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Cui Buqu, I Really Want to Get to Know You

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Feng Xiao had been hesitant when they’d started out; they’d only done it once before, and that had been so awkward that Feng Xiao had almost been embarrassed. But this time, everything seemed to be going right.

Cui Buqu braced his hands against the headboard. “I want it harder,” he said, shooting Feng Xiao a fierce look.

Feng Xiao hiked up Cui Buqu’s legs higher, careful not to test Cui Buqu’s general inflexibility. “Are you sure? I’m already…” Feng Xiao didn’t want to say ‘fucking you hard enough that you’ll remember it every time you sit down tomorrow.’ 

At Cui Buqu’s sigh, Feng Xiao slammed into him. Cui Buqu cried out, his fingernails scratching at the headboard. “Like that,” Cui Buqu gasped. His legs were shaking; Feng Xiao had never heard Cui Buqu sound quite like he did right now, breathless and falling apart.

But then he saw Cui Buqu’s eyes roll back in his head as he went suddenly limp. Feng Xiao froze.


There was no response. Heart in his mouth, Feng Xiao groped for Cui Buqu’s wrist. His pulse was weak and irregular, but present.

Feng Xiao hadn’t killed him. After pulling out, Feng Xiao leaned over Cui Buqu to tap a few acupoints. Cui Buqu’s eyes fluttered open and he inhaled sharply. He didn’t seem to see Feng Xiao at first, his gaze wandering until he finally focused.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Cui Buqu asked.

“I thought I’d killed you!”

Cui Buqu snorted. “With sex?”

“You’re frail.”

“I also haven’t come yet,” Cui Buqu replied, tugging at Feng Xiao’s hip. “It was just a fainting spell. Get back inside me.”

“I can’t,” Feng Xiao admitted. “I’m completely flaccid.”

Feng Xiao had learned from his earlier mistake: he wasn’t going to listen if Cui Buqu asked for it rough again. They were going to have gentle, slow sex from now on. Feng Xiao had no problem with this. Being inside Cui Buqu was already reward enough. The way Cui Buqu would stiffen beneath him, the slow exhale when Feng Xiao finally slid all the way in—

“I’m going to be an old man by the time you start giving it to me,” Cui Buqu snapped. “Would that excite you?”

“Do I not seem excited?” Feng Xiao cautiously started to thrust, feeling a little like he was pushing into a sexy vice. “You’re too tight.”

“You’re too big,” Cui Buqu said, a little breathlessly.

Somehow, Feng Xiao had gotten harder. “Too big?”

Cui Buqu blushed. 

“Tell me, QuQu.” Feng Xiao began to go deeper, drawing out a quiet, cut-off gasp from Cui Buqu. “Do I feel so big it’s like I’m rearranging your guts?”

Cui Buqu’s eyes widened, and Feng Xiao expected a slap and a warning to be quiet. But when that didn’t happen…

“Your hips are so narrow I can barely fit,” Feng Xiao said, heart pounding as Cui Buqu bit his lip. “You’re trying to relax, aren’t you? You want to let me in?”

Cui Buqu nodded.

“You’re going to be so loose when I’m done with you, leaving you aching when you have to face others and pretend I didn’t split you open.”

“Yes, yes, Feng-er, destroy my ass—”

Feng Xiao came. Cui Buqu looked at him in utter disbelief.

“Did you?” Cui Buqu asked. “But you just started!”

There were two things Feng Xiao never wanted to repeat again: coming too early, and Cui Buqu fainting. His solution, of course, was quite elegant. Cui Buqu would resume an earlier disguise. With the fake beard glued on, Feng Xiao was in no danger of premature ejaculation. Cui Buqu was on top of him this time, slowly taking Feng Xiao in without a word. But when Feng Xiao was all the way inside, Cui Buqu had to open his mouth. 

“Lord Li,” Cui Buqu said, shifting his hips, “you’re too young for an old man like me.”

Was this another kink? How many did Cui Buqu have? And why was Feng Xiao still aroused by it? Feng Xiao held Cui Buqu by the waist and thrust upwards, drawing a groan from ‘Master Cui.’

“You should let me take you back home with me,” Feng Xiao replied. “I’ll handfeed you yang supplements and ginseng.”

