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Sweet chills

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"We have nothing in common!", Izuku said, face flushed red and voice a little higher than usual.

"Well, you both hate my father."   

"Todoroki-kun!" Izuku exclaimed, equally shocked and amused. They were currently studying for the upcoming English test on the floor of Izuku's dorm room, looking over and comparing notes. It has gotten quite late and neither of them really had motivation left. Izuku was about to call it a night when Shouto suddenly brought their latest internship at his father's agency a few weeks ago and his visit at the Todoroki household. But that isn't it. His stoic friend was really trying to set Izuku up with his older brother, Natsuo.   

Izuku shook his head. "He's too old for me," he stated.

They haven't even really talked. They just ate together and Izuku has asked dumb questions Natsuo answered before he and Endeavour had a... Conflict. Okay so maybe they have talked a little and maybe Izuku found him cute and attractive.   

"You're just three years apart," Shouto said, pointing out Izuku's rather invalid argument.

"But wouldn't that be... You know... Illegal?!"

Izuku didn't really know about this stuff, but Natsuo was basically an adult and Izuku technically was still a teenager and if... things were to happen, then-

"Midoriya what are you thinking?" Todoroki smirked knowingly while Izuku blushed, having been found out. A few minutes ago, he claimed he was having no interest and now he was already thinking of sleeping with his friend's older brother.   

"Listen, he really likes you, those three years won't change that. Why don't you just give it a shot? You are turning 18 next year anyway."

Todoroki has gone back to studying his flashcards while Izuku was considering his chances for a boy, or rather a man, he didn't really know, who didn't really know him, who was Todoroki's brother - and really attractive, must have been the genes- and way older than him and so nice and Izuku was... Well.

"What would he want from somebody like me?"   

Something close to a giggle escaped Todoroki's throat. "Oh, I don't know. Maybe your cute freckles, or you adorable stammering, your bed head, your small waist-," Izuku cut him off, "T-Todoroki-kun!" Addressed boy defensively held up his hands.

"Don't look at me like that, he hasn't stopped talking about this ever since you two have met! I can't hear it anymore! And I saw the way you looked at him so I thought maybe..."

Izuku crooked a brow. "Maybe?", he asked. Shouto sighted.

"I thought you two would be good together? I know my brother and I know you." Izuku slowly nodded.

"Yeah... Okay. You can give him my number maybe?"  


Somehow Izuku regretted and simultaneously was happy for that sentence, because he himself would never have texted Natsuo first, on the other hand it was currently half past ten and he just received a text of an unknown number. He knew he should sleep, but his curiosity got the best of him and he opened the message, the light of the screen feeling too bright for his eyes in the dark of his room.  

Unknown number: hey Izuku! This is Natsuo, Shouto gave me your number :D  

Izuku blushed at the fact Natsuo used his given name casually like this, even though they weren't familiar yet. But he didn't really mind it either. He quickly added Natsuo to his contacts, choosing to also use his given name so he would not get confused about two "Todoroki-kun"s.   

Izuku: hi!  

Natsuo: U are still up? Haven't you got school tomorrow?  

It was sweet how he took Izuku and his circumstances into consideration, at least that was what the hero in training thought.  

Izuku: I can't sleep  

Izuku was nervous and it wasn't about the English test. He was nervous about what to say, about how to act. Luckily, it turned out that it was surprisingly easy talking to Natsuo. He asked Izuku how school was going, told him not to worry about his grades because he seemed to be a smart and reflected person. When Izuku was about to fall asleep due to tiredness, he told Natsuo good night and Natsuo wished him sweet dreams followed by a kissing emoji. Something tingled inside Izuku's belly and he sent an emoji back before falling asleep.  

As fate would have it, Izuku dreamed of Natsuo that night, resulting in him waking up sweaty and sticky in the morning. Izuku sighted. What has he gotten himself into...?  


A few more days of them texting went by, Izuku jumping in excitement every time he received a message. So, it comes as no surprise that Izuku and Natsuo decide to meet up a week later. At least Izuku calls it meeting up while Natsuo talks about it as a date, which causes Izuku to blush. So the following Saturday, one hour before they were supposed to meet, Izuku stood in front of his dresser in the middle of a pile of clothes, panicking about what to wear, while Todoroki sat on his bed with his math book, not bothered by Izuku's outbreak.  

