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Harry Potter: Ascension of the Dark Chimera

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~July 30th, 1995 two minutes to midnight, Privet Drive~

~Harry Pov~

I stare mindlessly into the blurry abyss of the softly blanketing darkness engulfing me within my bedroom, taking only small comfort in the final silence of Privet Drive and the gentle snoring of the Dursley's down the hall, slowly counting down the seconds until my birthday as is my lonely tradition despite gaining friends finally in Hogwarts.

'5.. 4... 3.. 2.. WHAT..' "AH!!" I clenched my fists and jaw tightly suddenly, as I started rapidly convulsing, sprawled among my thin bed sheets as blinding waves of intense agony spike throughout my body, as if my blood was turned acidic, liquidating what's left of my innards after my daily dose of Dursley malnutrition.

As the pain hit it's crescendo, I blacked out, the last thing I hear is a crash from down the hall, it seems I woke them up after all..

~31st July 1995~

I awoke 'which was some kind of miracle given the pain I was suddenly under', I try to move realising I'm still aching from whatever after effects this left on me, though the first immediate change I realise is I can actually see! I don't need glasses anymore! I can see with sudden clarity.. "What the hell happened?" I mumble as I stumble out of bed only now realising the many locks on my bedroom have been unlocked leaving the door ajar.. "that's also weird why would they leave my room open at all? I gathered it was me screaming last night but to leave it open going against Vernon's wishes? Something isn't right here.." I walk gingerly to the mirror to check the damage only to stare in absolute shock.

My body has grown from a measly 5'3 to 5'7, my usual lean sun kissed skin has taken on a white creamy gleam exuding an aura of abstract beauty completely alien to my old self, my eyes are no longer green but gold.. as if I was a werewolf like Moony, my magical power seemed to arise more than a little as well from how my body feels, I also have a strange urge to take in magic from the items I can sense in my trunk "Wow.. what the hell happened to me?" As I said this there was an audible crack from behind me.. I spun around guardedly to notice a small note floating towards the floor.

"Finally some mail!" I walk quietly over to the mysterious note only to find the Gringotts seal 'Well that's disappointing maybe they know something?' I pick up the letter and begin to read.

Dear Mr H.J. Potter,
2nd Bedroom,
4 Privet Drive,

We are pleased to inform you of an unexpected creature inheritance, please come see your account manager Griphook at your earliest convenience, we have much to discuss, some of which may be knowledge pertaining to your rites to succession of your house(s) line(s), Discrepancies, as well as what is owed to you and what the details of your inheritance are and it's given abilities.

Yours Respectfully,
Bank Manager,
Gringotts Bank, Daigon Alley.

'Creature? I'm not human anymore? Well that explains the golden irises I guess though it will be interesting to see why I crave touching magic, I don't feel much different and my features are still humanoid at least I won't stand out besides the aura I exude seems to be quite dense' "If the Dursley's got a full view of my inheritance and are afraid or drawn to me why did they leave my door open?" I wonder.

Stretching I pull on my usual faded jean's and oversized t-shirt, making sure I'm at least presentable before heading downstairs to find out what the fuss is about besides the obvious.

As I walk down the stairs I hear the usually background noise of the TV 'Vernon must be watching the news whilst Petunia is in the kitchen' figuring that out I walk to the kitchen intent on getting some breakfast at least before I leave for Gringotts.

Petunia had her back to me as I stood in the doorway, she was hunched over the sink scrubbing away at the tell tail signs of this mornings breakfast 'seems I missed breakfast maybe there is something in the fridge' I thought reaching for the fridge handle to check, when Petunia spun around and screamed at me hysterically.

"POTTER!" 'And there's Vernon to the rescue.. what have I done this time?' Vernon charged into the kitchen almost knocking me over in the process, "Boy what is the meaning of this freakishness!" He shouts purple faced and spitting though his eyes give off an unnaturally predatory gleam as he stares at me for some reason.. which slowly dawn's on me as he approaches 'oh no he likes what he can see! That's both disgusting and a whole other new level of weird! And I can't even use Magic to defend what the fuck!' I think frantically as he draws nearer by the second.

I try to bolt for my bedroom to retrieve my wand but before I can get past the cupboard under the stairs Dudley trips me, making me fall flat on my face in the hallway, Vernon closed in and swiftly kicked me in the side as I tried to get up, I heard bone's snap and got hard to breath as I simultaneously spat blood on to the carpet and cry out in pain, I think 'he punctured my lung with that kick shit!' All kinds of alarm bells were ringing in my ears as Vernon took off my Jean's..

