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Wasted Moments

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"Sakumo wants to treat us to breakfast." 


Kakashi had heard the words coming from Tenzo's phone, and yet he still couldn't quite believe them. Tenzo had agreed so easily … and Kakashi could only do so much to keep the smile off of his face. 

Tenzo wanted to spend time with Kakashi. In public. With their parents. It was everything Kakashi had wanted from his last relationship. 


Kakashi frowned, looking away from his smiling boyfriend that was happily chattering away on his phone. Obito had said some terrible things… and it hadn't been the first time. 

He knew it wasn't right. That he wasn't as terrible as Obito had claimed he was. And yet… it hurt. How Obito could throw away their lifelong friendship so easily was terrible, but Kakashi knew it wasn't all bad. 

There was Tenzo. Sweet, sweet Tenzo. The man was practically a saint, buying food and taking care of a random drunk that kept breaking into his apartment. 

Kakashi shook his head, a soft smile overtaking his frown. The man had even offered to buy a round of drinks for Kakashi's friends that he didn't really know. 

Gai had already expressed his love for Tenzo over text, and he could tell from Asuma's vague "bring him next time" message that he liked him too. Anko, of course, had messaged him early in the morning to ask if Tenzo would fight one of her ex-boyfriends as well. 

Tenzo was pacing, waving his arms as he told his mother all about Kakashi's friends. His large brown eyes lifted to the ceiling as he rolled his eyes in happy exasperation. "I'm not inviting them all to Thanksgiving, Mom. They probably have their own families to go home to." 

Kakashi chuckled. Tsunade reminded him a lot of his own father; kind to a fault. He could see those same characteristics in Tenzo. 

"Mom, I am gonna go now, okay?" Tenzo spoke softly. "No. It's just that Kakashi is here… I am not telling him that. Bye Mom. Love you too." 

Tenzo put his cellphone down with a smile on his face, returning to his seat next to Kakashi on the couch.

"Do I even want to know?" Kakashi asked with a grin. The fact that Tenzo flushed red immediately before shaking his head was telling, and Kakashi couldn't help but chuckle. 

Tenzo leaned forward, effectively changing the subject by placing a soft kiss to Kakashi's cheek. He felt his own face turning red, Tenzo's easy affection still catching him off guard. It was just so soft , so full of feeling… and it sent some crazy fluttering feelings through his stomach. 

It was hard to respond to something like that, though Kakashi tried his hardest. He didn't feel like he had done anything to earn those sweet little kisses that Tenzo so often gifted him. 




Studying was something that Kakashi had always enjoyed. Studying with Tenzo? Perfect. Tenzo's shoulder was the perfect place to rest his head while he read through the thick books he had brought over here with him. 

Tenzo's leg was pressed up neatly against his, and Kakashi's eyes shifted over to examine the soft pajama pants Tenzo preferred to study in. 

Tenzo was only a year younger than him, and Kakashi wished that they had gone to school together. He wasn't exactly buff , but Kakashi could certainly see the effects of Tenzo playing baseball for all of those years. Kakashi would have definitely gone to baseball games if he had been able to sit around and watch Tenzo . He looked strong. Strong enough to carry Kakashi around if he wanted... or throw him down on the bed. 

Ah . Perhaps it had been a while. 

Kakashi's eyes continued looking over at his boyfriend, but his face remained turned towards his book. Kakashi didn't want Tenzo getting the wrong idea if he caught Kakashi gawking at him. The man was very beautiful… but Kakashi wasn't ready for sex yet. 

Hugs? Yes. Making out? Hell yes. Just not sex. When Obito had ditched him, he had left a sour taste in Kakashi's mouth that he still hadn't quite gotten rid of, and seeing the asshole last night certainly hadn't helped. 


Tenzo ruled over nearly every waking thought Kakashi had. His beautiful brown eyes, and the adorable way he smiled out of the corner of his mouth when Yukimi jumped into his lap, even when his eyes were still focused on his work. 

And at night?

Tenzo still overwhelmed Kakashi's thoughts when he returned to his apartment for some sleep. His strong arms, that glorious chest that he had seen when Tenzo had slept at his place, and those sinful lips.

Oh what he wished he could do with those lips.  

Perhaps it was shameful to rub one out to the image of his boyfriend every night, watching those lips move to say his name, imagining that shapely form hovering over him, taking him. 

Kakashi nearly shuddered, internally begging his mind to focus on his studies. Did he need to study today? Probably not… but he needed something to distract him.

Tenzo sighed, his leg shifting up against Kakashi's and somehow moving even closer. Kakashi could feel his warmth through his own pair of sleeping pants. When they had both decided on studying in pajamas, he wasn't sure, but he was happy for it at the moment. 

