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Third times a charm


Elida checked herself in the mirror one last time. Her boots were polished to perfection. The leather pants she wore fit like a glove. She was proud of her curves and smiled as she thought of the few times she had caught Amae checking her out. I hope she likes what she sees tonight.

Her white shirt was pressed to near perfection and unbuttoned just enough to give a slight hint of what lay beneath it. As comfortable as she was in her own skin, she was nervous and what really grounded her was her belt. Silly, she thought. It was just a plain black belt but it felt like her security blanket. Her hair was always unruly but Amae had mentioned to her once that she thought it suited her. And there was just something in the way the mechanic said it that made the former queen blush. Since then she really hadn’t done much differently with it.

She dabbed on a bit of cologne and declared herself finished. The earlier fuel stop had afforded her a few extra minutes to gather some much-needed items for her dinner date with Amae.

“Dinner date.” She whispered to her reflection. “I have a dinner date with Amae!”

Amae told her she was fixing something called Fettuccini Alfredo. It was an Earth dish that Isaac swore was tasty. He had also recommended and purchased the wine to make up for his incredibly horrible interruptions. El just smirked as her long fingers reached for the bottle. It was the least he could do.
Her free hand grabbed the small bouquet of wild flowers she had picked earlier. They had caught her eye and reminded her of Amae. One last look and she headed toward the door.

“Here we go.”

It was two minutes to five as Amae finished lighting the candle on the dinner table. Plates were set. Music was playing softly. Of course, it was a playlist from Isaac. What did he call it… “mood music.” So far, Amae liked what she heard. Some she even played twice. She was starting to think Earth music was her jam.

She took one last look in the mirror and tried to calm her racing heart. Her hair was up with only a few tiny curls dripping lose. Her blue blouse scooped low in the front and complimented her black pants perfectly. She wore a small gold chain with a single emerald stone. It was the only thing she had of her mothers and only the second time she had worn it.

The food smelled amazing. She hoped it tasted half as good and that El would love it. She glanced to the clock. It was 5 on the dot. A soft knock on the door made her jump slightly. It’s just El. No need to be nervous. Right? Right!”

She walked to the door and took a deep breath. She placed her hand on the panel that opened the door and felt her breath catch at the sight that greeted her. It was Elida. But, Elida undone. Elida out of the everyday clothes she saw her in. Elida looking sexy. Amae was speechless.

“Can I come in?”

Amae nodded her head and stepped back to allow enough room for Elida to enter. The door closed behind the two women as they made their way inside Amae’s room. She had chosen a room that was somewhat bigger than Elida’s. And tonight, she was very thankful that she had chosen this one. It had a kitchen and separate sleeping quarters with a small sitting area.

Elida took in the room. Everything was perfect. The candle, the music, the smells…

“Something smells delicious.”

Amae couldn’t take her eyes off of El.

“So do you.”

Brown eyes snapped to Amae.


“Oh crackers! I didn't mean to say that out loud. I’m sorry.”

Both women smiled and tried to find something interesting to look at other than each other. Finally, El reached out her hand and presented the wild flowers to the wild beauty in front of her.

“For me?”

Elida nodded.


“They’re beautiful.”
No one had ever given Amae flowers before and the gesture made her fall a little harder for the women standing in front of her. They smelled so sweet.

“They reminded me of you…ya know…just so beautiful and delicate yet strong.”

Elida was surprised she could speak the way her mouth went dry when the door opened. Amae was the most beautiful creature she had ever laid eyes on. And seeing her out of her green jumpsuit was almost too much to process. She wondered briefly how did she get so lucky to gain Amae’s attention. It’s a question she would never be able to answer.

“Are you trying to woo me Elida Al-Feyr?”

El stepped closer to Amae who was putting the flowers in water. Amae froze for only a second as she felt the heat radiating off of the body so close to her.

“Is it working?”

Amae turned and stepped closer. Their bodies slightly brushing together. Her eyes slowly dipping to the pouting lips so close she could almost taste them. As her eyes traveled back up to those gorgeous brown orbs staring back at her, she softly whispered, “I’ll let ya know.” She quickly stepped around El and headed to the kitchen.

El felt a heat explode inside her body. It started low in her belly and traveled to all points south and right up her chest, into her cheeks and down to her finger tips. She wanted this woman with all her being. She could only watch as Amae made her way to the kitchen area and placed dinner on the counter. If it wasn’t for the fact that Amae had worked so hard to prepare it, El was certain she would take the woman in her arms and feast upon her lips all night long. Instead she offered to help. It was probably best if she kept her hands busy.

“Why don’t you pour our drinks and I’ll dip our plates.”

El nodded and did as she was asked. She would do anything this woman asked of her. And she hoped she would get to fill lots of requests.

Dinner was delicious, just as Isaac had predicted. Both women made a promise to thank him later. Much later. After clearing everything away they moved into the seating area. The lights were soft and the music was slow and inviting.

“Mae…would you dance with me?”

El felt the butterflies once again as Amae’s face lit up like a little kid on their birthday.

“Yes…but, wait.”

Amae looked over the playlist before finding the one song that seemed to stand out to her. She had played it several times, imagining this moment. She selected the song and stepped toward the woman who was quickly becoming her whole world.

“I just really love this one.”

El wrapped her arms around Amae and pulled her close as the music started. She had to admit. She loved it right away. But knowing Amae loved it made it extra special.
At last….my love has come along…
My lonely days are over…and life is like a song…

The two swayed slowly together. El’s lips brushing Amae’s ear as she whispered, “this is perfect.” There was no hiding the shiver that ran through Amae. They were so close. Bodies pressed softly together. And they way El smelled. She was intoxicating. Amae couldn’t stop herself. She slowly pressed her lips against El’s neck.


Never had she heard her name spoken so breathlessly or with so much passion. El’s voice was doing things to her body, creating a need and a want that went much further than the kiss she was aching for.


Amae pulled back just enough to caress the beautiful face in front of her. She couldn’t help but run her thumb over the soft lips beckoning her. Then Elida leaned in, so very slowly, they froze for a split second, just breathing each other in, before closing the distance between them. El closed her eyes and let the feeling wash over her. Amae’s lips were soft, warm and pressing against hers. Claiming her. El felt her knees go weak. Amae grabbed the back of El’s neck and felt the grip around her waist tighten. A soft tongue raked across her lips, asking for permission to enter and the kiss slowly deepened.

All the distractions and interruptions couldn’t compare to the amount of desire and need that was quickly growing between the two women. It felt like coming home after being gone far too long. Neither were ready for the night to end, but both were afraid to go any further.

As the kiss ended and began again then ended with little kisses, both women smiled.

“Wow.” El couldn’t stop herself.

“Amae…that was.”

Amae just nodded her head and interrupted.

“Yeah. It was.”

They stayed wrapped together on the couch for the rest of the night. Just talking and sharing kisses. Neither wanting to rush anything. There would be plenty of time for other things and lots more distractions.