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“Ushiwaka! Can you do me a favour? Or, can you do Kageyama a favour? Can you give him your shirt and jacket?”

Kageyama’s eyebrows are in his hair while this huge man stares into his soul. Finally, the man shrugs and unbuttons his dress shirt.

“Sure, Hinata Shouyou.”

“And drop Kageyama’s stuff off with Chelsea. She’ll get it cleaned.” This man’s shirt was warm — he’s like a furnace. Hinata checks his phone and doesn’t watch Kageyama change, probably the least he could do after calling him pretty. “OK, now we’re ready to go.”

Hinata takes them out the back of the club and into a large black SUV. It’s not super fancy, but there is a partition up so the driver can’t see them.

“Now we can finally talk, Kageyama. Boss to ‘King.’” Kageyama froze while buckling his seatbelt and scoffed.

“King, huh?”

“Sorry for pretending not to know who you were. I can’t let everyone know I have a source in the south,” Hinata pulls out his phone like he’s bored and Kageyama buckles his seatbelt violently. “You’re the new right-side man. What’s someone so big doing jacking cars?”

“None of your business. You have a source in the south? Why would you tell me?”

“Leverage,” Hinata says, and that smiles back on his face. “So tell me about the south. Who’s who?”

“Is this a test,” Kageyama squints, “or do you actually not know who’s with the south?”

Hinata laughs, and Kageyama feels lighter in the presence of it. He unbuttons his suit jacket and Kageyama can finally see how wide he is.

“Oh, I know about the south. Terushima, the Miyas, even the ‘Grand King.’ I’m more interested to see how much you know, newbie.”

“You like three years younger than me, but I’m the newbie?”

“I’m not-“ Hinata huffs one annoyance and goes back to his phone. “We’re the same age!”

“Sure,” Kageyama says, and just to try his luck, he adds, “boke.” He holds his breath, but Hinata only laughs.

“You’re lucky I like you,” Hinata says before typing out a message onto his phone. “We’re going to see my hacker, maybe you can give us some info.”

Kageyama quickly snaps back to reality: he’s technically been kidnapped.

“Then dinner!” Hinata shouts. “Wherever you want!”