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One Step at a Time

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Woong-cheol Park couldn’t stop catching side glimpses of Jung-moon. Somehow considering Jung-moon worked so hard fitting into the scenery and blending with the furniture, Woong-cheol just kept finding his eyes wandering to the youngster. There was something eye-catching about his youthful face, his slender form and heck, even the way he carried himself. Jung-moon might be silent and deadly and a perceived threat, but heck, an animal, fist wielding man like Woong-cheol wasn’t perturbed at all. Unlike the women he had met in the past that had promised to fix him and right him for the better, he would never dare think of attempting such this with this intelligent, sexy individual he considered to be a brother in arms. They had both had fucked up pasts and current troubles to deal with. There was no way in hell Woong-cheol would dare try to change Jung-moon….since after all he fell in love with the fellow jailmate. Why change what he had fallen in love with in the first place. But he would swear that he would make the kid his one day...and while he was at it he’d make him proud. He’d show him that he was a mob boss to be trusted as a friend...and something more.

One step at a time though...patience was key in order to convince Jung-moon to be his.