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Camren g!p Smut (Compilation)

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After an exhausting week of rushing to meet the deadlines for schoolwork, Lauren was overjoyed when Friday night finally came. The sleep she so desperately needed was finally within her clutches, her bed already calling out to her and promising a well-deserved rest.

And tomorrow, Camila will be there to visit her.
With those thoughts in mind, Lauren smiled as she slipped underneath the covers, the tiredness slowly draining away from her weary bones.

She closed her eyes and sighed happily, silently thanking the heavens above for the existence of weekends.

But just as she was about to slip away into dreamland, a muffled shout jolted her back into a state of awareness. Grumbling, she tossed over to the other side and closed her eyes again, but stopped short when she felt something banging against her wall from the other side.

Another muffled noise, but more distinct this time. Followed by more rhythmic banging sounds and loud, exaggerated moans and groans.

Lauren saw red. Of all the times her dorm neighbor had to fuck around, it just had to be now, didn’t it? In her rage, she muttered angrily about hoping that the guy wouldn’t last more than a minute. And that he couldn’t get his little friend up again after one round.

It was common knowledge that the walls of the dorm weren’t thick enough to silence annoying sex noises, which was why whenever Camila visited, they only had sex in the morning or the afternoon. Not in the middle of the damn night when everyone was supposed to be sleeping.

Apparently, her neighbor didn’t have that kind of courtesy.

It went on for at least half an hour, and all Lauren could do was stare at the ceiling while she waited for the noises to stop.

And when they did, she heaved an irritated sigh and attempted to go to sleep again.

Only to be interrupted again just a few minutes later. Her neighbor was obnoxious as hell, or maybe Lauren was led to think that because she was pissed beyond words.  

But as she lay there, unable to sleep and exposed to hearing their stifled cries, she decided that they really were insufferable.

She wondered if she would be able to get any sleep like this.

No, Lauren barely got any sleep at all. So, when she clambered out of bed the next afternoon to open the door and invite Camila in, she was cranky and her hair was a mess from tossing and turning all night. It must have shown in her face, because Camila had a look of concern on her face when she caught wind of Lauren’s sour mood.

And Lauren was never in a bad mood when Camila came over to visit.

“Didn’t you get any sleep last night?” Camila asked worriedly, skimming the dark bags underneath Lauren’s eyes with the pad of her thumbs.

“I barely got any,” Lauren replied dryly.

“Why? What happened?”

“Why don’t you ask my neighbor? It sure sounded like she had a wild time last night.”

Camila dropped her hands and frowned, making Lauren feel guilty. She didn’t mean to sound so terse with Camila, but the lack of sleep had really gotten to her. She knew it shouldn’t be an excuse for her to behave that way, especially not with the person who tried the hardest to understand her and put up with her mood swings.

Lauren sat down on the couch and pulled Camila down to sit on her lap, curling her arm around the brunette’s waist to secure her in place. “I’m sorry, Camz. I didn’t mean to sound so short with you…” she said sincerely.

With a small nod, Camila wrapped her arms around Lauren’s neck and soothingly ran a hand across her tangled, black hair. Content and feeling a little better, Lauren hugged Camila closer and took deep breaths, willing herself to calm down.

“Tell you what, why don’t we lie down on your bed and you try to get some sleep now?” Camila suggested in a soft voice, having a lullaby-like effect on Lauren. “And I’ll just stay with you.”
Lauren protested, “Camz, there’s no need for that. I’ll just drink coffee and we can have a movie marathon or do whatever you want.”

“You need your sleep, Lauren,” Camila said firmly, leaving no room for further argument. Her hand snaked towards Lauren’s crotch, lightly rubbing at her crotch. “And besides, you can just make it up to me later…” she added with a smirk.

At Camila’s suggestive tone, Lauren’s penis twitched in her shorts. “Okay, sure,” she swallowed.

Camila winked and kissed the top of Lauren’s head, then rose from her lap. She reached out her right hand, which Lauren took, and led her to the bedroom.

There, Camila sat down on the mattress, her back propped up against the headboard. Lauren climbed in and lied down, resting her head on Camila’s lap. Quietly, Camila sang a lullaby, until Lauren’s eyes started to droop and she slowly fell asleep.

It was already nighttime when Lauren woke up, and she felt significantly refreshed and no longer crabby. Her head was no longer on Camila’s lap, but the brunette was still on the bed, reading one of Lauren’s books. She was out of her casual clothes and now wore one of Lauren’s shirts and boxers, showing off her shapely legs.

Lauren suddenly remembered what Camila said about making it up to her when she woke up.

“Did you have a good sleep?” Camila asked, bringing Lauren out of her thoughts.

“Yeah, it was a good rest. Have you eaten dinner yet?” Lauren asked.

“No, I haven’t yet. I was waiting for you to wake up so we could eat together.”

“You didn’t have to do that, but thanks, baby,” Lauren said gratefully and pulled Camila in for a kiss, a smile curling at her lips as her girlfriend returned it with equal passion.

Giggling, Camila patted her on the cheek, and Lauren reluctantly broke away. “Okay, so how does pizza sound?”

“Pizza? Sounds perfect.”

Camila nodded and grabbed her phone, and Lauren fixed herself while waiting for her to finish placing their order. Once that was done, Lauren settled herself between Camila’s legs and kissed her softly. Circling her arms around Lauren’s neck, Camila deepened the kiss, the passion growing stronger with each push and tug of their lips.

Their tongues soon came out to play, and Camila moaned into Lauren’s mouth as they started to make out. Lauren wrapped Camila’s legs around her waist, making rocking motions with her hips as their tongues slid together in a resounding wet kiss.

She hadn’t thought much about sex with all the stress she had to deal with, but right now, with Camila seductively touching her biceps and her cock rising to erection, Lauren realized just how much she wanted – no, needed it.

There should be just about enough time for her to eat Camila out for pre-dinner before the delivery boy arrived.

Crawling down Camila’s body, Lauren sucked on every inch of exposed bronze skin she could find, until her head was settled between Camila’s legs. With a wink, Lauren pulled off the boxers Camila borrowed, exposing her glistening, pink folds to Lauren’s eyes.

Camila’s breathing became shallow, as Lauren pried her legs open and planted a kiss on her outer lips. Lauren nosed through Camila’s folds, giving her pussy kittenish licks and tiny nips. Above her, Camila trembled, watching Lauren with hooded eyes. Her breath hitched with every flick of Lauren’s tongue, shuddering in anticipation as it swept over her clit.

Like always, Camila tasted fucking delicious, and it made Lauren eager to devour her. And devour she did.

Being hard-pressed for time, Lauren skipped the teasing part and lapped broadly at Camila’s blushing folds, circling her clit before going back to her slit. She moved her tongue clockwise, then back and forth, not missing a single inch of Camila’s dripping pussy.

Fuck, the sounds Camila were making was enough to drive anyone mad. Camila moaned and mewled, her hips lifting off the bed to push her cunt against Lauren’s face.

“Yes! Lick me, Lauren,” Camila let out a choked gasp, her legs quivering slightly.

Lauren grinned, buried her face deeper, and worked faster. The wet sounds of her lips and tongue meeting Camila’s slick folds resounded in her ears, only barely louder than the keening sounds that came from Camila.

On instinct, Camila yanked Lauren’s hair and ground her hips more fervently, humping Lauren’s mouth in her search for more. Lauren, who was only too willing to give it to her, slid her tongue inside Camila’s contracting entrance.

“Oh!” Camila squealed in delight, as Lauren worked her tongue in and out of her leaking pussy.

Her nose bumped against Camila’s clit and Lauren sped up her pace, until Camila was humping her face desperately – a sign that she was close to coming. After two years of being in a relationship with Camila – and the constant sex they had over the course of that time – Lauren knew more than enough as to what Camila wanted and needed in bed, and of course, how long it took for her to orgasm.

Lauren mentally counted down in her head, and just as she thought, zero, Camila shrieked and squirted cum all over her mouth and chin, her body curving into a tight bow. Still, Lauren continued to lick her until she crashed back down on the bed, a giggling mess as Lauren lapped up the wet mess she made.

Camila pulled her up and licked her cum off of Lauren’s chin, a naughty smirk twisting at her lips as she finished.  

Lauren was about to do a lot more than just eating Camila out, when a few sharp knocks on the door rang out. An annoyed look crossed her features, but Camila quickly kissed it away. The last thing they needed was to scare off the poor delivery boy who was only doing his job.

“Can you answer that, baby? I’d do it myself, but my legs are still shaking from how good you ate me out,” Camila said sweetly, and this brightened Lauren up.

“Sure, baby. Do you want me to bring the pizza in here?” Lauren asked. Camila nodded in affirmation, her breathing still ragged.

Leaving Camila to recover on the bed, Lauren grabbed her wallet from her desk and made her way towards the front door. She paid the delivery boy and said her thanks, then brought the box of pizza to her bedroom. Camila was still naked at the bottom half of her body, her legs opened only slightly.

Looking closely, Lauren could see a clear trickle of come dripping from Camila’s cunt, her thighs slick with come.

“Get your mind out of the gutter, Lauren,” Camila teased, yet she didn’t close her legs.

Lauren ignored the dull throbbing in her shorts and slid in beside Camila. After they finished eating all the pizza, Camila closed the box and set it aside.

Then, they both lied down, Camila on her back against the sheets with Lauren hovering over her.
Smiling suggestively, Camila spread her legs as far as they could go, allowing Lauren to settle comfortably between them. Until now, Lauren couldn’t wrap her head around the fact that for someone short, Camila had been blessed with legs that went on for miles.

Not that she was complaining, because she loved it when Camila’s legs were locked around her hips or waist whenever they had hot, hot sex. And the way her heels dug into her back… Lauren couldn’t suppress the shivers that shot up her spine at the thought.

“So, you mentioned that your neighbor had a pretty wild time last night…” Camila purred, slowly lifting her shirt to reveal the flat plane of her stomach, the swells of her luscious breasts.
Lauren’s mouth watered at the sight.

“Yeah, I did,” she gulped, unable to tear her eyes from Camila’s chest.

“And you want revenge, don’t you?”

Lauren could only nod, as Camila took of her shirt and flung it across the room, revealing her perky tits, her dusky nipples set on top of the soft mounds.

“I was thinking…” Camila trailed off, gripping the hem of Lauren’s shirt. With excruciating slowness, she pulled it up, all the while talking as she did so. “What better way to get revenge than by us having really, really fantastic sex?”

Her shirt landed on the floor, and Camila worked on her shorts and boxers next.

“You’ll pound me on this bed, and my naughty pussy will take your cock so well, Lauren,” Camila husked in her ear, the words making Lauren feel hot all over. “You’ll fuck me so hard I’ll be screaming and screaming and screaming, begging for more, begging for you to give it to me harder.”

Camila tugged Lauren’s boxers down harshly in emphasis, her rigid pole springing out as it was freed, slapping against her lower belly. Lauren couldn’t think straight with Camila talking filthy like in her ear, her voice dripping pure sex and filled with so much lust.

God, she wanted that so much. Lauren wanted to bang Camila so hard, wanted her revenge on her insensitive neighbor. She would be killing two birds with one stone.

“We’ll have so much sex, she won’t be able to sleep because of the ruckus we’re going to make. And she can’t complain, because she deprived you of that leisure last night,” Camila sneered, igniting Lauren’s desire for vengeance even more.

Camila fucking knew the right words to say to get her riled up.

Before Camila could say any more, Lauren crashed their lips together and kissed her roughly. Camila didn’t act surprised, as though she was expecting Lauren to react this way. She kissed Lauren back, a mess of tongue and teeth, their mouths colliding with fierce intensity.

Lauren was glad they were already naked, because she didn’t want to break away from the intense make-out session. Camila clutched Lauren’s shoulders, her moans and groans muffled by the blonde’s lips molding forcefully against hers.

They didn’t need slow, both of them craving something rough and fast.

Lauren positioned the tip of her cock at Camila’s entrance, an appreciative moan spilling from her lips at how soaked she was. She rammed herself all the way in, swift and hard, and Camila screamed out of sheer ecstasy. At the same time, Lauren cried out in pleasure at the way Camila’s slippery pussy sucked her in.

She pounded into Camila, rough and fast, her cock plunging in and out of her hot, dripping pussy at a rapid pace. Camila was lost in her own world, crying out continually at the sensation of Lauren’s shaft stretching her wide open.

The headboard slammed against the wall, and Lauren smirked at the thought of her neighbor wide awake and listening to them having sex. What made it even better was that Camila was a natural screamer in bed.

“Take me, Lauren! Yes, just like that!” Camila urged her, clenching her muscles tight around Lauren. “God, you feel so good inside me!”

“Fuck. Your pussy feels so good, Camz. Sucking my cock in like that,” Lauren panted, her hips pushing forward, fucking Camila as deeply as she could.

“Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Give it to me, baby!” Camila sobbed. She pushed back with each thrust, legs locking around Lauren’s waist, inviting her deeper.

Her pussy felt like silken heaven to Lauren, embracing her stiff cock within its heat. Clenching, relaxing, and then tightening again around her. The contractions of Camila’s cunt muscles drove Lauren insane, her cock pulsing and hardening further, eager to pump the dripping pussy below her with her hot seed.

Camila seemed to notice this, as she hugged Lauren closer to her and squeezed her walls with all her might. Unable to hold herself back any longer, Lauren shuddered and groaned Camila’s name as she came, pulsing out thick ropes of her semen deep inside her pussy. Her hips twitched, more so when Camila came, leaking out cum from her hole.

She was still horny and rearing to go, and so was Camila. One round wasn’t enough for them when they were really in the mood for a nice, long fucking.

Lauren rolled over on her back, her cock teetering between her legs and shining with Camila’s juices. Straddling her thighs Camila spread her legs, giving Lauren the view of her semen oozing out of her cunt.  

“Well, damn,” Lauren mumbled, and Camila giggled and lowered her dripping pussy down on her raging prick.

“Get ready for the ride of your night,” Camila winked.

Without saying anything else, Camila rose from Lauren’s lap and slammed her hips down, a sharp scream spilling from her plump lips. Lauren licked her lips, drinking in the view of Camila riding her cock, sweat dripping down her neck and chest from the effort.

And fuck, it was hot watching Camila bounce up and down on her dick, her hair and her tits bouncing up and down. Lauren reached out and palmed Camila’s breasts, tweaking her nipples and rolling them around using her thumb and index finger.

“Fuck, yeah! Ride my cock, Camz!” Lauren panted, content with Camila doing all the work.

“You like that, baby? My pussy bouncing up and down on your big cock?” Camila teased, her hips moving in dizzying circles as she ground down on Lauren’s pelvis.

Grinning, Lauren smacked Camila’s ass. “You bet I do. It’s hard not to love that sweet, tight pussy of yours. Rub your clit for me, baby.”

Camila did as she was told, working her clit with her fingers, pushing herself down on Lauren’s thick shaft. Lauren focused on Camila’s pussy lips being split apart to accommodate her thickness, on the wet slapping of skin on skin.

It didn’t take long before Camila was coming around her again, letting out a sharp cry as she trembled from the force of her orgasm. Gritting her teeth, Lauren planted her feet on the bed and pounded up into Camila, until her cock pumped out jizz for the second time.

Camila slumped forward and clenched her muscles, draining out the rest of Lauren’s warm semen.  
“Mmm, I love it when you pump me full of your come,” Camila sighed, curling up into Lauren.
Smiling in satisfaction, Lauren held Camila, her cock beginning to soften inside the brunette’s cunt. Just as they had settled into a comfortable position for cuddling, Lauren vaguely heard someone knocking on the door.

