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i've always loved you since the moment you drew me in ●● z.zn +

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"i want a goth boyfriend!" is what zhou zhennan said, first thing in the morning. the eighteen-year-old half-demon pounded his little fists against the comfy comforter of his bed.

"goddamit zhennan, you're always complaining about goth boyfriends first thing in the morning!" a loud, yet cheerful voice boomed through the hallways. in entered is zhennan's 'dad', wu jiacheng. his smile is like the sun and could either make the whole room smile or predict your death. now that jiacheng entered the room with that iconic smile on his face... zhennan's pretty sure that he's screwed for sure, all because he's screaming for a goth boyfriend at ass o'clock in the morning or so.

yan an slid in through the door like a figure skater - thanks to his cotton socks - and skids too fast to the point he bashes into the dresser that's across the room.

"nanie!" jiacheng cried out to the younger male, who was curled up against the dresser he bashed into. yan an shakily stands up and waves off jiacheng, who was fussing over him for not being careful. it's quite evident that jiacheng is super whipped for the angel. oh yes, did i mention that yan an is an angel? probably didn't need to since yan an is the living definition of angelic.

"get up zhennan, longfei has asked for a meeting." zhennan nodded. you see, zhennan, jiacheng and yan an are supernatural creatures - if it wasn't obvious enough - and are in this small, top-secret, weird-ish organisation that's lead by fu longfei along with other members, xu minghao and wen junhui. it's small but zhennan likes it. it's chaotic but when they're not chaotic ohoho you bet you're gonna have a band of supernatural men running for your sorry ass.

zhennan groaned before saying, "what does the old man want this time?"

yan an laughed while jiacheng bonked zhennan on top of the head with a blackpink lightstick.

"it's important! there's new meat-" yan an lightly punched jiacheng on the arm when he said that "i mean a new person joining us!"

zhennan shot up immediately when he heard 'new person'. as said before, the organisation is small. tiny as fuck. so no wonder he wants some newbie or some shit like that to join besides this is zhennan we're talking about. this kid loves to meet new people and his extroverted ass loves to talk and talk and talk all day long.

(a/n: can't relate)

once the three youths got ready, ate breakfast and headed to the meeting place (aka headquarters, aka longfei's mansion), zhennan was pumped. ah, headquarters sweet headquarters. there, longfei was already there, waiting for them with a serious look on his face.

"i've been waiting got you goons," he said steely, making jiacheng and zhennan cringe and cower behind yan an, who was shaking like an unstable leaf that's struggling to stay on its branch on a breezy autumn day.

"a-ah we were l-late... uh... um... we couldn't m-make it thanks... to... u-uh..." zhennan felt sorry for yan an - who's usually calm in situations like this mind you - who was stuttering and looking like he just wanted to slam his head onto the gravel driveway that longfei has in his richass mansion/property.

jiacheng puts his hand onto the quivering yan an's shoulder, "because zhennan is a little shit and refuses to wake up."

said little shit kicked jiacheng in the shin. zhennan immediately looked up to the stern-faced leader with a smile mixed with apology and awkwardness, a perfect formula to describe the atmosphere right now.

longfei then let a playful smile tug at his lips, looking at the pathetic bunch of quivering males in front of him. he then smiles and laughs at the dumbfounded faces that appear on their pathetic little faces.

"i'm just screwing with you all! we're actually meant to meet on the beach. jun and hao are there already." yan an and zhennan just drooped their shoulders, looking like they just want to die while jiacheng's face turns red from embarrassment and anger.

"WHY DID YOU HAVE TO TRICK US?! YOU OLD GEEZER! WE DIDN'T ASK TO DRAG OUR GODDAMN ASSES ONLY TO GET TRICK BY YOUR LYING ASS!" jiacheng screamed his lungs out at longfei, who was sweating furiously.

after jiacheng's mini spitfire round with longfei, they all went to the beach... by riding on top of longfei in his dragon form. once they landed, jiacheng and zhennan hopped up while yan an decided to take this as an opportunity to fly around so that he could 'stretch out his wings'.

