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Back To School

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Anna was an intelligent woman who could appreciate the finer things in life, such as white wine, Christmas lights glowing under white snow, and ice cream that had not accumulated freezer burn. She appreciated good cock, lazy morning sex, and the sweet whisper of “that’s my good little whore” in her ear as Tom fucked her. She appreciated a lot of things - warm blankets, financial stability, music that wasn’t overly produced - but if there was one thing Anna certainly appreciated, it was irony.

She found it funny, really, that for almost a full year, the last thing she wanted was to be fucking Tom within the walls of her college. Correction - she wanted to fuck Tom, just not within the college. The thought of getting caught had her constantly looking over her shoulder, biting her lip nervously, and begging Tom to find a space for them to fuck that wasn’t his office or his lecture hall.

But now, after moving in with Tom and always being within the safety and comfort of that large, lavish home, Anna realized one thing: risk was fun.

It wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy having sex with Tom on every surface of his - their - home. She was sure he had taken her against every part of his house. In fact, the thought of their shenanigans in the university office didn’t even swarm her mind until he had bent her over his desk at home, hands tied behind her back, and cock shoved as deep inside of her as it could go.

That night, she called him Professor Hiddleston again.

He came nearly instantly.

When she was taking a shower after that, which ended up being a shower with Tom, which then further ended up as her on her knees and Tom’s hand fisted in her hair, she began to think that perhaps Tom had missed the adventure of college too. After all, she was no longer a student at the university and it wasn’t against the rules for them to be together publicly anymore. There was no more threat to his job if they were seen holding hands or exchanging tender looks. It was this thought that set her plan in motion.

Anna had been living with him for just over a month, meaning that he was around her nearly all of the time. Not that she minded, it meant she had an endless supply of love and affection and cock ready for her. But it also meant that surprising Tom was a bit more difficult than it was when she lived on her own. So, when she received her work schedule for the following week and realized her boss had given her off on Tuesday, Anna knew what she needed to do.




“Good morning, class,” Tom announced as he walked into the lecture hall. His head was down, glasses perched on the bridge of his nose, as he sauntered over to his desk. He heard the class greet him with tired mumbles in return along with some familiar giggles from his more interested and flirtatious students. He rolled his eyes as he turned his back to the class and prayed that those girls didn’t take up his time with ridiculous questions posed solely for the purpose of getting Tom to speak directly to them.

He admired their perseverance, but his heart was too set on Anna to look any other way. 

Tom placed his bag down on his desk and removed some of its contents. The class was chattering quietly behind him as he busied himself and mentally prepared for the day. There was a lull in the classroom’s conversation as Tom heard the back door to the lecture hall open. He sighed and shut his eyes. If there was one thing he hated, it was late students.

“I hope you have a good reason for being late,” Tom said sharply as he spun on his heel. But when he looked to the back of the hall where the door was closing slowly, he saw his beautiful, divine Anna standing there with a gentle smile on her face. She subtly locked the door behind her and winked. He tried to stop his jaw from dropping as he looked her up and down. The rest of the class turned around to observe the new woman in their room but Tom simply waved his hand and set his face into his typical stern expression. “Take your seat quietly, Miss.”

Tom attempted - truly he did - to not gaze at Anna too much. The more attention he drew to her, the more his students would question who she was. Not that college students really cared about anything much, anyway. It wasn’t abnormal for a new face to pop in every now and then. But he had never given any of those new faces the same seductive, dominating look that he gave Anna.

As she took her seat, she gave him those wide, aroused eyes that she always had before he fucked her. It was a look of lust, love, and total trust that no matter what he did to her, she knew he would take care of her. But it was not just those eyes that were capturing Tom’s attention. It was the white sundress, the backpack slung over her shoulder, and the knowledge that if this was anything like when he fucked her back when she attended this school, there would be no undergarments beneath her clothing. She was truly playing the part of his good little student.

In that moment, Tom was reminded of how hard it was to teach with a straining erection in his pants.

Anna said nothing during the entire lecture. Tom tried not to look at her but it was impossible. Every time his eyes flitted past her, he was flooded with memories of all of the fun they had in this very room - in the lecture seats, against the board, over his desk. Tom had no idea why she was here, though based on the glitter in her eyes, it was for nefarious, devious, and sexual purposes.