"I've got nothing to wear!" he complained.

"You sound like Ashido," Todoroki answered, why are you caring anyway? Last time he saw you, if I recall it correctly, you wore your 'dress shirt' shirt." Izuku buried his face in his hands.

"Why did you have to bring this up?"  


In the end, Izuku looked somewhat casual. He was going wild on the ripped jeans to be fair; he wasn't really a fashion king after all. When Izuku made his way over the school grounds he could already spot Natsuo waiting for him at the entry, dressed in a white dress shirt. How ironic. Izuku's heart heated faster when he came nearer, his body tingling all over.  

He greeted Natsuo with a shy "Hey" and Natsuo in return pulled him in a hug. Izuku blushed.

"Hey Izuku! How are you?" The hug did not really last long, but long enough for Izuku to feel cloudy in his head.

"I-I'm good! Thank you!" he stammered, a small smile appearing on his face nevertheless. Natsuo scratched the back of his neck and flashed Izuku a toothy smile.

"Good to go?" Izuku nodded.



They walked down the street together and Izuku didn't come around to note the fact that Natsuo was almost a head taller than he himself was. And up close, Natsuo appeared even more muscular, his shoulders brought and jaw sharp enough to cut wood. Izuku's frame was smaller, even though he's packed on a good amount of muscle after the last two years, and his cheeks were still puffy due to his young age.  

"Uhm, you haven't told me yet where we are going," Izuku noted. Natsuo smiled at him.

"I thought keeping it secret would be more exciting, but I can tell you now," they passed the corner of the street and a delicious smell reached Izuku's nostrils, "I thought you'd probably like to go see the new All Might movie with me. There is a public viewing nearby and I wanted to grab chicken teriyaki beforehand. You haven't eaten yet, have you?"

Izuku shook his head no, feeling even more exited now.

"That's so cool! I've wanted to go and see to movie for a while, but I couldn't make time for it because of exams coming up! I mean of course I know all of All Might cases, but seeing it animated is still..."

Izuku went on and on about his idol. Natsuo listened to him closely, made conversation about older movies and comics he's read. It turned out Todoroki's older brother was just as much of an All Might fan as Izuku.  

They grabbed food, then made their way over to the big screen a few blocks ahead. There was an old parking lot, surrounded by grass and stalls selling popcorn and more. Natsuo picked a place for them on a small hill just behind the parking cars in the first few rows of the parking lot. Izuku was about to finish his food as Natsuo opened the backpack he's had brought with him, grabbing a blanket for them to sit on.   

They sat down and finished their food, chatting some more before the movie started. It has gotten pretty crowded, Izuku noticed.  

Izuku watched the movie with big, shiny eyes, excited like a child. Natsuo occasionally turned and smiled at him. After some time, Izuku felt their hands brushing together and his heard skipped a beat. He tensed for a second, but then allowed his fingers to push even closer until Natsuo intertwined them with his, holding Izuku's hand. Izuku turned his head to look at him, but Natsuo looked straight at the screen, the corner of his mouth turning upwards. He squeezed Izuku's hand lightly and the latter blushed and looked back at the big screen.  

The movie eventually ended and Izuku - because that's how Izuku was- cried during a particularly emotional scene. Natsuo did wrap his arm around his small frame and pulled him closer, giving Izuku comfort. Izuku just became aware of their proximity when the screen turned black and people around them started to leave, but this time the green-head didn't tense but simply enjoyed how close they were. Natsuo's body was warm against his own where they were pressed together and Izuku slowly tilted his head, resting it against Natsuo's shoulder.  

Most of the people were gone by now and the stalls as well as diverse food trucks were about to close. Natsuo turned his head towards Izuku.

"I want to grab a portion of fries before they are closed, you want some too?" Izuku nodded and shifted so the other boy could stand up, letting go of his hand and making his way over to where a few people were grabbing their dinner before they would head home. Izuku watched the blonde.  

