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Orange Eyes

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A white-haired girl ran and jumped in front of Himeko, crushing a zombie with her signature Neko-Charm finisher move. Kiana must have been worried if she ran off from Mei to help me.

So Kiana decided to ask about it then. "Aunt Himeko..."

"Kiana, stalling on the matter doesn't change anything except if I will ever get to respond."

"Why are your eyes orange?" Thought she was going to ask about the problem.

I knew what she would've said but know better than to bring it up again, "It's because my father had orange eyes too." Because of the Honkai.

Kiana stopped walking. And stared. And scrunched her face tightly.

Has she realized? If she did, she may beg me to stop being a Valkyrie. But I will not stop for I still haven't found my answer yet.

Then her face loosened again.

"Whoa. Did your mother have orange eyes too!" Kiana obviously took her time in processing the information. This wouldn't be good for her if she keeps it up.

And to this, my decision was to answer honestly, "I wouldn't know. I don't remember much about my mother. My family was only composed of me and my father." She knew that Kiana was the same, however she didn't quite know how she'd react.

Kiana grinned, "I grew up with my dad, too! I don't know how my mother was like. I bet she was an awesome Valkyrie!" According to records, she was in fact an S-Rank Valkyrie. The former wielder of the 6th Divine Key dying is quite ironic.

But I still wouldn't knowhow Kiana's mother was like. I was indeed briefed by Theresa after we captured the Third Herrscher along with the Kaslana descendant, but I never met Cecilia Shariac, the famed valkyrie herself.

For she had died in the Second Honkai War, "sacrificing" her life to kill the Second Herrscher or as Theresa says. Theresa seems to have some sort of grudge against the Overseer, her own grandfather.

I don't know how old Theresa must've been to have fought in the Second Honkai War several years ago, but she must be older than me.

Right now. I'm 28... no 29 now. According to the scientists on base, I have only an year le-

"Hey! Where are you walking Aunt Himeko?" A shout jolts me out of my thoughts.

I wasn't walking back to Hyperion, was I?

"I'm just going to get some beer. Want to come with?" Kiana would never agr-

"Sure!" Would you look at that. It seems that she's trying to spend more time with me after I couldn't find what I was looking for on that mission.

"Aunt Himeko, are you feeling okay now?" She seems to have seen through me a little.

"I gotta say getting possessed by that sword wasn't part of my plans, but hey since was any of our missions on schedule?" I kept walking forward.

Kiana kept up and asked again, "Why haven't you stopped being a Valkyrie?"

"Do you think I'm a bad Valkyrie?" I countered with as I continued walking towards the far convenience store and Kiana followed behind me.

"No, I don't think you're a bad Valkyrie,  but it's a little weird that you're so buff. However, I will become the best Valkyrie even better than you!" With this, she ran in front of me, stopping me in my tracks, and asked, "If you continued being a Valkyrie, do you really only have an year left to live?"

Of course she remembers but I won't let any of my students worry, "Yes, but anything can be accomplished in a year." I can't look back. The only place I can look is forward. No reminiscing is allowed for someone of my lifespan only moving towards the future or as far as I can reach.

"Why don't you quit being a Valkyrie? Maybe that'll expand your lifespan and you wouldn't die soon anymore." And she said it.

"Don't go telling other people that Kiana, it's considered treason to go back on our duties as Valkyries. But that's not the main reason why I can't stop being Valkyrie." Maybe I will at least be able to use myself as a lesson.

"Huh, why can't you stop?" Kiana asked.

My response was a calm one. "In order to shape the future as a happy one for future generations like you, I need to be a Valkyrie."

A Valkyrie is a soldier, true, but they can hold positions of influence to help make the world a better one.

"I don't understand, can't you become a scientist or something, why do you have to die soon?" She gritted out.

"Even if I switched to a more safer job, my life will still be short, so I might as well use the rest of it leaving something behind to help others."

She looked disappointed in my answer but perked up soon.

"How about if you have any dreams, tell me and I will accomplish them. I swear it on the blood of the Kaslana House!" She shouted gleefully.

"How about snagging a hot guy for me?" She's interested in Mei so she wouldn't agree to thi-

"Sure but can I change the hot guy part to Mei?" It seems she's already starting to shape the future for a happier ending.

"Fine, you can." I'm a little jealous how she has found someone already to cherish and I haven't, but maybe I will have that chance before my existence ends.

"Awgh! It's so late! Let's hurry up and buy your beer." She seems to be in a rush. "Aunt Himeko, we have classes tomorrow, why are you even buying beer today!"

"I just felt like getting more." Classes were tomorrow? Oh well, I've gotten less than recommended hours of sleep before during missions, it's not like it would be anything new.

So, we finally buy the beer pack before 12 am and get back to the dorm at 3 am.

Maybe we were dawdling a bit too long.

And maybe.

Maybe Kiana will be able to understand my mindset later in her life when I am gone.