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For the Love of Kiro

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You knew Kiro was someone special the moment you first met.

Maybe it was fate. Maybe the stars had aligned. Maybe some divine light from the heavens shone down upon you that day. Whatever it was, you instantly felt warm from your head to your toes, and you knew even then that he would change your life somehow. Perhaps not in a romantic sense of the word just yet, but you were drawn to him nevertheless.

He was sweet, charming, and adorable– even from that first encounter in the convenience store, when you both reached for the same bag of potato chips. Incognito behind a pair of cheap, drugstore sunglasses and a nondescript ballcap, you recognized his voice the moment he told you to take the bag of chips for yourself.

“Hey, you’re Ki– !” He grabbed you as you squeaked out the last syllable of his famous name, pulling you toward him, your back against his chest, his warm hand over your mouth. Your eyes widened when you felt his warm, breath on your ear, and you smelled something sweet; strawberry...raspberry maybe?

“’ll blow my cover,” he whispered before releasing you. You turned to him, smoothing out your shirt, your face hot. You were embarrassed; the sudden contact with this notoriously irresistible superstar had you reeling for a moment longer than you would have liked. You’d seen his face on magazine covers, on the giant billboard in the town square, and on the side of nearly every mass transit vehicle in the city. Kiro. The legendary pop star that everyone loved, who was kind and generous to each and every one of his fans. And here he stood before you, being his benevolent self, insisting that you take his favorite snack away from him.

“But I...I collect the cards. Would you mind if I took it?” he asked, something innocent and bashful in his tone. You couldn’t help but smile at him, especially when he smiled at you. You knew that part of his job was to be happy and sunny around his fans, but it somehow felt more intimate in this ridiculous predicament. There you stood with an open bag of chips in the middle of the store, Kiro fishing around in the bottom until he reached his prize with a satisfied, “A-ha! Got it!”

He bounced on his toes, inspecting the little cardboard trinket, looking a little dejected when he realized it was one he already had.

“Well, now I really feel bad because I ruined your snack for no reason,” he pouted. “Let me pay for these, please?”

You shook your head, walking toward the cashier. “Nope! I’ll pay for these…” Something dawned on you in that moment, and you felt the proverbial light bulb illuminate above your head. Withdrawing one of your business cards from your purse, you held it out for him with a satisfied smile. “Here’s how you can repay me. Let me interview you on my show. Miracle Finder. Have you heard of it?”
He laughed then, incredulous. “Are you kidding? I love Miracle Finder! I used to sit in front of the TV as a kid and wait for it to come on!’s your show? Woooww...that’s so awesome!”

You shrugged, looking at the ground. “It was my dad’s show. He passed two years ago, and his executive took over until I was able to graduate university and take the reins. We’re...we’re losing funding, and I’d love to go out with a bang. If you could help, Ki– “ You stopped short, remembering you were still in public, talking to an undercover celebrity. “It would mean the world to me.”

His nod was resolute, his expression stoic, serious. Even behind his glasses, you could sense the determination in his eyes. “I’ll help. I’ll talk to my agent and get some time cleared out so I can help you.”


Though he wasn’t able to help with your show because of his demanding schedule, he did invite you to the set of one of his productions, where you got to help with recording and see him in action. You initially had trouble getting in, but Kiro soon had the entire studio clamoring for an interview with you. Within moments, their skepticism over a so-called reporter coming in at the last minute turned into coos of admiration when Kiro happily informed them that you were his favorite reporter.

“She’s the best! I wouldn’t want anyone else to interview me,” he proclaimed with a wink meant only for you. It was endearing and sweet, and you could see again why his fans adored him. Kiro had the power to turn just about any negative situation into a positive one, either with his words or his mere presence, and you always felt comfortable and safe when he was around.