She arched an eyebrow and carefully disentangled herself from Camila, who was smiling lazily and leisurely stroking her cum-filled pussy.

She picked up her shirt and boxers from the floor and put them on, then made her way outside of the bedroom. When she opened the door, she saw that her neighbor was outside, her fiery red hair disheveled, and annoyed expression on her face.
Lauren suppressed a smirk. “Yes?”

“Are you done banging your girlfriend? Because I need to sleep.”

“Huh. Funny isn’t it? Because I don’t remember knocking on your door last night to tell you and your little boyfriend to stop fucking around,” Lauren said coolly, laughing inside when her neighbor flushed a scarlet red. “But hey, I guess we’re pretty much even now. I was barely able to sleep last night, either.”

And with that, Lauren shut the door in her face with a smug smile. She shuffled back to her bedroom, finding Camila in the same position she left her in.

“That was your neighbor, wasn’t it?” Camila asked, watching Lauren take off her clothes.

“Yup, and she actually had the guts to complain about us being loud,” Lauren said with a laugh, and climbed in beside Camila.

Camila smirked, leading Lauren’s hand between her legs. “Do you want to piss her off even more?”

“You bet I do,” Lauren nodded. “And why don’t I suck my come out of your pussy while I recover?”

Camila smiled naughtily and lay flat on her back, spreading her legs wide open. Lauren groaned at the sight of her thick, white come, steadily trickling out of Camila’s swollen, reddened pussy.

Without giving it a second thought, Lauren buried her face in between Camila’s legs and happily slurped out her thick, white come, grinning at the filthy sucking noises she made.

And as Camila squealed and cried out with each broad stroke of her tongue, Lauren could only think, sweet, sweet revenge.

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“Hey, Camz, how are the cobwebs coming?” Lauren stepped out of the restroom after putting the finishing touches on the makeup – thick, black stripes under her eyes – to complete her quarterback costume.

She’d already rigged the jack-o-lanterns on the porch with little flickering lights, filled the bowl of candy next to the door, and made sure the coolers stocked with various beverages around the house were filled with fresh ice. Camila was in charge of decorating inside, and the cobwebs were the final element to add to the atmosphere of the room.

“Great, Lauren, I’m almost finished!” Camila stood on her tiptoes on a short step ladder, reaching above her head to affix the pulled cotton across the top of a tall bookcase. “Would you hand me a couple of those spiders from the bag please?”

“Sure,” Lauren mumbled, barely registering her girlfriend’s question. The diva’s pleated skirt rode up as the girl stretched, exposing a smooth, muscular thigh and the curve of a bare bottom.

Dear lord save me, she isn’t wearing the spanx. Lauren could feel her cock twitch and wished she hadn’t bothered with the authenticity of a cup, even if it did mean she could avoid taping for the evening. She licked her lips, moving closer with her eyes glued to that tempting sliver of skin.


“Yeah, Camz?” Lauren tore her gaze away from her girlfriend’s pert bottom to find dark eyes twinkling at her with amusement.

“The spiders, Lauren?” Camila smirked slightly, knowing exactly what had distracted her lover and taking full enjoyment of the fact that she could have such an effect on the girl.

“Huh? Oh! Yeah, spiders, sure, here you go,” Lauren had the grace to blush slightly at her obvious distraction and quickly pulled a couple of the plastic critters out of the bag to hand to her girlfriend.

Rather than returning her hand to her side after making the delivery, Lauren paused to explore under the red pleats of the brunette’s cheerleading costume. Delicate fingertips traced the curve of the girl’s small ass before palming the firm globe to squeeze just so. The cup inside her football pants was becoming uncomfortable, her hardening dick pushing against the unyielding plastic.

“There, all done!” Camila proclaimed, placing the two spiders in the cotton webbing. “Although it looks like you’re just getting started.”

“Mm-hmm, and it looks like you’re at just the right height… you should turn around,” Lauren swiped her fingers between her girlfriend’s legs, collecting a bit of moisture and eliciting a shiver from the other girl.

“You think so, hmm?” the diva wasted no time turning in place on the step ladder, pleated skirt swaying to offer a teasing glimpse of a freshly waxed pussy.

Lauren groaned at the sight and leaned in to nibble at smooth outer lips, tongue dipping between wet folds. Camila whimpered and clutched at Lauren’s shoulderpads for balance, knees buckling at the first touch of the warm, wet muscle to her sensitive core. She hadn’t waxed for a while, normally opting to keep her curls neatly trimmed, and the increased sensitivity from the fresh wax had her embarrassingly close to orgasm already.

“Fuck, baby, you’re so wet already,” Lauren murmured against Camila’s swollen clit. She stuck her tongue out to rub the tip of the nub, coaxing it from its hood. Camila cried out, a small climax rippling through her at the touch, her hips pressing into Lauren’s perfect face, hands threading through golden locks to push the girl against her core.

“God, Lauren, yes… mmn, I want… ungh, I want your tongue in me,” Camila moaned, barely able to speak through the raw pleasure of her clit being battered by her lover’s talented tongue.

Lauren’s fingers dug into her girlfriend’s taut little ass, her abdomen clenching at the diva’s words. Trailing her tongue down the girl’s dripping slit, she unceremoniously shoved it into tight heat. Camila’s juices flooded her mouth as she began to thrust her tongue in and out of the sopping channel, mimicking what was to come. The brunette ground her throbbing clit against her lover’s perfect nose, pursuing the thundering climax that loomed above her, threatening to crash like a tidal wave of pleasure.

“Oh my… Lauren, so good, nngh,” Camila panted, hands holding Lauren’s head in place so she could grind hard against her.

Lauren whimpered, not even caring that she could barely breathe – she couldn’t think of any better way to die than with her face buried in her girlfriend’s hot, wet pussy. The girl’s walls were fluttering around her tongue, a hard little clit grinding against her nose, smearing wetness on her chin and cheeks. Camila’s movements grew almost frantic, and she kneaded the firm little bottom in her hands, shoving her tongue deep inside to wiggle and press against sensitive nerve endings.

“Mmn, yes… oh baby, I… unh, mmn… Lauren!” Camila nearly collapsed onto Lauren with the force of her orgasm, hips jerking uncontrollably against her girlfriend’s face as that tidal wave crashed, flooding her body with ecstasy.

Lauren slid her tongue out of her lover’s clenching hole, and with a final swipe of a protruding clit, wrapped her arms around Camila’s legs to lift her off of the stepladder. Carrying the trembling diva to the couch, she let the girl slide down her body and gently pressed her down onto the smooth, leather cushions. Her fingers fumbled with the laces of her football pants, finally unfastening them to pull the damnable cup out of the pocket of the jockstrap.

She sighed in relief at the release of pressure on her aching cock; the plastic mould hadn’t allowed her any room at all, forcing her erection into an uncomfortable downward angle between her legs.

Shoving the jockstrap fabric to the side to allow her cock to spring free, Lauren was fleetingly glad she didn’t have external testicles that would probably have been crushed otherwise. Sometimes she was still dismayed or distressed by her unusual anatomy, but right now, when it just meant she could get inside her lover that much faster, she was simply grateful.

Lifting one of the diva’s long legs to rest against her shoulder, Lauren bent her knees and sheathed herself in her girlfriend in one smooth thrust. Reaching up to brace herself on the back of the couch with one hand, Lauren began slamming into her girlfriend’s tight channel, eyes rolling into the back of her head at the delicious feel of hot, velvety walls clenching around her thick shaft.

“Camila… fuck, unh, baby… mmn, you look so, so hot in that uniform,” Lauren moaned, her hips pistoning into her lover.

Camila cried out wordlessly when Lauren reached her free hand down to rub tight circles on her swollen clit. They didn’t have much time before guests would start arriving for the party, and Lauren really wanted to get them both off quickly.

She increased her pace, fucking almost frantically into her girlfriend’s tight channel, panting harsh moans with each thrust. Velvety folds gripped and clenched around her sensitive cockhead; she could feel her own core clenching as she rocketed towards orgasm.

“Mm, fuck… we don’t have, unh, much time… unngh, baby, come… come for me now,” Lauren pressed her thumb against the tip of Camila’s clit, rubbing hard, short strokes against the sensitive nub. Camila’s back bowed, her mouth open in a silent scream at the almost painful pleasure radiating from her centre. A couple more passes of that strong digit against her hardened bundle of nerves and her body was convulsing, walls clenching hard around Lauren’s rigid length.

“Ah! Fuck yes… unnh,” Lauren loved the feeling of Camila’s tight heat spasming around her dick, clamping down so hard she could barely move. She pushed in hard, straining on her toes to get as deep as she could, practically pushing Camila up the back of the couch. Her cockhead hit a particularly hot, soft spot inside and she would swear she could feel the girl’s heartbeat pounding, vibrating through her cock. She cried out helplessly, spilling herself into the diva, hips jerking against her lover’s heated core. Camila reached down to clasp her full buttocks, holding her deep inside while she shuddered through her orgasm, filling the small girl with her seed.

There was no time to revel in the aftermath – almost as soon as Lauren had spurted the last of her come into Camila’s channel, they were interrupted by a pounding at the front door. When Lauren heard Dinah hollering from the front porch, she was grateful she’d thought to lock the door after setting up the last of the jack-o-lanterns – otherwise, the Polynesian would certainly have barged right in and caught her with her pants down (literally!). Pulling her softening cock out of her girlfriend, Lauren sent Camila scrambling upstairs to clean up with a teasing swat to her cute little bare bottom.

“Make sure you put the spanx on this time!” Lauren called after her girlfriend’s fleeing form.

“No, Lauren, I thought I’d like to give everyone a show,” Camila shot back, pausing to turn and offer her grinning girlfriend an eye roll.

“Hurry, before you drip on the stairs,” the unrepentant girl admonished.

“Ugh, why don’t you hurry before Dinah breaks the door down?” Camila shouted over a renewed burst of pounding. She thought she could faintly hear the Polynesian cussing, yelling about bitches and getting her snack on.

“Weeell, maybe I could let her in if my darling girlfriend wasn’t standing half-naked on the stairs with come sliding down her thighs,” Lauren smirked; she loved getting her girlfriend riled up, she was so sexy when she was mad.

Camila huffed and stomped her foot, glaring balefully at Lauren before she turned to run up the stairs without another word, Lauren’s laughter following her all the way up. The girl had rearranged the jockstrap and shoved the cup back into place, struggling to re-lace her football pants as she made her way to the door.

“Okay, okay, hold your horses,” Lauren shouted when Dinah’s latest round of aggravated knocking ceased. She unlocked the door, fully prepared to tell her erstwhile friend off, and entirely unprepared for the vision that would greet her. She stared incredulously for a moment at the sight of Dinah in a feathered, yellow duck costume, complete with yellow tights and duck-foot shoes. A smile tugged at the corners of her mouth and she fought to contain the laughter bubbling up inside.

“Not a word, Jauregui,” Dinah glared, pushing past the struggling girl. “Damn, bitch, you smell like Cabello juice – gross! You’d best go wash hobbit stench off of you before anyone else gets here.”
Lauren’s rising mirth was wiped away by Dinah’s snark; she was torn between anger at Dinah’s attitude and embarrassment at being caught out.

“Whatever,” Lauren muttered, stalking to the bathroom while Dinah made a beeline for the snack table.

She quickly washed her face and touched up her eye black, exiting to find that Harry and Louis had arrived. Guests arrived in a steady trickle after that; the Harmonizer club and some of their friends filling the house with laughter and warmth. They rotated through handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, whoever happened to be near the door taking their turn to drop hands-full of candy into plastic jack-o-lanterns and pillow cases. Even Dinah seemed to enjoy giving candy to the kids, although that may have had more to do with whatever Normani whispered in her ear when it was her turn to answer the door.

As much as Lauren was enjoying the festivities, she couldn’t help but be distracted by her girlfriend’s outfit. Those ridiculously long, slender legs with their smooth, golden skin were on full display, making Lauren just want to run her hands up and down to caress every inch. Even though the diva had come back downstairs with her spanx on, Lauren knew exactly what lay behind the tight spandex; the pleated skirt offered tantalising glimpses of the girl’s clothed mound and small buttocks. Lauren was never more grateful for the rigid plastic cup in her football pants, as images of her petite girlfriend had her half-hard most of the evening.

Camila felt as if she and Lauren were circling around one another all night like magnets, trading dark, lustful glances while they played the part of the perfect hostesses. Her girlfriend looked unreasonably hot in the football uniform, the tight pants showing off her luscious ass and athletic legs. Camila knew just what was hidden behind the rigid, plastic cup; she spent most of the evening uncomfortably wet, certain that she’d soaked through her spanx and doing her best to keep the pleated skirt from flaring up too much – she swore she could almost smell her own arousal and really didn’t want anyone catching sight of the dark, wet patch she was sure would be glaringly visible between her legs. She finally decided to run upstairs and change into the backup pair of spanx, this time with some underwear and a panty liner to help prevent any potential embarrassment.

A flash of red heading up the stairs caught Lauren’s attention and she bit her lip, contemplating whether she could follow without being too obvious about it. Glancing around the room, she found most of their friends were otherwise occupied, and decided to go for it. She chased the little brunette upstairs, her arousal peaking and leaving her uncomfortably hard yet again. Damned cup…

Lauren slipped into her bedroom behind Camila, carefully locking the door to ensure they wouldn’t be interrupted. She groaned quietly when she turned to see her petite girlfriend peeling the tight spanx away from her glistening core. Camila looked up and licked her lips at the sound, her eyes raking Lauren’s form, lingering longest on bulge between her legs.

“God, Lauren, you’ve been driving me crazy all night,” Camila stalked toward her girlfriend, eyes nearly black with arousal. She didn’t seem to have any of Lauren’s trouble with the laces and quickly had both the football pants and jockstrap pulled to mid-thigh on the taller girl. She licked her lips at the sight of the hard member pointing up at her, a tempting bead of pre-come forming at the tip of the bulbous head.

“Fuck, Camz, are you kidding me? Do you have any idea what that uniform does to me?” Lauren’s voice was low and rough with arousal, her insides clenching at the obvious want painted on her lover’s face.

“Mmm, probably something like what that uniform does to me.”

Camila dropped to her knees in front of her girlfriend, leaning in to swipe her hot tongue through Lauren’s wetness. The girls knees buckled at the feeling of the wet muscle probing at her entrance and she leaned back against her bedroom door to support herself. Camila smirked and trailed her tongue up the pulsing length of Lauren’s painfully hard cock, pausing to tease at the sensitive glans.

“Oh, my… Camila… please,” Lauren whimpered, raising trembling hands to tangle in dark, silky hair.
Camila moaned against Lauren’s cockhead, slurping up the spurt of pre-come the vibration elicited. She wrapped her lips around the tip, sucking gently, tongue teasing more pre-come from the little slit. Lauren moaned above her, spurring her on with wordless cries of encouragement. Ever-so-slowly, Camila pushed her head forward, taking more of the rigid length into her mouth. She continued to suck gently, her tongue lathing the thick vein running the underside of Lauren’s cock. Her hands roamed the inside of creamy thighs, one venturing higher to the searing heat between Lauren’s legs.

“Mmn, baby, fuck yes,” Lauren moaned desperately, watching her cock disappear down her lover’s throat. The girl’s fingers were swirling around her entrance, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked Lauren’s dick all the way down, her nose pressing gently against toned abdominals. Camila held her there for several long moments, swallowing around her before she began to slowly pull back, lips and tongue making love to Lauren’s cock. When she reached the tip, she began all over again, slowly pushing forward to take Lauren’s entire length yet again.

