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Wasted Moments

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Tenzo sighed, washing the last of his dishes that he had used for dinner. He was in college, it was Friday night… and he was here studying for his advanced calculus class.

His nights were boring, not that he really had anything better to do. He hadn't spent a lot of time "making friends". Tenzo wouldn't consider himself anti-social . He just… didn't have a lot to offer as a friend. Most of his time was spent studying, and the rest of that time was spent on the phone, convincing his adoptive mother that yes… he was studying hard. 

Tsunade Senju had been his mother for a very long time, and she had been kind enough to pay for his schooling. He was determined not to disappoint someone who had cared for him when no one else would. 

Tenzo looked at the clock. It was past midnight… he really needed to call it a day. Satisfied that his cleanup was done, he closed his laptop and headed to bed. 




Tenzo woke to a loud crashing noise, and his cat clawing her way off of his back in her panic. His senses were on high alert, and he jumped out of bed immediately. He didn't live in the dorms. As soon as he had mentioned it, his mother had thrown the biggest fit he'd ever seen. 

He had his own apartment. There was no reason for the loud crashing noise from earlier, or the subsequent smaller noises after. Tenzo picked up the bat he had next to his door, gripping the handle tightly before making his way into the front room. 

At first glance, nothing was wrong. Tenzo flicked on the main switch as he passed it, bathing the room in bright light. 

"Aw, what the hell!" Someone hissed from his couch. 

Tenzo felt himself startle at the unwelcome sound, watching as a disheveled man raised himself to a sitting position. The man was clearly drunk, his silver hair in a nest on his head and a fabric mask covering the lower half of his face. Tenzo vaguely remembered him as the man that lived across the hall. 

The guy stared at him in confusion, his gray eyes struggling to focus. "What are you doing in my apartment?"

Tenzo gawked. "This is my apartment!" He yelled. "And… the door was locked. How did you even get in here?

The stranger tilted his head, looking around the room for clues as to whether this was his apartment or not. Once his gaze made it back to Tenzo, he held up his keychain. "I used my key." 

Tenzo glared at the keys. There was no way. In either case, the man didn't seem too upset about the whole situation, and also seemed too drunk to be a real threat. Tenzo set the bat down, and walked over to the couch. "Let me see." He replied, holding his hands out for the keys. 

The stranger's apartment key was easy to identify, because it looked exactly the same as Tenzo's did. He moved to his front door, opening it and testing the other man's key. It worked. 

Tenzo groaned. "I'll need to call the landlord I guess." He handed them back. "You need to go home." 

The silver-haired man just nodded, scooting back down and getting comfortable on the couch. 

Tenzo gaped at him, before grabbing his arm and pulling him from the couch. "Not here. In your own apartment." 

He almost laughed at the pathetic puppy dog eyes the man attempted. They almost matched the ones on his little pug keychain. He walked the stranger across the hall, taking his keys back to unlock the door for him.

It was another ten minutes before Tenzo managed to get back into bed, shaking his head in amusement as he felt his cat settle on his back once again. Yukimi purred, content in her favorite spot between Tenzo's shoulders as he drifted off to sleep. 




Tenzo didn't know the other guy's name, but the directory at the front desk listed him as "Hatake". Not that Tenzo even cared, of course. He hadn't even really seen the guy around, and had actually only seen him once or twice before that night. It had already been a week, and he hadn't caught a glimpse of the guy. 

Here it was. Another Friday night. Once again Tenzo spent the night studying. He had refrained from telling his mother about the break-in. It was harmless, after all, and there was no sense worrying her over nothing. He was still chuckling about it, even a week later, as he went to bed at nearly 1am. 




It was barely 2 when Tenzo was woken up once again to crashing from his living room. He groaned, knowing that the last time, the crashing had been all of his books and his laptop falling from the coffee table. He jumped up, Yukimi already long-gone… probably under the bed by now. 

