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Harry Potter: Ascension of the Dark Chimera

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Albus disapperated quickly, whilst the wards repaired themselves in Gringotts and fled to Order Headquarters. As he apperated into the square of Grimmauld Place however he was greeted with Sirius holding him at wand point whilst the others apperated back in, surrounding the old man.

"Albus! What the hell did you think you were doing attacking a goblin just to get to Harry? Sure the coincidences are disturbing but what the hell made you incite a potential war with the goblins! You are the leader of the light, what image does that scream to the denizens of Diagon Alley? Do you know something we don't about Harry? Why are you attempting to go to such lengths and drag us along without a moments thought to our own reputations?" Minerva screamed at him as she made a beeline through the others to get at him.

"You invited war with a magical race that controls the financial security for Wizarding Britain just because you wanted to get to my godson Albus? You best have a damn good reason however guys I believe this discussion needs to be held in my home before some Aurors track him and by extension me, it would not do well for Tonks and Kingsleys careers to be seen here with both of us, at least you can explain away not knowing is plans against Gringotts and fleeing when finding out, I suggest going to file the report at the ministry" Sirius added angrily, his wand trained on the headmaster, who tensed at the idea of Kingsley and Tonks leaving.

Before even Black could stop him he cast two strong obliviates at Tonks and Kingsley, one hit Tonks as she wasn't quick enough to dodge the spell, sending her toppling over into the small road around the properties, Kingsley was more fortunate as he managed to dodge allowing the spell to hit the lamp pole beside him, as he went to return a stunner he was beaten too it however when half the order including Sirius hit Dumbledore one after the other causing him to slump and topple over himself.

They stood there briefly with wide eyes before Sirius and Minerva barked out orders "Kingsley, Arthur! Grab Tonks and bring her inside we need to assess how much was taken from her by those nasty memory charms, we will then take her to St Mongo's and inform the ministry of the damage should it be long lasting and extensive" Minerva announced while Sirius was shouting "Dedalus, Alastor! Grab that bastard Dumbledore we need to bring him inside for interrogation before he is handed over to the Auror's, Mad eye do you have any magic sealing cuffs on you? If so take his wand and cuff him so we are no longer in danger, Snape feed him some Verituserum when we get inside, I want to know his plans for my godson and why he chose to attack his own!".

They were quick to obey despite Snape's signature sneer at Sirius for presuming he was incompetent and having the bollocks to think about ordering him to do anything.

As they moved inside however the noise attracted the ire of Mrs Black's painting "Filthy blood traitors besmerching the most noble and ancient house of Black! And YOU are no son of mine you cowardly stain on my name!" She shouted looking directly at Sirius who stood ushering them all in and down into the kitchens.

"Shut it you devil woman before I find out how the unforgivables affect a painting! I'm sure an AK will at least destroy your permanent sticking charm so I can finally be rid of your nonsense!" He said in response as he pulled the curtain around her closed on her once more, her reply tapering off much to the amused snort of Remus standing at the top of the stairs eyeing him with mischievous smirk, lighting up his usually gaunt and haggard appearance.

"Siri that's not a bad idea you know, is it true Albus went after our cub and even attacked Gringotts to get him? Shall we find him ourselves? Maybe something is wrong with him, after what the Profit reported this morning I worry love!" He said as he walked down to wrap his arms around a shaking Sirius who hadn't replied.

"Harry is in danger Remi if not by Albus then maybe Voldemort, I fear he might have came into his inheritance and it might end up a shock for us rather than how it ended up for James and Lily, you remember how powerful they ended up being instead of the small power boost a wizard normally earns, maybe their mix unlocked his creature blood line, only a pure blood would have those dormant Gene's maybe Lily mixing was enough to activate it?" Sirius added with a touch of fear in his voice.

Remus eyed him wearily "if our cub has really gained something so very rare that he brought back an ancestor creatures DNA into dominance, we really need to find him after they are done with Albus or hell before, we should go down now and tell them we are leaving to find him and bring him back here! All I know is there was no distinction back then between light and dark creatures they were all beings that were strong enough to give us the magic we pass down, if this is true he will be seen as a threat to many and not a wizard anymore, he will have to deal with the creature laws as I do Siri, we both know the harsh life it has befallen many and if he has become a legendary creature everyone will be out for his blood or he will change alliances depending on the initial reactions to his new gifts.. we need to find him now!" His wolf screaming beneath his skin at the implications that revelation had spurred about his cub.