By the time the lecture was over, Tom’s cock was so utterly hard and painful that he resorted to sitting at his desk to avoid anyone - particularly the day-dreaming females - from seeing his issue. He dismissed the lecture with a wave of his hand and a curt nod, reminding his students to make sure to actually do their work for next class. When everyone had left the class, Anna began giggling.

“You’re just as tough on your classes as you used to be,” she said, leaning forward on her hand. 

“These particular students would go nowhere in life if I wasn’t hard on them,” Tom snorted, rolling his eyes. “Some of them never hand in work, others cheat, and some just...constantly show up late.”

The air in the room was suddenly thick and hot as Tom uttered those words in his deep, rich accent. They both knew that he had just flipped a switch and there was intention floating in what he said. Anna’s back straightened and she lifted her chin from her palm. She licked her lips slowly as Tom traced his own lip with his knuckle.

“You should know better than to show up late for my class,” Tom murmured, eyes intense behind his glasses.

“I’m sorry, Professor,” Anna said, bowing her head slightly. “It won’t happen again.”

“No, Miss Brooks, it won’t,” Tom announced, standing from his desk. He tapped the top of the desk with two fingers and beckoned Anna towards him with another two. “I believe some correction will reinforce that.”

“Yes, Professor Hiddleston.” Anna was gliding towards Tom, a glazed expression containing her submission on her face. She paused when she reached the front of the room and quickly turned to lock the front set of doors, something she had not needed to do in months. When she approached Tom, he gripped her by her hips and pulled her forward, pressing her body flush to his. 

“I’m happy to see you, baby,” Tom whispered, biting Anna’s ear. “You made my day much better.”

“Good, I’m glad,” Anna sighed happily, fisting her hands in Tom’s white dress shirt. Tom’s lips grazed along her neck, nibbling and leaving wet little kisses before he cupped her cheeks with his large hands and bent down to kiss her. 

Tom nearly moaned when their lips touched. Every time he kissed his beautiful girl, it was like the first. Whenever his lips brushed hers, he was reminded of how grateful and lucky he was to be able to call her his. She tasted sweet as her lips molded against his and Tom was quite positive that this lovely specimen had been created solely for him. Her hands found his tie and she tugged his face harder against hers, keeping their lips sealed together. Tom’s tongue traced her lip and carefully dipped into her mouth. Inside, his girl tasted even fresher, even more alluring. Finally, after pulling away, Tom rested his forehead against Anna’s.

“Do you know what will make my day even better?” he asked, thumbs drawing circles against her hips.

“What?” she asked, her face dazed and relaxed. 

Tom pulled back and smirked. “Spanking your pretty little ass for being late to my class.”

Anna didn’t have time to gasp or whimper. The once gentle hands on her hips had swung her around and bent her over the desk so quickly and swiftly that it caused a wave of wetness to flood her cunt. Tom flipped the skirt of her dress up and ran his hands over the swell of her ass. A grin of amusement worked itself onto his face. He had been right, his pretty little girl showed up completely bare beneath her dress.

“How does ten spanks sound for your punishment, baby girl?” Tom asked. 

Anna blushed and buried her head in her arms. “More.”

Tom paused, his hand still over her left cheek. “Did you say more?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she whispered, pushing her ass back against his hand. “Please, I want more than that.”

“You little slut. Fine then, twenty it is,” Tom growled, rearing his hand back. Just as quickly as he had pulled it back, he let his hand fly forward and smack Anna’s ass. She moaned, loudly and unashamed. Tom clicked his tongue and smoothed his hand over her. “Quiet, baby. We’re in public.”

He did not miss the way her pussy fluttered at the reminder. 

“I’m sorry, Professor,” Anna whimpered. “It won’t happen again.”

“There’s lots of apologizing going on right now,” Tom snickered. “Perhaps another ten more would suffice for your wrongdoings?”

Thirty spanks? Anna swallowed but nodded.

“Yes, Sir. Whatever you deem is best.”

With that, Tom went slapping his hand down on Anna’s ass. With every hit from his palm, his girl would arch her back beautifully and bite her lip to hold back her moans. He could see her struggling. She wanted to let go and shout, scream, writhe, and moan like she did at home. She had been spoiled from their freedom in the privacy of their house that being tossed back into the university lecture hall was making her head spin. 

Tom’s palm was practically burning as he hit Anna’s backside, marking her with his lust and dominance. From the large mass of redness that had accumulated on her cheeks, Tom could see lines branching out which he knew were the marks from his fingers. Her ass was beautifully flushed and Tom knew it would be bruised in the morning.


