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Scenes From Remy's Inn

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Usually, none of the five magi gathered around a table at Remy's were in the habit of drinking anything alcoholic, but today each was making an exception. The five raised their glasses after a brief toast, and then drank.

Ekaira was the first to speak, after a brief coughing fit. "That tastes vile," she said, her voice somewhat higher than usual.

Valkorian was poking at his drink with the stirrer, as though he expected to pull something out. "Someone dropped paper in mine, and now that's all I can taste," he complained.

Skarani was staring skeptically at his cocktail. "I know beeswax is edible, but I'm not sure it was the best choice for a drink." He took another brief sip, and then pushed his glass aside. "Maybe that's just me."

Larathen had finally stopped coughing after downing a glass of water, though he still looked very flushed. "Peppers," he said hoarsely.

Everyone looked at Tobran, the only person at the table not to have reacted to his drink. He looked back at them, seemingly mildly bemused, and took another sip. Then, he took a longer drink. "Flowers." The teiro crystalwing hatchling sitting next to his glass chirped in agreement.