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The next morning, it was a joint lesson.
“We spoke with President Barry last night and decided on a plan.” Remel started, as the students settled into the study hall.
“After each test, those who do not pass, will be sent home.” there were gasps. “But those who last until the end of the training, will be coming with us back to the Temple for immersive training.” I told them.
A couple hands raised and I let Remel answer them.
“How long would the immersive training be?”
“No less than two years.”
“What about our parents?” a younger girl asked.
Remel hesitated and I put a hand on her shoulder.
“Your parents and yourselves have signed a waiver for this. That means you have agreed to complete the training. They will come for those who graduate but they are only blood-relatives now. As you have started to learn, Jedi don’t have family. This is a consequence of this life, since you are older than the usual padawans, you remember your parents. Force-sensitive babies are taken from their parents and grow up at the temple. This is how you are different and many will think it as a weakness.” I explained.
“But it can also make you stronger.” Remel took a step forward. “If taught correctly, that connection can help you.”
The students stayed quiet.
“As this is heavy news, you have the rest of the day off. I will be in here and Benme will be in the yard, for any questions.” Remel said and sat at her desk. I walked outside and started examining the wooden sabers.
Moments later, a couple students walked towards me.
“Master Ramon, we would like some extra saber practice.” one stated.
I didn't look at them. “Smart, you will need it to pass the test. Start fighting each other.”
They started and I walked around them. I helped them and soon, more students came out. The students went back and forth, between the hall and the yard.
The next few weeks passed quickly and I had to stop myself from becoming attached to the students. The first two tests were taken the day before, and Remel and I were correcting them.
“A quarter of mine failed.” Remel sighed and I nodded.
“Same. We’ll announce it tomorrow, gather the students and President Barry.”
The next day, we were standing in front of the students, with Barry in the front row.
“We will not give scores for either test. It doesn’t matter if you failed one or both.” I said, as Remel was dreading it.
15 students went home, only a couple failed both tests though.
“Pity.” Barry came up to us after the passing students left. “That greatly lessons our chances.”
“Our? The students who pass will not get you any favors, President.” I frowned.
“Won’t it?” He smirked, walking away.
“Can I kill him?” I glared at his back.
“It is against the Code, Benme.” Remel sighed. “We should prepare for tomorrow.”
She walked away, but I stayed in the hall, distracted by my thoughts.
I shook my head and strode out to the yard.
The group of students from before were practicing saber techniques.
I watched them for a moment, before moving forward. “I would think after passing the tests, you would be celebrated like your classmates.”
The four teens stopped practicing and shuffled nervously.
“Well, Master Ramon, we thought that you could give us some more tips on fighting techniques.” the tallest boy spoke up.
I narrowed my eyes and crossed my arms. “What are your name's?”
“Joss Teller.” the boy answered. “This is Celeste Damon, Wes Nabber and his sister, Lissy.”
I eyed the four humans, before nodding. “I am willing to give you tips, enough to put you at the top of my class. But there are a few conditions.”
“Anything.” Celeste took a half-step forward.
I smirked. “You must also do well in Master Ramra’s class, as well as be willing to do some...extra credit activities for me. You must not speak a word of these activities to anyone.”
The teens exchanged looks before nodding.
“Good. Get back into positions, there is much to work on.”
The next morning Remel found me in our sitting room, I was going over notes on my holopad.
“Benme, do you have a moment to speak with me?” She sat on the other end of the couch.
I set down my holopad and raised an eyebrow at her.
“I am concerned at the pace of learning from our students. They are learning much slower than what Master Windu expected.”
I sighed. “That is what you get when you try to teach teens how to be a Jedi.”
She nodded but the frown remained on her face. “True, but the Council doesn’t want us to teach them about the Force. Master Windu says that training is to wait until they go to the Temple.”
I paused before responding. “Perhaps the Council is concerned about teaching certain things to those who will fail.”
Remel nodded, the frown turning into a small smile. “Of course, that makes perfect sense. Thank you, Benme.” She stood and walked out of the apartment.
I watched her go before letting a smirk form. “Of course.”
Secretly I disagreed with the Council, but I knew that the few I had chosen would not fail the tests.