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A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

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You were in quite the situation.

You knew that Leona liked to take his naps in the botanical garden from time to time but you liked to spend your time in there, and not just to catch a glimpse of the handsome prince. You liked to read among the greenery and had found the perfect spot where you wouldn’t be bothered by other students but as it turned out, Leona like the spot just as much as you for a different reason. You had just been minding your business, flipping through a book when Leona had made his way over to you. The exact conversation was a blur as all you can really remember is him demanding you move as he wanted to nap, and when you had stuttered out a rejection, he’d made a move that surprised you.

“If you’re not going to move…” He pushed the book out of his way and laid himself down beside you, head resting on your soft thigh; he didn’t have to do much to make himself comfortable, hair splayed out across your lap as he closed his eyes, “Then this will do.”


It didn’t matter what you had to say as he was already asleep, unlikely to wake for at least an hour or two. You considered simply facing his wrath if you pushed him off but he’d practically given you a front-row seat to admire his majestic beauty, and it felt a lot like pushing your pet off your lap when they’d willingly come to you curl up in it; you find yourself unable to gather the courage to move at all, sighing and continuing to read your book while he snoozed away peacefully. You recognized that lunch would be ending in about half an hour and that you were unlikely to make it to the classes the rest of the day depending on when Leona finally woke up…

Your dorm head wouldn’t be happy with you later but you couldn’t help but enjoy the view while you could.