He could still feel his warmth next to him and Izuku looked at his hand in slight disbelief. He felt lightheaded with the way Natsuo had turned his head. He felt straight up butterflies when looking at the older Todoroki brother. Natsuo turned to face Izuku from where he stood waiting in line and waved enthusiastically, causing Izuku to giggle and wave back. Natsuo returned with a big serving of fries shortly after, sitting back down next to Izuku. They shared the fries, fingers occasionally brushing when they were going for the same fry. They talked about the movie, then about school. Izuku learned more about Natsuo and they laughed a lot. When the sky turned dark, Natsuo insisted on walking Izuku back to the dorms. Izuku thought it was cute how caring the other was. They sat in silence for a few more seconds before Natsuo moved to fold the blanket, Izuku moving to help him.  

They kneeled across from each other, folding together the blanket. When they were done Izuku rested his hand on top of the bundle and Natsuo laid his on top of them, almost making Izuku's vanish under his big hands. Izuku looked up, finding himself staring into grey eyes. He always thought gray was a cool colour, but in this moment he found nothing but warmth in Natsuo's eyes. They were close, so close their noses almost brushed, and Izuku's eyes darted down just for a second mustering Natsuo's lips. He felt Natsuo reach out to him, fingers brushing against Izuku's neck and giving him goosebumps. Izuku instinctly closed his eyes and next thing he knew, Natsuo's lips were on his, soft and gentle, moving against his own slowly. Izuku tried his best to kiss him back, not having much experience other than an 'accidental' kiss with Bakugou back in first year that definitely did not happen, okay? But Natsuo seemed pleased, his fingers almost unnoticeably brushing against Izuku's skin and a hum leaving the blonde's throat.  

The kiss was over just as fast as it started and Izuku was left looking into Natsuo's bright eyes, panting and licking his lips. His heart was hammering inside of his chest and Izuku tried to stop his body from having a heart attack just then. Natsuo gave him a small smile and an unsure chuckle.

"I'm sorry", he said, "I should have asked you if you were okay with this."

"I am. I mean was- also still am," Izuku quickly responded, feeling his face getting hot again. Natsuo's thumb stoked the skin on his neck again and he let out a breath he was holding.

"Thank god." The blonde swallowed, then got up. "Come on, we really need to go, don't want to get you in trouble."  

Natsuo got up and reached out his hand towards Izuku, who gladly took it. They made their way back to the dorms hand in hand and Izuku didn't come around to ask a question that has bothering him ever since Natsuo took his hand earlier.

"Your hands are cool," Izuku started, "is it because of your quirk?" He didn't know about Natsuo's quirk yet - the blonde didn't tell him and Izuku didn't want to push him, because Natsuo must have got his reasons. The other boy smiled at him mildly.

"Yeah. Nothing outstanding really. Not worth mentioning." Izuku furrowed his brows.

"Every quirk is worth mentioning. I think it is super cool how different they can be and why," Izuku said, trying not to get too much into Natsuo's space, assuming he had a bad relation to his own quirk just like Todoroki once had.  

"That's so sweet Izuku! You know... I didn't really think about it that way before. I always just thought about how our father didn't think about it as good enough. But hearing you saying it like this makes me feel better about it." A genuine smile appeared on the blonde's face and Izuku smiled back. They talked some more and it didn't take them long to reach the school grounds.  

"Thank you for walking me home!" Izuku bowed.

"Can't have a pretty boy get stolen from me, right?" Natsuo laughed, but Izuku heard it was genuine. They hugged and said goodbye, Natsuo waiting for Izuku to reach the dorm building until he waved and left.  

When Izuku stepped inside of the common room nobody was in sight. The light was still on however. He went into the main area, about to grab a glass of water before heading to bed, when he jumped. Bakugou was sitting on one of the big sofas, looking at him.  

"H-hey Kacchan!"

Bakugou just stared for a second before speaking.

"That's Half-and-Half's brother, heh?" Izuku nodded.

"Y-yes." And then added, quieter, "We were out."

Bakugou gave an approving nod, then stood.

"What are you doing?", Izuku asked. They were in the middle of a conversation and the blonde left?

"I'm going to bed. Just wanted to make sure he isn't some lame ass jerk; auntie wouldn't like that. But he walked you here so I figure... Whatever." Izuku smiled and watched as his classmate left the room. So much about 'rivals, not friends'.  


