptiles sounded around them. A massive jungle killed with death…but that could be life for treasure hunters.

The waters were filled with piranhas, ready to feast on any morsel unlucky enough to fall in. Large leeches lay in the mud while riverbirds stalked the shores, keeping out of the deeper water as they forged for bugs. Small lizards scurried about on the trees, while the shambling of great beasts could be heard through the thickets.

“Yeesh…the fighting hasn’t even started, and already the place sounds crazy,” Laylee muttered, eyes shifting about. “Wonder how people last in here?”

“Likely why it’s no longer inhabited,” Samus noted. “A bit too dangerous to live in this place.”

The distant roars of mighty dinosaurs could be heard... as if confirming her words…lovely.

Meta Knight, silent for a moment, looked over the side and paused. “We are not alone…a Sarco is stalking us…”

Great. Sarco, shortened name for Sarcocuchus, was a rather LARGE species of crocodilian, known for being quite aggressive…and willing to eat anything that was fair game. Mostly smaller creatures…sometimes bigger though.

Meta Knight could sense it, hidden in the murk as it was. Stalking them, ready to kill…All eyes were on the water now.

“Huh, big guy can hide,” Yooka noted, looking into the water, yelping as Lara pulled him back. No point it getting one self killed pointlessly.

The ripples of the beast came close, still eyeing the potential prey….until Samus fired off a few warning blasts into the water to drive it back. Weak and silent shots as so not to draw attentions. The Sarco, thankfully, seemed to back off and-

A Titanoboa suddenly burst from the water. The massive, frilled serpent, fangs with venom showing.

“Oh, shit,” Lara gritted her teeth, reaching for her gun, only to have to dodge the sudden strike of the snake, rocking the boat with the motion, while Samus grabbed the beast by the head.

However, the rocking attracted the Sarco again, eager to take advantage of the mess and score some meat to feat on. Lunging from the waters, it attempted to snap at Yooka, who jumped with a yelp as Meta Knight swiped at the beast with his sword. Right, just drive it off if possible. Kill if needed.

Samus slammed the head of the snake down and shoved it back into the water. Still it thrashed, as did the Sarco trying to snap at the flying warrior, while Laylee made sure nothing fell off. Bad if supplies were lost.

A swipe and carve along the snout caused the Sarco to finally fall back, while the snake’s second attack received a kick to face via Lara, sending it retreating.

A moment of silence, except for the sounds of lapping water and breathing. Still alive and in one piece. Good.

“Well…that was something,” Yooka noted. “And why do I feel things will only get worse?”

“Because they will,” Samus assured, “Trust me.”
They reached shore soon, with no major issues on the river. Hiding the boat with ferns, they moved on into the jungle.

The heat and humidity was quite…high, creating the need to keep water at handy while Laylee lay on Yooka’s head, conserving her own energy.

Meta Knight helped hack through the vines alongside Lara while Samus kept her visor ready to pick on any threats to them.

Something suddenly came up in her scanners…a small frilled dinosaur. Dilophosaur. This species was smaller than most other ‘Dilos’, but made up for it by toxins, both by bite and spit.

It simply stared for the moments, as if judging them for good food, taking a look at Laylee…but it also noticed the cannon aimed at it, and decided it was not worth the risk. With a snort, it headed back into the jungle.

Good. The trek continued throughout the green…

Small creatures could be seen scurrying about, make sure to be on the move at all times. Lax nature meant death. Especially for the non-natives. Everyone kept an eye on Laylee to make sure she was safe.

A tremble of the trees caused all to stand guard…but all that came through was Stegosaurus, lumbering along. Best give it a wide berth, just in case. No sense in picking avoidable fights.

“So…you know where it is exactly?” Samus asked Lara.

“Should not be too far. Such places would usually stick to some sort of water source, like the river,” Lara replied, “But it’s very likely one abandoned, as the Yuan-Ti may have left for different places after the Rebirth…somewhere more…fulfilling for them.”

“Hmmm, still, the jungle hides the area well…” Meta Knight mused.

“True, but if you know where to look…you will find what you want!” Lara hacked away another large leaf…

…to reveal the massive temple, tall already, likely stretching deep into the earth, full of danger…and wonders.

No sign of Yuan-Ti, as least.

“So, uh, we’re going in there?” Yooka looked at the structure.