Sirius kissed his head and said softly "Don't worry heaven and earth will not stop us from finding him, I'm sure Albus made a fail safe to find the boy, he might even have a vial of blood to use as an anchor for location spells in case this happened we know the bastard has always been crafty and thinks many steps ahead until today when this caught all of us off guard!" He squeezed his mate softly in reassurance before turning and bolting down the stairs towards the kitchen.

As he opened it he noticed the impenetrable charm on the door given the sudden loud voices as he bolted through the door, he looked around briefly at the other members sitting rigidly along the dining table, leaving him the space at the head and Albus cuffed at the opposite end held at wand point by Alastor who's revolving eye was spinning in all directions enough to make those close to him sick if they stared to long.

As Sirius took his seat at the head of the table and Remus came in to sit at his right, Alastor smirked openly "Ah gentleman finally joining the party I see, personally I can see why and we heard your discussion, we aren't shouting our disagreements, we concur he needs to be back her and shown we are not out to hurt him unless he turns on us or allies himself to the Dark, we know even if he is a Dark Creature at nature it doesn't mean he would ally himself easily with Voldemort, you are living prove Remus, the boy needs protection and training but found in the right way not Dumbledore's way, speaking of anything you wish to ask him? He's been fed the truth serum it will last until Severus feeds him the antidote".

Sirius thought for a moment before nodding "What's been asked?", Molly answered "He cursed Tonks and Kingsley so he could get away from the Auror's, he was going back to Hogwarts, apparently he made a fail safe vial of Harry's blood to anchor and locate him, he ran for him this morning because he knows the boy has turned into a dark creature, apparently his inheritance was starved off intentionally".

Everyone shivered at this with open disgust on their faces, Remus snarled with his eyes glowing gold despite being in his human form "You dare do this to my cub! Mark my words Albus you have lost allies this day!" Both Remus and Sirius shouted, when Sirius managed to calm down slightly he asked "What are your goals towards my godson now he is perceived as a threat to all of the ministry?" Onyx eyes glaring hard at Albus with repressed fury and his occlumency shields tightly bound.

"Harry will be my martyr, whether dark or not he will kill tom, he will make me rich, elevate me to godly proportions, he will be mine both marionette and child bearer, I wish to unlock my bloodlines Gene's mixing my powerful blood again with that of a creature will bring a child like no other and then he will die as all Dark Creatures must at the hands of the ministry when I release him to them" Albus said glassy eyed unaware of the horror in everyone's faces especially with his smug smile as be said it.

Molly reacted first though "How dare you promise me his riches and a marriage to Ginny to play us like this! How dare you go back on your words! We fed him those potions so it would do that for us!" And then stopped herself in mid accidental rant aware they weren't alone, the others blinked stupidly at both her and Arthur and Ginny who was openly scowling, her plans being ruined along with Ron and Hermione's unbeknownst to the others.

Sirius was taken aback, he thought Molly Weasley was a lovely motherly woman, they were friends throughout the last war for Merlin's sake, he stood up, pulled out his wand and banished all three of them outside his house, them landing hard in the square outside.

"How dare they stay here in my home and plot such things regarding my godson, I hope he knows now that he has been to see Gringotts as I know Albus here was put as his magical guardian after my incarceration, he will have been given his financial records your days are numbered if you have committed line theft we assure you it is a grave sin to steal the treasures handed down in our vaults, let alone what your plans have revealed, Severus I wouldn't be surprised if Harry went to Tom despite the article, please go and follow up on that I need to see him alive before I make any decisions on how to deal with this, Voldemort may be evil incarnate but he is not prejudiced of Dark Creature's like our light community are, I know Harry would enact revenge on him for the deaths of Lily and James he wouldn't have changed that drastically but we also must find out what his plans are and how we can support him if they are in fact for the betterment of wizard kind like I think it is, even if it means a temporary alliance with the Dark Lord, we do need an overhaul of some lingering legislation towards the dark community that is unjust such as Umbridge's Bill's on all creatures, maybe we can do something worth our time for once than a wild goose chase/war!".