After their first date, Izuku almost didn't do anything different from schoolwork, texting Natsuo or meeting up with him. His friends were complaining, but understanding and Ochako dared Izuku to make it up within ordering takeout for all of them when he was participating in their Saturday hangouts again instead of well... Going out with Natsuo. It has been one month now and the boys were meeting regularly, having lunch on the weekends or spontaneously going for a walk in the evening when Izuku couldn't clear his head. Natsuo even made him a dream catcher so he could sleep better. Izuku did, but he didn't believe in such things, however the thought of having Natsuo, or at least a part of him up close, made Izuku feel at ease.  

It did nothing however, to stop his wild dreams including the older Todoroki brother. He dreamed of Natsuo almost every single night and most of those dreams made him feel embarrassed in the morning. Izuku knew what he was experiencing was normal, but it did nothing to make him feel less ashamed of himself.  

He felt relieved when Natsuo confessed he was dreaming about Izuku too via text and Izuku was curious if they maybe shared the same dreams, but he totally didn't ask. It was enough for him to know Natsuo did think about him in a special way. That fact became clearer to Izuku when Natsuo invited him over to his place a few days later. They usually have met outside, always doing something together like going to the arcade or having coffee, never has Izuku been over to Natsuo's place before. One could say he somehow has been, but he couldn't really call the Todoroki residence Natsuo's place, right?  

The older boy has suggested they would cook lunch together, it being a Saturday and Izuku's school ending early. Izuku was excited about their more intimate meet up, growing desperate to have more contact to Natsuo. When they were in public, they rarely kissed and Izuku really wanted to feel the blonde's lips on his some more, maybe also his hands. Okay, totally also his hands, he honestly hasn't stopped thinking about Natsuo touching him in less innocent ways for weeks and he wondered if Natsuo would make his dreams come true, not just because obviously both of them knew Izuku was a lot younger than him, but also because Izuku didn't know if he would be wanted this way in general.  

Again, Natsuo was basically an adult and Izuku did not have experience. At least with other people, other than his few kisses with Natsuo, he had just done things to himself. Somehow after hero training, those pictures became more vivid in Izuku's head and the student took a cold shower when getting ready. He considered shaving, but he's just done so a few days ago, so he let it be, cleaning up more thoroughly than usual though. Just in case.  

Izuku calmed down his nerves, then stepped out of the shower and got dressed, not wanting to run late. Natsuo would pick him up again soon and Izuku didn't yet know what he would wear. He was about to leave as a fashion disaster when he ran into Mina who looked him over and shook her head before pulling him back into his room, redressing him in something not entirely awful withing two minutes, including a flannel she brought for his last birthday but never wore. "Heard you were going to his place today from Ochako and there is no way you will leave like that.", Mina has said and Izuku had to admit she was right. His 'T-Shirt' shirt wouldn't cut it. And Natsuo always looked good in everything he wore, so Izuku thought it was time to step up the game too, even dressing in the tight-fitting jeans he wore on several other dates and he swore he's caught Natsuo looking at his butt at least twice in them.  

Now that he was ready to go, he felt even more excited to meet Natsuo and he already wondered how the blonde would manage to sweep Izuku off his feet today.  


Natsuo picked Izuku up with his bike, his apartment being a little far to walk to. They went grocery shopping together, talking about what they wanted to make and agreeing on making pasta. They then made their way over to Natsuo's place, Izuku holding onto Natsuo from behind, grocery bags tangling from the bicycle handlebar.  

They arrived at the building complex the blonde lived in and made their way up several stairs onto the fourth floor where Natsuo unlocked the front door.  

"It's not much but it's home," he said, before pushing the door to the studio flat open. Izuku was stunned. The one-room apartment looked absolutely homey, several pictures of Natsuo and his siblings or friends were hung framed and fairy light were wrapped around the headboard of his bed. There were tons of books, one big shelf for comics alone. Izuku's eyes were sparkling.

"It is amazing."  

Natsuo's place was also really tidy, if you didn't take a look at his desk at least, we're several papers were laid out messily, some of them highlighted. Izuku figured he must spend a big amount of time learning for med school.  

