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I found you in the Summer

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He dreamt of butterfly wings, lightly flapping all around him. Feathers softly tickling his skin. He was floating in the breeze, a ray of sunshine warming his face. Slowly, the dream melted away, and he opened his eyes, waking up to dozens of sweet little kisses all over his face and neck. He wouldn't mind walking up like this for the rest of his life. He chuckled, returning little kisses to the man laying on top of him.

"Sorry, Stevie. I just woke up. Looks like we missed the game." Tony apologized with another little peck to Steve's cheek.

"Aw, that's okay. There'll be plenty of baseball to watch. I'm okay just doing this." Steve turned Tony over, pushing him into the couch cushions, nuzzling into him. The handsome genius laughed, and didn't stop his relentless attack. Steve let his hands roam, feeling every curve of Tony's supple body, enjoying every kiss that he was gifted. He didn't know how much time had passed when he heard the elevator doors open.

"Steve! Where the hell were you? You missed a crazy game, Ramirez practically handed your guys the big win in the 12th inning! It was amazi- wait who is that behind you?" Clint and Natasha walked in, and the archer just now realized what Nat was already seeing. Tony poked his head up from behind Steve's broad shoulders and smiled.

"That's a rude question, who else would it be?" Tony wrapped his arms and legs around Steve like an octopus, laughing at Clint's gagging noises.

"Ugh, nope. Dad and dad are at it again!" Clint made a U-turn and headed back for the elevators before Natasha grabbed him by the collar.

"Sorry." Steve was furiously blushing, pulling himself upright, but unwilling to let go of Tony. He sat the other man down right on his lap, unashamedly. It was thrilling, to know that Tony didn't want to hide this new...development from their friends.

"Congratulations, you two. I'm glad you finally figured it out." Natasha pulled Clint over and nudged him with her foot.

"Yeah, yeah. Mazel Tov and all that. Does this mean you guys will finally move in together so I can take Steve's floor? Or better yet, you guys should move into Steve's apartment so I can have the penthouse. Hawks need the highest vantage point you know!-OW!" Clint rubbed his arm where Natasha pinched him.

"Don't ask questions like that, idiot." Natasha reprimanded.

"It's okay. We don't uh...we haven't really talked anything through yet." Tony looked at Steve, and Steve pulled him closer.

"We'll talk tonight. On our date." He smiled.

"Oh! Let's go back to that Cuban place! I could go for some more dancing!" Tony gleefully suggested.

"Sorry guys. They only do dance halls once a week, on Saturdays." Natasha pointed out.

"Aw, that's too-huh? How do you know....wait. I KNEW IT! YOU'RE Steve's secretary!" Tony pointed at her, and Natasha snickered.

"Sure. Let's leave them alone, Hawkass." They retreated back into the elevator and then it was just the two of them again.

"So, where do you want to go for dinner, baby?" Steve kissed Tony again, wondering if he'd ever be able to keep his hands to himself again. Probably not.

"Let's go to that rooftop terrace."


"Yeah." Tony smiled and kissed back. "I think I could stomach some veggies if you're the one feeding them to me." Steve smiled against Tony's lips. He could definitely do that.

Steve cut up a portion of asparagus and dipped it in their decadent, creamy garlic aioli, guiding the delicious bite to Tony's lips.

"Mmmm...why didn't you tell me this place was so good?" Tony teased.

"Ha ha. I tried to tell you. I tried telling you a lot of things, actually. Sorry it took me so long." Steve was on cloud nine, finally on a real date with Tony.

"Oh yeah? How long exactly?" Tony wiggled his eyebrows. Steve thought back.

"Hm...Well, let's just say, if you had asked me to share a bed with you in LA, I probably would've said yes." Steve shyly admitted behind a forkful of steak.

"WHAT?" Tony gasped. "That long? So much time wasted!" He dramatically clutched at his reactor.

"Yeah," Steve chuckled, "We really aren't the best at communication, are we?"

"Mmm." Tony hummed as he chewed.

"Speaking of that," Steve started. " we...just so we're clear, you know..."

"Boyfriends?" Tony bluntly asked.

"Y-yeah?" Steve didn't know why this was still so hard.

"Is that what you want?" Tony playfully slid his legs over to Steve's and rubbed his shin with his shoe under the table.

Well, at some point, Steve was going to have to live up to his Captain America reputation. He bravely joined their hands, resolved to speak everything he'd held inside.

"Baby, what i want you to know is, that I'm in this for the long haul, if you feel the same way, that is. I mean, if you're okay with that..." He gripped Tony's hands a little tighter, hoping he wasn't making a fool of himself, so head over heels already.

"I'm in it to win it, Stevie." Tony squeezed his hands back, settling his nerves. He could do this.