Tenzo was leaning on him heavily, and deep gray eyes drifted up his body again. He nearly startled when he met the gaze of giant brown ones. 

"You're distracted today." Tenzo commented with a smile. 

The smile that made Kakashi's stomach flip. 

"Would you rather watch a movie?" Tenzo asked sweetly, closing his book and shifting a little to face him more. 

Watching a movie meant cuddling, and Kakashi was definitely good with that idea. 

"Actually, that sounds great." Kakashi answered with a smile, watching as Tenzo set his books aside and crossed the room. Tenzo didn't take much time putting in a movie, because they had already been part way through a Lord of the Rings marathon. 

Kakashi set his things on the small coffee table, and was unprepared when Tenzo approached him. His boyfriend's hands gripped his thighs, turning him towards the inside of the couch with ease and pulling him down so he was lying on his back. Kakashi blushed, a bit embarrassed about how hot he found it that Tenzo could shift him around so easily. 

Tenzo climbed onto the couch, and Kakashi opened his legs enough for him to settle down on top of him. Tenzo sprawled out across him, his weight comforting Kakashi at an alarming pace. This shouldn't be so comfortable. Not when Tenzo's body was practically trapping him against the couch.

But he was so warm. Tenzo laid his face down on Kakashi's chest, his soft brown hair just barely touching the bottom of his chin. Kakashi wrapped his arms around Tenzo's shoulders, accepting the new position with a contented sigh. 




At some point, Kakashi had fallen asleep. His dreams were filled with soft skin and Tenzo's happy smile. 

They were also filled with absolutely filthy things that he wouldn't even be able to voice out loud.

Kakashi woke up and shifted, and nearly startled when he couldn't really move. He had forgotten that Tenzo had been lying on top of him. Tenzo's head turned a little bit to look at him, and Kakashi finally remembered that they were watching a movie. 

And then he realized that he was achingly hard

He was hard and Tenzo was laying on his erection. 

There wasn't a chance in hell that Tenzo hadn't noticed that little development. They were pressed so tightly together, and Kakashi felt mortified that he had fallen asleep and dreamt of dirty things while his boyfriend was laying on him. 

Tenzo smiled up at him, his cheesy grin immediately forcing Kakashi's face to light up in a blush. 

"Have a nice dream?" Tenzo asked quietly.

"I'm sorry." Kakashi blurted out, hoping Tenzo wasn't upset about this whole ordeal. 

One brown eyebrow raised, and Tenzo tilted his head a little. "You have nothing to be sorry for. It's natural." Tenzo answered, his smile softening into something a little less teasing. "Would you… like some help ?" 

Immediately, Kakashi wanted to say yes . Just the thought of Tenzo's help made a little bit more blood rush south, but Kakashi didn't want to mislead Tenzo. 

He still didn't want to have sex. 

Tenzo, being the absolute sweetheart that he was, must have seen something in Kakashi's face.

"Hey." He spoke softly, recapturing Kakashi's attention. "We don't have to do anything at all , if you don't want to. But there are plenty of other things we can do than sex."

Kakashi's air left him in a rush. Tenzo sounded so insanely sincere, and he knew that if he ran off to the bathroom and refused Tenzo's help, the other man wouldn't even be upset about it. 

"I… don't want to have sex , but I would be open to… other things ." Kakashi answered awkwardly. He couldn't imagine that his face could possibly get any redder than it must be at this moment. 

Tenzo didn't laugh or tease him. The younger man simply pushed himself up enough so that he could lean over and capture Kakashi's lips in a soft kiss. 

And it was soft. Soft enough for Kakashi to forget his worries, and to forget the horrible embarrassment that was waiting untouched in his pajama pants. 

Tenzo hadn't forgotten, and all of Kakashi's breath was stolen from him when his boyfriend rolled his hips, pressing the erection Kakashi hadn't even known that Tenzo had into his own. Kakashi's head dropped back down onto the couch, his fingers digging into Tenzo's biceps because damn. The thin silky pants he was wearing did absolutely nothing to dull the intense feelings of Tenzo's cock sliding up against his. Tenzo's cock was very obviously a good size, and Kakashi's thoughts immediately drifted to how good it would be to be filled with it.

When Kakashi's eyes fluttered back open, Tenzo was watching him with a smile. He didn't mind that Kakashi's fingernails were probably hurting like hell, or that Kakashi didn't seem to be able to respond properly to the stimulation. 

Tenzo's hips moved again, and Kakashi moaned deeply, his eyes shutting again as he was overwhelmingly sensitive. He would be embarrassed… but Tenzo was aware that it had been eight months since anyone else had touched him. It couldn't be helped if this didn't last that long.

Tenzo set a steady pace, rubbing his cock alongside Kakashi's and moaning in tandem with him. 