"If you say so," Natsuo pulled Izuku out of his thoughts, disappearing into one of two other rooms he figured was the kitchen. Izuku followed him and indeed found himself standing inside of a small, but also really neat kitchen. They quickly got to work, cutting vegetables, cooking pasta, frying everything in a pan. It didn't take long until lunch was ready and Izuku was starving. Never before has he said 'itadakimasu' that fast and he almost burned his tongue when eating the hot meal like a starving man. Natsuo laughed at him.  

"Almost forgot you had training today, you must be really hungry."

Izuku nodded and swallowed, already stuffing another spoonful into his mouth, sighting at the taste. "This is really good.", he spoke with his mouth full and Natsuo nodded in agreement. When Izuku was done with his serve and Natsuo was still eating, not being as greedy as Izuku has been, the Yueii student told Natsuo about his combat training today and how he almost defeated Aizawa for the first time without using his quirk. Natsuo listened carefully, occasionally asking questions, but most of the time just smiling at how excited Izuku was. They did the dished together and afterwards sat on Natsuo's bed, due to the lack of a couch in the small apartment.  

The blonde let Izuku look through his collection of old comic books, including a special edition of an old All Might comic Izuku couldn't get his hands on, letting him read it. Natsuo watched as Izuku sat next to him again, starting to read with big eyes. Natsuo shifted a little backwards so he could look over Izuku's shoulder, reading along with him. From time to time, Izuku pointed his finger onto the paper, talking to Natsuo about a passage he found particularly interesting.  

After some time, Izuku felt Natsuo rest his chin onto the younger boy's shoulder, then his arms sneak around his waist. Izuku enjoyed their proximity and his heart beat faster at the closeness. He was basically sitting between Natsuo's legs, in his embrace, and his cheeks flushed at the thought. He finished the comic nonetheless and turned to Natsuo when he did so.

"This is so cool! The illustrations are so thoroughly done and the case is portrayed so accurately." Just then did he realize how close their faces were again, but this time their bodies were pressed up against one another too and it was doing things to Izuku and-  

"You're so cute when you get excited like that."

Oh, if Natsuo knew just how excited Izuku was - and it certainly wasn't about the comic no more. Izuku leaned forwards and closed his eyes, pressing their lips together. Natsuo's hand touched his neck almost immediately, pulling him closer and kissing him back. He must have felt Izuku's desperation by the way he pressed against Natsuo, fisting his shirt and humming against the blonde's lips.  

Natsuo's tongue darted out to lick against Izuku's bottom lip, asking for entrance. Izuku let out a small moan at the gesture and opened his lips, letting Natsuo slip his tongue inside his mouth, brushing against the back of Izuku's teeth, against the roof of his mouth and his tongue. They have kissed several times now. But mostly it was quick, innocent kisses. This was neither quick nor innocent. It was almost filthy and Izuku loved it, loved the way Natsuo was exploring his mouth with his tongue, still careful but hungry, not shy of totally ravaging Izuku. Natsuo eventually let himself fall backwards, pulling Izuku with him, the younger boy laying on top of him. Izuku yelped at the feeling of Natsuo's hard on pressing up against his through their pants and Izuku couldn't help but grind against it. Natsuo groaned and broke the kiss, panting heavily against Izuku's lips, eyes half lidded and a little cloudy.  

"I know by law we shouldn't do this yet, but... Izuku you're just... Wow you're making this hard for me."

Natsuo licked his lips, the hand resting in Izuku's neck playing with the green curls.

"You are making me hard!" Izuku flushed heavily at that untypical outburst, biting his bottom lip.

"Fuck, Izuku." Natsuo checked again, wiping his face with one hand. "You are doing bad things to me here."

Izuku didn't know how he worked up the courage, but he sat up the slightest bit to sneak one hand between them, rubbing it against Natsuo's crotch. "Like this?" he asked innocently, making Natsuo lick his lips again. The blonde reached for his hand, bringing it to his lips and kissing Izuku's hand.  

"Do you really want this?" he asked, locking eyes with the green-head. Izuku nodded.

"I want you." His voice was higher than usual, his heart beating so loud he almost didn't recognize it as his own. Natsuo's hand went from playing with his hair to cup Izuku's cheek.

"Hell, I want you too. You know I really, like, really like you right? I wouldn't do this otherwise." Izuku nodded. He figured that much by now. And he took Natsuo for a responsible person. He has been so sweet all along, there's no wonder he was now.  

