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The next week was spent training the six trainees that were to accompany us to the Temple. It became more difficult to train just my few, but I did and was never caught by Remel or any other Earthlings.
Then finally came the day that a Republic Attack Cruiser orbited Earth and sent down a shuttle to pick us up.
Remel allowed the trainees to send a final message to their blood-relatives, then herded the six towards the shuttle.
“What is the plan for Earth?” President Barry asked, as he walked Remel and I to the shuttle.
“A representative from the Galactic Senate will arrive soon and help Earth find a senator.” Remel replied.
I rolled my eyes, extended my stride and walked away from the two. Politics never interested me, and I had no need for any further knowledge of Earth. My real plans would be put into motion once we reached Coruscant.
A clone pilot flew us from the planet surface to the Cruiser hanger, where there was a welcoming party.
Remel and I exited the shuttle to see two Jedi I had hoped to never meet.
“Knight Ramra, Knight Ramon, welcome to the Negotiator.” Obi-Wan Kenobi gave a small smile. “This is General Skywalker and I am General Kenobi.”
Remel gave a small bow. “It is a pleasure to finally meet you both. Will you be taking us all the way to Coruscant?”
Obi-Wan nodded and I raised an eyebrow. “Surely the small task of taking us to Coruscant wouldn’t need two legions of clones as well as two Jedi.”
Obi-Wan chuckled. “In times of peace, this would seem extreme, but there have been rumors that a Sith is going to try and sabotage the mission.”
I held back a groan of frustration, and forced a smile on my face. “Very well then.”
“Anakin will show you to your quarters.” Obi-Wan gestured to the younger man, who smiled.
I could feel Obi-Wan’s gaze on my back as we walked away, but I didn’t turn to make sure.
The six Earthlings were ogling at everything as we walked, and Anakin was pointing out things to Remel. I moved to the back of the group, making sure that none of the teens wandered away from the group.
It was unnerving to see so many clones, but I made sure to keep my face neutral. Everything about this part of my mission was going horribly wrong, and failing to bring the four Earthlings to my Master would result in something I dared not to think about.
“Here is where the….younglings will stay.” Anakin opened the door to an empty barrack.
Remel walked into the room with the Earthlings and helped them settle in, while I stayed in the hall with Anakin.
“So, Knight Ramon, how long were you on Earth?” Anakin asked, glancing at me.
I held back a sigh. “Only a few weeks. We were supposed to be there for a few months, but the Council moved up the timetable.”
“Ah. That was because of the Sith rumor. They wanted to take no chances on the Sith getting a hold on the younglings.” Anakin nodded.
I glanced at Remel and the teens before speaking softer. “I am concerned about the….younglings. The Council ordered us not to teach them about the Force.”
Anakin frowned. “Why not?”
“Something about not wanting to teach non-Jedi about the Force, but that’s just what Remel told me. She was the one the Council contacted during our stay on Earth.”
The young man was about to say more, when Remel exited the barrack and closed the door.
“They are settled in and are not to leave the barrack until tomorrow.” She smiled. “And where will Benme and I be staying?”
“This way, you will be across from Obi-Wan and me. My padawan is the room next to mine.” he led the way further down the hall.
“You have a padawan? What is their name?” Remel asked, walking next to him.
They continued to talk, but I was more focused on remembering how to get from the Earthing’s barrack to my room.
“Here they are. They aren’t much, as this is an Attack Cruiser, but they’re a bit bigger than the quarters at the Temple.”
I nodded to him and entered my room, closing the door behind me. It was time to make a new plan.