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Be careful what you witch for...

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His wand was firmly lodged into the meat of the beast’s shoulder and while he could see it, he certainly could no longer reach it. His arms were pinned down by one meaty paw, while the other held his leg at an angle, better allowing the mangy cur to rut into him. The cock spread his hole wide, and while he might protest loudly and repeatedly, Shen Jiu loathed to admit he also enjoyed the way it was stirring up his insides, the hot pre-come coating his walls and warming him inside out. Not to mention how he could feel the knot pressing on his entrance, threatening to push in, locking the beast inside and breeding him like a common bitch.

Grunting as he felt the cock press deep, Shen Jiu dared to look down his body, mortification welling up as he saw his once flat stomach distended from the wolf’s dick. His entire body shuddered with the new revelation, and the sparks of pleasure flared from his ring- the knot rubbed at the swollen puffy hole, as if kissing, begging to be let in.
‘Unlikely’ He thought. ‘I didn’t summon this beast here to become it’s cock warmer!’

The spell he’d woven was to summon a beast of the woods to come and serve his needs. He’d hoped for maybe a basilisk or a wyvern to put into thrall and make his loyal guard. His home had been almost discovered by those white knights before and while yes he could turn them all into toads but that was such a waste of magic- having a powerful sentry would be much easier, or so he thought.
In stead the spell had summoned a werewolf who upon arrival had growled and grabbed him before he’d had a chance to cast the binding net.

So much for all his pre-planned spell work.

Robes ripped open and off, his hat firmly planted on his head, the wide brim at first had been a blessing, he couldn’t see how the beast drooled over him, how the red cock bobbed with each beat of the beast’s heart, dripping with desire as Shen Jiu was pinned down and spread open. But the iconic hat of his calling was now a curse, because now, bent and tilted as he was, it wouldn’t let him look anywhere but at the beast, the wide brim framing his face. To Shen Jiu, the entire p[predicament was abhorrent, to the beast, it was a dream come true.

Luo Binghe was a werewolf who’d been born with his wolf blood, and had staked his claim over a vast territory. In his youth, he recalled a witch, pretty as he was handsome feeding him scraps and using him for various tests of new spells. It had been painful, humiliating, but the witch had fed him, let him sleep in his shed, and had even once pet his head and called him a good boy.

Now Luo Binghe was grown, and he could claim the witch who’d enchanted him so long ago.

Fucking The Witch of Xue Ya was more a thrill than he could have hoped, the normally composed and cruel man now turned into a half sobbing mess as his ass was used. Luo Binghe growled in pleasure as he looked down, watching his cock slip in and out of the willowy man. Cute, he thought, towering over his new mate. Shen Jiu, so thin and small, was cute. He might have been a grown man, but he fit perfectly under Luo Binghe, like he was made to be the wolf’s bitch.

Granted he was larger than any other were he’d ever encountered, Luo Binghe still liked the fact his Shen Jiu was so small and cute next to him- it made the sight of his little hole swallowing up his cock all the more tantalizing.

“Shizun~” Binghe crooned, earning another hiss from his former master and teacher- That was what Shen Jiu was after all. He’d taught Binghe how to hunt and kill, what you had to do to survive. “Shizun missed me?” He licked a wet stripe up the witch’s neck, baring his fangs in a smile as he felt his cock get a squeeze in response.
“Little beast!” The witch tried to fight him, he really did, the wand was a dull throb in his shoulder- but Luo Binghe chuckled, rotating his hips, rubbing his knot at the swollen ring that just begged to be stretched further. He loved the sounds Shen Jiu made in response, mostly because he could tell the witch enjoyed it even when he said he didn’t.

“Binghe will make sure shizun is properly mated.” He felt his balls tense at the thought- his shizun full of pups, belly swollen and forced to laydown while Luo Binghe tended to him. “This one will make sure he takes care of all his mate’s needs.”
Whatever protest Shen Jiu had died on his lips as the knot slammed against his rim, overly sensitive flesh sending waves of pain and pleasure through his body.