"Me too. I mean, I really like you too."

Natsuo stroked away some hair that was hanging in Izuku's eyes and chuckled.

"No, I mean, what I am trying to say," Natsuo closed his eyes for a second, "I fell in love with you Izuku!"

Izuku bit his lip, his mind exploding with fireworks. This, this was exactly what he wanted, what he hoped for. And he was so happy. He wanted to tell Natsuo he loved him too, wanted to say it over and over. Why was it so hard to say he felt the same? He was glad Natsuo said it first already, he didn't have to worry about being rejected, even though logically seen this wasn't a realistic option to begin with. Still Izuku felt so small when opening his mouth.   

" F-for me it's the same. When I said I dream about you it- it mostly was like this."

Natsuo knew Izuku was referring to their proximity. "Am I allowed to show you how it was for me?" Natsuo asked and the tingling sensation in Izuku's body was almost killing him, his heart beating so fast his ribcage might break.  

"Please," he whispered and Natsuo was onto him. Natsuo turned them over then, pressing Izuku into the mattress with the weight of his body, kissing him senseless. Izuku's World was spinning. He grabbed the back of Natsuo's shirt, trying to pull the other even closer, bucking up his hips. Natsuo grinded against him, making Izuku moan lowly. Cool hands sneaked under Izuku's shirt, ghosting over his abs and making Izuku gasp.   

"Have you ever done this before?" Natsuo asked between kisses, sounding a little out of breath in a way it made Izuku feel pride. At least, even though he was unexperienced, he made Natsuo feel good too.

"No," Izuku answered with a small voice.

"I'll be gentle. Trust me 'Zuku," Natsuo whispered back, as not to scare him away.

"I trust you." They kissed a little longer, Natsuo's hands feeling of Izuku's body, roaming his chest before sliding to Izuku's back and settling on his ass, giving it a squeeze, making Izuku break the kiss and gasp against Natsuo's neck. The blonde kissed behind his ear, sending another shocking sensation through Izuku's veins.

"Let me take your shirt off."  

Izuku sat up, Natsuo kneeling between his legs, face flushed and hair already a mess.  

Natsuo unbuttoned Izuku's shirt, bowing down slightly put his mouth against every square inch of skin he revealed. When his lips made contact with Izuku's nipples, the latter shivered, the touch giving him goosebumps. When Izuku's upper half was undressed, Natsuo stared for a second before leaning in again in order to nibble at Izuku's collarbone.

"You're perfect." The words sent chills down Izuku's spine.  

Natsuo got rid of his own shirt too, before one of his hands firmly pressed Izuku back into the mattress, leaving him staring at Natsuo's body. Natsuo's muscles weren't as defined as Izuku were, but the blonde was sturdily built, especially his arms and chest. Izuku ran his fingers above it, watching the muscle twitch underneath them. The blonde took off his pants next, leaving him in a pair of navy-blue boxers. Izuku was almost drooling, not fully realizing as Natsuo undressed him from his pants too.   

When Izuku was done admiring, he let his hand slide up again, wrapping around Natsuo's neck and pulling him close again. Izuku was prepared for a kiss and gasped when instead, Natsuo's lips pressed against his neck, nibbling on the skin and showering Izuku with kisses.  

The younger boy gasped, craning his neck to give Natsuo better access. The blonde's lips and tongue felt incredible. One of Natsuo's hands traveled lower, brushing Izuku's nipple before rolling it between two fingers, pinching it and making Izuku moan. A mouth was quick to replace the fingers and Natsuo's hand wandered lower. Cool fingertips sneaked underneath the hem of Izuku's boxers for a second, resulting in the green-head whimpering und moving his hips desperately.  

Natsuo didn't hurry however. He oh so slowly kissed down Izuku stomach, nuzzling his nose in Izuku's happy trail, before repeating the teasing motion with his tongue.

"Natsuo please~" The blonde didn't need much more of an invitation. He pulled down Izuku's underwear, abandoning it to the floor. Izuku, due to Natsuo sitting between them, had no chance to push his legs together and hide from the hungry look in Natsuo's eyes. But a part of him also was so desperate, it didn't want to hide at all. It wanted Natsuo to move.  