Lauren let her head fall back against the door with a hollow thump, her mouth hanging open as she panted. Camila’s rhythm was a slow burn, tortuously bringing her pleasure higher and higher without giving the final push to bring her over the edge. Her dick was throbbing, so achingly hard she just wanted to come, but at the same time she wanted this intense feeling to last forever. Camila pushed her head forward again, and this time when she held Lauren’s cock in her throat, she hummed a bit around the thickness.

Lauren stared sightlessly at the ceiling, her mouth open to emit a high keening noise when Camila shoved two fingers deep into her core without warning, fingers pressing down on a certain spot. Her insides clenched hard around the invading digits and her cock spasmed, releasing a torrent of come into Camila’s throat.

The diva swallowed greedily, fluttering her fingers against that spot to draw out her lover’s pleasure. She pulled her head back until just the tip of Lauren’s cock remained in her mouth, holding the last few spurts of come on her tongue. When the last of her girlfriend’s shuddering climax passed, she pulled her mouth off the still-hard member, letting it spring up to slap against Lauren’s abdomen where it stuck slightly to the football jersey. She drew her fingers from inside the girl’s core, a smirk curling the corners of her mouth at the shiver that passed through the blonde.

Wrapping her hand around Lauren’s cock, she jerked slowly and stood to push her tongue into the blonde’s mouth, delivering a mouthful of the girl’s own semen. Lauren groaned and sucked hungrily on her lover’s tongue, revelling in the taste of herself against the backdrop of Camila.

“F-fuck, baby, that was incredible,” Lauren panted when Camila finally pulled away. The diva’s little fingers were still toying with her cock, stroking up and down, teasing the spongy head.

“Mm, yeah? Good enough for you to do something for me now?” Camila purred, nuzzling against Lauren’s sweaty neck.

“Camila… you know I’ll do anything you want, with or without a blowjob.”

“Mm-hmm, but I still like to hear you say it,” Camila grinned, tongue flickering out to taste the salty skin.

“Tell me how you want it,” Lauren turned her head to murmur into Camila’s ear.

“God, baby, I’m so wet for you,” Camila’s voice was pure sex, her lips brushing against Lauren’s ear to send shivers through the taller girl. “All night, watching you in that uniform, I’ve wanted you to just bend me over and take me.”

Lauren felt her breath catch in her throat and Camila chuckled throatily at the feeling of her hard member twitching in her hand. Lauren spun Camila around, walking her across the room to bend her over the tall, four-poster bed. She lifted the pleated skirt almost reverently, folding it across Camila’s back to knead two hands-full of the girl’s small buttocks. Glistening, pink folds were exposed for Lauren’s hungry gaze and she dragged her fingers through the wetness, loving the feel of the silky fluid on her fingertips. Gripping the base of her cock, she pressed the tip against Camila’s tight hole, pushing in just slightly to part the inner folds repeatedly.

“Oh my god, Lauren, please…,” Camila pleaded desperately. Lauren was teasing her mercilessly, not pushing in even far enough for her grasping cunt to latch onto the bulbous cockhead. The squelching, wet sound filled her ears and she just wanted that glorious cock in her.

“Please what, baby?” Lauren’s sultry moan sent a shiver through Camila’s core.

“Unngh, fuck me, please.”

Lauren groaned and pushed forward slowly, her hard length piercing deep into Camila’s core. Silken folds parted before her invading member, welcoming her into snug, wet depths. Her hips nestled against Camila’s perfect little ass, her full length buried deep inside the girl.

“Mmmn, yes,” Camila loved the sheer heat and divine pressure filling her, the thick, throbbing length stretching her, reaching places her own fingers never could. Lauren’s cockhead pushed against something inside her that was a white-hot, raw pleasure. And then the girl began to pull back, her ridged cockhead dragging against those sensitive places deep inside; the girls pace was tortuously slow, and Camila couldn’t help but think that she was doing it on purpose after Camila’s earlier, deliberately slow pace. That last coherent thought was quickly chased from her mind by the feeling of the girl’s perfect cock spearing back into her.

“Fuck, baby, you’re so hot… I want to, nngh, I just want to do this all night,” Lauren was rapidly losing control; she wanted nothing more than to pound into the diva’s tight, wet heat, and knew it wouldn’t be long before her restraint evaporated.

“Lauren… unh, yes, fuck me harder, baby.”

The diva’s plea snapped what remained of Lauren’s self-control and with a moan, she increased her pace, eyes riveted on the sight of her thick cock splitting her tiny girlfriend. She clutched at the girl’s narrow hips, slamming home into the tight channel over and over. A wet, slapping sound filled the room as she plunged into her lover, her own wetness trickling down her thighs.

Camila reached between her legs to rub frantic circles on her clit while the girls fat cock worked in and out of her sopping pussy, bulbous cockhead hitting that white-hot spot on each inward thrust. Her self-composed girlfriend didn’t often lose control like this, and she loved the feeling of the thick shaft pounding into her, her lover’s curvaceous hips slamming into her almost bruisingly.

“Mmn, Camila… unh, baby,” Lauren shoved in hard once, twice, and on the third surge forward she was coming, spurting her release deep into her girlfriend. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she clutched at the brunette’s narrow hips for balance when her knees weakened, hips jerking into the girl’s core with each spasm of pleasure.

“Lauren!” Camila felt the burst of liquid heat inside her, the delicious pressure filling her up; her walls trembled and collapsed in her orgasm, holding the thick member inside her, milking it of every drop. She reached behind her to grasp at Lauren’s hips, pulling the girl against her to push her as deep as possible, needing to feel every millimetre of the girl’s thickness.

Lauren collapsed onto Camila, her slight weight pressing the brunette into the mattress like a comforting blanket. Camila was aware of the ridiculous, sated smile that painted her face as she laid there with her perfect girlfriend’s perfect cock softening inside her, their heartbeats slowing together.

“I think… we should… keep the uniforms,” Camila panted.

Lauren laughed breathlessly, nodding against her girlfriend’s shoulder. Their moment of bliss was interrupted by a banging at the door.

“Dammit, Jauregui, stop being disgusting with the midget – I needs more chips!”

The couple exchanged an exasperated glance over Camila’s shoulder before Lauren carefully pulled out, evoking a shudder in both of them. She helped the diva to her feet and led the way to the bathroom to clean up, hollering through the door to tell Dinah to look in the damned pantry and stop being a nuisance. The pair shared amused smirks at the sound of the Polynesians grumbling and Normani’s quiet admonitions to leave them alone because there are plenty of chips still in the bowl. They could just picture the blonde girl’s pout as the sound of her complaining that they might run out soon dwindled down the stairs.

“Come on, let’s go be good hostesses,” Camila ignored Lauren’s smirk as she fastened the panty liner to her bikini cut underwear and pulled them up with the spanx. She’d just get Lauren back later, when she didn’t have the safety of a cup to hide behind

Chapter Text

For all her five years of working as an escort, Lauren never compared the women she’d been in bed with. She didn’t play favorites with her clients, didn’t prioritize one over the rest. It was a rule she lived by, and her main goal had always been to please the clients, to satisfy their sexual needs in however way she can.

Over that length of time, she’d had one-time clients who just wanted to experiment, a few who contacted her a few times before stopping, and there were, of course, the regulars who consistently asked for her.

And each time, Lauren made sure that they were satisfied with her performance. She made no excuses, always prioritizing their pleasure above her own.

It was, after all, her work as an escort.

Yet, there was that one exception. One woman whom Lauren found herself constantly thinking about, often the subject of her fantasies as she stroked her lengthy cock during her alone time.

One of her regulars, and yes, her favorite. 

She had broken the rule that she had made for herself, and yet, she couldn’t bring herself to feel guilty about it. But Lauren did try her best not to think about this woman while she was in bed with another.

Lauren moaned and closed her eyes, her right hand drifting underneath the water to grasp her rapidly growing erection. Just thinking of long, tan legs wrapped around her waist and seductive brown orbs was more than enough for her to become aroused.

Curling her fingers around the base, Lauren stroked herself leisurely, covering every inch of her thick shaft. Here she was, masturbating to thoughts of a woman that had caught her attention so quickly, something she hadn’t done since she started being an escort.

Camila Cabello. Broadway-loving, musical fanatic Camila Cabello.

There was just something about her that lured Lauren in. For someone small, Camila had a gigantic presence that was impossible to ignore, even in bed. She wasn’t dominating, but the way she responded to Lauren’s touch and the breathy moaning sounds she made while they rocked their hips together was hard to dismiss.

Camila oozed confidence and sensuality, and what turned Lauren on more than anything was a woman who knew what she wanted and would do everything she can to get it. Lauren groaned, pumping faster, ignoring the sloshing of the water as she jerked off, imagining Camila’s warm pussy wrapped tightly around her cock.

She could hear Camila crying out her name, alternately begging to be fucked harder while she squeezed her hot, tight cunt around her cock.

Lauren massaged her balls, head thrown back, images of a naked Camila writhing underneath her pushing her closer to her orgasm. With a loud cry of Camila’s name spilling from her lips, Lauren came, thick ropes of her come spurting out into the steadily cooling water that surrounded her naked body.

She held her pulsing cock until it softened in her hand, and she released a satisfied moan as the last waves of her orgasm ebbed away. She then stepped out of the tub and drained the water, patted herself dry, and left the bathroom naked.

The first thing she did when she entered her bedroom was check her phone for messages. There was only one, and it was from Camila. A smile tugged at Lauren’s lips as she opened the text and read through it.

Hi, Laur! Are you available tonight? If you are, can I have four hours? ~C

Her thumbs already started typing out a response before she could stop and think about it.

Yes, I’m available and four hours will be no problem. Text me where I’ll see you and I’ll be on my way. ~L

No sooner than a minute, her phone started to buzz. Lauren read through Camila’s new message, lifting an eyebrow in amusement at the choice of location. Followed by a smirk and a dull throb of her shaft.

Interesting, she thought, as she got dressed.
It looks like they were going to have a fun time tonight.
Lauren headed straight to the room Camila had gotten, and what greeted her as soon as the door opened was one made for anyone’s wet dreams.

No, Camila was not naked, but almost there. She wore a silk green robe, tied loosely around her waist and flowing smoothly against her skin.
The swells of her breasts peeked out from underneath, as did a hint of the flat plane of her stomach. Lauren made a strangled noise of appreciation, and Camila smirked knowingly as she pulled the raven haired girl inside the room.

The interior was quite spacious, and in the middle sat a king-sized bed covered in pink sheets, the metal posts perfect for a person to be bound to. And directly above the bed, was a full-sized mirror stuck on the ceiling. At the foot of the bed, there was another large mirror, placed beside the flat-screen TV.

Warm orange lights were placed over the room, giving off a sensual ambiance that made Lauren wanted to throw Camila onto the bed and fuck her nonstop for all four hours. Maybe more, should Camila ask for an extension.

A sex-themed hotel. 

Camila was simply full of surprises.

Lauren turned around and yanked the smaller girl towards her, breathing hotly into her ear. Moaning softly, Camila melted into Lauren’s arms, shuddering in anticipation.

As much as Lauren wanted to have her way with Camila , she couldn’t forget that they were conducting business. And as such, Camila’s wants and needs in bed came first.

“What do you want me to do?” Lauren husked, sliding her right hand down the silky material that barely covered Camila’s nudity. Finding her ass, she groped, drawing out a breathy moan.

Camila released a shaky breath, trailing the length of the sleeves of Lauren’s dress shirt with the tip of her index finger. Her brown eyes smoldered, liquid pools of sex that called out to Lauren, begging for a good fuck.

It was the same look Camila had the first time Lauren saw her. A different place, yet the same expression, if not more intense.

Four months.

Four months since they first met, and Camila was still finding new ways to surprise Lauren. For someone who can project the picture of innocence, Camila had a wild side to her when it came to activities in the bedroom.

Lauren just loved making her scream.

She was hooked. 

“What do you want to do to me?” Camila asked, catching Lauren off guard.

Lauren stared at Camila , her cock springing to life as she thought of Camila sprawled naked on the sheets, her legs spread wide open while she took all of her prick inside her pussy. Camila propped on all fours, Lauren watching her debauched expression in the mirror while she rode the brunette from behind. Moaning, thrashing, screaming.

Her body buzzed with excitement, and Lauren was fighting hard not to lose control over her desires. Fuck, there were so many things she wanted to do to Camila that it was difficult to choose.

Still, she shouldn’t. Her job wasn’t about her pleasure, it was all about the women who came to her for satisfaction.

“I-“ Lauren cut herself off and shook her head, torn and guilty about the filthy images running inside her head.

Camila cupped her cheeks, pressing herself more firmly against Lauren . “Do whatever you want with me, Laur. I want you to have your way with me.”
Lauren’s eyes darted to the mirror at the foot of the bed. She swallowed and nodded. Pleased with herself, Camila smiled and stepped back. Lauren felt the overwhelming sense of loss as Camila pulled away from the tight embrace, but managed to keep herself together.

What had Camila done to her?

Batting her eyelashes seductively, Camila undid her robe, letting it fall to the floor. Lauren’s pants tightened at the sight of Camila standing naked before her, confident in her stance. A picture of sex.

Lauren stepped forward, drinking in the glorious view. And, in one swift motion, she pulled Camila into her arms again and crushed their lips together, kissing her hungrily. Lauren lifted her off the floor and carried her to the bed, the pressure in her pants becoming more unbearable by the second.
Camila was responsive, making noises of approval as Lauren touched her everywhere, her sex hot and wet to the touch.

Then she remembered the mirror. Lauren stopped kissing Camila and scrambled to sit against the metal posts of the bed. She spread her legs and patted the space in between, and Camila followed suit, leaning back against Lauren’s front.
Lauren looked in the mirror and split Camila’s knees apart, exposing her pink folds. Camila trembled, as Lauren scraped her inner thighs with her blunt fingernails, careful not to touch her throbbing cunt.

Cupping one breast, Lauren purred in Camila’s ear, “Look at the mirror Camz.”

Camila obeyed, and Lauren rested her chin on the crook of her shoulder, smiling at the debauched expression on Camila’s face. She heard her breathing rise rapidly, and Lauren felt that she was getting excited.

“Kinky, aren’t we? So you like seeing yourself naked and spread open like this?” Lauren husked, watching Camila’s eyes flicker up and down, a deep blush coating her cheeks as her gaze dropped down to her dripping pussy. “You dirty girl…”
Lauren grinned, brushing her lips against Camila’s neck, sliding her hands down her thighs. She planted kisses all over Camila’s neck and shoulders, her thumbs working to pry her soft pussy lips open. Camila whimpered, unable to tear her eyes away from her reflection.

“Are you sure you want me to do what I want?” Lauren murmured.

Throat bobbing, Camila nodded, her eyes locking with Lauren’s in the mirror. Lauren chuckled and dipped a finger inside Camila’s tight hole. The girl gasped audibly, and Lauren groaned as her walls collapsed to give way to the intrusion.

Slick, wet, and hot like silky velvet. That’s what Camila’s pussy felt like, and why Lauren enjoyed it so much.

Lauren wiggled her come-slicked finger and drew out, then traced Camila’s lips with it. Without being asked to do so, Camila parted her lips and sucked her heady arousal off of Lauren’s digit, her tongue swirling back and forth on its length.

“Wow, you really are dirty, aren’t you? Licking off your own come…” Lauren laughed and gave Camila’s dripping pussy a light spank.