Just in case, Tenzo grabbed his bat, hitting the switch again as he walked into the room. Sure enough, the silver-haired man had collapsed on his couch. Tenzo set the bat down, grumbling about his loss of sleep as he rounded the couch. The man simply blinked at him, as Tenzo crossed his arms in a huff. "You're in the wrong apartment again, Hatake." 

The stranger visibly grimaced at the use of his name. "No. Kakashi. Kakashi is my name." 

"Okay." Tenzo said, trying to fight a smile. "Kakashi… you're in the wrong apartment." 

The man blinked again, watching Tenzo like he had grown a third arm. He kind of looked… cute. Tenzo shook his head. He didn't have time for any of this. 

Kakashi groaned and rolled, laying on his stomach and preparing for sleep. Tenzo just watched in shock. He was really just going to sleep? 

Kakashi appeared to already be asleep by the time Tenzo was done processing the whole situation. Before he could move forward to wake him again, Yukimi jumped up onto the man's back. He didn't even budge. 

Tenzo sighed, rubbing his tired eyes. He really didn't want to deal with this. 

It can probably wait until the morning. Tenzo thought, turning around and heading back to bed. 




Tenzo woke up when Yukimi jumped onto him again. Light was filtering in through his window, but it was still only 5am. His alarm would go off in half an hour. 

It wasn't until after he resettled that he remembered the stranger on his couch. He spun quickly, hissing as claws dug into his back and apologizing to his poor cat. "Sorry, Yukimi. I know you just got comfy again." He whispered, petting her before jumping up. It was bright enough that he didn't need the lights, and he was surprised to find his couch empty. After a quick survey of his apartment, Kakashi didn't appear to be anywhere else either. 

Tenzo yawned, deciding that maybe all of this excitement had earned him an extra hour free from studying, and went back to bed. 




Once again, it was Friday. Tenzo hesitated before going to bed, moving his laptop and books away from the coffee table and into the kitchen. He hoped that after waking up in Tenzo's apartment, Kakashi would have realized his mistake, and wouldn't show up. 

However, Tenzo was tired of picking up his things from the floor, and didn't want to take the chance. 


There was no crashing this time, but Tenzo had been waiting for it. The door shut in the front room, and Tenzo dislodged his cat once again. 

Yukimi's scratches would never heal at this rate. 

Kakashi was already settled into the couch, mumbling something to himself that Tenzo couldn't quite hear. 

"Kakashi?" Tenzo asked hesitantly. The man looked at him with what Tenzo could only assume was a smile on his face. He was still wearing that annoying mask. "Why… why do you wear that mask?"

Kakashi was definitely smiling now. It was a huge dopey grin that made his eyes crinkle. Tenzo's traitorous mouth smiled back immediately. "Oh, I don't let people see my face." Kakashi answered, before laying down and going to bed. 

Tenzo huffed. It didn't really answer his question… but at least the guy was willing to talk to him. Tenzo retrieved an extra blanket from his closet, covering his drunk neighbor so he wouldn't freeze. It was almost amusing. Tenzo could at least admit that he was looking forward to the man's drunk ramblings. It was almost like having a friend… probably the only one he had time for at the moment. 

Tenzo went to bed after his cat betrayed him once again to lay on Kakashi instead. 


As he predicted, Kakashi was gone when he woke up. This time, the blanket was folded neatly on the couch. 




Life went on like that for the next month. Tenzo would leave a blanket by the couch each Friday, and cover Kakashi with it once he passed out. He had learned a few new things about him each time. Kakashi liked eggplants, for instance. He was also a dog person, and often patted Yukimi on her tiny head, mumbling things like "good boy". 

Tenzo also managed to tell Kakashi his name, though the man had yet to use it. Honestly, he wasn't even sure if he remembered anything from his nights in Tenzo's apartment. 

He liked Kakashi. Aside from apparently getting wasted every single Friday, he seemed like a normal guy. 

It seemed excessive… though when he truly thought about it, this only happened on Fridays when there weren't classes the next day. Tenzo had learned that Kakashi was studying business. Apparently, he wanted to become a publisher. 