Both of you were busy. Constantly. When he wasn’t filming or conducting interviews for the tabloids and talk shows, he was touring or recording music. His agent had him on a strict diet and exercise regimen, though Kiro’s incessant sweet tooth tended to take hold sometimes and stress poor Savin out to no end. You would sneak little foil-wrapped candies into his hands sometimes between takes, never tiring of the conspiratorial smile he would gift you when his warm hand closed around yours to take his prize.

When you received LFG’s blessing in the form of a hefty investment, you were able to expand your own studio and hire more staff, effectively earning yourself better ratings, more time and resources to shoot, and more relevant guests. You actually began to have people call you to be featured on the show. Your weekly reports to Victor Li were impressive, to say the least, and he offered you guarded praise with each successful venture.

Kiro’s free time was limited, of course, but he began to call or text you when he was settled in at home for the evening. Some of the calls came after midnight, but you didn’t mind. Phone cradled against your ear, still snug under the blankets in the darkness of your bedroom, you found yourself giggling over his silly jokes, even cracking a few of your own. You discussed local celebrities, your favorite movies and food, your dreams for the future. Often, he would sing you snippets of songs he was working on, and you began to feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have Kiro’s soothing voice in your ear to gently lull you into a restful sleep.

There was never really a definite, official first date. What happened was that your late night phone calls turned into late night strolls through the city sidewalks. Night was a little safer for Kiro in terms of avoiding paparazzi and crazed fans, and you found ways to avoid the more crowded areas. You also learned to find quick hiding places when someone recognized him. It might have been reckless, but there was something honest and ethereal about walking together under the streetlamps. The city was quiet and sleepy, and the summer of your beginning gave you plenty of balmy nights to enjoy. Most shops were closed, but you would find the occasional convenience store, bright neon lights boasting promises of sugary slushies or fresh pizza slices for your late night snacking pleasure. Kiro was a fan of anything fruity or sour, so you would sometimes share a bag of candies as you walked.

One evening, you settled on a bench in front of a water fountain at a quaint, historical park. The area was empty except for the two of you, and a temperate, late evening breeze that rustled through the trees filled you with a feeling of well-being and contentment that was only magnified by the man at your side. Simply put, you felt alive. You’d been giggling together over a story you told about a rather unconventional guest on your show, and when you paused to sip your drink, he studied you with a tenderness that made your cheeks flush, hot and red under his gaze. You instinctively touched your face, worried that maybe you had a crumb in the corner of your mouth.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” you asked, watching his lips curve into a dazzling smile.

“Because you’re pretty. And I’m happy that I get to spend time with you,” he blurted, his own cheeks dusted pink under the soft yellow glow of the lights around the water fountain.

A giddy giggle bubbled up from somewhere in your chest and you slapped a hand over your mouth, unable to look at him. Here you were, twenty-something years old, in the company of the most handsome, thoughtful, sincere gentleman you’d ever had the pleasure of spending time with...and you felt like a teenager with a mad crush. You knew he liked you, and obviously you felt the same, but to have it out in the open was a wonderfully satisfying feeling– one that had you feeling dizzy and buzzing with excitement the moment the words tumbled from his mouth.

“Hey, don’t laugh! I mean it!” He reached up and curled his fingers around yours, pulling them away from your mouth. He was smiling, too, but you could feel his honesty in the way he held you, the way his eyes danced across your face, filled with wonder and adoration. “I’ve enjoyed our walks. It’s been a nice way for me to unwind, and get to know my most favorite person in the whole world.”

Still at a loss for words, you watched him lean in closer until his lips found yours in a sugary, strawberry candy flavored kiss. Your hands stayed linked together while the kiss deepened, his tongue sliding over yours while his free hand fanned out across your cheek. His cool fingertips were soothing on your blazing skin as he tilted his head to kiss you a little deeper, a little more insistently.

You were first to pull back, your heart pounding in your ears as you took a shuddering breath. Kiro looked concerned and let his hand fall away from your cheek. “I’m sorry, did I…?” he began, his voice unsteady.