This was fine. Better than fine, actually. Pleasure was lighting all of Kakashi's senses, his arms moving to pull Tenzo back down for kisses, and his legs wrapping easily around Tenzo's waist. 

Kakashi's fingers dragged through soft brown hair, and Tenzo's arms closed around him as he continued his movements. 

It was ridiculously intimate, and everything that Kakashi needed in that moment. 

Tenzo moved faster, pulling unguarded moans from Kakashi at an accelerated pace until the older man couldn't even manage to respond to kisses anymore. Tenzo wasn't bothered, simply latching on to the skin on Kakashi's neck, nibbling and sucking marks into the pale skin that Kakashi knew he would be admiring later.

Kakashi was close, red hot pleasure filling his bones as Tenzo continued dry-humping him down into his couch. 

Finally, Kakashi cried out Tenzo's name, spilling his orgasm inside of his pajamas and the boxers he was suddenly grateful to have put on in a last second decision this morning. 

"Kakashi." Tenzo moaned deeply, his fingers tracing Kakashi's jaw as he slowed to a stop and dropped down for another kiss. 

Kakashi was barely coherent, still recovering from the best orgasm he'd had in quite some time… and he hadn't even really been touched. He managed to have the presence of mind to return the kiss, holding Tenzo tightly and clacking their teeth together in his enthusiasm. 

Eventually, they separated a little bit, and Tenzo was still smiling down at him. "Would you like first dibs on the shower?" The man asked sweetly, his fingers still tracing patterns into Kakashi's jaw and throat. 

Kakashi nodded, and Tenzo helped him up from the couch. Between the movie, the nap, and the mind-blowing orgasm he had just received, Kakashi had been lying beneath Tenzo's weight long enough that his legs had turned to jelly. 

Despite walking like a newborn deer, Kakashi made it into the bathroom with some borrowed clothes from Tenzo, and immediately stopped in front of the mirror. 

Purple marks dotted his throat, and pale fingers reached up to tentatively touch them. It had been a long time since Obito had bothered to leave any marks on him. Years .

Maybe… maybe they had been growing apart for longer than Kakashi realized. 

The hickies made Kakashi smile, knowing that his mask would prevent anyone other than himself from being able to enjoy them. They were his and only his, something left behind by Tenzo. 

Kakashi peeled himself away from the mirror about the time that he started wondering where else Tenzo would want to leave his mark on his body. He got rid of his new erection quickly in the shower, and hopped out to put on Tenzo's clothes. 

The pants with little trees on them were simple, but Kakashi was thrilled at the prospect of wearing Tenzo's clothes. He had to tie them a little tighter than where Tenzo had them, but they fit perfectly lengthwise. 

Tenzo was waiting for him with a smile on his face, and their lips met again before he disappeared to take his own shower. 

The rest of the night was spent cuddling and telling each other stories about their parents, since they were apparently all going out to breakfast in the morning. 




Tenzo didn't get nervous until after he had gotten dressed in the morning. Last night with Kakashi had been wonderful, and Kakashi hadn't appeared to regret a single second of it. If asked, Tenzo would definitely be the first to admit that maybe he had lost a little bit of control last night. 

How could he not? He had spent half the movie with Kakashi's erection growing against his stomach. It was enough to send Tenzo's mind reeling with ideas. Thoughts of bending Kakashi over, or simply bending his legs up towards his head and pressing inside of him were quickly taking over. 

All in all, Tenzo had managed to control himself fairly well. Things could have gone much worse… but he still felt like maybe he had been a bit too forward offering to help Kakashi with his boner. 

Tenzo tried to drop it. Kakashi had enjoyed it. Tenzo had enjoyed it. Loved it, in fact. 

But his brain was stupid, and refused to acknowledge the fact that everything turned out fine…

Until Kakashi walked right in his front door without knocking. 

Tenzo raised his eyebrows, but smiled at his boyfriend. Kakashi was typically too shy and nervous to just walk in , but Tenzo's worries disappeared once Kakashi wrapped his arms around Tenzo's neck and thoroughly kissed him. 

"Mm. Good morning." Tenzo spoke with a smile. Kakashi looked wonderful. He was still wearing his mask of course, but was also wearing a dark long-sleeved shirt, and some nice pants. 

Tenzo himself had gone with a red button up polo shirt, and his nicest jeans. He knew Tsunade wouldn't care either way… but he still wanted to look nice when meeting with Kakashi's dad. 

"Good morning." Kakashi replied. They left Tenzo's apartment hand-in-hand, trading quick glances and smiles as they climbed into a cab together and heading to the small breakfast place they were supposed to meet their parents at. 

Tenzo wasn't nervous anymore. Kakashi was an amazing human being, and he knew that nothing could possibly go wrong as long as the silver-haired man remained by his side.