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I'm not who you think I am.

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The court was packed. With members of the press and the general public. This particular Murder trail had everone taking. Most people were saying that the young woman involved should be let off. While the rest said she should get life.
"Could the defendant please stand. Foreman if the jury can you please stand." The judge said. "Have you reached a decision to which you have all agreed on?"
"On the count of murder do you find the defendent guilty or not guilty?"
"Guilty." The foreman said as he sat back down.
"Berenice Wolfe you have been found guilty of murder. And therefore I am sentencing you to life in prison."
"Mum tell the truth please." Bernie begged as she stood in the dock. But Bernie’s mum just looked at the floor.
"Take her down." Bernie walked down the stairs with 2 officers and put in a cell.
"We will be leaving for prison in a little while. I just need to find out where we are taking you."
"I want to talk to my Mum. She knows the truth."
"You have been found guilty Bernie. So stop telling lies. No one wants to hear them" the officer said as he slammed the door shut.
"I'M NOT TELLING FUCKING LIES." Bernie shouted as she kicked the door.


A few hours later and Bernie was in the van on her way to prison.
“Hello. Hello can you at least tell me where i am going. I've known cattle get better treated than this. I need a wee. ARE YOU FUCKING DEAF. I NEED A WEE.” Bernie shouted but she was ignored. When the van eventually stopped. An officer opened the door and Bernie got out.
"This way." He said as he grabbed Bernie’s arm.
"Get off me." She snapped as she pulled her arm away.
"That's enough of the attitude or you will find yourself on report lady." A stern looking prison office said as she got inside. "You might be famous on the outside. But not in here. What's your name? I said what's your name?"
"Berenice Wolfe."
"Thank you. That wasn't so hard was it. Right go behind that curtain and strip."
"Get stuffed."
"I'm warning you Wolfe. You are treading a very thin line. Do you want to end up down the block?"
"I couldn't really give a shit."
"I'll take over Barbara." another older woman said. "You're needed on the wing."
"Ok. Watch this one Joyce. She's trouble."
"Sorry about Barbara. She doesn't have much patience."
"I see that."
"Do you mind just going behind the curtain we really do need to do a strip search. We have to search everyone I'm afraid. Just to make sure nothing is coming in that shouldn't be."
"Sure. No problem."
"Thank you Berenice." "Everyone calls me Bernie." Bernie stepped behind the curtain and took her clothes off. After Bernie had finished the officer took her to the wing.
"This is where the prisoners have their meals. I will show you to your cell and then you can get some tea."
"Thanks. This is your cell. I will have to put you in here till we have got a spare cell. Up on the lifers unit."
"This is Sharon. Angela. And Rosie. You three this is Bernie Wolfe."
"Alright." They all said together.
"I will leave you to settle in. If you need anything. Just give me a shout."
"Thank you Miss."
"So Bernie. What are you in for?" Rosie said as she walked closer.
"What's that got to do with you."
"Listen Bernie. There's one thing you need to know. I'm top dog in this place."
"Woof woof." Bernie smirked as Sharon and Angela started laughing.
"Shut it you too. You'll keep Wolfe." Rosie said as she stormed out of the cell.
"Take no notice of her Bernie. She's all mouth."
"She doesn't scare me. Right are you gonna show me where to get some food I'm starving."
"Yes, follow us." Sharon said as they all went to the dining room.


8 months later

Bernie had settled into prison life the best she could. She got on with most of the prisoners except for Rosie. Rosie and her hated each other. They were always fighting. That's why Bernie always found herself down the block.
Bernie was sitting in a cell down the block. When the door was flung open.
"Right Wolfe you're going back on the wing." Officer Barbara said.
"About time too." Bernie followed her back onto the wing. This will be your cell from now on."
"I am supposed to be on the lifers unit."
"Not anymore. You are on a basic from now on. Till you learn to behave yourself."
"Are you taking the piss."
"Do I look like I am taking the piss."
"I want to see the governor."
"Well he doesn't want to see you. He has got better things to do with his time. Enjoy."
I swear to God. I am going to kill that bitch Bernie thought to herself as she started to unpack her bag.
After lunch Bernie was in her cell. When Barbara came to the door.
"What do you want?"
"You have a new cell mate Wolfe."
"Get yourself in there." She said as she pushed an attractive brunette inside. "This is Serena your new cellmate."
"Hang on. I'm doing life. I shouldn't have to share again. I shared for a few weeks when I first came in.
"Well now you're sharing again." Barbara smirked as she closed the door.
"I hate that fucking bitch."
"If she grabs hold of me like that again she's gonna get a slap." Serena said as she chucked her bag on the top bunk.
"She needs one. I'm Bernie by the way."
"Serena." She held out her hand for Bernie to shake which she did.
"So you can take care of yourself. Can you?"
"Oh yeah. That old cow doesn't scare me."
"I think me and you are going to get on just fine."
"So do I." Serena smiled. "Are you gonna stick that kettle or what."
"Tea no sugar no milk."
"Coming right up." Bernie smiled as she walked over and flicked the switch.