"oi! old man!" zhennan looked up to see the owner of the gentle yet sarcastic sounding voice. a tall, yet petite male with a black mullet. behind him was a tall, young man with brown hair and a serious look on his face.

"seriously longfei, minghao was complaining a shit ton about how late you were! i swear, he could've turned into a banshee!" minghao, kicked the taller male in the shin, causing the latter to wince and scream in pain.

"oh, i guess the banshee is you! right junhui?" minghao asked in a mockingly-sweet tone. junhui rolled his eyes and lightly shoved minghao out of the way, causing the smaller male to trip over and land onto the sand.

"so, the new member?" junhui nodded his head at longfei's question. zhennan immediately zoned out and wandered off, not interested in 'adult talk'. the black-haired male walked down the beach, arms crossed across his chest to keep himself warm in ruthless, breezy autumn day.

zhennan stopped by where the water is, watching the sea greet the tip of his shoes before receding. the younger sighed before feeling a haul of salty seawater get splashed at him. dumbfounded, zhennan did a full 360 before looking at the culprit. yan an. the angel was smiling while using his angel magic or whatever to life the water up and splash a little (more like a shit ton) onto him.

"you bitch!" zhennan screamed. yan an snickered mischievously, making the shorter male look like an angry little kitten.

said angry little kitten chased after yan an, who was blasting through the air, not wanting to die at the hands of zhou zhennan.

"AH I'M SORRY, HAVE MERCY ON ME!" yan an screamed back at the half-demon boy, who was sprinting after him at full speed, thanks to his demon powers. zhennan was laughing maniacally as he used his own demonic magic, holding a sphere of water in between his hands, ready to shoot it at the screeching angel.

"I GOT YOU NOW!" zhennan screeched before shooting water at yan an... except he didn't shoot it at yan an, he shot it at some random stranger. the stranger was rather handsome. brown hair, tall (taller than zhennan, which makes him disgruntled), and foreign features.

"i-i'm so sorry about that! it was for my idiotic friend over there!" zhennan quickly explained, an evident blush on his cheeks. the others, jiacheng, junhui, minghao and longfei gathered around to see what the commotion was about. yan an was hovering in the air, hands up to his mouth as he saw the sweet, sweet drama happen. perhaps a new ship? who knows!

the stranger answers with a 'tch' before rolling his eyes at zhennan's rambling, "whatever. at least you did my washing for me."

zhennan would be lying if he said he wasn't the slightest bit shocked by what the stranger just said. besides, attitude!

"oh zhennan, you already met samuel?" junhui called out to zhennan, who was standing there with a perfect replica of the surprised pikachu face meme.

"s-samuel..? you mean that dickhead!" zhennan asked while pointing an accusing finger at the soaking wet male, who just lets another 'tch' escape his lips.

"says the dickhead himself, you made me wet!" samuel argued back, slapping away zhennan's arm, lowering down his finger. longfei rolled his eyes at the two arguing youths and got in between them.

"enough, you two! you both may be the youngest members in our group but you're both mature enough to settle this matter in a peaceful way." longfei said before clicking his tongue and complaining about 'youngsters these days'.

zhennan and samuel both glared at each other before turning their backs onto each other, not daring to look at their sworn-enemy. junhui sighed at their immaturity, yan an was enjoying the drama from above, minghao was laughing while jiacheng sighed, sharing junhui's disappointment in the two young males.

"come on zhennan, try and be friendly with him-" zhennan cuts off jiacheng by sticking his tongue out at the older.

samuel rolls his eyes, "he's the one here who is immature! buthe'skindacute."

the others caught onto what samuel said, making the youngest boy endure a few teasing comments coming from the older males.

zhennan rolled his eyes. samuel may be hot and all (wink wonk) but surely he's not as nice as he looks! right?