“I still couldn’t possibly satisfy you. I think my old hips are already going to break from your big, thick—”

Feeling a warning throb of arousal, Feng Xiao hastily sat up so he could cover Cui Buqu’s mouth. “Master Cui, don’t be too obscene,” he said, withdrawing his hand and giving Cui Buqu a quick kiss on the lips before he lay back down.

With a frown, Cui Buqu started to move again. It wasn’t long before he was panting, their bodies seeming perfectly synced together. Feng Xiao didn’t even notice the beard anymore.

Because the beard had fallen off. Cui Buqu looked down, then sighed.

“I am so old,” Cui Buqu said carefully, “that I’m losing all my hair.”

Last time had been more of a success than a failure. They’d glued the beard back on and kept going for a respectable amount of time. Feng Xiao thought the position may have helped more than anything else, allowing Cui Buqu to set the pace and keeping Feng Xiao from going too deep. So, the next time they had sex, having Cui Buqu ride him was the best choice.

“It’s not going in,” Cui Buqu muttered. He was in an awkward squat over Feng Xiao and failing to get his cock in the right position. “Are you all the way hard?”

“Why would you ask that? I’m so hard that you keep bending it.”

After a little more fumbling, Cui Buqu got the head inside, except he winced in pain when he tried to take more.

“Am I hurting you?” Feng Xiao asked.

“No,” Cui Buqu said, clearly lying.

Feng Xiao stroked Cui Buqu’s thigh. “Try to let go.”

Cui Buqu took a few deep breaths and finally seated himself. “If you weren’t so unspeakable,” Cui Buqu said with a raised eyebrow, “taking you wouldn’t be such a problem.”

He rocked his hips, gasping when Feng Xiao thrust against the right place. Feng Xiao did it again, watching as a tremor passed over Cui Buqu’s shoulders. Cui Buqu braced himself against Feng Xiao’s stomach. Feng Xiao steadied Cui Buqu by grasping his waist, fucking him until tears were brimming at the corners of Cui Buqu’s eyes. Feng Xiao felt dizzy, like he could never be as close to Cui Buqu as he was now—

Cui Buqu coughed up blood; it spattered over Feng Xiao’s chest and dripped down Cui Buqu’s chin. As Feng Xiao went motionless, Cui Buqu wiped his mouth on his arm.

“Just keep going. It’s nothing,” Cui Buqu said. He took a corner of the quilt and patted Feng Xiao dry.

“How could—what kind of person would I be if I kept going?”

Penetration was not working, unless Cui Buqu was wearing a fake beard. Perhaps if they got a little more used to each other first, they could go back and try it again. Feng Xiao had read about plenty of other things that they could do.

That was how Feng Xiao had ended up with Cui Buqu’s dick sliding against the back of his throat. Fighting the impulse to gag wasn’t hard for the control of a martial artist like himself. Cui Buqu let out a sound like he’d just been kicked when Feng Xiao got him all the way inside.

“Feng-er,” Cui Buqu said, his voice soft as he settled one hand on Feng Xiao’s head, brushing his thumb against Feng Xiao’s cheek with the other. “Your face was made for this.”

Feng Xiao imagined his face looked a little stuffed right now, but his mouth was too occupied to argue. As Feng Xiao sucked on Cui Buqu’s cock, Cui Buqu kept up a constant stream of praise that had Feng Xiao rubbing himself against his own hand. Why couldn’t Cui Buqu talk to him like that all the time? Was Cui Buqu’s penis some sort of trigger mechanism for a good mood?

When Cui Buqu came down Feng Xiao’s throat, he swallowed it all. Feng Xiao immediately regretted it. The taste reminded him of when he’d tried jellyfish, but without the marinade. Feng Xiao started gagging and rushed to drink some water. When he turned back around, he saw Cui Buqu had tucked himself back into his pants, not the slightest bit ashamed.

“Come here,” Cui Buqu said, crooking his finger at him.

Feng Xiao saw no point in being anything but obedient; he was already undoing the ties of his robes as he crossed the room. Cui Buqu went to his knees and rushed to take Feng Xiao’s cock out of his pants, seemingly just as excited as Feng Xiao. After only a few licks had Feng Xiao grabbing for Cui Buqu’s hair, Cui Buqu wrapped his mouth around him.