“That is WHY we came here,” Samus said in a deadpan fashion. “Let us go.”
The temple structure inside had a set of stairs that would lead down into the depths, and Lara lead the way with a torch. Who knew what could be down here…

Well, large spiders had taken over the initial area, but they were quickly driven off or killed, depending on how fearsome they were. Best to try and save energy to dire threats…like constructs left behind.

Down they went, to the next level…a pit with spikes and a bridge leading over it.

“Typical,” Samus muttered.

“Yet it seems,” Meta Knight approached the stone bridge, noting a sort of ‘sensor’, “that it can sense species. I’d imagine that only Yuna-Ti could cross it safely…not sure if destroying it is the best option.”

“Might actually be good,” Samus noted, blasting the sensor without further warning.

Nothing happened.

“I’ll go first,” Meta Knight said simply, ready to take off flying in case the bridge gave out…

…Nothing happened, and the rest of the party crossed.

So far, so good! Hopefully things would be smoother…
“Well, not very creative, that’s for sure,” Lara noted as they reached a deeper chamber, having passed through darts, spears, axes, and the like.

Typical traps.

Now…a large door stood before them, likely to the vault of treasure…

Now how to get it open. No obvious way to get in. And nothing seemed to be there to open it.

Except for some kind of combination with symbols on it, like a door code. Great.

“Look around,” Samus said, already scanning the area for any clues as Laylee fluttered about herself, trying to scout anything out. Any sort of clue would be helpful here. Like some kind of sign…

But nothing showed…must have been told by word to others Yuan-Ti. Samus sighed as she got close to the combination lock…she would have to do this the old-fashioned way.

“Keep quiet and let me listen for the sounds,” Samus muttered as she turned to dials of the combination, listening for any clicks.

Others kept watch, making sure nothing ambushed them in the moment. But nothing seemed to have ventured this far deep within the temple…and yet unease filled some hearts. Why?

A few minutes passed, and finally, Samus heard the right clicks…and the door slid open to the vault. Time to see the treasure…and…

…a bunch of scrolls.

“That’s it?” Laylee sked. “That’s all we came all the out here for?”

“C’mon! It’s not bad,” Yooka insisted. “It could be lore or even magic!”

“And it’s ours for the taking!” Lara smiled as she stepped forwards…

…and something burst from the ground, scatting debris everywhere. All backe dup as something loomed above them.

A massive construct, designed as a serpent, segmented and armed with energy emitters.

“So…the guardian of the secrets…” Meta Knight mused.

“Heads up!” Yooka called as Laylee lifted him up as lasers were fied off, carving up the floor with the powerful blast, with the others taking cover. Lara and Samus fired off shots to try and shut down the weapons, but the thing was tough as hell. Like a solid piece of steel instead of stone!

Damn! Meta Knight took to the air as well. Ready to look for any weak points in the covering. Slicing and dicing as he went. Neither his sword or the stone gave. Odd…

Until Lara pulled out a piercing bullet and fired it, disabling an emitter…and revealing a hole. Right…time to focus on that, while Laylee’s sonar calls caused to construct to twitch and malfunction. But still…not enough.

The monster shot out saw blades form the slots in between segments. Sharp things, but Samus acted fast, shooting them out of the air as they flew wildly about. Yooka managed to stomp on the head, further disabling parts of it.

But some of the emitters were still functional, and lasers fired off. A bit more wildly, though, but still, if one got careless, a person could be fried.

Meta Knight was fast, thankfully, and he moved in to slice out more emitters when he could. It would go down…but not fast enough before it could bring the chamber down unless something was done fast…

…and Samus saw the chance when the construct open the mouth to reveal a large laser gun…and before it could fire she fired off a missile right at it. The result chain reaction blew it to pieces, finally brining it to an end.

Another pause to catch the breath, as all of them settled down. Well…that worked in the end. Now…

Lara reached the scrolls, undamaged thankfully. Looking over them…did seem to be diesgns for such tech and magic together. Ah! They could work with this!

“What say now we go home or to a tavern and put up our feet?” Laylee asked.

No argument there…another job done in the land of Rebirth.

Chapter Text

A lovely day of a section of Rebirth had come, the sun shining over Bubblaine as many gathered here today, Krocken and his family among them. Friends were all about, ready to take advantage of the next few days and have fun.

The Glass Town shone brightly as the Sparkle Water swayed in it, always being fed by the geysers, while fish of all types swam about in the reefs, the environment a thing of beauty.