"Good. Great. I mean, I'm so glad. You mean so much to me. I don't know where I'd be without you, seriously." He rubbed the back of Tony's hands with his thumbs. "I promise I'll always be good to you. You deserve that, you deserve the whole world. I want you to be able to rely on me, to trust in me completely, sweetheart, and I know that will take some time-"

"I do trust you, you know I do. But...yeah there might be times when I'm insecure, or scared. So just...I promise to do my best if you promise to hang in there with me." Tony leaned in.

"Always." Steve closed the gap with a kiss.


It was almost a month later before they told each other how they really felt.

"Oh come on! You guys were supposed to be the judges! We can't end in a tie!" Tony whined to the rest of the Avengers.

"Sorry, Tones. Both pizzas were really good. We really can't choose." Natasha explained.

"But his had a pizza!" Tony wasn't letting this go.

"Try it, babe. I'm telling you, artichokes go great with spinach and loads of cheese." Steve held up a slice to Tony, who rolled his eyes, but took a bite anyways. He tried to hate it, he really did, but...ugh! Somehow, it did taste delicious.

"Mmm....Fine. Gimme the rest of the slice, meanie. Since you insist on tricking me into eating my veggies by making them taste good." He huffed as Steve beamed, and they all enjoyed the rest of their pizza from their first ever 'Boyfriend Cooking Competition.'

After, Steve and Tony cleaned the kitchen, and peeled off their aprons, but were still covered head to toe in caked-on flour, sticky cheese and tomato sauce in all the wrong places. They said their goodnights to the rest of the team, and headed upstairs to their penthouse.

"Come on, don't sit babe, you'll get dough all over the couch cushions." Steve was pulling Tony's shirt off, making sure to avoid the new decorations hanging on the penthouse walls; photos of their last month of travel and dates, filled with kisses and big smiles. They had decided to take a few weeks to finish Steve's tour of the country, together.

"Yeah, but i don't wanna wait for you to finish your shower while sitting naked on the floor." Tony pouted as he pulled off his olive oil stained pants.

"Then I'll wait, I don't mind. You go ahead first, hun." Steve pulled him into a smooch.

"Why don't we just...shower together?" Tony used his best puppy dog eyes, and of course it was going to work on poor, defenseless Steve.

"Sure, baby." Steve gave in, so easily. He was a little nervous though, they'd never shared a shower together. In fact, there were a lot of things they still hadn't done together, which was fine, really. He'd have the rest of his life for firsts with Tony. For instance, they still hadn't used the word 'love' in front of the other. That was fine, Steve figured he would wait until he knew this was a sure thing. Really though, every day with Tony had been better than the last, and he couldn't imagine a life without him anymore.

The other thing they still hadn't... let's just say Steve still considered himself a virgin, even though they had done plenty with their hands and mouths over the last few weeks. But Steve was determined to change that tonight, their first night back home after their completed road trip, and the first night they were officially moved in together.

They finished stripping down, leaving their dirty clothes in a pile on the tile, so they wouldn't ruin the soft rugs in their bedroom. Steve blushed as Tony took his hand, leading him to their spacious bathroom, water already heating up for them. Steve tried to avert his gaze from his very handsome, very naked boyfriend in the rising steam. He still wasn't used to seeing Tony naked, maybe he would never get used to it, the way it gave him a rush, made his mouth water.

"Wash my hair?" Tony asked sweetly as they stepped into the hot spray, and Steve obliged right away. Tony knew that Steve liked to touch, couldn't stay away, really. So he would offer up any opportunity for his boyfriend to get his hands on him. Steve happily lathered up Tony's scalp, then soaped up his hands, working down the other man's body, scrubbing every muscle, and Tony did the same for him. When they were finally clean, Tony pushed up against Steve's chest, pulling him down for a kiss, moaning into his mouth, their wet hard dicks sliding against each other. Tony pulled back and was about to get on his knees when Steve held him up by the arms.

"No? Not tonight, baby?" Tony asked.

"Um...I was said whenever I was ready and...I think I'm ready. Maybe we could dry off and take this into the bedroom?" He nervously suggested. They had discussed it, as much as Steve enjoyed giving head, and he REALLY enjoyed it, they decided to have sex only when Steve felt ready.

"Yeah." Tony breathed, his dick twitching in interest. "You sure?"

"Positive." Steve placed a tender kiss to Tony's lips before turning the water off and grabbing a fluffy towel, smiling when a giggling Tony squirmed under his groping, lightly patting and rubbing his skin dry. While Tony grabbed some lube, he quickly toweled himself off too, and followed Tony to their bed, squeezing handfuls of soft, silky skin along the way. They fell onto the sheets, their kisses becoming more heated, hands roaming lower, until soon Steve found himself on his back, tightly holding Tony's thighs, trying to rub his hips up against the other's.

"What do you want, baby? Tell me, I'll do anything." Tony bent over him, whispering into Steve's ear. He shivered, he knew exactly what he wanted.