Hermione and Alastor stared at him as if he grew a seperate head "We are in no way rallying with the Dark, Sirius! They want the death of all below purebloods and even attack purebloods without reason! We are all for Harry becoming a leader for the betterment of our kind rather than the annihilation of it but we aren't standing with Voldemort on any issues, he is vile and dangerous, we should recapture Harry and make sure no one of the Death Eaters or the ministry gets at him, let's take the legal route to fix some of the legislation though as we do agree people like Umbridge are a blight to our relations with creatures, would be better to place Hagrid as a representative more than anyone or even Newt Scamander if he can be found!" Alastor boomed incensed at the mere thought of a dark alliance despite Albus's revelations.

Severus looked contemplative "I will meet with Tom and try and find Harry if it is possible to bring him back over, I realise his worth and his relationship to you Black and you Lupin but your galivanting will attract the wrong attentions and may even put both of you in prison or in Lupins case to death for aiding a known criminal, stay here and I will report when i have found something, Lupin may be of use but you Black are not for this level of work if you are already wanted by normal people" he bowed his head slightly to the others and walked out the room with a sadistic smirk on his face as he realised he wouldn't give Albus his antidote before leaving so he was stuck under its effects until he returned.

Sirius cursed himself for his stupid situation before rounding on the others "We must ascertain how much damage Dora took with that memory charm, Albus what did you target when attempting to curse Dora and Kingsley?" The others leaned over to gaze at the headmaster, readying themselves for his next evil revelation.

"I targeted both their memories of the recent day and attempted to both fry the memories of me and their inherent magical gifts, if they could not establish a connection with their gifts, they would lose them, in Ms Tonks case her metamorphamagus ability and Mr Shackelbolt's wandless casting ability making them virtually useless and easy to dispose of if the need arose, neurology is always intriguing when combined with the mind arts despite how muggle the concept is" Dumbledore said with airy tone.

Minerva and the others gasped again realising how serious that is for Dora if it has succeeded, Sirius was brimming with anger as stared at the close to being dead headmaster "Hestia could you take Dora to St Mongos as you are our healer in residence other than Poppy?", the woman in question stood and nodded briskly before apparating out with Dora wrapped in her arms, now that was done everyone exploded, the calm atmosphere gone in an instant and it wouldn't be for quite some time as they decided how to deal with the issues Albus threw at them.

Meanwhile in Malfoy Manor, Draco had just layed Harry down in his bed and was just about to read his encyclopedia of Dark Creature types to get an idea of what Harry was, having no knowledge except for his Golden eyes that seemed to pierce through his soul at one glance, almost made him feel giddy being the centre of Harry's attention in a good way for once.

He was interrupted however when Blaise knock and came in "How's the now Dark Gryffindork?" He inquired with a teasing smirk, Draco flushed slightly but responded in a cold tone "He is resting I was just figuring out what he actually is, how goes the prisoner downstairs?" He shot back.

Blaise smirked wider as he walked to the bed before crawling on it and laying back at the end of it quite languidly "that Elf gave me no trouble at all it was easy chaining him up on the magic sealing cuffs to await our Lords punishment".

"Wait Blaise please do not tell me you used our normal magic sealing cuffs on a Dark Elf.. you do realise they don't work on magical creatures!" As the look of horror dawned on his ex lovers face he realised with a sinking dread that is exactly what happened and was startled when another knock struck the door followed by Lord Voldemort and his father walking in with a decidedly evil smirk on their faces.

"Blaise I trust Osiris is held in the dungeon? And that you used the correct cuffs to chain him? If not you will be punished should he portal here" Voldemort said crimson eyes trained on him with a strongly questioning gaze.

As if cursed by the gods a black portal burst to life inside the room, seemingly connected to the dungeons and in strode a confident Osiris, smirking slightly at Blaise for his naivety.