After administering the thirty spanks, Anna was nearly sobbing. Her cunt was dripping wet, as Tom could see from the juice dripping down the insides of her thighs. He cooed, his fingers running up and down her seam, capturing her wetness.

“Such a good girl,” Tom exclaimed. “You took your punishment so well.”

“Thank you, Professor,” Anna said, looking over her shoulder at Tom. He smirked at her and dipped two fingers into her. Anna fluttered her eyes shut and let her head fall back onto the desk, her nails clawing at the wooden surface. Tom moved his fingers in and out of her slowly, deliberately teasing her.

“Tell me what you want, baby,” Tom whispered, curling his fingers inside of her.

“I want your cock, Daddy,” Anna whined, fucking herself back on Tom’s fingers. Tom let his hand still, allowing Anna to move herself on him. He watched her wet cunt envelop the lean length of his fingers, her walls tightening and clenching around him with every forward pull, as if her body was subconsciously trying to stop Tom’s fingers from leaving her warmth. 

Tom leaned over Anna and fisted her hair in his hand. He tugged her head up and scanned her face, admiring the blush on her cheeks and the rawness of her bitten lip. Even dazed in her submission, Anna smiled wickedly at Tom and pushed herself harder against him.

“Go to my office,” Tom murmured, sliding his fingers out of Anna. She whimpered and Tom slapped his hand against the back of her thigh, ensuring her wetness on his fingers hit her leg. “Go now or you won’t get to cum for a week.”

The threat was enough to have Anna squeaking and jumping up. Her dress fell around her bruised bottom, brushing over the sensitive skin delicately. She flinched but nodded.

“Same office as before?” she asked. 

“Yes, baby. I’ll meet you there. It’s unlocked,” Tom said. Though he initially switched his office in September, after reconciling with Anna in the winter, he had been able to secure his old office again for the Spring semester. Every day spent in there now reminded him of the beautiful woman waiting for him back at home, resulting in him often leaving the university hard and wanting. He bent down and gave Anna a lingering kiss on her forehead. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” she said with a gleaming smile. Anna hopped to the back of the lecture hall, collected her mock backpack, and exited the room with a hammering heart. She squeezed around students and nearly ran to Tom’s office. She knocked on the door - unsure as to why, perhaps just habit - before pushing the door open and entering.

Not much was different about the room. The walls were still dark and the bookshelves were still full. The couch pushed against the wall was still there, passion and lust from Anna and Tom’s many encounters on it probably still seeping into the cushions. His desk was pristine and clean, not a paper out of place but that was only usual for Professor Thomas Hiddleston.

The one thing that was different was the collection of picture frames on his desk.

Anna picked one up and felt tears welling in her eyes. Within the golden frame was a picture of her and Tom in Hawaii. Her hair was flying around from the wind and his blue eyes matched the depths of the Pacific Ocean. He had offered to take the picture of them as they walked down the beach, only one day after she told him she loved him.

The second frame was a picture of her and Tom out to dinner from one month ago. He had gifted her a beautiful navy blue halter dress that was completely backless. For the night, his hand had not left her warm skin. They were seated at a booth in the corner of the restaurant, gazing at each other with unspoken desire and promises of what was to come later. The waiter, a bit oblivious and hopeful, had mistook their dirty whispering for romantic confessions and volunteered to photograph them. It was no wonder that their cheeks were mutually flushed in the photograph, knowing the kind of words they had just spoken.

But it was the third photograph that surprised her. It was just a picture of Anna reading a book, curled up on the couch in Tom’s living room. There was a blanket resting over her lap as she read. The photograph, though seemingly average, was startling to Anna because she had no idea this picture existed.

It was a bit heartwarming for her to see it, actually. Now she knew that Tom didn’t just take photographs of them together. He was so infatuated with her that he took candids of her, and she wondered how many pictures like this he had of her. Anna smiled as she swiped her thumb over the picture, a bit of pride swelling in her at the thought of every student and professor and boss and colleague that entered this room was aware of who she was and that Tom was in love with her.

How things had changed.

“That’s one of my favorite pictures of you,” Tom said. Anna jumped a bit, startled at Tom’s sudden appearance. She chuckled and placed the picture down. Tom’s arms wrapped around her waist and she turned around to face him. 