"Please...need you inside me." Steve let out a shaky breath, barely holding himself back from just slamming Tony against the bed and rubbing their bodies together until he felt release. No, he needed to be patient, this is what he'd been waiting for.

"That's a big step, honey. But of course, I'll be gentle." Tony placed a small kiss behind Steve's ear before opening the bottle of lube, coating his fingers with a generous amount of slick.

"N-no...not gentle..." Steve begged as he heard Tony getting ready, wanting to be manhandled, wanting to feel every inch of his man.

"Believe me, handsome. I'll fuck you into the mattress once you're ready. But right now, just while I open you up, it'll need to be nice and slow, okay? Tell me if you want to stop at any point, you can change your mind, and we can do something else, okay? Just breathe for me, we have all the time in the world." Tony fondled his hair as he used an elbow to nudge Steve's knee, the soldier understood his orders and opened up his legs, letting his lover get settled between them. Tony ran his hand over Steve's hole, spreading a little lube there to get him ready.

"God, I could watch you like this all day, seeing you lose control of yourself." Tony said in a deep, comforting voice as he let his slick fingers trace around Steve's warm opening, letting him adjust to the sensations near his virgin hole as he peppered tiny kisses under his ear. Steve knew he must look so obscene, so vulgar right now, spreading his legs for his lover, probably squirming under his touch, but he didn't care. He wanted Tony all around him, inside him, could lose his mind at the very thought of it.

Tony then tangled his hand into Steve's hair and yanked his head back, sucking on his throat, knowing how much the big guy loved having his hair pulled, and probably figuring it would offer a nice distraction while he slipped the first digit in. Steve moaned, loud and hard, feeling the burning sting of Tony's finger pushing inside him. It didn't hurt too much, mostly it just felt...different. The sensation was overpowered by how hot his face was from Tony angling his head to reach his neck better, biting and licking him through the worst of it.

Steve shivered in nervous excitement. His nipples were rock hard, and somewhere off in the distance, he was aware of his swollen cock being pushed up into his abs by Tony's perfect, soft stomach. The pain receded and Tony let go of his hair, now lightly caressing it again while he slipped another finger in, this one sliding in easier than the first. Tony must've known it was coming, because he braced himself right before curving his fingers up, rubbing against Steve's prostate, making him yelp, almost jumping up in pleasure.

"Shhh...yeah. Feel that, baby? Good, isn't it? God, your hole is really opening up so nicely for me now. I think I can put another finger in right now. You want that, baby?" Tony was holding on to Steve's shoulder as he pushed his hand deeper. Steve was still reeling from the pressure on his sensitive spot, and couldn't answer, pushing his hips down to feel more, his eyes rolling back, mouth agape.

"Fuck, you really like it, huh? Yeah, why don't we take the edge off before I fuck you silly?" Tony pushed a third finger in, Steve's ass tight around his hand, but wet and ready. "God, you're gorgeous. Hold on to the sheets, I'm gonna make you cum all over yourself, all over that pretty chest, so I can watch all your jizz slide off you, get the bed so dirty while I fuck you."

Tony started pumping his hand in and out, Steve's mouth wide open as he twisted his grip in the sheets above his head, gasping for air.

"You want something in your hungry little mouth don't you? You love sucking on me when you come, don't you baby? Here-" Tony moved one leg up and over, on top of Steve's hip so he could keep his leverage as he fucked Steve's ass with one hand, and placed a couple fingers in Steve's mouth with the other hand. Steve immediately sucked, moaning when he felt the finger pads against his tongue. He loved this, feeling Tony all over him, inside both of his holes. Tony kept up the jackhammer pace, pushing in faster and faster until Steve's cock was leaking. Like a punch to the gut, Steve threw his head back, Tony's fingers slipping out of his mouth, and screamed. He felt so full of pleasure, so full of-

"Love you! Love you..." He panted as he came, red cock untouched, squirting all over his chest and stomach. With ragged breath, he slowly dragged himself back to reality, endorphin rush fading away, and he let himself bask in the warm, messy afterglow. His release had been overwhelming, he'd never had anyone else play with his ass like that before, and it felt so good, like Tony was filling in a gap he didn't even know he had.

After a few seconds though, something was off. It was too quiet...he opened his eyes and looked up, Tony staring down at him with a shocked expression, unmoving. He hadn't even taken his fingers out yet.

"Baby? What's wrong?" Steve watched as Tony blinked, and took a deep breath, shock turning to worry.

"Did...did you mean that?" He quietly asked. Steve wondered what he could be talking about when he suddenly realized that he might have .. no, DEFINITELY had said what he was thinking out loud at the end there in the heat of it all. He was mortified, but he did mean it. This was their dilemma though, their downfall always came from miscommunication. He wouldn't keep it from Tony any longer. He took a deep breath, hoping this wouldn't blow up in his face.

