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They finished eating dinner together with Dong-er like every night. It was Tang Fan’s turn to do the dishes, so the girl thanked Sui Zhou for the meal and happily retired to bed. Which left only the two of them to pick up the dishes and take them to the back to be washed. Sui Zhou placed his load next to the basin and moved to leave but Tang Fan grabbed hold of his wrist. He looked at his lover with a questioning look.

“Guangchuan, I’m really tired today you know”

“…” Since he didn’t have to run anywhere today to pull the younger man out of danger, he would have assumed Tang Fan had an easy day of office work.

“Could you maybe help me today?”

“It’s your turn today”

“I know but-”

“I cooked”

“And it was delicious” Tang Fan gave him a pretty smile, which then turned into that smile. “I could make it up to you in other ways perhaps?”

Sui Zhou would be lying if he said his dick didn’t show interest every time Tang Fan looked at him that way. That would not do. If he kept those tactics up it would end with him wrecking Tang Fan in the courtyard floor.

“Turn around”

Tang Fan was taken aback and blinked out of his seduction stance but obeyed. Good boy.

There was a loud smack and Tang Fan jumped. It took him a moment to process what had happened. He looked over his shoulder, in shock, at Sui Zhou. The other’s face was as impassive as ever but there was an excited glint in his eyes.

He just got slapped on the ass.

“…Is that all?”

“One for one dish”


Tang Fan looked at the pile of stuff to wash. Sui Zhou had made many side dishes that night.

“There’s a lot of dishes”

“En” Sui Zhou didn’t make any further moves. He laid the choice there in the open. If Tang Fan didn’t like it, he could just do the dishes.

Instead Tang Fan turned his back to him again, and actually leaned over against the wall.

Sui Zhou brought his hand down against those soft buttcheeks again and again, with feather like caresses in between. He wasn’t using any force, but the pace was merciless and had Tang Fan crying out in no time. His lover jumped and shivered with each slap against tender flesh and the fit of Sui Zhou’s pants grew uncomfortably tight.

However, he stopped when a slap got a pained hiss out of Tang Fan’s lips.

Instead he turned the smaller man around and with a soft kiss to his forehead told him “Go wait for me in the bed, I’ll wash these and be right there”

He would make Tang Fan sit on his dick on those red cheeks once the dishes were done.




He took one glance at Tang Fan, smiling at him from the door of his room with a basket of dirty laundry under one arm, and knew what the other intended.


“You haven’t even let me speak”

“I’m not doing your laundry”

“I just want you to take it to the laundry shop in town” said Tang Fan, coming into the room and leaving the basket next to the desk where Sui Zhou was currently writing a letter to his family. He came in behind him and placed both hands on his shoulders, leaning close to his ear. “Please”

Sui Zhou put the brush down and blew on the ink to dry it.

Tang Fan’s hands trailed down his chest and his lips came closer to brush lightly against his ear.

“If you help me, I can return the favor later”

“I’m busy, Ruqing” Sui Zhou said, straightening his back and giving Tang Fan’s wandering hands better access. “Why should I go?”

“Because…” Tang Fan licked along the contour of his ear and started nibbling on it. “I- would be- immensely grateful.”

“…” Tang Fan was lithe in body, but his arms and hands were slender and long, reaching anywhere he wanted. He started to fondle Sui Zhou’s crotch at a slow pace.

Tang Fan lowered his voice to an intimate whisper and said “I will be- waiting for you- on your bed. I want you- so much- you wouldn’t want me going out like this. Or maybe- you do. Maybe you want- everyone to see- how lewd I am for you. Tripping and fidgeting- because I need you- so bad- because I- need your cock- deep inside me. Would you like that?” His words were punctuated with tiny bites to his ear.

No Sui Zhou wouldn’t like that. That wanton state of Tang Fan’s was only his to enjoy.

So he turned, fast as lightning, collecting his lover in his arms and kissing the air out of him before laying him down on the bed. He went up to Tang Fan’s ear and whispered in a husky voice how he was going to fuck him so good when he came back, how he was going to make him cum time after time until he couldn’t remember his own name. He used the promises of slow, deep, hard pleasure as a distraction, looping the silk ropes around his lover’s wrists.

One moment Tang Fan was pressed deliciously against the bed and the next Sui Zhou was walking out with the basket on one hand and closing the door behind him. Leaving a very bothered, very horny Tang Fan tied to the bed.

The anticipation did its job. By the time Sui Zhou came back Tang Fan was writhing on the bed, thrusting into the air to try to get any sort of relief and practically screaming for Sui Zhou to just fuck him already.



The sheep had been a gift for a very dear friend and both Dong-er and Cheng-er adored it, so Tang Fan didn’t regret having it around most of the time.

But it had rained for three days straight and the animal was more mud that sheep by then. The smell was simply not tolerable any longer. He tried to make Dong-er give it a bath, but the girl was too smart for his tricks and insisted it was his responsibility since it was his sheep.

So that left him with only one option.

“-And since it’s bitten me before it may happen again. I can’t go to dinner with the General Yao tonight with a sheep bite on my hand, it would blow my cover!”

Sui Zhou looked from his lover to the tiny mudball with legs and back to Tang Fan, with his arms crossed over his chest.

“…I know you like animals, Guangchuan”

Still no response.

How to crack him?

Tang Fan tilted his head, challenging. He dropped de leash of the sheep in between Sui Zhou’s arms and walked to the steps in front of them. They were in the open in the main courtyard, but Dong-er had gone with Pei Huai, Tang Yu and Cheng-er on a day trip to collect medicinal herbs in a pretty hill just out of town so they wouldn’t be busting in unannounced.

This gave Tang Fan the confidence to make his move.

His outer robe hit the stone floor.

“What are you doing?”

It was followed soon by the rest of his clothes. Tang Fan turned around to face Sui Zhou, who had a look of absolute horror on his face, and laid back on the short steps, sprawling his long legs in front of him. Naked from head to toe.

“Tang Fan!”

“Oh? It’s there a problem? I seem to recall you like to see me like this”

Sui Zhou’s eyebrows hit his hairline. “What if someone runs in with a case?”

Tang Fan was many things, but ashamed of his body was not one of those. He smiled and said “It has been raining all week, the air is hot and humid. And seeing you with your sleeves rolled up like that makes me hot and humid” He raised his knees and spread his legs apart, not bothered at all by flashing the poor sheep as well.

Sui Zhou swallowed hard at the view.

“Better hurry so we can move inside, yes?”