Shaking your head, you shifted closer to him and kissed him hard. His eyes widened for a moment and a muffled exclamation of surprise was trapped between you before he relaxed, folding you in his embrace.

He walked you home at dawn that day, the two of you having spent the entirety of the wee morning hours in the park– talking, kissing under the stars, making plans for the weekends to come. You could barely keep your eyes open at work the next day, having opted to just stay up and get ready for work instead of catching some sleep. You sort of figured you’d get so little sleep it would probably make you more tired. You ran on adrenaline and daydreams that day, crashing onto your bed as soon as you got home that evening.

Your phone rang just after midnight again, and you didn’t even need to check the screen to find out who it was. You answered with a sleepy smile and a yawn.

“Kiro, I’m super tired tonight. I don’t think I can come out for a walk,” you said, pulling the bed sheets up to your chin and curling into yourself.

“Is it okay for me to come see you then? Remember, my tour starts in two days, and I’ll be gone for three whole weeks, Miss Chips. Can you go three weeks without Kiro?” You could hear his pout through the phone and had to laugh. Irresistible, even through the miracle of the modern cell phone.

“Yes, yes, of course. Just let me get dressed and– “

“Oh, no you don’t! Cozy pj’s are mandatory. I’ll wear mine, too! We’ll have a slumber party.” There was a pause, then he added, “O-only if you want me to stay, that is.”

“Just get your butt up here,” you said playfully, going to brush teeth and fix your hair before he came.

Twenty minutes later, arms laden with bags of microwave popcorn, candies, and Coke, a beaming, tousle-haired Kiro stood at your door, wearing a well loved white t-shirt and blue lounge pants. He bounced into your apartment and spilled his treasures onto your kitchen table. “Are you ready for this? Good thing tomorrow is Saturday so you can sleep in, huh?” He winked and gathered you in his embrace. You still weren’t quite used to the intimacy of his touch, and you found yourself blushing again. His face close to yours, though– taking in your features with such wonder– stirred something within you. Emboldened, you kissed him first this time, feeling him relax against you. His hand met with the nape of your neck, fingers tangled in your hair as he pulled you in as close as he could. The shroud of sleep began to wear off, only to be replaced by a budding desire for Kiro’s touch in places other than those he’d already explored.

His lips fell to your jaw, then traced an open-mouthed path down to the hollow of your throat where they lingered, feather-light, his fingers dancing across your cheek, your brow, your lashes as they fluttered in response to his touch. You sighed softly, lost in the most sensual moment between you yet.

“I didn’t come here know…” he faltered, not quite sure how to proceed. “I mean, I really, really like you. But don’t think I invited myself up here to, ah…” He laughed nervously, raking a hand through his hair. His cerulean eyes met yours, pupils dark with desire, his chest heaving with each nervous breath he took. It was innocent. Refreshing. To know that his wholesome character was such a part of him that he worried about how you might have interpreted his late night visit. But if you could put into words what exactly ran through your mind when he invited himself to your apartment, he would know that your intentions weren’t exactly pure. In fact, you hoped something more might happen between the two of you, especially if he was to leave on a tour soon. You almost couldn’t bear the thought of him leaving without leaving some part of himself with you.

“Kiro,” you said in a breathy whisper, cradling his face between your palms. “There’s nothing I’d rather do than spend the night in your arms.”

“I love you,” he confessed. “I love you so much, and I’ve loved you from the moment we met.” His voice was thick with emotion. He licked his lips and gulped, his nervous excitement palpable. Cool fingertips trailed the length of your arm until he caught your hand in his, lifting it to hold against his chest where you could feel his heart, hammering wildly for you.

Tears clouded your vision. “Oh, Kiro. I love you,” you said before swooping in for another kiss.