As Binghe kept teasing Shen Jiu with the threat of his knot, Shen Jiu was trying not to break.
He’d taken cocks before, heck he’d even summoned a tentacle demon once to fuck him for a whole day. Sex magic was potent magic and if he’d summoned the beast for that, he’d have been riding his dick happily. Perhaps not happily but fully willing and enjoying it. As is, the dog he’d once took pity on had come back under the call of his summoning spell and was going to mate him if he didn’t do anything.

The collar he’d enchanted was too far out of reach, and every time a spell was nearly spoken, the beast would move just right, cock rubbing right over his already milked prostate. His own cock had long since run dry, and his seed decorated the ground and his torso, a sticky mess.

But fuck if the beast’s dick wasn’t stretching him good and wide. His mind was a traitor letting him wonder if he’d gape after. How much cum would slosh in his gut and how much would drool out his sloppy wet hole. Maybe after he’d shove his hand there, scoop out the cum and bottle it for later. Maybe, he could offer up his mouth for that hot meat and get a nice rush of potent sexual energy to fuel a particular spell…

Said cock rammed into him again and Shen Jiu whined, looking down again to see the shape of it through his torso. Such a massive cock would break a normal human- thank the devils he was a witch.
“Shizun-“ The beast growled, knot once more playing at his rim. “I think shizun is ready for my pups.”
“Absolutely not!” He snarled, trying to wiggle his arms free to scoop out an eye.
“MMmm Shizun is so tight around me, squeezing me. He wants our pups doesn’t he?” The beast was stupid if he thought that he’d let anyone get to whelp him. He may want a belly full of hot, sticky cum bit he did not want any bastards thank you!
“Shizun, Shen Jiu.” The witch stilled as Luo Binghe slowly rocked, his knot pushing in. “Shen Jiu, my shizun… my witch…My bitch.”

They both howled as the knot popped into Shen Jiu, pleasure mixing with pain. His heart was in his throat as vision went white- perhaps he blacked out? One moment, the knot had pushed in, the flare of pressure giving way as his prostate rubbed mercilessly would explain it. But as soon as that happened, his mind blanked, and now as he regained his senses, Luo Binghe was fucking into him with abandon, knot pulling at his hole, firmly locking them together as the beast bred him.

His belly was slightly swollen, no longer was he able to see the outline of the cock when Luo Binghe hilted himself- Shen Jiu was filled nice and proper. His body felt warm and he knew that was bad, that he shouldn’t just give in no matter how good it felt.

Knotted, Luo Binghe let go of his arms, perhaps thinking Shen Jiu wouldn’t try to get away- well he was wrong, because as soon as the beast let go, Shen jiu was moving. Twisting, trying to ignore the hot, swollen cock in his ass and how damnably good it felt to be filled up so much, he pulled away, tugging, trying to get far away from the beast that loomed above him.

All it got Shen Jiu was a keen of pleasure as the knot pulled on his hole before Luo Binghe dragged him back, a few hard, deep thrusts stealing his will.
“Shhh… We’re not done yet Shizun.” Luo Binghe moaned, leaning back, dragging Shen Jiu’s hips flush with his own, making sure the monstrous cock was firmly planted deep inside, that the next wave of cum would slather and coat every last inch of his new mate’s body. Even as he struggled to bite back his moans, Shen Jiu knew then he couldn’t pull away, but he could hide his face.
Grabbing his had he bent it, covering his gaze from the pleased expression of the werewolf who had claimed him.
“My mate is so shy.” Another lick to his neck made Shen Jiu shiver, his body squeezing, making him keenly aware just how much cum now was inside him.
“You wanted someone to see to your need yes? Do not worry shizun, this one will take care of you.” The beast curled over him, shifting them both so Shen Jiu was flush with him, his knot snug and keeping the cum plugged inside.
“I’ll make sure you’ll have everything you want.” Shen Jiu shuddered from more than pleasure at the beast’s words.

A click made his blood freeze, the cold weight of magical iron around his neck.
“You make such a pretty pet Shen Jiu.” The werewolf growled, fangs brushing over his shoulder. “I’ll break you in soon enough.”

Shen Jiu was a witch who’d summoned a beast to serve his needs. As the cock began to fuck him again, a tiny dark little part of him thought how he’d gotten exactly what he’d asked for.