"Well I expected that, Crucio!" Voldemort said as Blaise started convulsing on the bed and screaming in pain, "I trust the Goblins put a type of bond on you and Harry? It would explain how you knew where to open the portal given we had not given you the specific location of Draco's room" Voldemort said as his gaze switched to Osiris who's purple orbs changed abruptly from malicious glee to outright fear and also barely disguised anger.

"You would be correct it is a telepathic loyalty bond, they wouldn't let me out without some kind of chains to prevent hindering Harry only strengthening him".

Voldemort snorted slightly as he considered this forced loyalty "How ingenious of them and deliciously wicked, I wouldn't even need to torture you with this one slip up or traitorous thought to Harry's cause whatever it maybe and you will die very painfully if not by Harry's hand directly but the bond destroying you for disloyalty, quite a good way to end you, I will enjoy watching how long it takes, now how long will he be out and did the Goblins give him any extra information after they put him in a healing sleep?".

"They wished for amicable relations, said he would be asleep for three days to give him time to adjust to the many creatures he has absorbed and they also wish him to take care of a rogue Messorem in their creature prison, where he found me, do you wish me to tell you the creatures that will manifest in him in one way or by Animagus form?" Osiris bit out through gritted teeth much to Voldemort's amusement.

"A Messorem? I am surprised they managed to even capture one of those things, they are more volatile than even my Dementors, will the boy even be able to get close enough to it without dying? He would need very special powers and guidance to approach one and live, trapped or not it is one of those beings that lives up to the legends carved by Death himself as for the abilities I am intrigued in the list you offer it would be of use so I can gauge his usefulness as my ally or my enemy depending on his answer when he wakes" Voldemort muttered quietly.

Osiris nodded knowing denying the knowledge would lead to his death and as the last of his particular clan he truly did not want to end his bloodline despite the pain it will cause him through his bond now residing with Harry.

"He absorbed a Lactura, a Pureblood Vampire, a Boggart, a Basillisk, a three headed infant Hydra, a Nightmare Double, a Shadow Dragon and Ironbelly Hybrid and most notably a very intelligent Shaytan" he said as he bit back the pain coursing through him, thanks to the loyalty bond lashing out for giving information to the boys enemy.

All occupants sucked in a breath at the mentions of those particular creatures "So this boy will exhibit traits of the shadow dragon kin, wings, power over shadow, the immortality of a illusionary demon as well as its gift of creating illusions, the abilities of a Lactura for a deeper magical hunger that does not require touch to steal, the hunger for flesh and blood of the vampire race, the ability of a Nightmare Double to create more than one of himself into any creature he has absorbed magic from almost like an even better Metamorphamagus, a boggart innate knowledge of a persons fear without the usual drawback a wizard counts on, he would also have the ability of rare elemental creatures that grow through maturity as well as the damn powers of a Lamia?" Lucius asked in cracked voice, horrified that such a dangerous creature was laying in his sons bed any of those could kill him ten times over let alone one with the powers of all and still room for growth!

Tom's eyes flashed with vicious glee when he felt everyones tension in the room 'If I can mould this boy to bend to my will, I will control a beastial god just like myself, free to rule for all time, none will appose my aims and if we can breed him and re-awaken long lost Malfoy Creature Blood, that has been diluted since before even my ancestors time, we could have an army at our disposal as we increase his family and take down all opposition of the Darks freedom' he thought with a hint of anticipation as his eyes trailed along Harry's sleeping form.

"Draco you have our blessing to bed him and court him, he will be an asset and I promised him you if he chose to join us in our hunt to take down Dumbledore, you are his mate, it will bring more than glory and prestige to your house with this union, it will bring a new magical era with no distinction of light or dark animosity, the empire we have wished for, though I do hope I can convince him to kill off the mud bloods or at least the blood traitors, it is not a hard feat with his abilities on top of being a higher Necromancer and not the measly ones I've had to use before, you have my permission and I do hope you give him a child as he is very capable of conceiving, his species if you are unaware is a legendary Dark Chimera, though its rarer still being a humanoid one, it is usually a familiar to a wizard or witch than one with the capacity he has for in depth thought" Voldemort said slowly with a slight smirk gracing his lipless face.