“Ah…so nice!” Schala said in a cheery tone, her form shown nicely by her bikini top and sash. Her long blue hair blew in the soft breeze.

“YEAH! Time to party!” Tina cheered, her one-piece swim suit shining with red colors, while Eilonwy went along with her, her blue two-piece showing her form.

The sun was high, as were spirits of all beachgoers. Krocken took in the fresh air deeply, the scent of the sea filling his nose. Ah yes…next few days would be some peace and fun…

The Keybladers were there as well, decked in swim gear for the beach, hanging about the shoreline, with Sora, Riku, Kairi, and Namine going at it with a game of volleyball. Spyro was taking flight over the sea, skimming the waters as he went. Hat Kid cheered as she rode a surfboard about the waves.

Still, even this peaceful pace had the share of dangers…but they keep to the deeper caverns of the area, so usually were no problems. Night could be an issue, but few went out to sea at night.

As Eilonwy and Tina sped off to the sea, Krocken and Schala put down the towels to rest on, soaking up the sun, applying sun tan to each other. And trying not to get too aroused in doing so. Yes…good to be together.

Looks like Crash and company made it as well, up on the cliffs to get a great view of the place, with Crash really into it all. He let the air flow through his fur…then leapt off the cliff and right into the waters.

Crazy as always, yet quite durable.

Well…how were the others about doing?
Lilac laughed as she helped her friends gather shells from about the area, to help trade them in for stuff at the shop. Careful now, only certain shells would work for this, like the regenerating purple shells. Those were always accepted.

“Wow…so much to do!” Carol said. “All in this wide world!”

“And who knows?” Lilac added as she looked to the horizon. “Still a lot more things to discover and document!”

Milla wagged her tail as she frolicked in the waters, her fur shining in the sun. Despite the insanity of the process of Rebirth, things managed to settle down afterwards, with people working together to build homes and trade after the process was completed.

“Well, come on! Let’s see what else we can find!” The dog said as she rushed away, the others following.
Ragna sighed as he sat in the drifting boat, letting go wherever as he tried to relax, the boat rocking in the waves.

He was not alone. Noel Vermillion, his lover, was looking out to sea. Her form was shown off QUITE nicely by her white bikini, her long blond hair tossing in the breeze.

“Aaahhhh…so nice!” She said with cheer, face bright as she admired the scene. “I can see why everyone likes to come here!”

“Agreed,” Ragna said, shifting a bit. “Hardly anyone out here to bother us out here.”

Noel did a cute pout at that comment. “Aw, don’t be like that! So many friends here today!” She held her hands up in the air in bliss. “And all of them having so much fun!”

“DRAGON INCOMING!” Spyro called out as he sped by, skimming the sea. Water splashed about, and Noel yelped as water covered her, while Ragna just growled.

Yet Noel, regaining herself, smiled and dove into the water, her wet body shining in the sun. She was enjoying herself immensely today. And Ragna…he might just join her soon.
The Hat Kid smirked as she rode the surfboard with ease, her cape flowing in the wind. Ah yes, this is how it could be here in the new world! A world not just of danger, but of fun as well!

Along the waves she went, making the most out of the waters, trying to build up enough speed to ride up the geysers to the Tower.

She rode fast, startling a fishing D’Artagnan, Constance, and Jean. Never mind them. Time to make the leap to the geyser and up to the tower.

Up she went! Riding that stream of water, feeling that carbonization all around her, getting that fresh taste when she could.

All the way to the top of the Tower she went, landing perfectly. And…

…Globox was here as well, laying on his back. Aw, man. So much for her private zone…

…until she whacked him off with her umbrella. Score for her!
Shantae, floating the back of a float, hardly noticed the splash far away from Globox. All she wanted right now was a tan, soaking in the sun.

Ah…such nice sunlight! And in such a nice vacation spot. Too bad about all the Gushens about, always causing mischief wherever they were found, and they were ALL around.

She glared as she noticed one jetting nearby, making sure it steered very clear of her. Sheesh, they would never learn, even after all the hair whippings.

And then one more came from the waters, flying above her, water dripping down all over her.

“H-HEY!” She snapped as it flew off just as fast as it came, leaving her wet. Great. Not what she wanted.

She sighed as she floated on.
Ciel and Dawn knew this was stupid, but curiosity drew them to the tunnels to look for some specimens.

But so MANY Maw-Rays. The massive eels were hiding all over the walls! And they were well-hidden for things so big.