Kiro was a gentle lover. He took his time with you, savoring every inch of your smooth skin as you lay together in your bedroom. For some time, you were content to just touch and kiss each other, loving eyes and curious fingers tracing every curve, every freckle and tiny scar. He was enthralled with you; he loved watching how your lips would part when he touched your most sensitive places, your spine curling ever-so-slightly when he found an especially delicate spot. Soft lips and warm breath raised goosebumps on your skin, flooding your core with a delicious warmth that had you almost begging him for mercy.
When his fingers traced along your thigh, you opened yourself to him. His touch was hesitant at first, grazing your sex before daring to push one finger past your slick folds, earning him a sharp intake of breath and a soft moan. A delighted, quiet laugh fell from his lips, and he pushed deeper, hooking his finger into your wetness while tugging at your bottom lip with his own mouth before claiming you in another kiss. You rolled your hips upward, eager for his touch, and he obliged, adding another digit to his expert work. His erection pressed hot and insistent against your hip, and you reached down to curl your fingers around it. He moaned against your cheek, rocking his pelvis in cadence with your strokes, relieved...yet in desperate need for more.

He let his hand fall away from your warm center and shifted himself over you, blonde hair falling over his eyes as he studied you with fascination. “You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.” And he meant it, too. Kiro might have been a crowd-pleasing superstar, but when he showered you in words and looks of such high praise, you knew he was sincere. He pressed himself against your entrance and you lifted your hips to guide him inside, holding tight to the smooth expanse of his back while your cunt clenched, greedy, around his cock. He buried his face between your neck and shoulders, a low groan breathed against your skin as he began to thrust. It took every ounce of self control he possessed to not just drive into you with reckless abandon. Even you had to hold yourself back from bucking wildly against him.

Your resolve– and his– lasted a few seconds before you went feral for each other. In every sense of the word, you were one. One pulsing, pounding, living, breathing, moaning, sweating being that threw all reason and caution to the wind in favor of total consumption of each other and the raw act of love and lust and pure, unrestrained pleasure. Strong arms slid behind your back against the mattress and lifted you to him until you were perched on his thighs and he was driving upward into you, fistfuls of your hair twined between greedy fingers, his lips seeking yours in earnest. You could taste his need with every swirl of his tongue against yours, and you fell apart fast– a trembling, whining mess of a woman, clinging to your lover as though your life depended on it. His own release followed yours; his cock twitched against your thigh and you felt the warm of his fluid against your skin as he panted upon your neck, soft lips peppering languid kisses on the skin just below your ear as he struggled to catch his breath. His heart raced alongside yours while you cradled his head in your hands, fighting to find your own breath, your throat dry, lips swollen from his zealous affections.

He fell dramatically onto the bed, taking you down with him. His laughter was infectious, and you remained tangled in each other for quite some time, content to just be together. It felt right. It felt good. You’d never been one to believe in soulmates or love at first sight, but here you were with the one man who had managed to change every preconception you’d ever had about falling in love. It wasn’t complicated or hard or confusing at all like it had been with others you’d tried to date. It was perfect in every sense of the word. Almost too good to be true. As if–

“We’re meant to be, ya know? I really believe that,” he said quietly, pushing your bangs away from your forehead to plant a kiss just above your brow. “I mean, not just because the sex was hot. And it was– hot. Whew!” He laughed heartily before hugging you tight against him. “But like...I’ve never met someone who makes me so happy the way you do. I think about you constantly. Savin has yelled at me more for daydreaming these days than he has about my snacking habits, and that’s saying something!”

You propped yourself up on your elbow and kissed the tip of his nose. “I’m glad I can be a good influence on you,” you joked. “Though somehow I think daydreaming might be more dangerous…”

“Nah. Puts me in a good mood every time, guaranteed! I’m hyper-focused when I think about us. I’m able to finish stuff faster so I have more time to spend with you,” he admitted, rolling on top of you to pin you beneath him. Cupping one of your breasts in his hand, he lowered his head and took your nipple between his lips, swirling his tongue over the sensitive flesh. Your pussy clenched and you felt the warm pool of desire stirring in your gut again while he trailed kisses down your abdomen, lifting your legs over his shoulders. He blew a cool breath against your damp folds before parting them gently with his tongue, sending a shiver down your spine as you allowed your head to fall back on the pillow.