“I didn’t know you had these on your desk,” she said, gesturing her head back to the pictures. Tom ran his hands up and down Anna’s back. She sighed and relaxed into his warm, comforting touch. No matter where she was or what she was doing, if Tom’s hands were on her, her body would immediately melt and absorb itself into Tom’s soothing palms.

“I put them on my desk one day after deciding that having you as my wallpaper on my phone was simply not enough,” Tom murmured, kissing the top of Anna’s head. “I love seeing your beautiful face. I want you everywhere and I want everyone to know that you’re mine. Now that I’m allowed to be with you, nothing can stop me from doing this.”

Tom’s hands hooked under Anna’s ass and he picked her up. She yelped as he planted her sore ass on the desk. She gave him a mildly annoyed look but she quickly broke into giggles as Tom began pressing kisses to her face. Her hands locked into the short ends of his hair as his lips migrated up to hers. Tom kissed her passionately, hands pushing her dress back up her waist. 

“Daddy,” she sighed, head rolling to the side as Tom began kissing her neck. “Fuck me.”

“In a moment,” he said, biting her neck. “I want to taste my good girl’s pussy.”

Anna fell backwards, her back hitting the desktop with a dull thump. Tom dragged her to the end of the desk by her legs. He began peppering kisses up and down her legs, licking over the sensitive skin of her inner thighs. He moaned as his tongue swept along her skin, his cock achingly hard in his trousers. His mouth found her cunt and he teased her, the stubble on his chin touching her wet seam ever so slightly.

“Professor...Daddy...Sir...dammit, Thomas!” Anna whined, as Tom’s lips barely brushed over her core. 

Tom chuckled and blew a light stream of air over her clit. “Say please. Be a polite little girl.”

“Please, Daddy, please put your mouth on me. Please put your tongue in me,” Anna cried, hands in fists at her side. Tom grinned and winked at her before diving into the sweetness between her thighs. He groaned and palmed at his cock, the taste of his girl making his tongue tingle in delight.

There didn’t seem to be a day that passed where Tom didn’t eat Anna out. He simply could not get enough of her and her taste and her exquisite body. Her reactions to his tongue being on her and in her were too irresistible to Tom, therefore he found a way to devour her nearly every day. And every single day, every single time he did it, Tom was amazed at how he could make Anna fall apart into babbles and shambles.

“Professor...oh yes, right there,” Anna gasped, her head falling back and one hand grasping Tom’s hair. He moaned and quickly took his cock out from his pants, fist working over himself as his tongue circled around Anna’s clit. He flicked the little bud around as his other hand ran up and down her slit. Tom’s blue eyes locked with Anna’s as he pushed two fingers into her greedily. 

“Such a lovely little pussy. It’s all mine, isn’t it, baby? This cunt belongs to me, right?” Tom asked. Anna nodded, lip between her teeth, as Tom went to sucking on her clit. His fingers spread inside of her, stretching out her tight hole. He could tell Anna’s orgasm was close so he pulled back as he managed to shove a third finger inside of her. Anna moaned Tom’s name, trying to keep herself quiet as his fingers fucked in and out of her. Tom chuckled and bit her thigh. “Cum for me, Anna. Cum on your Daddy’s face.”

“Daddy!” Anna squealed, her hand flying from his hair to her mouth to cover her moans. Tom sucked on her clit again, his own hand furiously working over his cock, as Anna hit her high. She came, voice muffled by her hand but Tom knew it was his name that was falling from her lips like a prayer. Tom continued to lap her juices up, riding out her orgasm in the way he knew drove her craziest. 

He stood and pulled Anna up by her arm. “Untie my tie, baby girl.”

“Yes, Daddy,” Anna said, blinking the orgasmic high out of her eyes as she undid the silk tie from around Tom’s neck. He tilted his head back as the tie slid from around his neck. When his tie fell into Anna’s hands, he quickly snatched it and wrapped it around Anna’s head so it was knotted in her mouth, gagging her. 

“You’ve forgotten how to be my good, quiet girl, Anna,” Tom scolded lightly. He tested the gag to make sure it wasn’t too loose or too tight. When Anna’s dilated eyes met his, Tom leaned down and kissed her forehead. “This should help.”

His hand fell to her chest and he pushed her back down onto his desk. Her eyes sparkled with submission and desire as he spread her legs nice and wide, cock dragging along her seam. Tom sucked in a deep breath as he inserted his cock into Anna. He had to repress his own moans as her divine tightness enveloped him.