"Yes." Steve reached up and pushed Tony's hair out of his face, settling his hand on the back of his head, just now realizing how much he meant it. Here he was, happier than he ever thought possible, with this man who's very touch grounded him, made him feel at home in a world he thought was no longer for him. "I love you, with all my heart." He simply stated. Someday, he would tell Tony about every way he was loved, every reason, and he would have the rest of their lives to do so.

"I love you too." Tony bent down and kissed him, fiercely. Steve shivered at the sound of those words, like a huge weight had been lifted off him. To love Tony and to be loved back, it was amazing - it should've felt constraining but instead it was liberating. He could've shouted it from the rooftops, had he not still been so incredibly turned on by the suddenly determined man on top of him. Steve felt Tony slip his fingers out of him, and heard the pop of the lube bottle opening again. Two quick squirts and Tony was slicking himself up, lining up the head of his wet cock up with Steve's spent hole. Steve pulled his legs back, opening wider, allowing Tony to bend forward and keep kissing him while he pushed in. Steve gasped, one hand stuck between them, squeezing his rapidly hardening cock as he realized that Tony was really, really inside him now. And he loved him back. He loved him back! He threw his other arm around his man, relishing in being completely surrounded by him, penetrated by him, giving himself up entirely to him. Tony didn't waste any time, he started rocking into him, quickly reaching a punishing pace. The wet cum between them was cooling, slick, rubbing all over them as Tony slammed into Steve, harder and harder. He pulled himself up then, holding on to Steve's knees as he started pounding deeper and faster, and Steve watched his own cum glisten on Tony's chest.

"Love you s-so much...ah...feel so good baby...fuck..." Tony tried to keep talking to Steve, but was losing himself as well. Steve reached behind him, shoving a pillow behind his back so he could watch Tony as he fell apart. Once he was balanced, he reached down again to stroke himself in time with Tony's thrusts.

"Mine... Mine... You're mine, Steve." Tony chanted as he drove his cock in and out, barely pulling back a few inches before slamming in again. Steve loved being completely filled, felt shots of pleasure every time Tony pounded all the way in. It was like he was being split in half, in the best way possible. He loved being Tony's.

"I'm yours." He managed a shaky breath before he felt his hole fluttering around the big member inside it. Tony let out a high pitched whine before quivering, then tensing up and squeezing Steve's thighs with both hands. Steve felt a pulsing in his ass, then hot seed spilling out around the cock that was still slowly, sensually gliding in and out. Tony moved his hands down to his hips and then slammed in hard a few more times, loud, wet sounds of come and lube slapping and squirting together filling the air, and Steve came again, a silent scream escaping his lungs, his seed spilling all over himself.

His vision whited out for a second, and in the next moment, he was staring up at the ceiling, a sweaty, panting Tony laying on top of him, both hearts racing together. They laid there for a few minutes before Steve was able to gather all his strength and wrap his arms around the genius.

He loved Tony, so much, and couldn't wait to spend the rest of his life with him.

Tony POV

Tony was so comfortable like this, but they would have to get up soon and clean themselves off if they didn't want to wake up stuck together, though... that might not be too bad. He let out a little sigh, happy that they'd finally just come out and said that they love each other. He'd realized it a while ago, but didn't want to risk messing up this perfect relationship. He knew Steve meant it too, even if he'd said it in the middle of an orgasm. Steve had proven it without words time and time again, but it was such a relief for it to be out in the open now. He chuckled to himself. He lifted his torso up, balancing on Steve's chest, smiling at his cute, weary boyfriend under him.

"Guess we better clean up, hm?" Tony said as he peered down at him through half lidded eyes.

"I'm so tired of doing laundry." Steve grumbled, but picked them both up from the bed, heading to the bathroom to wash up. "Maybe we should go down to my old bed and sleep there tonight."

"You don't think Birdbrain's already moved in?" Tony asked as Steve got a wet towel, careful to get it nice and warm before wiping it on Tony's chest.

"Guess we could always sleep in the guest room next door. Rhodey doesn't mind us using his bed right?" Steve gave Tony a playful look as he finished cleaning him off.

"What he doesn't know won't hurt him." Tony flicked a finger on Steve's nose, and the other man laughed wholeheartedly at that.

"Good." Steve pulled him in close. "I don't wanna clean sheets tonight. I wanna sleep with my sugar daddy." He stuck his nose into Tony's neck and chuckled when Tony huffed, pretending to be annoyed, and tried to squirm away from his tight hold. "Love you, darling."

"Love you too, sweet cheeks." He gave in and let Steve cuddle him in a big bear hug.

Tony was so, so happy. This is what he'd always wanted. Someone who cared, who loved him back, who could make him laugh, who made him feel like the most special guy in the world. And damn, that smile. He'd never grow tired of seeing that smile.