'He's going go fucking rape me! And then leave me for dead! Well I would rather live with my magic as an outcast than die in this situation!' I pour my magic into the internal wounds hearing the bone snap back into place and the lung reverse its damage, being able to breath again I let out a short sigh of relief before spinning around and kicking Vernon in the face, given he tried to press his dick into my exposed ass, it the hit made him fall backwards making the other occupants scream, as payback I extended a finger and yelled with every fibre of my being "Separate Confinia Alvum!" As I watched in strange fascination that the entrails expelling curse actually worked wandless on the fat bastard of a child rapist, blood splattered the floor as the mans stomach ripped open under the power of the curse, organs fell to the floor as the life suddenly died in Vernons eyes and the other two ran outside screaming, I turned dispassionately to the others and cast strong memory charms on them as they ran down the street and made sure they wouldn't ever return to Privet Drive, reminding me slightly of old Lockhart, before dressing and collecting my things and setting the house ablaze with a nice added touch of shouting "Morsmordre!" 'Strange how that spell works without a dark mark' and leaving the street.

I rounded the corner and raised my wand arm waiting for the Knight Bus to appear seconds later. I climbed aboard after greeting Stan and Ernie "What'll it be Mr Potter? Where we goin' then huh?" Stan asks, "The Leaky again Stan" who laughs abit and asks "That'll be the usually thirteen sicles mate!" I hand over the money and run to the nearest bed as the Bus learched forward again, speeding down unknown side lane's towards one of the occupants destinations.

After a while of stopping and starting Stan starts observing me more closely in my bed "Say Nev or shoulda say Harry? What's up with ya eyes? Weren't they green last time?" He asks inquisitively, I just shrug and say I'm wearing new contacts "It's a cool muggle item Stan, changes your eye colour to whatever you want for a select amount of time!" I smile abit to make it believed, "Heh, that a thing? Well I mus' say it's very allurin' might have to try some meself!" He laughs, "I recommend going to alternative fashion and trinket shops in London maybe like Camden Town to get those Stan" I reply with a slight smirk, He just nods in acceptance and the ride resumes its silence despite the crashing sounds as the bus tears through random roads as it passes along well until its next stop when someone heavily cloaked got on and sat with their hood up right beside him on the opposite bed "Didn't think you would be so bold to get on here Tom" I sneer at the figure who let out a dark chuckle and lifted his head to meet my eyes, "looksss like your inheritance has given you more gall Harry, I am not here to kill you for once providing you don't try my patience asss we both know I have very little, I found an unscheduled raid on your previous premisessss and was intrigued that you even knew my little calling card ssspell, I alssso happen to know what you are, are you intrigued to know?" He asks coldly, "now you mention it Tom I was just going to Gringotts but if you can save me the trouble with minimal risk sure, what's the catch? Want my fealty? Well I won't give it you murdered my only family after all and unless something drastically changes I will never".

"I have grown to expect ssuch cheek from you Potter, no matter you will learn from Gringottsss asss I have that the old man isss playing you like a marionette, join me asss an equal and watch him sssuffer assss jussstice isss rowt on the truly wicked, it takesss more to be the evil than I can portray to act as the pinnacle of light but be sso callouss behind closed doorsss, sacrificing pawns needlessly and grooming them asss if it were chess, you will sssee Potter, however I will give you opportunity for revenge if that isss all you actually want once you know I am right, take thisss port key and sssay Coelum Tenebris when you are ready oh and yes that is your creature name, you are a Dark Chimera, a rare sight, by taking the magic of other dark creatures you can steal their inherently powerful gifts and even take their forms as If by having many Animagus forms you are the pinnacle of dark creature if you have access to all the breeds which I can help with, I am a dark lord after all, think on my proposal Potter I want a willing partner in thisss and you may even find your mate in my ranks as I have a suspicion of whom it is before you came to this form, do not disappoint me boy" he said before he disapperated leaving all occupants stunned as the slytherin heir bracelet appeared on my wrist.

Before the occupants can move I smoothly point at each of them and murmur "Obliviate" 'even if I may have no inclination of joining yet no one can know of our sudden recruitment meeting' I think to myself in some satisfaction.

"I am a Dark Chimera a rare Dark Creature now with the power to sap magical gifts from other dark beings? Was this the edge against Tom the prophecy foretold or am I just lucky? Well whatever the case Dark Arts is forbidden so I must train discreetly and make sure Albus doesn't find out what I have done or am even if I am still me, He detests Dark Creatures because they aren't safe around normal beings, my nature hasn't changed enough but I propose a significant threat now that I am good at wandless magic and have the means for exponential growth, he may kill me just for what I am regardless of the side I wish to be on" I mutter to myself in contemplation under a silence bubble so those I obliviated of the conversation can't hear me and undo my hard work.

"Guess we will find out how much shit I am in at Gringotts, speaking of which.." the bus stopped and opened "The Leaky Cauldron, Harry this is your stop!" Stan says jubilantly remembering the last time Harry was on, "Thanks" I mutter as I rise and tap my trunk and follow out the door with the trunk floating behind me 'note to self wordless is another ability I have seemed to awoken'.