“Kiro, I don’t know if I...ohh– “ You were cut off when his mouth took possession of your most secret, sensitive place, granting you access to a higher plane of consciousness. You took hold of his hair with greedy fists and felt his hands slip under your ass to pull you in for a better taste.
The dizzying rush of arousal washed over you again and you allowed yourself to be carried away on the waves, crying out his name while he brought you to climax for the second time that night. Languorous laps of his tongue brought you back to earth and you relaxed your grip on his hair, opening your eyes to look down at him. His smile radiated into his gaze as he locked eyes with you, still tasting your essence.

Before you could even think about returning the favor, he shifted himself so that he was laying beside you and pulled you up to straddle him, his cock already hard and wanting. You wasted no time sinking down onto his length, then leaned down for a swift kiss to his neck before beginning your slow grind. You wanted to savor this time, to feel every inch of him along your slick, clenching walls. He watched each and every move you made, heard every whimper and mewl that escaped your lips, encouraging you to let it all out and not hold back.

And you didn’t. It was a slow burn, one that brought tears to your eyes with how tender he was, with how he didn’t hurry you along and lay content to watch you take charge. His eyes followed each caress of his fingers upon your skin, drinking you in as you leaned down to kiss him, your hair falling over your eyes and sweeping against his cheeks. And once more you came. You didn’t think you had it in you, but he encouraged you to let go, thumb pressing against your clit to coax you along.

You collapsed onto his chest, absently tracing the glistening skin of his bicep. Completely spent, you shifted to curl yourself against him and closed your eyes, a blissful smile in place.

“I don’t know how I’m going to go without seeing you for three weeks,” he whispered while stroking your hair. His voice was raspy, heavy with exhaustion and emotion. “I had a hard enough time on the weekend tour. Maybe you can score some tickets to a weekend show. Backstage passes, even.” He tapped your nose, a mischievous grin spreading across his handsome features. “I might know a guy…”


His agent wasn’t impressed with how late Kiro arrived at the airport the next afternoon, and even less amused when he saw the two of you walking hand-in-hand. Savin had known that things were blossoming between the two of you, but to make it public was a risk he wasn’t willing to take just yet. To say you were alarmed when Savin growled and yanked Kiro away from you was an understatement. You stood, mouth agape, watching as Savin lectured him on proper procedure when it came to personal relationships, especially romantic relationships, all while rushing Kiro into the queue for a security check before boarding. A small group of curious onlookers had gathered to watch, and you stood, helpless, watching Kiro turn and wave to you as he was ushered through the metal detector.

Tears burned, threatening to fall, and you clenched your fists before sprinting forward through the growing crowd. “Wait!” you called. He turned and stopped suddenly, beaming at you before you threw yourself into his arms and crushed your lips against his. You could feel Savin’s eyes boring holes into the back of your head, but you didn’t care. You’d deal with the consequences later, but now? Now, you wanted to kiss your boyfriend goodbye. You wanted the world to know that you were in love with him, that you were going to miss him, and that he was yours. And you were his.

“I’ll see you next weekend, okay? I’ve already got a room booked for you,” he said, tears swimming in his eyes.

You nodded. “I can’t wait. Be safe, okay? Call me when you can.”

“Promise. That is…” he peered over your shoulder, biting his lip. “If my agent lets me. Though...his bark is worse than his bite,” he said with a wink.

“I love you,” you lowered your voice to a barely audible whisper and leaned to speak his name upon his ear, “Kiro.”

He shivered and kissed your neck, squeezing you in a bear hug before pulling away, hearing Savin clear his throat in a not-so-subtle signal that it was time to break up your little goodbye.

“I love you, too.”