Squealing in delight, Camila bucked her hips, slick come trickling down her hole and dripping down on the sheets. Shifting her weight to the right side of her body, Lauren reached for the drawer beside the bed and opened the one labeled ‘dildos’. She pulled out a thick, ribbed, bright pink one and showed it to Camila , then pointed it towards her sopping sex.

In response, Camila simply spread her legs wider. Lauren smirked, emerald eyes twinkling in mischief as she ran the head of the dildo over the length of Camila’s slit. Throwing her head back, Camila let out a pleasured moan, her pussy tingling with each brush of the silicone over her soft flesh.

Lauren pressed the tip against Camila’s exposed clit, earning a jerk of the hips and a breathy gasp. Whimpering, Camila clenched the sheets, beads of sweat trickling down her chest, sliding down the valley between her plush tits.

“Look,” Lauren commanded, slapping the dildo against Camila’s cunt to get her attention.
The small latina whined and followed Lauren’s command. Back and forth, Lauren ran the silicone all over Camila’s slicked-up snatch, until the brunette was a quivering mess, quiet pleads spilling out of her lips.

Without warning, Lauren plunged the toy inside Camila’s soaked sex. Keeping her eyes locked on the mirror, Lauren drove the dildo further inside, watching it disappear inside Camila’s cunt through the reflection. She pressed her cock against Camila’s ass, panting hotly as she watched the lewd sight of her sopping pussy being split open by the silicone.

Camila arched her back, loudly crying out Lauren’s name. It was fucking hot, watching Camila’s blissed-out expression through the glass, her naked body presented in plain sight of Lauren’s hungry eyes.  

“Ah! Yes! So good! Laur!” Camila chanted, the wet squelching sounds of her soaking snatch driving Lauren insane with wild lust.

Lauren didn’t dare look away. The image was forever burned in the back of her mind, of Camila desperately humping the toy in her wanton need. Lauren gasped, plunging the dildo in and out of Camila’s cunt at a rapid pace, circling and grinding her hips to push her clothed cock against Camila’s ass.

Her cock swelled and pulsed, until she exploded in her pants, causing her to stop. Camila sobbed, slapped Lauren’s hand away, and continued the deed herself. Lauren watched, mesmerized, as Camila watched herself masturbating.

“Oh my god!” Camila wailed and tumbled over the edge, squirting all over the toy and soaking it in her come, along with the sheets.

Lauren stripped as quickly as she could, ignoring the stickiness of her come that spilled on her boxers. No other woman has ever made her lose control like this, and the fact that Camila surrendered all control to her? You certainly can’t blame her for saying that Camila was her favorite among everyone else.

She couldn’t care less anymore, just as long as she wasn’t subpar with her other clients.

Camila just brought out the animal in her in ways that no one else ever could.

Lauren rolled Camila onto her back and pressed their chests together, sliding her stiff cock all the way inside Camila’s dripping pussy. She groaned, relishing in the heat of her cunt.

Nuzzling Camila’s soft cheek with her nose, Lauren moaned and started pounding away, her pelvis smacking Camila’s hips. Loud cries echoed across the room, enhancing Lauren’s arousal and desperate need to fuck Camila deeply into the mattress.

Another thing Lauren loved about Camila ?

She was a screamer, always voicing out her pleasure that it stroked Lauren’s ego.

Camila moaned and writhed, her body humming underneath Lauren’s. Her hands ran across Camila’s well-toned back, legs locked around her waist as she rocked up into Lauren. Her skin was warm to the touch, the air hot and thick from their frenzied coupling.

And fuck, her pussy. Swallowing her thick cock and squeezing it like there was no tomorrow, greedy to be filled with Lauren’s warm semen.

Lauren hissed in pain as she felt Camila’s nails digging into her back, and as she tilted her head back, she found Camila staring up at the ceiling, her pupils completely blown and her jaw hanging slack in sheer bliss.

Craning her neck, she glanced up, now realizing what Camila was staring at. Her naked and sweaty back, the way her hips pistoned back and forth to plunge her rigid cock inside Camila’s tight heat.
Camila clenched around Lauren’s shaft, bringing her back to her senses.

“Harder! Fuck me, Laur!” Camila gasped, her heels digging into Lauren’s spine. “My pussy wants your dick so bad, daddy!”

That really got Lauren going.

Sucking in a deep breath, Lauren slammed her hips forward, tearing an ecstatic scream from Camila’s throat. “You like my dick that much, huh? Does your pussy feel good, being fucked like this?” Lauren growled, roughly shoving forward.

Nodding vigorously, Camila gripped Lauren’s shoulders, struggling to keep her eyes open. Lauren fucked Camila for all she was worth, the bulbous head of her prick hitting the innermost parts of Camila’s greedy pussy. Jaw clenched tight, Lauren tried not to focus on the heat of Camila’s cunt engulfing her cock and thrust away.

Camila cried sharply, the shockwaves of her orgasm rippling through her ravished body. And then Lauren allowed herself to tumble along, her cock pulsing as she released rope after rope of her hot semen deep inside Camila’s soaking, grasping pussy.

“Get on your hands and knees and face the mirror. I want to fuck your sweet, hot pussy from behind,” Lauren said, her voice low and gravelly from want.
Camila did as she was told and Lauren kneeled behind her, groaning at the sight of her thick come trickling out of Camila’s hole. Grasping Camila’s waist, Lauren buried herself inside, moaning as her thick cock was engulfed in the delicious heat of the small woman’s cunt again.

God, Lauren could never get enough of that.
Again, she watched. Camila had her eyes closed, lips parted in heavy pants as she took all of Lauren’s greedy cock. Her long, chocolate hair cascaded past her shoulders, blocking her breasts from Lauren’s line of sight.

It was downright dirty, and Lauren was loving every second of it.

She molded her front against Camila’s back, nibbling on her earlobe, dropping her hips down on Camila’s ass. She could feel her walls fluttering around her shaft, clenching and flexing uncontrollably.

“Whose pussy is this?” Lauren growled possessively, plowing harder, deeper, until Camila was a moaning, screaming mess. She pushed back against Lauren , fists tight around the sheets, wailing and gasping and sobbing.

“Your pussy, daddy! All yours,” Camila chanted, her arms quivering, struggling to keep her from slumping forward.

“Good girl,” Lauren gritted out, hugging Camila close and palming at her tits, spilling her seed inside Camila’s quivering pussy for the second time that night.

“Yes,” Camila moaned, tightening her walls, keeping Lauren’s cock inside. “Give your naughty pussy your come.”

Shuddering, Lauren reached around Canada and pinched her clit, making the brunette gush come all over her shaft. Lauren breathed raggedly and buried her nose in Camila’s hair, unwilling to slip out just yet.

She didn’t want to leave, just wanted to be buried inside the girl forever.

Camila slumped forward, and so did Lauren . She kissed the nape of Camila’s neck and brushed her hair aside so that she could plant another on her flushed cheek.

“Do we still have time?” Camila asked, softly, and Lauren grunted.

“I don’t know,” Lauren said dismissively, uncaring that this was supposed to be just business. Meet, fuck, collect the money, and then leave. That was how it was supposed to be. But Lauren couldn’t resist Camila . “Why did you set this up, by the way?”

“I wanted to show how much I appreciate you. You’ve been so good to me, you know? The sex is so amazing,” Camila blushed, smiling bashfully.
It was as if they hadn’t been fucking a few minutes ago, with the way Camila was smiling shyly and nervously picking at the rumpled sheets. Like they haven’t been meeting in hotel rooms for the past four months to fuck like animals.

Breath catching in her throat, Lauren mumbled, “Well, it’s my job to make sure you get the pleasure you deserve.”

Camila shook her head and wriggled her body. Reluctantly, Lauren pulled out and lied down on her back, Camila curling up against her. Sighing, Camila rested her head on Lauren’s chest, palm flat on the older latina’s stomach.

“I know, but it’s not just that. I like talking to you,” Camila shrugged, the ends of her hair tickling Lauren’s skin. “Do you remember our first time?”

Lauren nodded. How could she forget? She’d made Camila come many times while restraining herself from following suit, and though Camila lay limp by the end of their session, she persuaded Lauren not to leave until she was also satisfied.

It was strange, having a client ask for an extension just so they could reciprocate. But that was one of the reasons why she’d barely been able to get Camila out of her head. Strong, fiery, competitive, but also one of the kindest people Lauren had met.
Maybe it shouldn’t really come across as a surprise as to why she liked spending time with Camila so much. The mind-blowing sex wasn’t the only reason, though that played a hand as well.

“You’re very unique,” Lauren murmured and wrapped an arm around Camila’s shoulder.
Smiling fondly, Camila touched Lauren’s cheek and kissed the corner of her mouth.

So yes, Lauren was breaking all the rules that was common among escorts. They shouldn’t be this intimate, shouldn’t be cuddling and talking like they’ve known each other all their lives.  

Then her phone started to buzz, breaking the bubble that they were comfortably encased in. Camila shied away from Lauren, masking her disappointment with a strained smile. But it was too late for her, for the both of them. All those nights of breaking the rules, even going so far as talking about their personal lives, staying in and sleeping in with Camila when she wasn’t needed by anyone else…

Lauren should have seen this coming.

Fuck it, she told herself. Might as well break that final rule.

She switched off her phone and tossed it aside, then climbed back into bed. Camila sniffed, and in all honesty, it shouldn’t have affected Lauren as much as it did.

It wasn’t supposed to be hard for her to leave after the agreed amount of time was finished.   

She should have read the text, put on her clothes and left after bidding Camila goodbye so that she could go home and freshen up before meeting the next client.   

Lauren tucked her chin against Camila’s shoulder and wrapped her arms securely around her waist. Camila tensed for a moment, only relaxing when she realized that Lauren wasn’t hugging her goodbye.

“We have time,” Lauren whispered, pressing her lips to the side of Camila’s head. “Lots of it.”
As an acknowledgement, Camila placed her hand on top of Lauren’s , touching her knuckles with the pads of her fingertips.

Lauren couldn’t seem to keep all of the rules when it came to Camila . In so many ways, Camila was quite unique. Which was why Lauren can’t remain neutral when Camila crossed her mind.

As far as things went, she didn’t care about the rules whenever she was alone with Camila .

And she didn’t regret any of it.

Chapter Text

There was just something about Camila Cabello’s brunette hair, punk clothes, and general don’t-give-a-fuck attitude that Lauren Jauregui found appealing. It also didn’t hurt that Camila didn’t belittle her for every little thing she said and did like most of their peers did, nor did she attempt to steal her spotlight. Camila even seemed to actually like talking to her too, and despite her outward appearance hinting that she was just a stoner punk kid, she was actually very smart and maintained one of the highest GPAs at their school, despite taking full advantage of her teachers’ leniency and rarely staying for classes.

Lauren was of the firm insistence that Camila was a terrible influence on her. Her father’s agreed, and so did Camila. Unlike everyone else though, Camila was rather proud of the way she could get Lauren to misbehave, even if it was something as minor as playing hooky on nice spring afternoons.

Of course, if they were only skipping school it wouldn’t be such a big deal. Instead of spending all day at Lauren’s house just watching trashy daytime television and making out, they had gone out to the train yard and Camila was working on her art. She had made a few new stencils and Lauren enjoyed watching Camila paint even if she constantly worried about getting caught.

In Camila’s mind that was half the fun.

She sprayed a few final details on the piece she was working on and took a step back to make sure she hadn’t missed anything. Satisfied, she jumped down off the crates she had stacked together and threw her empty spray paint cans away from her into the mess of the train yard. She made her way over to where Lauren had settled in to watch, well away from the paint fumes, and stood beside her.

“So, what do you think?” Camila grinned up at the newly finished piece that took up an entire car. She had chosen the yellow car specifically so that she would only need red and black paint. The heart she had painted between the two figures was dripping perfectly.

Lauren loved romantic shit like that. Sure, Camila could have bought flowers, but that was boring. Entire works of art dedicated to them is what girls really liked.


The shorter girl looked up into a pair of impossibly dark green eyes; the pupils dilated to an extreme, and felt the air catch in her chest. “What is it, Babe?”

Lauren’s voice was husky when she said “Take me home.”

It would usually take about half an hour to make it from the train yard to Lauren’s house, but Camila made it in half that time, even with Lauren’s hand in her lap distracting her. As soon as they were out of the car their lips were attached and hands were tangled in clothes. Lauren pushed Camila against her front door and continued to kiss her even as she searched through her purse for her house keys and then fought with the lock.

The door opened and they fell backwards into the hall, landing in an ungraceful pile on the hardwood. Camila pulled herself and then Lauren up and slammed the front door. The glass pane in the top of the door rattled unhappily, but the two girls were already trying to make it up the stairs while also keeping their mouths together.

They didn’t bother shutting the door and just fell haphazardly on to Lauren’s bed, their hands already franticly groping to find more skin.

“When do your parents get home?” Camila asked as she tore Lauren’s shirt over her head and tossed it across the room. Her hands found Lauren’s breasts over her bra and she teased the already hard nipples through the satin.

“S-seven,” Lauren groaned even as she arched her back into the expert touch. Her hips rose as Camila’s fell, and the hard bulge between her girlfriend’s legs drew an indecent sound out of her mouth. Camila’s already hard cock pulsed painfully at the sound. The only problem with tight pants was the pressure they put on her junk when she was horny.

“Fucking ace,” Camila muttered distractedly. She was trying to shimmy out of her pants and continue to rock into Lauren’s sweet spot at the same time. It was only when Lauren joined the pants-off party that Camila was able to free herself, and she swore that she wasn’t ever wearing those particular jeans again.

Lauren had busied herself with removing her skirt and panties, so Camila took off her shirt and bra. When she was naked, she took a moment to admire Lauren’s smooth tan skin, perfect heaving breasts with erect nipples, flushed cheeks, and dark lustful gaze that was fixed just as intently on Camila’s body. Camila couldn’t help but be proud of herself. Lauren had a lot to be appreciative of. Camila was in perfect shape, she had a great face, and her cock was something to be admired.

“See something you like?” Camila purred as she crawled up Lauren’s body and hovered over her.

“Nah.” Lauren smiled. “Just a cocky bitch.”

Camila laughed. “Good one. How long have you wanted to use that?”

“A while.”

Camila kissed Lauren once, quick and chaste, and then attacked the girl’s jaw and neck with wet, open-mouthed kisses, marking down her neck and dragging her teeth over the other girl’s collar bone. Lauren squirmed under her and Camila smirked. Lauren really liked teeth, a sentiment that Camila didn’t share but was happy to provide. Each nip to her girlfriend’s sensitive chest and belly brought goose bumps up and quiet little moans from the back of Lauren’s throat.

Camila couldn’t stand guys that complained that their girls wouldn’t give them blow jobs when they refused to go down on their girls too. She was a firm believer of the ‘give and you shall receive’ school of thought. She didn’t do any of that lame ass barely flicking her tongue over Lauren’s clit either. She dove in like she was starving for pussy, and honestly, she kind of was.

Camila wouldn’t lie and say that Lauren’s pussy is her favorite flavor ever. That honor went to watermelon Jolly Ranchers. But it was definitely up there in the 'good’ category.

Before long she had Lauren laid out, writhing and crying in ecstasy, and with her thighs clamped around Camila’s head. Camila didn’t even mind the hands in her hair directing her and holding her in. What was air? She didn’t need that shit; she had Lauren all over her face and wrapped around two of her fingers like a vice. Liquid silk surrounded her tongue and then her fingers as she brought Lauren to the brink and then sent her spiraling over with a final tug of Lauren’s clit between her teeth.

