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The following days, I spent with the Earthlings in the training room. I continued to teach them in their lightsaber training.
I glanced over to the side of the training room, where some clones were lifting weights and talking. An idea came to my head and I smirked.
I walked over to the clones and cleared my throat, drawing their attention.
“Sir?” one asked, after they all stood and saluted.
“How is your shooting, men?” I clasped my hands behind my back.
“Some of the best, sir.”
I nodded. “Good, come with me.”
I turned and led them to where the six teens were sparing with each other. “Alright, trainees.” I interrupted the Earthlings. “We are going to try something new. I have been lax in training you to dodge, and I am going to fix that.”
Realization came to the teens and the clones all at once, but there was no verbal protest.
I smiled. “Think of this as one of your games of dodgeball, only with stunning blasts. Line up, men.”
The clones moved into a line in the middle of the room, with their guns set to stun, while the Earthlings had half of the training room to run and dodge.
“There will be a timer, and feel free to help each other.” I instructed, walking behind the clones. “Begin.”
I could tell that the clones weren’t doing their best, but the teens were struggling nonetheless. I frowned, and stopped walking. This was disturbing, the teens were really struggling to not get hit.
“Enough.” I commanded, and the clones ceased firing. “You are dismissed.” I told them as I strode past them. I stopped in front of the panting teens and waited for the clones to exit the room before speaking. “That was pitiful. What happened?!”
“Master Ramon, I mean no disrespect, but that was nothing like dodgeball.” Alex said, leaning back against the wall.
I narrowed my eyes and crossed my arms. “In a battle, there would have been ten times more blaster fire and said fire would not be set to stun.”
None of the teens met my gaze, and I sighed. “Fine. Go back to the barracks and get some rest. I will incorporate more defence into the training.”
The teens left and I let out a groan. Did everything have to become even more difficult as we neared Coruscant?
I rubbed my temples and headed towards the mess hall. I picked up a tray and sat across from Remel.
She glanced up as I sat down. “You look horrible.”
I snorted, a smile forming. “Thanks.”
She tilted her head. “What happened?”
“I have come to the realization that I have been overly lax on teaching the Earthling defence. They could barely dodge blaster fire from five clones.” I started eating.
“Well, as soon as we arrive at Coruscant, their Masters can help them with that.”
I nodded, holding back another groan. “Yes, of course.”
She looked confused by my answer, but shrugged it off.
The next day, I had set up a parkour course and had the teens run through it until they had a semi-decent time.
They were taking a break and I was going over the times I had recorded on my holopad. “Well, these last times aren’t horrible but they can become better.” I said, standing in front of them.
“And you can do better?” Jolene scoffed, rolling her eyes.
All six froze as soon as the words left her mouth and I narrowed my eyes.
“Very well.” I set down the holopad and took off my cloak. I walked to the beginning of the course, feeling the eyes of the Earthling and the clones in the room on my back.
Joss picked up my timer and nodded to me.
I shifted one foot back, then launched forward, using the Force to help propel me. I swung over the double stacked boxes, and immediately slid under the beam. I jumped up and landed half-way up the ¾ wall. I climbed the rest of the way, jumped down and landed with a roll. I swung over more boxes, and dodged through the punching bags that hung from the ceiling. I jumped and clamped my hands over a tall bar, then pulled myself over and landed with one hand on the floor.
I stood, dusted off my hands and sauntered back to the group. I rolled my eyes at their gaping mouths and took the timer from Joss’ hand. I ‘humphed’ at the time and logged the time. “Slower than I like, but still twice as fast as any of your times. Now, time for you to continue practicing.”
The six groaned and made their way back to the course.
I crossed my arms and leaned back against the wall. This was a different way from how my Master taught me, there was a lot more pain, but this seemed to be efficient enough. For now.