The blonde did as Izuku wished, dipping his tongue into his V-line, kissing his hip bone and then rubbing against the underside of Izuku's dick. And holy fucking shit, this feeling was unlike anything Izuku's ever felt when touching himself. Then Natsuo wrapped his lips around the tip and the only two things Izuku could wrap his mind around were 'do not cum' and 'this is so hot I need to cum'.  

Natsuo took Izuku deeper, almost to the base, his nose faintly brushing Izuku's pubes. When the older boy started bobbing his head, Izuku stood no chance. His hands found Natsuo's hair, grabbing it tight and a chopped moan escaped Izuku's mouth when he suddenly came down Natsuo's throat. The blonde didn't struggle swallowing it all, not stopping Izuku as he kept thrusting. When Natsuo let go of him with a delicious pop! Izuku hid his face in his hands.  

He's come embarrassingly fast. He quickly muttered a "I am so sorry!", feeling his face getting hot.

"Don't hide." Natsuo slowly pulled Izuku's hands from his eyes, smiling at him reassuringly.

"You've done great." Izuku swallowed hard, relieved Natsuo didn't make a big deal of it, but also still embarrassed.

"I-I want to make you feel good too. C-can we... Maybe d-do more?" Izuku asked, wanting to somehow return the favor, but also to take it further. If Natsuo wanted to at least.

"As much as you're comfortable with," the blonde answered, pecking Izuku on the lips.   

"I w-want to feel you- I-inside."

Izuku looked aside as Natsuo's eyes widened.

"Are you sure?" he asked, astounded by Izuku's eagerness and brevity with the background knowledge of him being a complete virgin. And that precious boy wanted him to take his virginity. Natsuo was a lucky guy.

"As sure as one can be, I think."  

Natsuo ran his fingers through is hair.

"Okay, but tell me if you don't like anything I do." Izuku nodded. He shifted his head until he felt comfortable against the pillow, watching as Natsuo grabbed another one and signaled him with a movement of his fingers to raise his hips, pushing the pillow underneath them. Izuku spread his legs in anticipation, more excited than scared about what would come next.  

Natsuo leaned over to his nightstand and pulled the bottom drawer open, grabbing a bottle of lube and a condom before settling back in between Izuku's legs. Natsuo kissed the inside of Izuku's thigh, rubbing his hand flat against the other.

"This all right still?", he asked and Izuku smiled.

"Yes. Please go ahead." Natsuo continued showering the freckled skin with kisses, making the clicking sound of the bottle of lube being opened less loud, still totally not making the situation any less lewd as Natsuo covered his fingers in the sticky liquid.  

The blonde then carefully slipped his pointer finger to Izuku's rim, rubbing up and down over his entrance.

"You ever touched yourself here?" Izuku nodded shyly. He wouldn't tell Natsuo about him riding a dildo imagining it was him after waking up from an especially graphical dream though.  

The first digit went in easily, Izuku getting used to the feeling quickly. Natsuo added a second finger close after the first one, scissoring them and twisting his wrist.   

Natsuo took his sweet time preparing Izuku, stretching him out slowly while kissing him and whispering sweet nothings into his ear, adding a second finger when he was ready. Izuku was hard again at this point from being played with, but not as desperate to get off as earlier. But he usually never came without jerking himself off, so hopefully they were getting somewhere close to Natsuo's release too this time.  

Natsuo pulled his fingers out, wiping them clean on the sheets. He then fished for a condom and got out of his boxers, leaving Izuku staring at his naked frame. He was overall beautiful. Izuku couldn't yet believe what was about to happen, that he was really about to be connected to this man, even as Natsuo rolled the condom down, down, down his length.  

The blonde slicked himself up and guided his dick to Izuku's entrance, the tip nudging against the ring of muscle and making Izuku gasp. Natsuo leaned forward and placed a kiss on Izuku's nose, his free hand cupping the younger boy's cheek.

"Are you one hundert percent you're positive about doing this with me? I can't give you back something I've taken afterwards." Izuku wrapped his arms around Natsuo's neck, pulling him into a long kiss. When breaking apart, a string of salvia connecting their lips, he whispered,

"I want it to be you. Only you, Natsuo. Please."  