Lauren came loudly with her back arched and her head thrashing from side to side, sending long dark hair in an arc around her flushed face. She lay there taking heaving breaths while Camila cooled her down with slow tender strokes of her fingers and tongue. She stayed there until Lauren’s hands went from gently stroking her hair to pushing her away from her overly sensitive clit.

Camila crawled up Lauren’s body, smirking victoriously. She settled with her knees on either side of Lauren’s hips, her dick casting a light shadow over Lauren’s pale belly.

“You want my dick?” Camila asked as she slowly stroked her shaft and hovered over Lauren.

Lauren bit her lip and nodded. “Yeah.”

Camila circled her sensitive head with one slender finger and then wrapped her fist around her meat again. “Where you want it, Babe?”

Lauren gave her a filthy smile. “My mouth.”

A little stream of precome slipped down Camila’s cock head and dripped onto Lauren’s belly at those words. “Come get it, sexy.”

“Lay down,” Lauren ordered, sitting up from her reclined position and helping Camila shift back.

Just as Camila’s head hit the bed, Lauren’s hand wrapped around her shaft and her fingers teased the sensitive head of her cock.

Camila arched right back up in pleasure and Lauren chuckled. “Just like that. Oh God.” Camila whined unhappily when Lauren’s fingers left her weeping cockhead, but it turned into a labored groan when she felt soft wet lips sucking gently along the underside of her shaft. Lauren moved along her length soft and slow. Camila was extremely sensitive, apparently more so than any of the other guys that Lauren had given blowjobs to. She was also more well-endowed.

She didn’t stop her careful attention to Camila’s cock until the black haired girl was nearly crying for more. She grinned against Camila’s hip and nipped the bone.

“Come on baby,” Camila whined. “Swallow my dick.”

Lauren rolled her eyes at Camila’s phrasing, but she still wrapped her lips around Camila’s smaller head and slowly started to suck and move farther down.

Lauren fucking hated it when Camila tried to force her down farther on her dick before she was ready (“Just because I don’t have a gag reflex doesn’t mean you get to be rude.”) so Camila had to wrap her hands in her own hair to keep from doing it to Lauren. When Lauren’s hands slipped from the base of Camila’s dick to her hips, Camila knew she was about to see stars. The tip of her dick hit the back of Lauren’s throat a second later and the brunette swallowed around her and hummed a little. Camila’s back arched off the bed and she nearly tore her hair at the feeling. Lauren pulled back, humming all the way to the tip and Camila let out a pathetic whine. She could feel Lauren smiling around the head of her cock but she couldn’t tear her eyes open to see it.

“Oh yeah, baby, suck my cock,” she whimpered when Lauren sank back down slowly, humming again. She started to bob faster up and down Camila’s length, drawing mumbled praises and curses and cries from her. Camila tried to buck her hips several times, but Lauren held her down firmly with one forearm and steadied the base of Camila’s dick with the other. Camila was right on the edge. She forced her eyes open and looked down the length of her body to see Lauren looking right back at her, her eyes shiney and her cheeks hollowed out.

Camila came without warning then, spurts of hot cum shooting down Lauren’s willing throat. Lauren swallowed as much as she could and wiped the excess, and all of the slobber that had slipped down her chin, on the bedspread.

Camila just whimpered at the sight. It took her a few minutes to recover, so she pulled Lauren up over her and spent the time lazily kissing the shorter girl and caressing her body. She wiped some of the excess cum off Lauren’s cheeks and got her to giggle quietly. “You’re wonderful.”

Lauren actually flushed and tucked her head against Camila’s shoulder. “Don’t tell me you’re going soft.”

Camila grinned. “I think I’m getting harder actually,” she teased, jerking her hips under Lauren a little. The shorter girl reached down between their bodies and palmed Camila’s hardening cock.

“Seems like it. Are you going to fuck me now or…?”

Lauren didn’t have to ask again. Camila rolled them over and was in position before Lauren even finished giggling. Camila was glad she didn’t have to waste time with condoms. Even if Lauren wasn’t on the pill, Camila was sterile. Sure, when she let herself actually think about it, the fact that she couldn’t get girls pregnant kind of made her sad. She was too much of a badass to talk about feelings and stuff, but she was honestly invested in a long term arrangement with the girl currently under her, and it was scary and comforting at the same time. So it sucked that she wouldn’t be able to get her pregnant someday. What didn’t suck was that it seriously relaxed Lauren’s rules about intimacy, and she let Camila do pretty much anything she wanted.

She rubbed her shaft along the length of Lauren’s slit, coating it in the smaller girl’s wetness. She bit her lip to keep from whimpering too loudly. She wanted to be able to hear the noises Lauren was making under her.

“Get in me,” Lauren demanded finally, throwing her arms out and arching off the bed to try and get Camila in the right position. “Please, please, get in me.”

Camila would’ve laughed, but she actually wanted to get laid, so she restrained herself and settled between Lauren’s legs. “Okay, okay, hold still for a second.” She lined herself up carefully and pushed against Lauren’s entrance, watching as their swollen, slick flesh met and joined together.

“So tight,” Camila whispered as she slipped farther in. Lauren whined and writhed in pleasurable agony as Camila took her sweet time entering her. She loved the first entrance, before her girl’s pussy was entirely ready for her intrusion and was all the tighter because of it.

“Oh God you’re so big,” Lauren said breathlessly. Her muscles clamped down on Camila in reflex and Camila shuddered.

“Yeah, you like my big cock, don’t you?” She slammed in hard and drew a scream from the girl beneath her. “You like it when I pound this pussy.”

“So much,” Lauren agreed with a frantic nod. She gripped Camila’s shoulders for leverage and just held on as the taller girl began to move more forcefully over her.

She started out at a slow even pace, trying to get Lauren to cry out for “more, harder, faster.” She did, in time and Camila did as she asked.

The sounds of skin slapping, panting, quiet groans and whimpers filled the air. Camila was dizzy with pleasure. Time was meaningless. The only thing that mattered was Lauren’s wet heat clenching around her. Their lips met in sloppy kisses when Camila’s teeth weren’t marking the delicate skin of Lauren’s neck and shoulders.

Lauren was getting close, her walls clenching around Camila’s hard cock. Camila sped up, drawing a string of incoherent utterances from Lauren.

Camila thought she heard a strange noise, but she wasn’t sure. Lauren’s breathy cries for more, harder, and faster were taking up all of her awareness that wasn’t focused on how good her cock felt in Lauren’s pussy.

“You’re so wet for me, Babe. So tight. Tell me you want my dick. You like the way I stretch you.”

“God yes. I love it. I love your dick.” Lauren’s heels dug into the back of Camila’s thighs.

Camila grinned smugly, but the expression slipped off when she heard a creak that wasn’t coming from the motion of Lauren’s bed. She looked up at the open door, wondering if a draft or something had made the door move.

Michael Jauregui was standing in the doorway and Camila felt a thrill of fear charge through her. His eyes, so like Lauren’s, were wide and his mouth gaped open in surprised horror. Camila didn’t falter. In fact, the fact that he was just standing there watching her fuck his daughter was incredibly satisfying.

She reached between their bodies and bullied Lauren’s sensitive clit, never taking her eyes off of Michael’s. The green eyed girl nearly screamed with pleasure and Camila felt her pride swell. Lauren was usually pretty quiet during sex, which most people wouldn’t expect, just occasionally whispering dirty little things in her girlfriend’s ear while getting pounded into her mattress. Drawing louder noises out of her was a rare occurrence, and it told Camila that she was doing an A plus job.

It only took a few more carefully angled thrusts before Lauren’s pussy started to flutter deliciously around her cock.

Camila powered through the spasms for only a few seconds before she fell over the edge too, her eyes finally breaking contact from Michael. She tucked her face against Lauren’s neck while the girl’s pussy milked her cock for every last drop of cum.

When the brunette managed to look back up at the doorway it was empty and she tiredly dropped her head down again, peppering kisses over Lauren’s sweaty shoulder and neck.

They lay together for a moment in content silence, Camila with her face pressed to Lauren’s neck while the green eyed girl alternated between running her hands through her girlfriend’s brown hair and tracing patterns over her back.

Camila had to break the lazy spell.

“Hey, Babe, I gotta take a piss.”

“Charming Camila,” Lauren deadpanned.

“Well you need to let me up or I’m going to just let it loose on your bed.”

Lauren was quick to release her after that and Camila slipped on her boxers and wife beater before leaving the room to walk across the hall to the bathroom. She peed, didn’t wash her hands, and then made her way downstairs to pick up a quick snack for them to share. She wasn’t sneaking, but she wasn’t trying to draw attention to herself either. When she didn’t see Lauren’s father on the way to the kitchen, she hoped that he had just left the house and she wouldn’t have to deal with anything.

She was in the middle of washing a bunch of grapes when Michael Jauregui stormed in to the kitchen. Camila didn’t react outwardly, but the man’s expression definitely made her feel grateful that Lauren hadn’t been aware that he had seen them in the act. It would have caused a big dramatic stink and that totally wasn’t Camila’s scene.

“Mr. Jauregui,” Camila greeted, cool as a cucumber. She set the grapes in a bowl and grabbed an apple out of the basket of fruit on the counter. She tried not to let her nervousness show and was glad that her hands didn’t shake.

The man was shaking with unconcealed rage, his usually pale face nearly purple. “You…you…you hooligan!” he finally managed, shaking a threating finger in her face. “I knew you were bad news the minute I saw you. I want you out of my house right now!”

To his credit, he didn’t try to physically force her to move or leave. He wasn’t a huge guy. Camila’s father was bigger and much more violent than Michael. She was used to avoiding fists and drunken anger, not justified demands.

“Mr. Jauregui, I understand that you’re angry-”

“You don’t even know that half of it. You’re damn lucky I don’t take that knife,” he pointed at the large vegetable knife sitting in the knife block on the counter, “and deal with this little problem the old fashioned way.”

“Sir,” Camila started again, “I would like to point out that Lauren doesn’t know you saw…what you saw.” She had to pause for a second because even the memory was highly arousing. “I don’t know about you, but I would like to keep it that way. There’s really no need for her to be embarrassed. And if you were to confront her, it would just lead to an unnecessary fight.”

Michael crossed his arms. If he was moved, he didn’t show it.

“She’s on the pill,” Camila pointed out. “You and Mrs. Jauregui knew she was having sex with Luis.”

Michael sneered. “That doesn’t mean that I want to see her engaged in…that behavior, especially not with a disrespectful, useless, punk. You’re a terrible influence on her. She’s changed since she started going with you, and I don’t like it. Not one little bit.”

Camila bit back the urge to become defiant. She already heard what a failure she was from her father, she didn’t need to hear it from Lauren’s too. She had a goal though. That goal was to keep from being banned forever. The only time she ever felt like she was worth something was when she was with Lauren. “I understand sir. It was my fault it even happened. We were in a hurry and it was stupid. She said you wouldn’t be back until seven.”

He took a few steps back and gave her a look over. Camila put on her best pitiful face. Camila could feel the suppressed rage radiating off of Michael and she was a little worried that she would be dodging a knife after all, but after a long silence he took a step back and adjusted his tie. His face was still bright and his eyes murderous, but it looked like he was ready to turn that ire at a few unlucky interns that lurked around his office instead of at the freaky punk his daughter was boning. Camila had no problem with this at all.

“Fine,” he finally bit out. “I’m going back to work. I just came back for my notes. But you better be gone before I get back.” He turned to go and Camila almost breathed easy before he rounded on her again. “And I don’t want to see you anywhere near here…for a very long time.”

“Yes sir.”

He glared at her one more time and then turned to storm out, a move that his daughter had picked up and perfected into an art form. She didn’t move until she heard the front door click close quietly. Then she collapsed against the counter and pressed her forehead to the cool tile.


When Camila was safely back in Lauren’s room she made sure to shut and lock the door before she did anything else. “Why are you getting dressed?” Camila asked, announcing her presence.

Lauren jumped in surprise and whirled to face her girlfriend. “What took you so long? I was about to send out a search party.”

“I made a snack,” Camila held up the bowl of fruit. “I was hoping to drag the grapes around your nipples or belly button or clit and then feed them to you or eat them myself. Preferably naked, that way when we got all worked up again I would just have to roll on top of you to stick it in, but we can put clothes on again if you want.”

Lauren stared at Camila silently for a few seconds and then threw her shirt off again and shimmied out of her panties.

Chapter Text

As the taxi pulled onto her street, Camila felt her heart flutter. It had been two long and agonizing weeks that she had been away from her fiancée, and she couldn’t wait to cuddle up in their big comfy bed and do some serious love making. Last time she went to New York for business it was only for four days, and when she got back she didn’t even have time to take off her shoes before Lauren dropped to her knees and went at her.

Camila smirked as she recalled what a little sex kitten her fiancée was. The thought of being inside her love, thrusting and making her moan, only made her compression shorts feel even more compressed.

Finally the taxi pulled into the driveway of the quaint, two-bedroom home. Camila could see her bedroom light on. She had absolutely no doubt that Lauren would be sprawled naked on their bed, waiting to pounce at any given moment.

“That’s thirty three, my lady.” The older man said, smiling genuinely as he turned to look at her.

Camila smiled, taking out two twenties and handing them to him. “Keep the change Raphael, it was a pleasure.” She said as she got out. 

“Oh thank you Miss Camila!” He smiled.

She pulled her bag out of the trunk and shut it tightly, trying not to run up to her front door in sheer sexual excitement. She opened the door quietly and took off her shoes, placing them in the closet beside her others. She hung up her coat and carried her bag upstairs, placing it down by her dresser.

Camila looked at their empty bed and frowned. She expected more of a ‘welcome home’ than an empty bed and an absent Lauren.

She heard Lauren start to sing quietly in the washroom. Camila’s frown turned into a sly smirk as she crept towards the door and slowly opened it. “Miss me?” She whispered. 

Lauren jerked forward in surprise, her toothbrush still hanging out of her mouth. She took it out and laughed, spitting out her mouthful of toothpaste. She walked up to Camila and hugged her tightly, sighing against her.

“I did. I missed you so much.” Lauren smiled, “I’m glad you’re back, Miss Broadway Director.” she said coyly.

Camila laughed, leaning in to kiss Lauren, who very quickly dodged it. “Camz, toothpaste.” Lauren reminded her.

“Don’t care.” She mumbled, leaning forward and pressed her lips to her fiancée’s in a bruising kiss. 
Lauren eventually pulled back, nuzzling her nose over Camila’s. “Gimme a second.” She turned back to the sink, rinsed out her mouth and put away her toothbrush. Camila waited patiently as Lauren quickly combed out her hair and then walked back over, kissing Camila again. 

When she stepped forward, gripping Lauren by her arms, Lauren let out a soft breath and turned her head away. Camila kissed down her lover’s neck, leaving a small trail of lipstick stains. Her hands kneaded at Lauren’s breasts.

“Camila, we can’t. I have to be at work for eight and it’s already eleven.” Lauren said.

Camila stepped back, her eyebrow raised, “But… I’ve been gone for two weeks, how are you not wanting to have sex?” She asked, genuinely confused. 

“Well…” Lauren bit her lip, “A few days after you left I found myself really horny, and I was talking to Normani-” 

“Please tell me you didn’t have a threesome-”
“No! Camila.” Lauren huffed, “I bought a vibrator.” She said simply.

“Oh.” Camila paused, “Of course Normani convinced you to buy a vibrator.” She muttered.

“Actually Dinah was the one that sealed the deal. She said she has one for whenever Liam’s away and it works for her. And mine worked for me. Actually it more than worked, it’s amazing. I don’t know why I didn’t think to buy one sooner.” Lauren smiled. 

