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A lovely day of a section of Rebirth had come, the sun shining over Bubblaine as many gathered here today, Krocken and his family among them. Friends were all about, ready to take advantage of the next few days and have fun.

The Glass Town shone brightly as the Sparkle Water swayed in it, always being fed by the geysers, while fish of all types swam about in the reefs, the environment a thing of beauty.

“Ah…so nice!” Schala said in a cheery tone, her form shown nicely by her bikini top and sash. Her long blue hair blew in the soft breeze.

“YEAH! Time to party!” Tina cheered, her one-piece swim suit shining with red colors, while Eilonwy went along with her, her blue two-piece showing her form.

The sun was high, as were spirits of all beachgoers. Krocken took in the fresh air deeply, the scent of the sea filling his nose. Ah yes…next few days would be some peace and fun…

The Keybladers were there as well, decked in swim gear for the beach, hanging about the shoreline, with Sora, Riku, Kairi, and Namine going at it with a game of volleyball. Spyro was taking flight over the sea, skimming the waters as he went. Hat Kid cheered as she rode a surfboard about the waves.

Still, even this peaceful pace had the share of dangers…but they keep to the deeper caverns of the area, so usually were no problems. Night could be an issue, but few went out to sea at night.

As Eilonwy and Tina sped off to the sea, Krocken and Schala put down the towels to rest on, soaking up the sun, applying sun tan to each other. And trying not to get too aroused in doing so. Yes…good to be together.

Looks like Crash and company made it as well, up on the cliffs to get a great view of the place, with Crash really into it all. He let the air flow through his fur…then leapt off the cliff and right into the waters.

Crazy as always, yet quite durable.

Well…how were the others about doing?
Lilac laughed as she helped her friends gather shells from about the area, to help trade them in for stuff at the shop. Careful now, only certain shells would work for this, like the regenerating purple shells. Those were always accepted.

“Wow…so much to do!” Carol said. “All in this wide world!”

“And who knows?” Lilac added as she looked to the horizon. “Still a lot more things to discover and document!”

Milla wagged her tail as she frolicked in the waters, her fur shining in the sun. Despite the insanity of the process of Rebirth, things managed to settle down afterwards, with people working together to build homes and trade after the process was completed.

“Well, come on! Let’s see what else we can find!” The dog said as she rushed away, the others following.
Ragna sighed as he sat in the drifting boat, letting go wherever as he tried to relax, the boat rocking in the waves.

He was not alone. Noel Vermillion, his lover, was looking out to sea. Her form was shown off QUITE nicely by her white bikini, her long blond hair tossing in the breeze.

“Aaahhhh…so nice!” She said with cheer, face bright as she admired the scene. “I can see why everyone likes to come here!”

“Agreed,” Ragna said, shifting a bit. “Hardly anyone out here to bother us out here.”

Noel did a cute pout at that comment. “Aw, don’t be like that! So many friends here today!” She held her hands up in the air in bliss. “And all of them having so much fun!”

“DRAGON INCOMING!” Spyro called out as he sped by, skimming the sea. Water splashed about, and Noel yelped as water covered her, while Ragna just growled.

Yet Noel, regaining herself, smiled and dove into the water, her wet body shining in the sun. She was enjoying herself immensely today. And Ragna…he might just join her soon.
The Hat Kid smirked as she rode the surfboard with ease, her cape flowing in the wind. Ah yes, this is how it could be here in the new world! A world not just of danger, but of fun as well!

Along the waves she went, making the most out of the waters, trying to build up enough speed to ride up the geysers to the Tower.

She rode fast, startling a fishing D’Artagnan, Constance, and Jean. Never mind them. Time to make the leap to the geyser and up to the tower.

Up she went! Riding that stream of water, feeling that carbonization all around her, getting that fresh taste when she could.

All the way to the top of the Tower she went, landing perfectly. And…

…Globox was here as well, laying on his back. Aw, man. So much for her private zone…

…until she whacked him off with her umbrella. Score for her!
Shantae, floating the back of a float, hardly noticed the splash far away from Globox. All she wanted right now was a tan, soaking in the sun.

Ah…such nice sunlight! And in such a nice vacation spot. Too bad about all the Gushens about, always causing mischief wherever they were found, and they were ALL around.

She glared as she noticed one jetting nearby, making sure it steered very clear of her. Sheesh, they would never learn, even after all the hair whippings.

And then one more came from the waters, flying above her, water dripping down all over her.

“H-HEY!” She snapped as it flew off just as fast as it came, leaving her wet. Great. Not what she wanted.

She sighed as she floated on.
Ciel and Dawn knew this was stupid, but curiosity drew them to the tunnels to look for some specimens.

But so MANY Maw-Rays. The massive eels were hiding all over the walls! And they were well-hidden for things so big.

Their scuba gear, with domed helmets, kept them only safe from the elemnts…nothing from giant monsters like this.

“Swim, swim, SWIM!” Dawn helped, she and Ciel paddling at top speed to evade the gaping maw of the large eel. Had to let go of some specimens to keep moving! It sucked!

“We’re almost there,” Ciel said, “Keep moving!” They ducked upwards into the narrow passage, leading back up to the surface. The eel could not follow due to space, and retreated into the hole as the two girls surfaced.

“So…” Treasure hunter Wario smirked at them from nearby, “Find anything good?”

A rock to the head was the answer.
Schala sighed in bliss as she took in the sunset. Glad they had a large building for rest and sleep to keep them safe.

The sea seemed to shine and shimmer at the setting sun. A lovely sight. And all this happened because of a failed plot to rule the stars. Sure, the stopping of the scheme didn’t go EXACTLY as planned…but hey…it worked out to an extent. And things would improve more as the days went by.

And who knew…maybe something even more glorious could come out of this.

As long as she had her loved ones and friends…she could go through all this without too much trouble.

The sun shone on the sea…a sight of hope and love.