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Attitude Adjustment

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Naturally, Harry had no idea that a simple P.S. noted on a piece of parchment could lead to such a dramatic chain of events.  See normally, Number 12 Grimmauld Place, otherwise known as The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black, was full of people, but that day it was just Harry, Sirius, Remus, and Hermione, because her parents were travelling in America for dental meetings. 


Harry had already spent his mandatory 14 days with the Dursleys.  He loved seeing Dudley's piggy little eyes widen every time he looked at him, and the whale-like boy usually grabbed his butt and waddled off as fast as his stubby legs would carry him.  Thankfully, that was over for the final time, and he never had to see the Dursleys again.


Hermione and Harry were, as usual, eating breakfast in silence. Hermione because she was nose deep in the book and Harry because, well,  he wasn’t a morning person.  He was eating his breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast, when two Hogwarts barn owls flew through the window. Unfortunately for him, Hermione squealed in his ear at the mere sight of them.  The teen was forcibly dragged out of his musings when Hermione started almost hyperventilating.


 "Oh my God, oh my God what if I've failed and got kicked out?  Can I retake the end of year exams? Can I go to a different school?" She asked in a single breath.


"Shh, Mione, it'll be okay,” Harry soothed her patting her shoulder while Remus made space for the birds on the table. There were three letters attached to each of the owls. Harry gently took the three addressed to H. Potter and patted the owl who delivered them, which then hooted softly and flew away.  This was a distinct contrast to Hermione's owl which had been attacked by the anxious 17-year old girl before it had a chance to even land.


Chuckling, Harry opened his first letter with YEAR RESULTS printed on it in red.


6th Year Results for Harry James Potter 


PASS GRADES: Outstanding (O, O+), Exceeds Expectations (E, EE), Acceptable (A)

FAIL GRADES: Poor (P), Dreadful (D), Troll (T)



    • Practical: EE
    • Written: EE
    • Overall: EE
    • Practical: O
    • Written: EE
    • Overall: EE
    • Practical: O+
    • Written: O+
    • Overall: O+
    • Practical: O
    • Written: E
    • Overall: EE
    • Practical: O
    • Written: E
    • Overall: EE
    • Practical: O
    • Written: O
    • Overall: O



Harry had dropped History of Magic and Divination after OWLs, having gotten a T in History of Magic and a P in Divination, so he was left with only six classes.  Reading the letter, he gasped in shock, snorted, and sighed at the same time which made a rather peculiar sound.  Harry gasped because of the Outstanding in practical Potions.  He’d snorted because of the O pluses in Defense.   And he sighed in relief because he’d passed everything.  


The now-not-so-sleepy teen passed his results to Remus who was twitching in anticipation and Sirius who was bouncing. Then he opened the second one. It was the same letter students received every year.


Mr. H. Potter

The Kitchen

No. 12 Grimmauld Place


It was the usual greeting, list of announcements, and of course the booklist. He nearly put it down until he noticed the P.S. at the bottom.


P.S. All students are reminded that Hogwarts will be reinstating the tradition of re-sorting, For those students unaware of the tradition, all 4th through 7th year students will have the opportunity to stand after 1st years are sorted and say 'I wish to be re-sorted.' The hat will re-evaluate the student’s strongest personality traits: bravery, cunning, loyalty, or intelligence.  This is not mandatory, but is an option for inter-house unity.  Current prefects will be unable to request re-sorting this year, but may alert their head of house to their choice in order to re-sort next year.


Deputy Head-Mistress

M. McGonagall


"What! I've never heard about this!" Hermione screeched, reading her letter.


Sirius got up and looked over her shoulder "Oh ho! Re-sorting! They stopped that when the Marauders were in 3rd year! It's a tradition made mostly for people, well pure-bloods, who wanted to be in a certain house," explained Sirius, wrapping his arms around Remus and kissing his cheek. 