Camila raised her eyebrow, “Better than the real thing?” She asked.

“No, of course not. But… the way it vibrates, I mean, no human can replicate that feeling. I came so hard.” Lauren laughed quietly. 

Camila stayed silent, looking at Lauren with slightly narrowed eyes. Lauren’s eyes widened and she let out a hearty laugh.

“I don’t believe it.”

“What?” Camila questioned simply.

“You’re jealous of a vibrator.” Lauren laughed as Camila pouted. “Oh honey, don’t be. We can have sex tomorrow, it’s just… I came so many times this past week I don’t know if I could handle anymore right now.” She said as she leaned in to give Camila a quick kiss before going back to the sink.

Couldn’t handle anymore? Camila scowled. The sex toy monster had officially kidnapped her sex kitten and replaced her with a prude. This was not her Lauren, and she didn’t know how but somehow she would get her back.

Camila walked out of their bathroom feeling somewhat appalled. Never in a thousand years did she think her dick would be replaced by a vibrator. She wouldn’t stand for it. She’s a star, damn it, and so is her dick.

When Lauren walked out of their bathroom she came face to face with her naked fiancée. She swallowed as he eyes trailed down to Camila’s hands, stroking slowly at her hard cock. She simply raised her eyebrow amusedly as Lauren squeezed her thighs together.

“Camila…” Lauren whimpered, “That’s not fair. I have to work tomorrow.” she stated, forcing herself to look up into Camila’s smoldering eyes.

“Not fair?” Camila questioned as she walked up to her fiancée, her cock twitching in her closed fist. “What’s not fair is you fucking yourself every night while I was stuck in New York with no one to take.” She said as she pulled Lauren closer, biting at the sensitive skin of her neck.

“Oh… C-Camila.” Lauren swallowed hard. 

Camila reached down, grabbing ahold of Lauren’s tank top and roughly pulling it up over her chest. She felt Lauren pull back, but she held her still with a hand on her lower back. “Stay still.” She growled.

Lauren let out a quiet whimper, gripping at Camila’s bare shoulders. Her nails sunk in as Camila grabbed a nipple between her fingers, twisting and pulling it to a stiff peak. She leaned down and took a mouthful of flesh, biting and sucking until she was sure her mark would stay. She pulled away with an audible 'pop’.

“I think you need a good fucking to remind you who you belong to.” Camila whispered, reaching up to grab a fistful of soft blonde hair. Lauren bit her lip, nodding slowly as Camila’s dark eyes bore into hers. “That’s what I thought.” Camila smirked, leaning forward to press their lips together in a heated kiss. 

She kicked Lauren’s legs apart and reached between them, palming her sex. Lauren moaned into the kiss, pressing her centre into Camila. The brunette groaned, breaking their kiss to look down and stroke her cock. 

“Down.” She muttered, pulling Lauren by her hair towards the floor. Lauren crashed down to her knees and opened her mouth, immediately taking Camila’s thick cock past her lips.

Camila’s abdomen twitched, her muscles flexing as she groaned quietly. She tangled her other hand into her fiancée’s hair and held her head still as she thrust deeper. Lauren gagged around her girth, raising her hands to grip at Camila’s upper thighs.

Camila pulled out long enough to let the blonde cough and catch a quick breath before thrusting back into her mouth, forcing herself deeper until Lauren’s nose was nestled at the base of her cock. She pulled out again, this time slapping her length against Lauren’s cheek as she breathed deeply. 

“Who do you belong to?” Camila asked.

“You.” Lauren said, reaching up to wipe her mouth on the inside of her wrist.

“You’re such a slut for my cock.” Camila teased as she brushed the head of her cock over the blonde’s glistening lips. Lauren opened her mouth again, her tongue flicking out to lick the underside of Camila’s cock. 

Camila enjoyed the warm mouth around her for a short while before pulling Lauren to her feet. She turned the blonde around and pressed her into the wall. Her fingers hooked into Lauren’s pajama shorts and pulled them down around her knees. Then, without any warning, she thrust up into her fiancée’s warm sex. Lauren gasped and squirmed against the brunette’s tight hold.

“Oh… fuck- Camila! That feels so good, baby.” Lauren whimpered, pressing her ass back as the thrusts came faster and harder. Camila pulled Lauren’s hair into her fist and tugged her head back, grunting into her ear as she fucked her ruthlessly. 

“That’s right you little slut, you love being fucked by my big cock. Nothing can replace it, can it?” Camila breathed.

“N-N-unh.. oh fuck!” Lauren cried out a Camila reached around and started playing with her clit. “F-Fuck yes!” Lauren gasped.

“I. Asked. You. A. Question.” Camila annunciated each word with a particularly hard thrust against Lauren’s sweet spot.

“Nothing can- oh my God! N-Nothing can replace your cock!” Lauren cried out, her hands splayed against the wall as Camila pounded into her. 
Camila thrust up and stopped, balanced on the balls of her feet, and started to rub Lauren’s clit faster and in more circular motions. Lauren moaned loudly, her mouth hanging open and eyes squeezed shut. 

“Oh- fuck, Camila… I’m gonna come” Lauren gasped as Camila started to slowly and firmly thrust again, her fingers never slowing from their quickened circles around her clit. 

Lauren’s nails scraped at the wall as she cried out, her muscles all contracting and squeezing around Camila. Camila moaned loudly as she held off on her orgasm, willing herself to settle down despite the sudden change in tightness. Lauren finally relaxed, gasping for breath. 

Camila slid out of Lauren and pulled her over to the bed, bending her over. She spit on her hand and rubbed it over her cock before rubbing the head against Lauren’s ass. 

Lauren let out a soft breath, biting down on the sheets underneath her. Camila began easing herself into the tight hole, pressing firmly but not too hard. Lauren moaned and arched her back, offering herself up to be taken.
Camila smiled, “My sex kitten.” she teased, resting her knee on the bed as she pushed in the rest of her seven inches. Lauren whimpered at the sudden intrusion, which very quickly went from pain to pleasure. 

Camila let out a small breath, pulling out slowly before thrusting back in. Lauren moaned again, and Camila continued the steady rhythm. When she saw Lauren start to squirm and moan louder, she increased her force so that she was fucking her at a fast pace, barely giving her time to adjust to all of the feelings. 

“Fuck- oh God! Don’t stop!” Lauren moaned, gripping tightly at the bed sheets. 

Camila moaned, feeling the tightness well in her abdomen. She thrusted harder, going deeper and eliciting cries of pleasure from her fiancée. She knew it wouldn’t be long until Lauren came, after all anal had quickly become her favourite thing once they had tried it earlier in their relationship. 

Like clockwork, Lauren came undone within a few short thrusts, crying out against the mattress and reaching behind her to grasp Camila’s hand. As Camila kept on pushing in and pulling out while Lauren slowly settled down, she felt her balls tighten. She moaned loudly, pulling out and stroking her cock firmly.

To her surprise, Lauren quickly slid off the bed and knelt before her– despite her post-orgasm daze– opening her mouth and looking up innocently. Camila let out a loud moan as thick ropes of come spurted out of her cock, covering her fiancée’s lips and chin. Her cock twitched in her hand as she milked out the last of her come, her body still humming with pleasure.

Lauren smiled, swiping a finger over her chin and popping it into her mouth. “I think you proved your point.” She drawled, her tone thick and seductive.
“Which was?” Camila panted softly.

“Your cock is a thousand times better than a sex toy.”

Chapter Text

“What did you get for c?” Lauren asked Camila from the headboard of the Latina’s bed. They were finishing their homework together like they usually did after school, except for this afternoon they were alone and Camila couldn’t help but let her mind indulge in sexual fantasies.

“Huh?” Camila snapped out of her sexually frustrated haze. Lauren repeated the question and Camila merely shrugged. She hadn’t touched the homework paper and certainly didn’t intend to. At this, Lauren gave her a confused frown, thinking something may have been wrong, or that Camila was angry at her.

After all, there were only two reasons that the brunette ever began the silence act. Either she was pissed, or horny.

“What’s wrong?” Lauren asked innocently, her beseeching green eyes filled with innocence despite the swelling excitement in her lower abdomen.

“Nothing.” Camila snapped instantly, her reply suspiciously quick.

At this, Lauren dropped her pen onto the paper she’d been working on and slid it to the edge of the bed and slowly crawled forward until she was sitting on her knees in front of Camila, who watched with growing curiosity at the brunette’s predatory actions.

“Homework is boring.” Lauren stated blankly. Although confused, Camila nodded in agreement and put her work to the side so that she could focus completely on Lauren. If she knew her girlfriend, she was about to be seduced. At the thought alone, her cock twitched beneath her tight sports shorts.

Lauren looked deep into Camila’s eyes, watching in fascination as pupils dilated, turning dark brown eyes into an almost deep swirl of black. She was sure hers just did the same. It never took much, a glance was enough to make the two girls impossibly turned on.

“When do your parents get home?” Lauren asked, her voice an octave lower than usual. Camila gulped, feeling her cheeks flush at the insinuation of Lauren’s question. It took her longer than usual to answer the simple question because her mind had momentarily shut down due to the growing arousal beneath her tight shorts.

“Not for another hour and a half.” Camila replied, her voice equally as husky and low. The tension between them was palpable, waiting for the other to make the first move. Camila was only tentative because they’d been to second base for quite a few months now and she didn’t know how much longer she could control her dick from sliding inside Lauren’s tight pussy. She thought caused her to shudder, and her cock twitched.

“Good.” Lauren rasped, taking it as permission to pull the Latina on top of her with impressive strength. That was all the admission Camila needed before collapsing ungracefully on top of Lauren’s cheerio clad body.

Their lips connected the second their bodies met. Camila’s puffy, bee stung lips devouring thin, pink ones that tasted like vanilla lip gloss. She groaned, sucking on Lauren’s bottom lip as her hips thrust between two creamy thighs and her erection surprised both of them as it pressed against the wet patch of Lauren’s spanx.

“You’re so hard already.” Lauren whispered between feverent kisses that had turned into nothing but desperately hungry teeth and tongue.

At Lauren’s words, Camila lifted up only for a second to rip her own top off over her head, leaning forward again to tug Lauren’s over her arms. It was definitely more rushed than usual, but apparently she was hornier than usual. She didn’t bother warning Lauren when she pulled down her shorts and kicked them off her ankles to reveal a throbbing, hard nine inch cock. Lauren’s eyes widened when she looked down, and Camila smirked at the reaction.

“Take this fucking skirt off.” Camila growled, tugging at the waistband of the skirt and pulled it off along with a pair of soaked spanx. Lauren quickly helped wriggle out of the material, finding herself equally as desperate as Camila for friction.

Their bodies crashed together in flush heat, tits rubbing against each other, nipples hardening. Lauren whimpered, feeling Santana’s huge dick rub against her stomach. Camila smirked in that smug way, loving how worked up Lauren got over her cock.

“You like this?” She teased, bringing her hand down to grip the base of her cock and slapped it against Lauren’s lower stomach with a resounding thwack.

“Fuck!” Lauren gasped, biting her lip. Her clit throbbed and she bucked her hips involuntarily. Camila couldn’t help but practically drool at the sight of Lauren looking so horny and dishevelled. She’d do anything to be able to slide her cock down just a little further and sheathe it completely inside of her. She’d dreamt night and day on end about how it would feel to be inside her.

“Ugh, you’re not making this easy for me.” Camila groaned, barely maintaining the willpower to keep from moving her hips any lower.

“Baby, I’m so wet.” Lauren moaned, throwing her head back and scraping her nails down Santana’s chest and harshly squeezed her tits. Camila groaned impatiently, not sure how much more she could take. Her cock was throbbing and her head was swollen painfully.

“Please let me fuck you. I promise it’ll feel good.” Camila begged breathily, sliding her cock down further to be met with the slick heat of Lauren’s slit. “I’ll fuck you so good, Laur. I know you want it, too.” She rasped into her ear.

Lauren shuddered, fingernails digging into Camila’s back, neither caring that it was actually pretty painful. “I-I can’t, you don’t have a condom.” Lauren stammered weakly, and Camila groaned in frustration. It so wasn’t fair, Lauren’s pussy was right there for the taking, soaking wet and ready.

“Rub your cock against my pussy. Please!” Lauren cried desperately. Camila was almost ready to argue back, but Lauren’s sexy, pleading tone caused her to give in. So she did as she was told, lining the underside of her cock up between swollen pink folds and thrust forward.

“Shit!” Lauren gasped when the rock hard head of Camila’s cock hit her clit. She sunk her face into Camila’s neck and gripped her back tighter. In that moment she could have almost given in, she detested the laws of nature. She didn’t want to get pregnant. But fuck, if Camila kept hitting her clit like that, she was sure she’d explode.

It’s almost impossible for Camila not to surge forward and thrust herself inside of Lauren. But her cock was throbbing and she already knew she was close. Before she could control her own impending orgasm, her hips violently jutted forward, slipping from dripping folds and erupting all over Lauren’s stomach and tits.

“Fuccck..” She growled as spurts of hot liquid shot from her cock. Lauren’s grunts and moans spurred her on until it almost looked like the blonde was completely covered in white, creamy liquid. Lauren whimpered as her stomach and tits were endlessly hit with hot ropes of cum. She almost came at the sight and the sensation of her body being covered by Camila’s jizz.

“Holy fuck, Lo.” Camila gasped as she came down from her orgasm. Although, she didn’t forget about getting the blonde off. When she finally returned to her senses, she finished Lauren off by flicking and rubbing her swollen clit.

“Mmmmph, Camz, I’m gonna cum.” Lauren whined, her back arching at the furious pace of Camila’s fingers rubbing her sensitive clit. Just a few more of the delicious pressure, Lauren came undone with a resounding moan of relief. Her body jolted and spasmed as she called out Camila’s name along with a string of incoherent curses. Even before she came down, Camila was completely hard again. Nothing turned her on more than watching Lauren cum.

“So fucking good.” Lauren husked through muffled, ragged breaths into Camila’s neck.

Fuck it. Camila thought. Whatever control she had before was lost in that moment as she roughly thrust forward and slammed her cock raw into Lauren’s extremely tight pussy.

“Fuck! Camila!” Lauren squealed, eyes widening at the surprise. “Babe, no.. we can’t. I-I can’t, no condom. Ughhh, fucking hell why does your cock have to feel so fucking good?” Camila couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle as Lauren’s conflicted ramblings. She knew she had her, and to make sure she wouldn’t protest further, she slid her cock out and rammed into her again, this time harder.

“Ahh, mphh! Ugh, not so hard!” Lauren demanded, not having any idea what her emotions were doing. Physically she was in a painful ecstasy, but in her head she knew it was wrong. She knew it wasn’t safe, but fuck, Camila’s cock felt good. Way better than anything she’d imagined.

Camila didn’t listen, sliding her cock in and out with an almost animalistic pace. Their noises were feral and guttural as their bodies rocked together. Camila lost her mind as her cock was devoured by the most amazing, tight, hot sensation. She couldn’t stop her hips from humping like some kind of animal on heat. It was the best feeling in the world and Lauren seemed to be enjoying it, too.

“Oh my god.” Lauren whined, biting her lip to keep from screaming. Camila grunted and lifted Lauren’s legs higher to allow deeper access. It seemed to work, because the second her cock hit Lauren’s g-spot, the brunette cried out in ecstasy.

“Right there!” Lauren begged, her hips bucking against Camila’s. “I feel so full. Your cock feels so good Camz. Don’t fucking stop!” She moaned, picking up a pace that she didn’t know was physically possible. With every thrust came a wet slapping noise that filled the room, as well as the headboard thudding against the wall aggressively.