Their scuba gear, with domed helmets, kept them only safe from the elemnts…nothing from giant monsters like this.

“Swim, swim, SWIM!” Dawn helped, she and Ciel paddling at top speed to evade the gaping maw of the large eel. Had to let go of some specimens to keep moving! It sucked!

“We’re almost there,” Ciel said, “Keep moving!” They ducked upwards into the narrow passage, leading back up to the surface. The eel could not follow due to space, and retreated into the hole as the two girls surfaced.

“So…” Treasure hunter Wario smirked at them from nearby, “Find anything good?”

A rock to the head was the answer.
Schala sighed in bliss as she took in the sunset. Glad they had a large building for rest and sleep to keep them safe.

The sea seemed to shine and shimmer at the setting sun. A lovely sight. And all this happened because of a failed plot to rule the stars. Sure, the stopping of the scheme didn’t go EXACTLY as planned…but hey…it worked out to an extent. And things would improve more as the days went by.

And who knew…maybe something even more glorious could come out of this.

As long as she had her loved ones and friends…she could go through all this without too much trouble.

The sun shone on the sea…a sight of hope and love.

Chapter Text

To tame the Rebirth…an impossible task. Too vast and too wild, full of beasts, hostile environments, and worse…no, best make due with what one had to make a living in the new world.

Such was the thoughts of Drifter as he rested in his home, in the old town that had been brought here as well. He leaned on the chair as he ate his food, the soft light shining above his head. He was a wanderer by nature, always on the lookout for tech and treasure scattered about.

And better, this new world helped heal his sickness with the resources on Rebirth. Sure, pain sometimes flared up, but he could manage now…

He soon finished up and stepped outside, taking in the temperate air of the area, turning to his flying vehicle, which allowed him to travel the world easily. Fuel efficient, fast, and silent. Perfect for his work.

Boarding with his supplies, he began to take off, making sure everything was in order as he did so.

Time to take a trip.
He was not quite sure what region this was, but it was badlands biome, all right, just as the information stated.

He looked over the notes again, a posting about some wreckage, said to hold some advanced tech. He could use some to rebuild and share with others. Now, if only he could find it…

So much land here…with scattered plants and animals all about…mostly herd creatures, shrubs, and small flyers. No sign of large beasts yet. Good. Hopefully things could be easy this time.

Right, he just needed to look about, trying to seek anything out for the harvest. Likely wasn’t super large…

Ah, there it was. A rater medium sized vehicle of some sort, just lying in the badlands. Wonder how that happened…eh, didn’t matter.

He landed and disembarked, shooing away some spiders scurrying about nearby. Large ones, but manageable with the right stuff.

Hmmm…he began to root through the wreckage, trying to find anything of value. Most of it was trashed beyond recognition, but some power cells could be salvaged from it all. Right…it all seemed good.

Been looking for several minutes when he became of loud, heavy, footsteps approaching nearby. Great…he looked through the cracks of the ship to see what was coming.

A medium-large theropod dinosaur, with two small horns on the head. A Carnotaurus, a rather swift meat-eater creatures, likely coming to see if anything was hiding in the wreackage,

Great. Just had to keep low for a bit until it lost interest and moved on.

Hopefully soon, as it began to sniff around the area to smell some meat. It growled lowly as it sniffed away some more spiders, still trying to sniff out Drifter…

Drifter fingered his gun, ready to shoot if needs be. Rather not…but…if he must..

A roar from above, and the dinosaur looked up to a Rathalos flying down, also eager to search for food…but not willing to share. It collided with the dinosaur, bellowing at the two beasts fought, drawing blood.

Drifter saw his chance, quickly moving out from the wreckage and sped towards his flyer, quickly taking off and leaving the area behind. Another day of the wildnerness.

He did not return home yet. He just landed on a cliff top to oversee the area, taking in the wide landscape…it was a nice view, despite being so arid. A wide expanse of plains and arid lands.

So all this…happened because of a botched mad plot. Drifter remembered the rush of energy of the ‘end’, white…then resettlement as the new world came into focus.

Well, for better or for worse…this was it now…their home…

He sighed as his cloak flew in the slight wind…his robotic companion floated nearby.

Rebirth…the new world of new chances.

Chapter Text

At the Buzzy Beetle Inn…

The place was mostly underground, as a way to keep things nice and warm…and safe, in case any monster managed to breach the small town area. It was evening, and most people had either retired to homes or, if travelers, here.

