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More iTunes. Punky style.

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Wait Until Tomorrow.  Jimi Hendrix.  DWP.  murderous Miranda, Cruella/Andrea.  PG.  162.

Cruella blew on her fingers and shifted tensely from foot to foot.  

There she was her brunette lover waving in the window.

For many minutes now there had been no noise or hoot.

Cruella pouted mightily as she shivered on the curb below.

Earlier they had schemed and planned to runaway.

Cruella couldn’t understand the stall.

“You have to go.  We will try for another day.”

There in the window she was—brunette and beautiful. 

Cruella’s eyes widened at those hissed words.  

“You are insane.  It’s now or never.  We can have it all.”

Andrea wished like crazy this affair never occurred.  

“Not this way.  You saw her tonight at the ball.”

The window closed and only a silhouette remained.  

A hopeless serenading fool, Cruella cursed the shame.  

Picking up a pebble for the window, Cruella vowed to try just once.

In her heartbreak, she didn’t hear the door.  Click Bang.

Her lover’s lover shot her and it only took the once.