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The frustrated mechanic continued to inspect the latest treasure she had found. An updated fuel injector that would no doubt increase the life of the Winnipeg. If only she could get it working. She just needed to replace one tiny nozzle and she would be finished. A delicate task which her steady hand could make quick work of. That is until her greatest distraction walked into view.

“Hey, Amae…you seen Isaac?”

Amae looked up and felt her heart flutter. It wasn’t something she was used to. But there stood Elida. Black tank top, spandex shorts, barefoot and wrapping her hands…in tape.

“Ummm…I think…he’s…”

Elida continued wrapping her hands. It was Amae’s silence that made her look up.

“Something wrong?”

Amae shook her head trying to clear her thoughts.

“No…I just. Why are you doing that?”

The royal scavenger flexed her hands and bounced on her feet. Amae watched quietly as the shorter woman rolled her shoulders and neck.

“Me and Isaac…we’re supposed to get some hand-to-hand practice in.”

Amae swallowed hard as Elida bent over stretching out her muscled frame. She knew the woman was in great shape but seeing her in shorts and a tank was something new and it had her pulse racing. It wasn’t the first time she had checked out the dark-skinned beauty but it was the first time seeing so much gorgeous skin. Skin she had dreamed about mapping with touches and kisses and…

“So…have you seen him?”

Amae simply shook her head not sure she could trust what would come out of her mouth. She took a deep breath to calm her nerves. Just as she felt it safe to speak, Winnibot came rolling toward the duo.

“Amae. I am sensing that your blood pressure has risen along with your pulse. You do not appear to be in danger. Are you feeling well?”

Elida watched as the most beautiful lilac blush began to tint the woman’s face. She couldn’t help but smile, hoping that she was the cause of Winnibot’s observations.

“I’m fine, Winnibot. Just working on this new piece.”

“Very well. If you need my assistance, I am available.”

“Thank you, Bot.”

The two women stood staring at each other. Neither speaking but both clamoring on the inside to say what was on their minds.
Amae searched for the right words. You’re the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen. You make me feel things I’ve never felt before. Every time I see you, I become a nervous wreck. Just kiss me.

Elida stepped forward hoping that closing the distance would help her speak her heart. You take my breath away. I would die to protect you. Every time I see you, I just want to hold you. Please, just kiss me.

Time seemed to stand still as they moved closer still. Elida slowly reached out and took Amae’s hand. Their fingers lacing together as if they had done this a thousand times. And wasn’t this the oldest story of all. Falling in love. Sharing that unforgettable first kiss. The moment already carving a spot in each woman’s heart. However, the moment quickly shattered as Isaacs voice boomed down the corridor.

“Hey buddy! You coming or what? I’ve been waiting for 15 minutes.”

Both women jumped apart. The moment lost. For now.

“Yeah. I’ll be right there.”

Isaac turned on his heal and headed back to the designated workout room. Non the wiser of the magic that he had interrupted.

“Amae I…”

“Elida, I’m”

Laughter helped ease the tension and disappointment of the moment as both women tried to speak. Finally, it was Amae who spoke first.

“He has terrible timing.”

Elida nodded. “The worst.”

Neither woman wanted to leave the other’s company but Isaac was waiting and fuel injectors didn’t fix themselves. The moment had passed and time had resumed to its normal pace.

“Well…I should get going.”

Amae’s eyes darted to the plump lips that were just out of reach.

“Yeah…and I’ve got to fix things…so…”

Elida just shook her head and forced herself to start walking away. Every nerve in her body screaming at her to go back and kiss the girl. But she could hear tools clanging and the tell-tale signs of her favorite mechanic going back to work. As she approached the door that would lead her away, she turned back, her only thought that she didn’t want to be away from the gorgeous pilot.

“You know…you can come watch and cheer me on. If you get done and don’t have any thing else to do. You know…just…you don’t have to.” Stop talking. You sound like an idiot.

Amae grinned ear to ear.

“I would like that.”

Elida smiled back and then proceeded to walk face first into the door. “Right.” She refused to look back up as she first pushed then pulled the door. Finally, she made her exit. She’s gonna be the death of me.