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I was sent to the far reaches of the galaxy to find a new generation of Jedi, but no one knew I had a secret. I was sent with another Jedi Knight, Remel Ramra, and we just landed on the planet called Earth.
Master Windu had stayed on Earth, waiting for Ramra and I. We exited our aircraft and headed towards Windu.
“Master Windu.” Ramra nodded to him and I copied. “Where will we begin?”
“Remel will teach the younglings our history and written language, while Benme will teach them stealth and fighting. I’ll check in at the end of the month.” Windu used our ship to leave the planet.
“I am President of this area, you can call me Barry.” The tall man held out his hand.
“I am Remel Ramra, this is Benme Ramon.” Remel shook his hand, then lowered her hood. The humans seemed surprised to see Remel’s light green skin and the two tails extending from the back of her head. I lowered my hood and they were equally surprised to see my spiked forehead, with short hair covering the spikes on top.
“I am a Twi’lek, and Benme is a Zabrak, we were told only humans live on Earth?”
“Correct. Master Windu has set up a place for you two to teach, follow me please.”
I walked behind Remel, but didn’t let down my guard. I didn’t trust humans, no matter what they were like. Master Yoda didn’t understand, but he didn’t need to. I’ve seen things he hasn’t, and that makes keeping this secret worth it.
The first day was just spent moving into our new quarters, we each got our own rooms, but shared an apartment.
“Benme, what do you think of this world?” Remel called from the kitchen.
“It is primitive, worse than Pantora.” I replied curtly.
“Benme, not everywhere is as high tech as Courecent. I think it’s lovely here.” Remel looked out the window.
“You think everywhere is lovely.” I stated, heading towards my room.
The next day, we were led to the main study hall, where Remel would be teaching.
“Ms. Ramon, you will be teaching outside. Follow me please.”
I followed the human outside, where there were wooden swords, carved to look like lightsabers.
“You class will be here in ten minutes.” the human walked away and I sighed.
I pulled out my holopad and reviewed what I was going to start with. Moments later, a group of younglings arrived.
“Line up, humans.” I called, pocketing the holopad. “Do any of you have any fighting experience?”
A couple raised their hands.
“Give me an example.” I crossed my arms.
“My parents are in the military, so I can shoot a gun and defend myself.” one guy sounded proud.
I scoffed. “Shooting a gun does not make you a soldier and hand to hand combat is primitive.” I started walking in front of them. “Unlearn what you think you have learned. When your training is over, you will be able to take on any kind of foe, without moving a muscle. These wars in your world will be petty and over within an hour.”
The students looked doubtful but didn’t dare question me.
We started with a physical assessment, in which I wasn’t impressed.
“Your assignment is to look up sword fighting techniques and learn one. Tomorrow will be your fighting assessments, where you will be fighting me. This is your first grade.”
Remel insisted that we use grades like the earthlings did, so it would be easier for the humans.
The class left and the second class came out of the building. They weren’t any better than the first group and the hours passed quickly.
“Head to the mess hall, you have the afternoon off.” I said, and watched them walk away. I glanced over, seeing Remel heading my way.
“How did they do?” She asked.
“Horrible. Since they are teens, they must unlearn everything, then relearn the ways of the Force. They have no fighting techniques, as they think guns can protect them.” I clenched my jaw.
“Their minds refuse to learn Aurebesh and our history. They think theirs is the only important one. We have a lot of work to do.”
We gave our report to the council and I spent the rest of my afternoon, wandering around the compound. The students tended to avoid me, but that was the way I liked it.
The next day came quickly and the students didn’t look awake as they lined up.
“What is wrong with all of you?” I raised an eyebrow.
“We are not used to getting up this early, Ms. Ramon.” one girl said.
I sighed. “It seems we must go over rules then. You will address me as Master Ramon. For every complaint I hear, that is ten laps around the building. Any homework not completed fully, is another ten laps for the student. The laps will be done at the end of the day and I will keep track of them. Any other questions?”
No one moved.
“So. Onto your homework.” I fought each student and defeated them easily. “Total laps from this period is ten for complaints. Get to Ramra’s class.”
I did the same with the second class, who had already earned fifty repeated lines from Ramra. They also earned ten laps for a complaint of the rules.
That evening, everyone was gathered at the edge of the building.
“Everyone has ten laps, and Class 1 has fifty repeated lines at the end of their laps. Get moving.” I said and the students started jogging.
It took two hours for the laps and lines to be completed. The students were tired and sweaty when we released them. A messenger called us to the conference room afterwards and we headed up there.
“So, how is progress?” President Barry asked, smiling.
“Your students are less qualified than the younglings at the Temple.” I stated, crossing my arms.
“They were specially chosen for their minds and bodies, they are the best of this country.” He frowned.
“They are too old.” Remel said. “Jedi are taken as children, these teens will never be fully qualified as Jedi.”
“It’s too late to stop now.” Barry said, folding his hands.
“I suggest a new plan.” I said, glancing at Remel. “Those who don’t pass the tests, are kicked out of this program. The best will be taken to the Temple for immersive training.”
Barry sighed. “Their parents would never agree.”
I smirked. “Their parents signed them up for this. They are only blood-relatives now. Jedi have no parents. Only masters, and fellow Jedi.”
This didn’t bode well with the earthlings but in the end they relented.