"In any case I want him to take out that Soul Reaper in the bank to give him more than the ability to steal magic but to use Soul Magic at a higher level than us beings can, I will train him including his Necromancy until his next year starts at Hogwarts and I will introduce him to three members of the junior night court that is sometimes held at my residences, they are of the Vampire, Drow and Lamia races so I have no doubt they will be useful if they are adolescents that can be glamoured to attend with him, good day gentleman and remember to inform me when he wakes" he swiftly left the room leaving Osiris, Lucius, Draco and Blaise to stare awkwardly at the door he departed from.

"Son must you do this? He is the most dangerous thing on the planet! And he will get even worse the more he consumes, what if he has no trace of humanity when he wakes and see's you as sustenance? You would die ten thousand deaths if you don't kill it before it awakes!" He said scared shitless.

Draco looked at him in horror "How dare you call my mate a thing! I saw that his instincts had taken over earlier I know for a fact he has not changed enough to not have human morals, his additions only add to his magical capabilities meaning I am safest with him! Can't you see what this will grant you now that fate blessed us with the possibility of rejuvenating long lost Malfoy Gene's! We will have children of his Chimera abilities and our ancestors Incubi Gene's! Hell he could awaken my own with his power! Wouldn't that make us much more powerful than we are? He is an asset and one I am deeply enamored with, please give your blessing without being ordered to or we will have a falling out father" he said upset that his father couldn't see the opportunity for what it was.

"I don't wish to risk my only heir, the sole person to continue our line, he is the darkest thing to walk this earth Draco, we have never taught you about them because even their familiar bonds are dangerous unless the wizard can handle the drain having one has on their magic, it is much higher than bonding with house elves it is near lethal let alone a humanoid one! His appetite now exceedes to eating the boundless power of leylines, how is that safe around you? Use your head!" Lucius said pained at the death stare he was receiving from his stupid son who seemed blindsided like if Hagrid were to have found more dangerous pets to keep.

As he raised his wand to mutter the curse to remove the threat despite his sons impertinence however Harry stirred and woke his golden eyes now engulfed in speckles of red and obsidian "You have nothing to fear of your son, I have kept my morals and do not see him as food he is mine, my mate, I will protect him from death himself the Shaytan gave me the ability to place immortality on others I choose, your son will live on as long as he is not gravely wounded as will I, though he won't be invulnerable, I need more time to assimilate my gifts, leave!" Harry said in a deep and cold voice before falling back to sleep and snuggling into Draco who openly smirked quite smugly as Lucius headed the suggestion and fled the room.

"Well that was enlightening, if you don't mind I will sleep in your delightfully comfy chair as I prefer that than my old living quarters of Gringotts dungeon or where this fellow threw me" Osiris said to Draco as he pointed at Blaise.

"Suit yourself just be aware I will be dominating two tonight and I want you scarce when that happens!" Draco said with a snort as he snuggled further back into the seats and Harry's oblivious embrace.

"Two Draco? I am no sub as you know Harry will be sandwiched, you aren't the only one who wants a taste of that boy" Blaise whispered before pouncing on him, ignoring the indignant blond or that Harry had again woken up and was glaring death at him.

"Bit presumptive aren't you Blaise, fine Draco tops me first he has the rights to my virginity as my mate, you get an after taste, you are lucky I feel generous at all after blatantly and brazenly attempting to come between us!" Harry said his eyes lustrously promising pain though the delicious kind.

Osiris took that as a cue to create a portal out of the room and run away from the scene until they were more decent. 'You need to teach me that trick Osiris it seems to bypass wizard wards and seems very handy now that I have the capacity to learn what wizards can not' Harry thought to him as he watched the portal close, 'I and your followers will train you in time for Hogwarts, have fun with your mate and new lover' Osiris responded before shutting down the mind connection his end so he wouldn't catch Harry's further thought's.

"Now boy's let's see if my abilities can make you delirious from sexual pleasure despite it being my first time and with men of all things!" Harry said with a smirk.

The last thing either boy coherent thought was 'well three days came quicker than expected!'.