“Fuck, Anna. Such a pretty pussy. I can feel you clenching around me like the little cock slut you are,” Tom chuckled as he bottomed out. Even with the tie in her mouth, Anna was whimpering and trying to say his name. Tom leaned over Anna and kissed her around the tie. When he pulled back, Tom’s hand slid up and cupped her breast over her dress. “Now be a good girl and let Daddy fuck your dirty cunt.”

Anna squealed as Tom began fucking her with rapid, sharp thrusts. His hand was holding her breast with a strong grip and his other hand was wrapped around her thigh, keeping her spread nice and wide. Anna’s hands were clawing at the desk, her body consumed with pleasure.

“P-Professor,” she uttered from behind the gag. “Harder.”

Tom growled and increased the pace of his thrusts. Anna was never one to shy away from a brutal fucking. In fact, she was often the one encouraging the harder, more aggressive thrusts. But he was still shocked that even with her bruised ass, she wanted more. He was sure the way she was rubbing against the desk would irritate her bottom. Based on the look on her face, it was only heightening her pleasurable experience.

“You’re mine, Anna. No one else can have you. You’re my beautiful girl. Mine, alone,” Tom groaned, his cock being squeezed to a near fatality from Anna’s tight walls. He quickly shucked the top of her dress downwards, freeing one of her breasts. Tom’s lips latched onto her nipple, sucking so hard that he was sure it would be speckled and swollen from his attention. He forced her other breast to fall out and gave it the same ravishing.

Anna’s sounds, though muffled, were driving Tom towards his orgasm. He could feel his cock swelling within her and he knew that he wanted to cum inside of her. There was a deep desire within him to watch her walk out of his office while still trying to keep his cum inside of her. His girl always loved feeling his release inside of her freshly fucked hole. The thought of knowing his cum would be dripping down her thighs as she pretended to act all innocent on her way out of his office had Tom cursing and burying his face in Anna’s neck.

“Need t-to cum…” Anna whimpered. Tom lifted his head and let the hand that was on Anna’s thigh fall to her clit. He circled her clit quickly, watching Anna’s eyes widen as she struggled to hold her orgasm back until Tom told her she could cum. He had a debate, just then, and wondered if he should let her cum at all and instead make her wait until he got home that night as punishment for making him hard in front of his class. But then, her cunt clenched around him and his name fell from her parted lips and Tom could not hold himself back.

“Cum, Anna. Cum for your Daddy. Soak my cock, baby,” Tom growled. Anna tossed her head back and threw her arm over her mouth again. Through her arm and the gag, Tom heard her call for him, her protective and possessive Daddy, and she came. Her pussy tightened around him like a vise and Tom bit down on Anna’s neck, sucking her skin between his lips as his own orgasm hit him. He moaned against her throat, hips still lazily moving as his cum spurted into her. His body felt heavy with the intensity of his orgasm. When Tom finally collected himself, he raised himself up and untied the tie from Anna’s mouth. He massaged her jaw and smiled down at her, cock still wedged between her thighs. “You feel okay, darling?”

“More than okay,” Anna giggled with a wink. “Thank you, Daddy. I love you.”

“I love you more than anything my sweet, precious Anna,” Tom whispered, kissing Anna slowly and intimately. He pulled back and regretfully slipped his cock from her. Anna whimpered and cupped her pussy with her hand, ensuring none of Tom’s cum dripped out of her. Tom brushed his thumb over Anna’s cheekbones. “Really, love, this was an excellent surprise.”

“I’ve been planning it for a while. Today was just the first day it worked out,” Anna said as she pushed herself up into a sitting position. Tom’s hands went to her hips and he kissed her briefly. When she pulled away, Anna sighed. “I guess I should get going. I know your Tuesdays are rather busy.”

“They don’t have to be,” Tom purred, smirking down at Anna. “What would you do if I cancelled the rest of my classes for the day...hypothetically?

“Well, I’d probably crawl under your desk and suck your cock, then I’d ride you in your desk chair, and then ask you to bend me over that couch and fuck me again. I’d let you watch as I fingered myself on your desk, knowing you get a little jealous of my own hands when I do that, which would end up with me being tied up and your cock deep inside my pussy again.” Anna paused and grinned. “Hypothetically.”

Tom’s face was dark, serious, and shadowed with renewed lust.

“Get on your knees.”

And when Tom escorted Anna from his office hours later, he couldn’t help but admire the way she limped down the hall - smiling, in love, and dripping with his cum.