“Cum on my cock baby.” Camila husked lustily, thrusting harder against the spot that drove Lauren crazy.

“Keep going, keep going, please. I’m so close, I’m gonna.. oh shit, I’m cumming!” Lauren screamed, unaware of how loud she was as the world blacked out and all she felt was a searing pleasure ignite every nerve of her body. She thrashed around and shook violently, and as this was happening, she heard Camila groan loudly and suddenly her pussy was being filled with a hot liquid.

“Oh God, that feels soo good.” Lauren moaned, still riding a seemingly never ending orgasm. “Your cum feels so good in my pussy, Camz.” She said, feeling some of the liquid trickle down her inner thigh. There was a lot of it, so much that it oozed out with Camila still deep inside of her. It pooled all over the sheets and was sure to stain.

“Shit.” Camila breathed out when finally they both came down from their highs. She pulled out her cock with a slick noise and watched in awe as her cum seeped from Lauren’s pussy. It was the hottest thing she’d ever seen. Even Lauren was surprised at how much it turned her on to see the girls seed gushing out of her along with her own juices.

“That’s so hot.” Lauren groaned, looking up at Camila with darkened eyes.

“I knew you’d love my cum inside of you.” Camila said smugly, her cock still hard with the way Lauren was hungrily eyeing it.

“Camz, please jack off in my mouth. I really, really love your cum, I wanna taste it. Please.” She added for good measure. She gave her best puppy dog eyes, not that it was needed because Camila was more than happy to oblige. Only faltering because she was a little shocked at the request.

So without stalling any longer, she gripped her cock and began stroking herself while looking down at a hungry eyed Lauren for encouragement.

“I love watching you jack off.” Lauren admitted, eyes not leaving the wondrous sight.

Camila smirked, stroking faster for effect. “I love you watching me jack off.” She retorted, causing Lauren to groan in approval.

“You wanna swallow my cum?” Camila asked, making sure to add a little teasing to her tone, knowing it got Lauren off. She nodded frantically and shuffled closer to the tip and aligned her lips to the lip and parted them slightly.

“I want all of your cum. Keep fucking your hand baby, you look so hot right now. I’d even let you fuck my pussy again. You’re so good.” Camila groaned in surprise at the dirty talk. She’d never heard such things from Lauren’s once innocent mouth and fuck, it was such a turn on. She decided to respond.

“Yeah? You want my cum? You wanna swallow my cum like a good little slut?” She said, watching intently for Lauren’s response. She was so close.

“Yes, please. Cum in my mouth, make me swallow your jizz baby.” That was all it took. Camila gasped and cried out as another heavy load released onto Lauren’s tongue which she had slightly stuck out, sure not to miss any.

“That’s it, swallow my cum, Lo. Fuck you’re so dirty.” She groaned, in awe of how easily Lauren seemed to swallow her huge, mouth filling load.
“Mmm, such a good girl.” She commended as she came down from her third orgasm. Her hands stroked Lauren’s silky brown hair lovingly in thanks of what she’d just done.

“That was so hot.” Lauren murmured, lifting her head and sitting up to softly, yet passionately kiss her amazing girlfriend. Camila was relieved that she didn’t regret it, despite the obvious risks. As if reading her mind, Lauren reassured her.

“It was totally worth it.” She cooed, kissing her sweetly. Camila smiled into the kiss, relieved and completely sated.

“Although next time we’re using a condom until I get on the pill.” Lauren added, half jokingly and was glad to hear a cute giggle in return.

“Whatever you want, Lauren.” She whispered, nuzzling into her neck and laying them down as they dozed off almost instantly.

Chapter Text

Anticipation roils in Camila’s gut when her phone makes an alert sound on a Tuesday afternoon after she clocked out of rehearsals. She climbs the steps out of the subway a few blocks away from her apartment building. Camila grips the strap of her messenger bag and resists the temptation to check her phone though she know full well what her phone was alerting her.

She hurries down the sidewalk, her eyes making a rushed scan at the headlines of the afternoon paper. New York smells fill her nose and she scrunches her nose at the smell of garbage and the imminent autumn weather. Camila waves hello at the Jewish grocer who always gives her an extra bunch of kale during her Saturday morning shopping trips. Around a corner Camila goes, until the doors to her apartment building is in sight.

Camila takes the steps two at a time. Her shoulder collides against her door to shove it open. A part of her feels like a craven addict and she wants to feel ashamed about the need building up inside her lower belly, but on the other hand, she knows she can stop anytime she wishes, today is not just the day.

Her bag drops to the floor. Her keys clink in the small bowl she has by the door. Camila kicks off her shoes and makes her way to her bedroom. Blinds pulled down, Camila picks up her iPad that’s been charging on a dock by her bed. One new mail message of the newsletter variety, but not one that Camila just signed up for mindlessly.

The fabric of her dress rustles and it drops to the floor along with the rest of her clothes. Bra and panties on the floor. She has no need for clothes tonight for the highlight of her week—which seems sad in retrospect, but Camila doesn’t complain. She can go out and meet someone to do this for her, but in her opinion, no one can make her come as hard as she herself can.

Well, except for Lauren.

Camila taps the screen of her iPad and it brings her to Lauren’s new video. She’s half-naked, wearing nothing else but tight black boxers that shows off the thick stalk of meat trapped in the fabric between her thighs. The swell of her breasts look pale, her nipples pink and stiff. Camila takes a deep breath, leans against the headboard, iPad perched on a pillow on her lap.

“Hi,” Lauren’s voice is low and husky and a charge of electricity shoots straight to Camila’s clit. She shivers. Resists slipping her hand between her thighs. “I have a bit of an announcement to make before I get right to the show.” Her hazel eyes stare into the camera and Camila’s toes curl at the depth in them. “I’m holding a contest. If you’re interested in entering, this is what you have to do.”
Lauren leans forward, slouching slightly, her elbows rests atop her knees.

“I want you to write me a description on what you would do if you get to fuck me. Anything below a thousand words should be enough.” Lauren’s lips twitch into a smirk. “And I’ll read every single entry. If I like what I read, then you win. The prize? Well…” She stands up, her hands on her curvy hips. Lauren drags her palms up her sides, her flat stomach, the bulge in her boxers. Her thumbs hook on the garter and she pulls her undergarment down, exposing the top of her cock. “You’ll get to fuck me.”

Camila bites down on her lip, her thighs already glistening and slippery. She palms her mound. Her fingers dip into her folds. The tips come out wet with her juices. Lauren lowers her boxers even further and she kicks it off. Her cock, pink and thick, juts out between her legs. It bobs as it’s released from its cotton prison. The camera zooms in on her cock, the angle shifts so that it is as if Camila is in front of Lauren right now, on her knees, her cock so close enough for her to taste.

She’s not, though she knew that Camila was relatively close since she is based in New York. But this was as close as she could get. For now.

Lauren hefts her cock by its base and waves it around, her eyes locking with Camila’s. Or that’s what she wants to imagine. She fingers her clit. Hole clenches around nothing. “You want this dick?” Lauren pants, her fist closing around her meat, squeezing on the upstroke. “My cock wants your mouth so bad, baby.” Precum beads at the slit. Camila whimpers. She longs to lick it off.
She does. She wants that cock inside her, fucking her and splitting her pussy open. But for now, her fingers would have to do.

Two fingers slide into her dripping pussy, a wet slurping noise filling her ears. “Oh god,” Camila whimpers, her eyes never leaving Lauren’s hand as she strokes herself. Lauren sits back on the couch, legs spread. She releases her cock and it teeters, staying upright on its own before slapping against her stomach with a wet noise.

Lauren grips her cock once more and she pumps it. Camila watches, entranced by the way the pink head glistens. Her balls hang low, and Camila’s sure she can suck them into her mouth while Lauren jerks herself off. Her mouth waters at the thought of sucking Lauren’s cock, of swallowing her cum that her hips buck into her hand, her thighs trembling.

Camila sucks a deep breath and rubs her clit, pinching it. She muffles her screams into her pillow. She can’t help it—usually, she tries to last long enough to come at the same time as Lauren but right now, she just needs to get off. She slides two fingers into her quivering pussy. Fingers curl into her g-spot. Muscles clench tight around her digits.

Convulsing on her bed, Camila’s tits heave as she keeps hearing Lauren’s hands, her wet strokes on her dick, the soft, low moans that spill out of her mouth. Camila releases a slow breath, her thighs slick with her girl cum. She wipes the sweat off her stomach and she pauses the video for a moment to reach into her drawer of toys. She picks up her most recent purchase, a vibrating dildo, roughly the length and thickness of Lauren’s dick. Camila gives it a quick wipe with antiseptic tissues and then smears its length with silicone-based lubricant. Camila turns the toy on in its lowest setting and presses it up against her clit. She squeals and plays the video once again.

This time, she lasts a little bit longer than before, but not by much. At least she reached the end of the video, just in time for Lauren’s cumshot. Milky white semen shoots out of the tip of her cock, her muscles tense, her orgasm pooling all over her stomach. “Fuck…” Lauren pants, and Camila bites down on her lip. Her mouth waters at the sight of Lauren’s thick meat glistening with her seed, the veins pulsing as Lauren’s body convulses.

The black haired woman draws a slow breath. Her eyes half-lidded, a blissed out look on her face. The camera zooms in on her fat cock that faintly throbs. “That was amazing,” sighs Lauren, “but remember. You can get the real deal if you write to me. Deadline’s at the end of the month.”

The screen blacks out, and Camila sits there on her bed, thighs sticky, vibrator still buzzing inside her pussy. She eases the toy out of her with a groan. As her body cools, her mind runs wild of all the things she longs to do with Lauren, given the chance.

A few weeks later, Camila is still at a loss on what to write as her entry for Lauren’s contest, the deadline looming over her head. She sits in front of her computer, a blank text file staring her right in the face. Her incognito browser tabs are all of Lauren’s videos for inspiration, though half the time she ends up sliding a hand in her panties to rub her clit until she’s writhing and coming all over her fingers.

‘Okay, get it together’, she thinks as she touches her keyboard. Earphones in, Lauren’s moans filling her ears. ‘Focus, Camila. This is your one chance to have sex with Lauren!’

And so, she writes the night away, reaching past the word limit. She hopes that Lauren won’t mind. She sends it via email with her name and phone number, as well as a selfie as is requested.

Camila shuts off her computer and relaxes on her bed, covers hiked up her legs. Now, she waits.  
A few days after the deadline of Lauren’s contest, Camila receives an email. Her heart thuds in her chest as she gets off of work, not checking her phone until she gets home and into her bedroom. She resigns herself to not winning, so she checks her emails.

I’m happy to announce that you’ve been chosen as the winner of my contest. You have 24 hours to reply…

‘Wait, what?’

Camila reads and rereads the first line of text, her eyes scanning the page. It’s from Lauren’s email, no doubt about it. She swallows the lump in her throat. Her panties flood at the mere thought of getting to fuck Lauren in the ways she detailed in her descriptions. With shaky knees, Camila lies on the bed, a wide smile plastered on her face before sitting up to reply to Lauren’s email to acknowledge her victory.

A moment later, her phone buzzes with a text. It’s a number she’s unfamiliar with. “Hi, Camila. It’s Lauren.”

Camila’s stomach goes all fluttery, and she immediately adds Lauren to her contacts. “Hi, Lauren.”

“Hi. I want to talk to you about the details of our date.”

A date? Camila smiles. “I didn’t know that it’s going to be a date. Do I get a dinner a movie too?”

“I’d love to take you out to lunch,” Lauren texts back. “I mean, I don’t want to just take you to a hotel room and fuck you. I want to hang out and stuff too.”

“That sounds fun! I’d love that, actually. You seem like a great person to be around.”

“It’s nice to know that you’re not only after me for my dick.”

“Well, it is the biggest reason. But I don’t want to come off as just wanting you for your body.”

“You’re hilarious. I can’t wait to meet you, Camila.”

They talk for an hour, joking with one another as if they are close friends. Camila finds herself smiling wide, curled up in her bed with her phone, trading texts with Lauren. They smooth out the details, Lauren bidding her leave since she has to film a scene that’ll be out the following week. Camila sends her a kissy emoji that she doesn’t regret, simply because Lauren sends her one right back.

Camila sets a reminder one day before her meeting with Lauren to get primped up and look good for the porn star. And she also makes the decision not to touch herself until next week. It’s going to be a feat, she knows, but it’ll be worth it in the end. She can already imagine the type of orgasm she’ll have in the hands of Lauren, and she knew without a doubt, that they will be glorious.

Camila’s eyes scan the coffee shop she picked out for the umpteenth time in less than ten minutes. She sits in a secluded booth at the back of the shop with a clear view of the entrance. Crumbles of the banana muffin she ate decorated the porcelain plate and beside it is her steaming mug of coffee. They agreed to meet at ten, take a walk perhaps in Central Park, grab a quick lunch (or not, depending on how well things went), and then head back to the nearest hotel.

She checks her phone for any texts she might have missed, finding none. Camila had been in her cozy booth since nine thirty. She curses her need to always be early for meetings as it meant that she had a solid half-hour of worrying whether her companion ditched her or not. Although she was more excited than worried to finally meet Lauren.

They’ve been texting for the past week, and Camila would have to admit. The thought that Lauren was fun to talk to never really crossed her mind. Sure, Camila was a great admirer of her work, but she never really thought of Lauren as more than a pornographer. But now that she knew, it was impossible to forget about Lauren’s wit and charm. Camila smiles to herself and sipped her warm coffee.

“Look at you, smiling to yourself. People might think you’re going crazy, babe.” a soft, husky voice that smelled like warm peppermint tickled her ear.

Camila shivered, the sound of that voice always made her gush no matter what was said. She cleared her throat and looked up to meet her gaze with green eyes and black hair.

“Hi,” Camila bit her bottom lip and looked Lauren up and down. Dressed in a white v-neck shirt and a burgundy hoodie with the sleeves pulled up to her elbows, Lauren looks casual and sexy. Camila can’t help but take in the eyeful of Lauren’s cock that stretches her tight jeans. “You look… wow. You look great.” She locks eyes with Lauren once more and saw the smirk on her lips and her eyebrow raised.

She takes off her backpack and slides in the seat beside Camila, making her scoot over closer to the wall. “Don’t you want some coffee?” Camila asks. Lauren’s proximity—already—has a profound effect on her body.

Lauren peers into Camila’s half-drained cup and took a sip from it. “Mmmm, what’s this?” She licked her lips, her arm against the back of the seat around Camila. “Tastes good. Maybe I’ll get myself a cup.”

“It’s a Café Americano,” Camila says. She can see the detail of Lauren’s face, the sharp line of jaw, the curl of her eyelashes. She’s so close and Camila is so lightheaded. “With soy milk and a bit of maple syrup.”

Humming, Lauren slips her arm around Camila’s shoulders and takes another drink. “Oh shoot, I don’t mean to drink your coffee.”

“No, it’s okay. That’s my third cup already. I think if I finish that I’ll start having heart palpitations.”

“Third? It’s either you chug these down fast or you’ve been waiting here long.”

Camila smiled and rubbed her thighs over her stockings. “It’s no big deal. I like being early.”

Lauren scoots closer until Camila is sure that there is no way that she can ever be closer than she already is. “You could’ve texted me. I’ve been walking around the block so I won’t just burst in here and wait for an hour drinking myself into a caffeinated coma. We could’ve been spending that time with each other instead of waiting.”

