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Sleep Alone

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"I thought you said we had enough beds!" James hissed at his fellow bandmate (and crush), Kendall. Kendall rolled his eyes, putting his hands on his hips.

"I thought we did! I guess the must've been out. Whatever. One of us will just have to sleep on the floor - and it's not gonna be me!" Kendall shot back, looking at his fellow bandmates, Carlos, Logan, and James. They exchanged glances, sighing.

Logan was the first to speak up. "Well, I'm not sharing a bed with anyone. If anyone - and I mean anyone - touches me in my sleep, I will wake up immediately and I won't be able to go back to sleep. I can't sleep with anyone! And I am not sleeping on the floor. You guys know how much carpet messes with me."

Carlos was next. "I mean, I'd be willing to sha-"

"Carlos," Logan said, turning to his bandmate, "no offense, but nobody would want to sleep with you. You move too much. Still love ya though!" Logan giggled. He gave Carlos a kiss on the cheek, which shut down any argument that he might put up.

Kendall smiled, looking at his bandmates. "Well then, I think it's settled. James, you're sleeping on the floor."

"What happened to the possibility of us sharing a bed? I am not sleeping on that floor! Do you know how much that'll ruin my hair? Not to mention that we dont know what kind of stains could be on that floor! Do you expect me to sleep on that?" James ranted, pointing to the floor. Kendall, once again rolled his eyes.

Kendall didn't offer to share a bed with James because, truth be told, Kendall had a massive crush on James. Since they were little, he always felt a certain way about James but he didn't realize it was a crush until they were both thirteen. By then, Kendall knew he was bisexual, but he kept it to himself. If anyone found out, especially since Big Time Rush has become famous, he would be ruined.

James, on the other hand, was very openly bisexual. Though he was open about his sexuality, he never expressed any interest in Kendall romantically, at least as far as Kendall could tell. Of course, Kendall was also a dumbass that couldn't tell if someone liked him back.

"Fine, if you really need to, we can share a bed." Kendall made his voice sound annoyed, but he was nervous and excited. He got to share a bed with his crush, how could he not be absolutely ecstatic! "I won't touch your hair - don't worry," Kendall giggled. James smiled, but crossed his arms.

A silence fell upon the room. Once again, Logan was the one to break the silence. "Okay, we have everything settled. Now, goodnight." He stepped to the foot of the bed he was sleeping in, and jumped onto it. He didn't even bother tucking himself in or changing into his pajamas. Moments after, his soft snoring filled the room. Carlos smiled to himself at the noise, going to his bed and falling asleep soon after.

"Guess that just leaves us, huh?" James said, laughing nervously. Kendall nodded, putting his hands on his hips and staring at the bed. James mimicked his stance, but crossed his arms instead. "Well? Are you gonna get on there first? Or are we gonna wait all night?"

Kendall shot James a confused look. "Why do I have to get in first? You should get comfortable and I'll," Kendall paused, trying not to say anything about cuddling, which was all he really wanted to do at the moment, "I'll work around you."

James rolled his eyes, but acted as if he was going to get on the bed. He did get on the bed, but it wasn't more than a moment before he grabbed Kendall's shirt and pulled him on top of himself. Kendall's face was tinted a pink color that shined throughout the darkness of the room. "Touché, Diamond, touché."

"You see, I prefer this to working around each other. I can tell you do, too. We should just share the bed like this, huh?" James' light chuckle flowed throughout the room. Kendall could feel his heart skip a beat at the heavenly sound.

The blond nodded as best as he could. James smiled. "I could tell." Kendall's face somehow got more red. "I have something to tell you, is that alright?"

"Oh, yeah, absolutely. Can we maybe, uh, move to another position?" James nodded, letting go of Kendall's shirt. Gently, the singer moved over to James' right. "So," he propped himself up on his shoulder, looking at his crush, "what do you wanna tell me?"

Taking a deep breath, James looked away from Kendall. "You could probably tell by, uh, y'know, me pulling you onto me, but I have a crush on you. I've tried to hide it for, like, 5 years. I figured this would be a good time to tell you." He awkwardly giggled, looking at Kendall. "It's weird; I can ask any girl out, no problem, but I kept choking up every time I tried to ask you out."

"James, I..." Kendall hesitated. He didn't know how to process this. His childhood crush just said he wanted to date him. He felt as if he was asleep, but he knew he wasn't. "I feel the same way. I've always felt that way, but I was always too embarrassed to say."

"So, I'd assume you'd be down to, y'know, be my boyfriend? Would that be okay?" James asked, slowly inching towards his crush - now possible boyfriend.

"That'd be more than okay!" Kendall responded, snuggling into James' side. The taller man's arm wrapped around him, smiling like there was no tomorrow. Both of the boys couldn't have been more happy. How they got in this position, they barely even remembered. All they knew was that they were dating and currently laying in each other's arms. And that was enough.