Such was the place where a group had met for some wilderness travel…and hunting a rogue creature.

Regina sat at the table with the gathered, her arms crossed. “Right…you all remember the mission, right?”

Grayson nodded, his muscular body making his seat look small. “Right…escaped bioweapon prowling the jungle island meant for dinosaur study…natural lifeforms there at risk,” He scoffed. “Typical story.”

“Yeah,” Trishka nodded, holding her gun close. “But it pays well, and we get to shoot things!”

“Hmmm,” The swordsman, Kisuke, looked quiet, alongside his partner, Momohime. “So people want to keep it under wraps as well, eh?”

That was also typical. The person who came to them was hoping to make this whole thing under the table. Likely to avoid too many issues cropping up.

The whole thing was shifty, and part of why Regina took the job was to figure out what the heck was going on here. And do some hunting while at it.

Momohime looked over the notes they were given over the assignment, as much as they could get from this mission. Most details were left blank. “They call it’ Indominus Rex’, a hybrid dinosaur made from the genetic code of various species for a perfect killer,” She frowned. “What were they really trying to do, make something insane?”

“Gotta be for whatever they had planned for it,” Regina said, “But it must broken out somehow and is now rampaging around the island,” She crossed her arms. “Great, and the island is pretty damn big as well…not gonna be easy,”

“Never is,” Trishka said, “That is why they NEED to hire the big guns to do their dirty work.”

Gray was oddly silent for a second, before he spoke. “Still…something seems more off about the whole thing. Think this is smart?”

“Honestly, no,” Regina admitted with a sigh. “But I need to know the full details, so I think we should go for it…starting tomorrow.”

Right. Best eat, rest, and prepare for the day tomorrow. Who knew what it might bring…danger, that much was for certain…

A truck drive to the port, and they found that their contact, unseen, had already gotten a ship. Looked like a old-pirate galleon, but with modern tech within to help ease the journey.

Huh. Neat.

The ship, soon stocked, took off, Grayson at the controls.

Kisuke stared off into the vast sea, lost in thought. Rebirth…both beautiful and hostile, and yet some people were still messing with things they did not fully understand…never bothering to really learn things before experimentation…

“You’re troubled,” Trishka’s voice caught his attention, and he turned to the gunner.

“You know, I have to wonder, why hire for this job?” Kisuke asked with a scowl, “Likely had their own security force to deal with the issue, yet they call us to do so. Why?”

“Yeah, this shits stinks to the sky,” Trishka growled. “And I think Regina wants to find out what the hell is going on there.”

“Nothing good,” Kisuke said, seeing the vast amount of fish in the sea part for the boat. He sighed as he walked off, nodding to Momohime as he approached.

“Are you ready for this?” She asked, sword at her side.

“As I ever will be…” Kisuke noted quietly. He checked his swords, all Muramasa types. Dangerous weapons in unskilled hands, only those of great power and skill could suppress their bloodlust.

Good to have if used properly, of course. Let’s see what had to be sliced up today?

The island was soon coming into view, a large jungle, likely filled with more than just dinosaurs as problems. Nice.

Regina stepped forwards. “Game time.” She cocked her gun.

The ship was stopped some distance form shore, and a lifeboat was used to close in.

Shore was reached, and already the party of five could feel the heat of the green hell. Nice.

Docking the boat, Regina took charge, leading them into the noisy trees. Insects and birds were all over, calling out, while dinosaurs could be heard in the distance.

Regina held her gun at ready, always prepared, just like the others…a few small dinos scurried about, but a quick glare sent them fleeing away from them.

Gray looked about, arms at ready. “Huh, thought some paths would be clear if people worked here,” He noted. “Plants grow back that fast around here?”

“Seems like it,” Momohime said as she cut away some vines blocking the way. “Much be something in the ground that allows them to do so.”

“Hmmm, this place stinks of darker experiments,” Regina noted. “And I wanna find out what the heck it is!”

A hiss to the right, and all turned to see a Dliophosaurus just…standing there, frill at the side and examining them. Careful now, some species were known to spit a blinding acid to make people easy food. But a slice at a tree from Kisuke drove it off for easier food.

Good. No use on wasting bullets on things that would avoid direct confrontation. Speaking of which…

Trishka looked over the notes of the I-Rex. Described as a pale, massive creature with long claws and a wide mouth full of fangs…and that was all it said.

“You think they might be holding back so they can kill us for some reason?” She asked the others.