Tenzo was enjoying his time with his new friend, and found himself looking forward to Fridays. This time, he had food ready. He had never made Kakashi food, but he figured little bits of chicken would be easy for a drunk person to eat. 

Tenzo was determined, and managed to still be awake by the time Kakashi clumsily unlocked his door. 

"Hey, Tenzo." The man slurred, kicking his shoes off and dropping onto the couch. Hearing his name made his heart beat a bit faster, which was ridiculous in itself. This was just some drunk neighbor, not someone that he actually knew. 

Still, Tenzo couldn't stop the smile on his face when he presented the man with some food and water. 

Apparently, feeding Kakashi meant that he would sober up just enough to become inconsolably sad. Watching the man try to breathe through a tear-soaked mask was difficult. Even worse, was trying to discern what the man was saying. 

All he managed to gather was that this "wasn't Tenzo's apartment", and that this was "Bito's room". Tenzo assumed that Kakashi's friend had lived here before, and maybe that was why he knew that his key would work. He still didn't understand the sobbing, and he hadn't even gotten to see what was under the mask.

After a weird moment where Tenzo debated hugging his neighbor, Kakashi's face dried up and he simply went to bed. It was surreal. 




After the chicken incident, Tenzo still tried to supply Kakashi with food. Pizza was much more successful. Kakashi somehow ate without exposing his face, and even managed to chat with Tenzo a bit. 

It had been a few weeks of having pizza and chilling with Kakashi on the couch. They had been watching a cop drama on tv when his neighbor finally fell asleep. 

Tenzo stood slowly, stretching his back as he looked towards the clock. 3 am. 

The brunet was heading for bed when he heard the knocking. It wasn't on his own door… but it was strange. 

Tenzo peered through the peephole on his door, and saw that someone was pounding away on Kakashi's door. 

It didn't take much thought for him to decide to check it out. Tenzo opened the door, leaning out into the hall to see a large man in green spandex. 

Maybe Tenzo was more tired than he realized. There was no way anyone would wear that. 

"Can I help you?" Tenzo spoke softly, watching as the stranger turned with wide eyes.

"Oh! I am so sorry, friend. I am looking for my good friend, Kakashi. He doesn't seem to be home." The man answered, speaking far louder than he should be. 

"Well, it's three in the morning. You should keep your voice down." Tenzo mumbled, rubbing his eyes. "Besides… he isn't in there. He's over here on my couch." 

The guy's eyebrows raised. "He is? How strange! I wasn't aware that Kakashi had made friends with any of his neighbors. My name is Gai." 

Gai stepped forward, reaching out to shake Tenzo's hand. Tenzo accepted the gesture and introduced himself, but couldn't help but wonder what the hell he had gotten into. "Well, to be fair… I'm not sure that Kakashi even knows that he comes over. He only shows up on Fridays when he's drunk."

Gai's eyebrows furrowed, and he strolled right past Tenzo into his apartment. Tenzo sighed, rubbing his hand over his face before moving inside as well. 

Gai was standing across from the couch, taking in the sight of the pizza box, the blanket, the glass of water, and Yukimi perched on Kakashi's back. The tall man looked at Tenzo curiously after that. "You… take care of him?"

Tenzo flushed red immediately. He wasn't sure what Gai was getting at, but hoped he wasn't being too obvious with his crush on the man. "My mother taught me to be a good host. If he's going to show up regardless of if I open the door, I might as well help him get comfortable." 

Gai looked down at Kakashi's pug keychain, tossed casually on the coffee table. "He doesn't knock?"

Tenzo shook his head. "He doesn't even call this my apartment. He says it's Bito's apartment." He replied, wrinkling his nose a bit. He still hadn't gotten much information out of Kakashi about his friend, and it was becoming increasingly frustrating. 

Gai was quiet, his face looking a bit more solemn than before. "Ah. I see. That's… not my story to tell, I suppose. But… our friend, Obito…"

Tenzo didn't need to Gai to finish that sentence. He had gathered that the story wasn't pleasant just from Kakashi's reaction when he had asked about it. He held up a hand, and the man stopped. "It's alright, Gai. You don't need to tell me any of that." 

