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Until Our Last Dying Breath

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The silver bullet in Sheila’s chest exploded into smithereens inside her heart, spreading like wildfire into her cold vessels and arteries until she could not feel the air reach her lungs anymore. She collapsed into Frank’s arms, but she felt no warmth to him. She gazed up at her husband but her eyes could no longer recognize him — her eyes that have known him for hundreds and hundreds of years.

“My darling,” she whispered, reaching out with her fingers to touch his face, “to have lived life with you…”

“Shiela, my love,” he cupped her face but she could not feel his hands anymore.

Before he could continue, another bullet rang like a church bell and lodged right into Frank’s heart, making him lose his balance. He faltered, Sheila saw that he faltered and winced and he was hurt - her Frank was hurt but she could not do anything to save him. He fell into her and she tried to keep them balanced but there was nothing she could do to help him come back on to his feet. They collapsed onto their knees on the wooden floor as the people around them stared like they were caged animals in a circus, as they were put down because of some unfortunate incident. Like rabid animals, and not people.

If only she did not chase after that wretched doctor, if only they had not come to this hotel, if only, if only! If only time could stay still when they were happier.

Every fiber of Sheila’s body was trembling, her fingers, her knees, her feet. She gazed at Frank, and he still looked strong. He was always so strong, and so handsome. She chose this life with him, to have and to cherish. It was only fitting that their lives ended together as well.

“Until our last dying breath,” he completed her sentence and held her closer in his arms. 

Her life flashed before her eyes. Of being a girl, of falling in love with Frank, of forming a family with Edgar. Of tending to Marybell. She heard King Poe’s voice calling out to them, beckoning them into the afterlife of the vampanellas, wherever that may be. She heard Old Hannah, she heard the lost voices calling out to them, but all she wanted was to remain in Frank’s arms like this. She wanted everyone in the room to see that vampanellas had hearts, that vampanellas knew how to love. 

With his last piece of strength, Frank pressed their lips together in a tender, final kiss as they started to dissolve into silver dust.