And with that Natsuo kissed him again while all so slowly moving his hips forward, breaching Izuku's rim, the head of his dick pressing inside of the tight heat. Izuku's mouth opened into a silent scream, his eyes tight shut. It wasn't painful per se, but it was quite a stretch. Natsuo comforted him with his kisses and reassuring words between them, his thumb stroking Izuku's temple. When Natsuo was halfway seated inside of Izuku, he stopped, taking in a deep breath.

"Doing okay?" he asked, the only answer being Izuku pushing his hips forwards, demanding Natsuo to give him more.

"Please, Natsuo~"  

With a smirk the blonde pulled back, almost fully out, before thrusting back in, burying himself inside of Izuku to the hilt. Izuku arched his back and clenched around him. While preparing him, Natsuo didn't even curve his fingers in an effort to find his prostate earlier, just to immediately hit it with his dick now. All air was knocked out of Izuku's lungs and he already could just beg for Natsuo to do it again. Natsuo did, alternating between deep and shallow thrusts, moving his hips faster, then slower, getting to know what Izuku liked best.  

At the point Izuku became a writhing mess underneath him, tears pickling at the corner of his eyes at how overwhelmed he felt, Natsuo set a slow, but rather hard rhythm, thrusting in deep and hitting Izuku's prostate dead on.  

Izuku's arms fell from where they were wrapped around his neck, hands uselessly grabbing the sheets. Natsuo held them down with his own, intertwining their fingers and watching deep into Izuku's eyes.

"I got you. Will you come for me?" Izuku just moaned at that, not able to form coherent sentences. Natsuo cursed under his breath.

"Oh god, shit! I won't last any longer. So good for me, Izuku~"

The words did it for him. Another deep thrust and Izuku came, painting their stomachs white, clenching around Natsuo's dick and moaning his name. One of the blonde's hands let go, his arm wrapping around Izuku and holding him close while he arched off the bed.  

In this moment, Natsuo let go of all his self-control and came too, thrusting a few more times while both of them rode out their orgasms. Natsuo pulled out carefully and pecked Izuku on the lips. The green-head kept his eyes shot, not quite back to a normal state of mind, caught up in the post-orgasmic state he was in. Natsuo got up and rid of the condom, then sat down to a still quite quick breathing Izuku whose eyes slowly fluttered open, a big smile spreading on his face. Natsuo chuckled and pressed another kiss onto his forehead.   

"Hold up, I'll get us something to drink."

Natsuo handed his old shirt to Izuku and put on his boxers, disappearing into the kitchen. Izuku put on Natsuo's shirt, which fit him way too big and put on his own boxers as well. Natsuo came back with two colourful smoothies in his hands, sitting back down on the bed.

"I've made them earlier, you have mentioned liking strawberries the other day so I figure you will like it."  

A warmth spread in Izuku's chest. He took a sip of the drink and hummed at the sweet taste, smiling and nodding at Natsuo. The blonde smiled back at him and sipped on his own drink, wrapping an arm around Izuku's shoulders. "Fuyumi is about to give me an earful! She told me to go easy on you. I hope I really didn't pressure you into anything."  

Izuku quickly shook his head. "You didn't."

"Good, would be a bad thing to do to your boyfriend," Natsuo said, taking another sip. Izuku turned his head to look at him.

"Boyfriend?", he asked with a shrieking voice, definitely sounding overexcited. Natsuo chuckled.

"I just said that out loud, didn't I?" Izuku nodded, giggling.

"You totally did." Now it was Natsuo's turn to shake his head and rub his face.

"I am so sorry. I wanted to ask you today, you know? If you wanted to be but then this happened and oh my god, I really am horrible." Izuku took another big sip before answering.

"Not a horrible boyfriend for sure." Natsuo froze and looked at him with big eyes, leaning slightly forwards.   

"Was that just a yes? Hold up, I didn't even really ask yet!" Natsuo cleared his throat and with an overly ceremonial voice said; “Izuku, will you be my boyfriend?", a small proud smile covering his face. Izuku almost jumped him at that, barely letting him finish the sentence.

"Yes! Yes, yes, yes!" The kiss they shared tasted like strawberries and Izuku was sure he would dream about this for a good while for sure.