It felt incredible. Feng Xiao wanted nothing more than to thrust forward, but resisted in deference to Cui Buqu’s lack of martial arts. Cui Buqu’s mouth was stretched wide around him as he sucked, and…

There was a congested noise coming from Cui Buqu’s sinuses that sounded like a cat snoring. Feng Xiao tried to ignore it, concentrating on the warmth of Cui Buqu’s mouth, except it was even louder than the noise of being enthusiastically blown.

Could Feng Xiao really never have normal sex?

The silk glided over Feng Xiao’s wrist as Cui Buqu tied it into a secure knot, neither too tight nor too loose. Cui Buqu then secured the silk to the wooden latticing of the headboard. It would be laughably easy for Feng Xiao to break out, yet he was breathing faster anyway. Cui Buqu finished with the other wrist. Feng Xiao lightly pulled at his bonds, enjoying the illusion of being restrained.

Cui Buqu held up another length of silk and pressed it against Feng Xiao’s mouth. “No,” Cui Buqu said. “I’ll gag you after I know you’re comfortable.”

“But isn’t it your greatest fantasy?” Feng Xiao was impatient. Cui Buqu had spent seemingly forever preparing him—Feng Xiao had nearly come just from his fingers.

Cui Buqu settled between Feng Xiao’s thighs. Feng Xiao lifted his legs up, using his full flexibility to expose himself. There was a hint of red at the tips of Cui Buqu’s ears as his cock brushed against Feng Xiao’s entrance. Cui Buqu braced himself with one hand on Feng Xiao’s chest as he slowly pressed inside.

The feeling was… unexpected. Cui Buqu was average-sized, but felt so big that Feng Xiao didn’t understand how Cui Buqu didn’t run screaming the moment Feng Xiao penetrated him. Feng Xiao flexed against the silk, exhaling as Cui Buqu slid further in with each thrust. Now that Feng Xiao was getting used to Cui Buqu, it started to feel pleasurable. Cui Buqu’s expression was intense. His brows had a slight furrow of concentration as he stared at where their bodies were joined, then looked up at Feng Xiao.

“Is it good?” Cui Buqu asked.

Feng Xiao nodded. “Gag me.”

Cui Buqu took the silk and wrapped it around Feng Xiao’s mouth, tying it behind his head. He ran his fingers over the silk covering Feng Xiao’s lips, smiling. Then, he changed the angle of Feng Xiao’s hips, triggering a shocked gasp from Feng Xiao, muffled by silk.

Feng Xiao completely understood Cui Buqu’s past reactions now. He felt every stroke in his whole body, making his legs shake when Cui Buqu reached down to wrap his fingers around Feng Xiao’s cock. If it weren’t for the gag, Feng Xiao would probably have said things that would have made Cui Buqu seem shy. Cui Buqu was completely quiet, his only sound his hoarse breathing. Feng Xiao wanted to remind him not to pass out. Perhaps that was another reason Cui Buqu had gagged him.

Cui Buqu’s fingers tightened on Feng Xiao’s thighs, and Feng Xiao hoped it would bruise.

“I’m going to come inside you,” Cui Buqu said.

Feng Xiao felt like his future self would object to what his present self very, very much wanted. Cui Buqu started to press in harder as his pace quickened. Feng Xiao watched Cui Buqu’s whole body tense as he started to come, his breath coming in quick gasps. Suddenly bereft of stimulation, Feng Xiao struggled against his bonds, readying himself to break them. But Cui Buqu recovered enough to take Feng Xiao back in his hand and bring him over the edge while Cui Buqu was still inside him.

Afterwards, Cui Buqu collapsed over Feng Xiao’s chest. “I’m exhausted,” Cui Buqu muttered. “I should probably free you, shouldn’t I?”

Feng Xiao could only nod. Cui Buqu languidly reached up to untie Feng Xiao. He hesitated over the gag, then undid that as well. Feng Xiao pulled Cui Buqu into a kiss and held him tightly.  

“Nothing went wrong,” Feng Xiao said.


“Can we do it again?” Feng Xiao asked, his hand drifting down to Cui Buqu’s backside.

“I’ll consider it after a nap.”

Feng Xiao kissed Cui Buqu’s forehead. It was only a moment before Cui Buqu started to snore.