Harry hadn’t known they were a couple until last week, but naturally he was fine with it.  He wasn’t prejudiced against anyone, especially with all the crap the Dursleys had given him over the years for being a wizard. No, he wouldn’t never do that to someone else.


"Maybe I'll try and be re-sorted into Ravenclaw," said Hermione quietly.


Harry was a little stunned. He thought she'd been happy in Gryffindor, but of course Ravenclaws thrived in the library, which was where she spent as much time as possible.


"You might be put in Slytherin,” Harry commented. “It's the only other house which values intelligence.”


Hermione was most surprised by the fact that Harry hadn't demanded she show her loyalty for Gryffindor like Ron would have. 


She smiled at the thought and said, “Maybe.”


Harry thought back to his own sorting. The oversized hat was placed over his 11-year-old head and he was thinking hard. 


'Not Slytherin, not Slytherin,' little Harry thought fervently.


'Not Slytherin eh?' came a man's voice in the child’s head. 'You could be great you know, and Slytherin could help you on your way to greatness.'


Harry just kept on repeating his mantra.


'Very well then, better be- "GRYFFINDOR!" the last word was shouted to the entire hall.


But Harry couldn't help wondering, what would Slytherin have been like? Would they have abandoned him in 2nd and 4th year like the Gryffindors had? No, he couldn’t think of any time he'd seen a Slytherin shunned by their own house. No! He couldn’t even think of being re-sorted. The imaginary devil on his left shoulder was whispering to him, "But Hermione's going to do it," while the angel on his right shoulder was frantically saying, "Don't think about it, dear, Ron wouldn't like it."


Emerald eyes closed and he shook his head like a dog trying to stop his schizophrenic mind from confusing himself any further. Hastily he grabbed the third Hogwarts letter addressed to him. It was smaller than the other two but heavier. Ripping it open, He turned it upside down and a badge fell into his hand with a shiny HB in gold with a backdrop of the Hogwarts crest. 


"Head Boy," Harry whispered in awe. He had expected it to be Draco Malfoy because of all the trouble he’d gotten into over the years. He snatched up the letter which had come with the badge.


Dear Mr. Potter,


Congratulations on becoming Head Boy. You will receive a full briefing with your Head of House and the Head Girl after the feast.  You are required to patrol the train with the prefects to discourage students from getting into any trouble. Also, do try to arrive early, and dress appropriately to make a good impression on the rest of the students and their parents.



M. McGonagall


Head Girl: Hermione J. Granger


Harry didn't even read the list of prefects as he was too busy gaping at Hermione in shock.  Suddenly the two teens screamed and hugged each other while jumping up and down. Remus and Sirius were watching them looking a bit confused. Harry threw his badge at them and carried on jumping. Within seconds, the two adults were up jumping and hugging them as well.


"You know what this means?" Harry asked after the group calmed down 10 minutes later.


"Less study time," wailed Hermione looking horrified. 


He face palmed before talking to her like a child, "No, Hermione, we have to go shopping! I need an entirely new wardrobe," he shuddered thinking of wearing Dudley's hand-me-downs again. 


The three other people in the room looked shocked, impressed, and horrified. Finally Hermione realized shopping meant Diagon Alley, and Diagon Alley meant books!


"Harry, grab your wallet," she said, picking up her over-the-shoulder bag and leaving the room, followed shortly by Sirius and Remus.


The teen grabbed his wallet which had been in the kitchen, and made his way to the living room. Since his Gringotts vault had well over 50 million galleons in it, he  got a shiny black debit card with a gold script “G” on it, which would even work in the muggle world.


Hermione grabbed a handful of Floo powder and threw it in the fireplace saying clearly, “The Leaky Cauldron!" 


The flames whooshed up green before settling down again for her to step in. It still creeped Harry out a little how wizards just stepped into fire.  He turned to ask Sirius and Remus if they would be coming, but saw them making out heavily on the couch. 


'Ew! Kind of like watching your parents kiss,’ Harry thought. 


Quietly he whispered, "The Leaky Cauldron," before stepping into the fire and being whisked away.