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“I think I’m Gay,” says Clay, to Tony.

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“I think I’m Gay,” says Clay, to Tony.




“I think I’m Gay,” says Clay Jenson, to Tony Padilla.


“How about that,” says Tony with a shrug.


“Did you know you are Gay without kissing a man?” Clay asks his friend, as they sit in Tony’s mustang.


“Mostly. The kissing helped, though,” Tony smiles up at his friend.


They’ve gone for shakes at Monet’s again, and Clay ordered a double-malted and a part of Tony really wants to lick the rest right off of Clay’s lips...


“You’re Gay, and you’re a man, and you’re single now, will you kiss me so I can find out for sure if I’m Gay?” Clay finally asks Tony.


“Sure, Clay,” Tony smiles and leans into his friend.


Clay’s lips taste like milkshake and Tony’s taste good as well.


They get lost for a while, tangling their hands up in each other’s short hair and tangling their tongues into each other’s mouths.


“So, what did you say, Clay? Was kissing a man all the help that you needed?” Tony asks as he finally pulls away.


“Kissing you certainly is, I’m at least Gay for you, Tony. Can I kiss you again?” Clay asks his best friend.


“Of course, I’ve always wanted to kiss you, you know. And now that you’re Gay for me it’s even better than I ever imagined,” Tony offers as he leans in again to peck Clay on the lips.


“Y’know...” Clay begins as he wraps his arms around Tony’s waist. “You’re actually a helpful Yoda, to me, after all,” Clay smiles.


And then Clay cuts off Tony’s “Thank You!” with the taste of his lips.


It was a beautiful day for coming out, for Clay Jenson after all. Especially for Tony Padilla.









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