Gai huffed a laugh. "You sure are a nice guy, Tenzo. I'm happy to leave Kakashi in your care." Tenzo was fairly shocked that Kakashi was managing to sleep through his friend's booming voice. The silver-haired man was happily sleeping away, curled up on his side with Yukimi sleeping on his ribs. 

"Uh… thanks." Tenzo mumbled, blushing again and rubbing behind his neck awkwardly. "It's really not a big deal." 

Eventually, Gai left, and Tenzo was able to take a breath. He stood by his door, dropping his forehead against the wood. Gai was a nice guy… but he was a bit much to endure for over an hour. It was just past 4 a.m. now. Tenzo was seriously glad he didn't have class in the morning. 

The brunet sighed one more time, before turning back to the rest of his apartment. His eyes drifted to the couch, only to spot a lazy gray eye watching him. 

He flushed red immediately, moving closer to the couch. "Uh… your friend was here looking for you. You just missed him." 

"I didn't miss him." Kakashi spoke softly, his voice shockingly clear. "I just didn't feel like talking about it." 

"Oh. Well, I don't really know what's going on, but you are welcome to stay still." Tenzo replied with a smile. This wasn't something he had encountered before. Kakashi sounded… sober. 

"I just meant he'd want to talk to me about you ." Kakashi mumbled, glancing at Yukimi before moving to sit up. She jumped down, trotting over to rub on Tenzo's legs. He huffed a laugh, reaching down to pick her up. "Now you want me, since Kakashi is awake." 

He heard the quiet chuckle from the couch, and was honestly a bit surprised the man wasn't sprinting out the door. Kakashi was always so quick to leave in the mornings that Tenzo just assumed he was embarrassed. He walked over to the couch and sat on the newly available cushion, Yukimi purring calmly in his hands. 

"Why didn't you just beat me to death with your baseball bat?" Kakashi asked, looking at the brunet with his head tilted. 

Tenzo hummed, eyes narrowing as Yukimi walked from his lap over to Kakashi's. "You didn't seem like you were trying to steal my stuff… or hurt me. It wasn't necessary." He replied with a shrug. 

"So you just let me sleep on your couch? Feed me pizza?" Kakashi asked lightly, eyes drifting down to the blanket across his lap. "Leave blankets out for me?" 

The man was smiling under his mask, clearly attempting to fluster Tenzo… and it was working. He was fairly certain all of his blood was currently in his face. "Ah… well… I just-"

Tenzo was cut off by Kakashi's laugh. "I'm just kidding, Tenzo." 

Ah. Kakashi's sober voice saying his name made the blood rush… elsewhere. 

"My friends drag me out every weekend because they think I need to socialize more. Maybe if I tell them I have somewhere else to go, I can just skip the drinking and walk my ass over here." Kakashi mused, watching Tenzo carefully to gauge his reaction. 

Tenzo smiled brightly, unable to stop the happiness from surging across his face. "I wouldn't mind the company."

Kakashi's smile was still visible beneath the mask, and it made Tenzo's heart flutter dangerously. "Good. I'll see you on Friday, then." He spoke, removing Yukimi from his lap to stand. 

Tenzo took the blanket before Kakashi could, folding it himself. "You're leaving?"

The silver-haired man nodded. "I have a lot of studying to make up for, since my friends find it amusing to drag me away from my apartment." 

Tenzo couldn't help but think about the fact that Kakashi studied just as hard as he did. "Yeah… I should probably get to work as well." He mumbled, remembering the large amount of classes he was bogged down with. 

"You've haven't slept a wink, Tenzo. Get some sleep first." Kakashi replied with a smile, patting his shoulder as he stood. 

Tenzo was a bit sad to see him go, but knew Kakashi was right. He needed to get some sleep. Tenzo went to bed dreaming of silver hair and steel-gray eyes.