“Testing a bioweapon on badasses,” Gray scoffed, “Typical of them…”

An hour passed as they walked into the jungle, listening for any large beasts…hmmm, nothing so far, and the river was up ahead. Maybe they should take a breather and recollect themselves.

The sounds of rushing water filled their ears as they came in sight of the river. Right, time for some rest while they tried to figure out how to track the monster…

Kisuke let himself rest for a bit, the water filling his soul in peace and calmness. Yes…let it flow and listen.

Gray simply sighed as he stared out ahead. A pale creature, they said…should stick out like a sore thumb…so why was it so damn hard to find then? Place bigger than they thought? Hmmm…

As Regina and Trishka also checked their weaponry, Momohime looked around, trying to see if anything was about. She took a deep breath…gaining her bearings as she focused.

For many times in the ways of the wilderness…sometimes the most dangerous creatures…were those that could not be seen easily…

That made her turn to a nearby thicket of trees as if she sensed something…

…Wait…Something was there…something large, shifting color as it swayed among the trees. A kind of dinosaur figure…oh crap!

“IN THE TREES!” She cried out, and all turned to see something charge forwards, the colors fading into a pale hide.

The I-Rex.

“DAMN! Camouflage!” Grey hissed as he fired off some rounds at the dinosaur, who roared in defiance, the maw opening impossibly wide, teeth jagged and cruel. Just like the claws.

And the look in her eyes suggested she was going to enjoy kill all five of them.

Kisuke and Momohime took the air, darting around with dashes, swords slashing and drawing blood. Yet it did little to actually to harm her. Not even the bullets from three gunners did much to faze her.

“What the fuck?!” Trishka hissed. “What the hell is this thing made of?”

“It’s a bioweapon!” Regina snapped, still shooting. “It’s meant to be durable as hell!”

“Just keep shooting at it!” Gray howled, taking a shotgun to the beast. “Dies when shot up enough!”

True…but it seems it would take a lot of bullets to do so. This bitch was tough! And after missing her targets in her initial charge, she kept running itnot he trees to try another go at them.

Unitl they forced her on the run with constant attacks, with them trying to keep up. Blood stained the jungle, driving predators all around into a frenzy. Raptors howled as they burst from the bushes, trying to run down the I-Rex along the others.

“Damn!” Kisuke cured. “Going to turn into a madhouse here! We have to bring it down fast!”

Hard to do in the thicket. Too many trees in the way, as well as raptor attacks forcing them to divert fire. This was going to drag on for a bit. Unless they managed to get to another clearing. Hopefully…

Another clearing…right next a lab base, all abandoned and already overgrown. Damn, these plants!

The I-Rex, in her rush, tripped over some rubble, crashing to the ground. She was wide open…so it seemed, as she whipped her tail about at Kisuke and Momohime, clawing and snarling on the ground.

The bullets still did not do enough damage the massive beast…no…something else was needed.

Trishka turned to Gray. “Got a Penetrator?!” She shouted over the noise.

Without hesitation, Gray tossed it to her. “Right, what’s the plan?”

“Someone get the mouth open!” She barked. “One shot is all I need!”

Regina watched as the monster rose to her feet once more, turned…and she fired off at the head to irritate it. The beast opened her mouth to roar in defiance…

…and Trishka fired off a drill. “EAT THIS, FUCKER!!”

The drill flew right into the mouth of the monster, down her gullet, and shreeded her vital organs inside, a messy and painful death as the I-Rex spat up blood as she lurched about…before crashing to the ground like nothing. The raptors, having hung back a bit, took the chance for an easy meal on the carcass.

“Well, that’s that,” Kisuke noted, sheating his sword. Another job done…right?

But Regina was walking ahead to the lab, needing to know something. The others followed, ready to seek our answers.

The main lab seemed empty…but Regina knew that such things always hid secrets. She checked about with her gun and light…ah! A trapdoor, and it led to a ladder of some sort.

All went down, and traveled down the corridor…a long dark tunnel stained with dried blood…something bad happened here…

One more door…and all was shown.

A large room, filled with vials, and tubes filled with half-formed monsters.

“So…breeding monsters for war,” Momohime muttered. “And we…”

“Were meant to die,” Regina finished. “As if to test the I-Rex powers…We burn this place now.”

“Fine by me,” Gray growled, already pissed at the mission. He was going to have a long chat with their contact later.

For now…just stop the madness…