The coffee shop chatter drains out of Camila’s ears and all she hears is Lauren’s voice, only feel her presence surrounding her in this warm cocoon of anticipation. “You’re here now. There’s no use complaining about what we could’ve done half an hour ago.”

Lauren’s upper lip curls. She lifts the white porcelain mug to her lips. “True, but in that half-hour I spent walking, I could’ve been getting to know you better. Which means we could’ve been half an hour early getting into that hotel room.”

“Forget the ‘could’ve been’,” Camila murmurs. She turns, facing Lauren as well as she could in her crimson leather seat. “Stop imagining what we could’ve done thirty minutes ago when you could be doing those things to me right now.”

“What if I told you I,” Lauren trails her palm, the one that previously held the warm coffee mug, along the length of Camila’s arm, up to her shoulder. “That I’ve been thinking about what it’s like to kiss you?” Her hand touches Camila’s cheek, tilts her head upwards just so. “That I’ve wanted to taste these lips since I read your submission?”

Her thumb strokes Camila’s plump bottom lip to part her mouth. Camila sucks in a shuddering breath. Her eyelashes flutter like the soft beating of butterfly wings. “I think,” her throat flexes, “that you should stop imagining them and just do it.”
Lauren licks her bottom lip and leans in further.

Their noses touch. Camila’s breath is shallow now, and her pulse is quick that if Lauren touches her neck or her wrist, she will surely feel the thrumming, rapid and eager, her heart pounding against her ribcage.

A throat is cleared by their table and Lauren and Camila both look up in alarm. An employee of the coffee shop stands by their booth, black apron tied around her waist and tattoos up and down her arms. “This is a coffee shop, not a night club.” She says, arms crossed across her chest. “Make out if you want, but don’t do it in here. This is a kid-friendly space, you hear?”

Lauren snorts and drains the cup of coffee. She slides out of the booth, her hand reaching out for Camila. She takes it and out they go, the fall winds rustling the leaves of orange and red that decorated the sidewalk. Central Park stands across the street, the wrought iron gates allowed walkers and joggers inside by way of a flagstone path.

Camila’s body vibrates from Lauren’s proximity from before and her proximity now. She shifts closer, and the black haired woman smiles. She wraps an arm around Camila’s shoulders and draws her in.

“Do you want to take that walk?”

“I think it’s too cold,” Camila shivers, her cheeks flushed with pink. It isn’t, really. Her body is hot in her coat, but the wind is picking up and she’s worried because Lauren is only dressed in a hoodie and jeans. “Maybe we should go to the hotel.”

Lauren rubs Camila’s shoulder and they approach the crosswalk. Cars inch by and as New Yorkers, they cross the road and continue down the street to the nearest hotel. Together they go up to the front desk, Camila’s arm looped around Lauren’s.

She shows her ID to the employee and they are given the key cards. Up the elevators they go, and while they wait, Lauren kisses Camila’s forehead, her lips warm on her skin all the way up to the eighth floor.

She unlocks the door and they walk in. The bed is huge, situated in the middle of the room right in front of a mirror. “Wow,” Camila unbuttons her coat and Lauren slides it off her body. She feels cool fingertips brush her hair off her left shoulder, Lauren easing Camila’s off-shoulder sweater to one side, and then a warm mouth kissing along the curve of her neck.

“Wow is right,” Lauren’s eyes are focused on Camila’s features. She pulls away from Camila to hang up her coat in the closet. “Before we get too wrapped up in each other, I have paperwork I need you to sign. Just some documentation for this contest. Like your consent, your legal information, stuff like that. My most recent STD test results are in there too.”

Camila hums and plops herself on the edge of the bed. “I have my results in my purse, hold on,” she looks inside and pulls out a clear plastic folder which she hands to Lauren. The black haired woman scans through the few pages. Content with what she sees, she tosses the folder on the bedside table.

Lauren licks her lips, her eyes wandering along the length of Camila’s legs, stopping on the top of her stockings halfway on her thigh. She takes out an envelope her bag and she hands the papers to Camila, as well as a pen. “Fill these out and sign the X’s, please. And while you do that…” Lauren sinks on her knees and palms Camila’s thighs. She kisses the tops of Camila’s thighs and slides her hand up her skirt.

“How do you expect me to be able to read this contract when you’re down there distracting me?” Camila asks as she rifles through her purse for her reading glasses, red with plastic frames. She slips them on and looks at Lauren. “What?”

“You look so gorgeous,” Lauren kisses Camila’s knee. “With your glasses and your thigh high stockings.” She sits up and kisses Camila, leaning further and further until Camila is flat on her back. Their mouth shifts and slides together, Lauren’s warm tongue spreading Camila’s lips to taste the roof of her mouth, the inside of her lip. “But ugh, okay. I’m going to control myself so you can finish the paperwork. And I’m going to sit over there.”

She plops on the divan and takes out her phone. Camila smiles, though her panties are surely drenched through. She reads slowly, making sure to understand each line. She signs the box at the bottom of each page until she finishes with all eight sheets. Camila looks up at Lauren and sees her looking at her phone with hot intent in her eyes, her hand stroking the outline of her cock that rests against her thigh.

“What are you reading?” Camila asks, standing up to hand Lauren the papers. She reclines on the divan on top of Lauren.

“Just the thing you wrote me.” Lauren loops her arm around Camila’s waist and she kisses the slope of her bare shoulder. “It gets me so hard, just reading it.”

“It’s my first time writing something like that,” admits Camila as she plays with the collar of Lauren’s shirt. She feels the bumps of her collarbones, the warmth of her skin against her throat. “I guess you bring out the writer in me.”

Lauren grins and she puts her phone on the side table. She grips the backs of Camila’s thighs and slides her hand up her skirt, fingers teasing her soaked panties. “I plan on bringing more out of you, baby.”

“Is that so?” Camila grins, her legs parting for Lauren’s hand. She grasps at the back of Lauren’s head and pulls her in for another kiss. Camila suckles on her tongue and shifts so that she can feel the black haired woman’s erection digging against her leg.

“God damn, Camila,” Lauren grasps Camila’s neck.

“Hold on a sec,” she murmurs, sitting up and leaning against the back of the divan. “Turn around and sit on my lap.” Camila kicks off her heels and she sits on top of Lauren, the shape of her cock flush against Camila’s ass cheeks. She leans back against Lauren’s front, the back of her head resting against her shoulder. Lauren kisses the side of her neck, up her ear, while she palms the dark-haired girl’s mound over the silk of her panties. Her hand slips into Camila’s underwear, her fingers dipping into the drenched folds. She parts the slick lips and her digits slide in with ease. As if Camila’s cunt is sucking her in.

With her free hand, Lauren slides it up Camila’s sweater and feels smooth, heated skin, the curves of her tits, her stiff nipples. “No bra?” Lauren grins and pulls Camila’s sweater off. She licks her fingers and rubs her spit into the dusky nipples until they are slick and stiffer than ever. Lauren rolls the bud in between thumb and forefinger, while her hand stuffed in Camila’s panties work on her clit. “I’m gonna have so much fun playing with you,” she murmurs softly, her lips nibbling on the curve of Camila’s ear. “I can feel you shaking, how responsive you are.” Her hips buck into the brunette’s ass. “You feel that, baby?”

“I do,” Camila whines, her back arches. The muscles of her pussy clench around nothing. She reaches back and grasps a handful of Lauren’s black hair. “And I want it in me. Please, Lauren?”

At her soft plea, Lauren kisses Camila’s cheek and picks her up to carry her to the large bed. She lowers Camila in the middle of it and she unzips her hoodie, leaving her in her white t-shirt. Camila takes the opportunity to run her palms along Lauren’s sides, along her hip, the firm ridges of her abs. She finds Lauren’s belt, and Camila slides her palm along the thick bulge that pushes against the zipper of her jeans.

“Unbutton me,” whispers Lauren, her mouth against Camila’s tits. She licks a path up the valley of Camila’s mounds and she kisses the soft breasts. Her tongue sticks out and she flattens it against the stiff nipple and sucks it in her mouth. Camila works on Lauren’s trousers, pushing them off. She keeps Lauren’s signature black boxers that encases her erection within the tight cotton fabric.

Camila sucks in a shaky breath. She’s so eager to finally witness Lauren’s cock after all those months of fantasizing about it every night. But before she can tug the offending underwear off, Lauren takes her wrists and pins them to her sides. Smirking, the black haired woman latches on a puckered nipple to suck on. She ruts her heavy dick against Camila’s clothed pussy.

“Lauren,” Camila groans, her desperation becoming more and more apparent. “Don’t tease me. You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to touch your cock.” She squirms to release herself from Lauren’s grip to stroke her dick over her boxers. Lauren hums and releases Camila’s nipple with a pop.

Lauren rolls off Camila’s body and reclines beside her, arms crossed behind her head, her frame stretched out on the bed. “You can do whatever you want,” Lauren says, “but when you’ve made me come once, I get to do what I want with you.”

Grinning with delight, Camila curls up beside Lauren. Pulling off her boxers, Camila then wriggles out of her panties and she mounts Lauren’s pale, toned thigh. Her eyes don’t leave the thick meat that juts out between Lauren’s thighs. The black haired woman gasps and she wraps an arm around Camila’s shoulders. “You’re soaked,” she moans, kissing the top of Camila’s head as she begins to hump Lauren’s leg. “Oh my fuck, baby.”

Camila’s plump lips latch onto Lauren’s breast and gives the mounds a slow suck. Her pussy ruts into the muscle of Lauren’s thigh, her fingers curling around her cock. A soft moan spills out of Camila’s lips. Lauren’s penis is so thick, so hot, and it pulses faintly against her palm. Toes curling, Camila can’t resist any longer.

She shifts lower, kissing down Lauren’s breasts, her ribcage, her abdomen. She licks the line of her hip, her cheek bumping against the insistent shaft. Camila looks up at Lauren. Sees the anticipation in her hazel eyes. “Please,” Lauren murmurs, and Camila smiles.

Her plump lips part and she takes Lauren into her mouth, tasting her precum and her cock for the first time. She groans and sucks firmly, her tongue rubbing along the ridge of Lauren’s cockhead. Camila’s mouth makes a greedy, slurping sound that makes the black haired woman shudder. She takes Lauren deeper, the tip of her cock rubbing against the roof of Camila’s mouth until it nudges the back of her throat.

Lauren watches with wide eyes, and Camila feels powerful. The sight of Lauren, stunned beyond belief at the way Camila swallows around her thick meat, makes her eager to suck on her some more.

She sucks hard on the upstroke, her palm wrapping around the base of Lauren’s shaft to stroke her. Camila focuses her attention on the tip of her cock. Tongue dips into the slit, feeling it expand by a tiny fraction. Precum shuttles out in a thin ribbon, drenching Camila’s eager tongue.

“Oh, o-oh, baby…” Lauren’s hips stutter into Camila’s talented mouth. “It’s not going to take much. You are so fucking good.” She props herself up on her elbows. Camila hums in delight, the twitching of Lauren’s cock against her tongue inspires her to suck harder, and to lavish constant attention to the slit of Lauren’s dick as the flow of precum ceases for a moment. A guttural sound escapes Lauren’s throat. She collapses back on the bed. Her back arches.

What follows is something Camila has been imagining ever since she watched Lauren’s first video. Hot, warm cum floods into her mouth, coating her tongue with the black haired woman’s load. Camila’s eyes roll to the back of her head and she sucks a harsh breath through her nose. She sucks some more, her cheeks hollowing. She locks eyes with Lauren and swallows her semen with no hesitation whatsoever.

“Shit,” Lauren grits her teeth and collapses on the bed, her hand rubbing up and down Camila’s back. “Come up here, baby. You’ve had your turn and now I want mine. Straddle my face.”

Camila gives Lauren’s cock a quick kiss. As much as she wants to suck her dick until she is hard again, there’s no denying that she wants to come. And if it’s by Lauren’s tongue, then all the better.

She climbs up Lauren’s body, her knees on either side of her head. Camila’s looks down and sees Lauren’s eyes admiring her glistening folds. She grips the headboard and lowers herself over Lauren’s parted lips until she feels her hot breath lapping at her slick thighs.

Lauren grips Camila’s ass and pulls her down, her tongue and nose bumping against her pussy. With a squeal, Camila tries to keep her weight off Lauren but the black haired woman is having none of it.  She spanks Camila’s butt, arms looping around her thighs so her fingers can spread Camila’s pussy lips. Her tongue flicks the underside of Camila’s clit, and with her spread folds, Camila can see Lauren’s pink tongue swirling and teasing her stiff clit.

“Oh my goodness,” Camila shifts, her thighs squeezing Lauren’s head between them. Lauren winks up at her and she scoots down a little so her tongue slips into Camila’s gasping hole, her nose bumping against her clit. Camila squeals, her hips jerking. She can’t help it. She’s been holding back on masturbating for a week and it’s more than she can bear.

Which also means that it didn’t take much for her to come. Camila’s tits heave, her breathing becoming more and more ragged. Head thrown back, the veins on her neck bulges and she lets out a wail when Lauren’s stiff tongue buries deep inside her and curls against her inner walls.

“Fuck!!”Camila screams, her body curling into itself. Her body trembles. She feels her cum flooding out of her hole to drench Lauren’s mouth and chin.

But still, the black haired woman continues devouring Camila. She grips Lauren’s hand and squeezes it. “Slow down, baby.” She breathes, and with a quick nip to her clit, Lauren obeys.

Camila collapses to the side, Lauren rolling over to kiss her. She threads her fingers through Lauren’s locks and smiles against her mouth. Her cock digs against Camila’s hip. “Inside, now.” Camila husks. She rolls to her stomach and Lauren mounts her thighs, her heavy cock resting between Camila’s ass cheeks.

“Oooh, wow…” Lauren drags her cockhead through Camila’s folds and the tip comes out slick and shiny. She guides her meat against Camila’s entrance and pushes in. Lauren rests her elbows on either side of Camila’s head and slides deeper. The angle makes Camila groan. “Good, Camila?”

“Amazing,” Camila looks back at Lauren over her shoulder and flashes her a smile. The black haired woman rests on top of Camila’s back, her knees on either side of her hips to aid her shallow thrusts. Lauren kisses Camila’s back. Her arms loop around Camila’s to hold her close. “But I think I’m gonna come already, Lauren. Your cock feels too good inside my pussy. I feel so stretched for you.”

Lauren groans and kisses Camila’s cheek. “It’s okay, baby. Let me feel that pussy come.” She pounds at Camila’s pussy. Hips clap against her soft, bouncing ass. “And when you come, I’m going to clean up your pussy with my mouth. Suck your sexy pussy lips. Taste your dripping hole.” Lauren husks into her ear. “Who knows, maybe my tongue will wander somewhere.”

“Where?” Camila writhes beneath Lauren, her movements never slowing down nor speeding up. She’s so wet. She can hear the slickness of her pussy. The filthy sucking noises that come with every thrust of Lauren’s dick.

“I don’t know, Camz.” Lauren grins and suckles on her earlobe. “Where do you want my tongue?”
Camila bites her bottom lip. Her body shakes. Her orgasm is imminent. She can taste it. “On my asshole?” She asks hopefully.

“That’s right,” Lauren purrs into her ear. She props herself up on her elbows and she lifts her hips. Letting it drop, her cock slamming into Camila’s pussy until Camila cries out, her face burying against the pillow. She wails when she comes, her entire frame shaking. Lauren keeps fucking her, her thrusts showing no signs of stopping.

Lauren yanks her cock out of Camila’s pussy and she kisses down her sweaty back. She lifts up the trembling girl’s butt, though her upper body remains flush against the bed. Lauren kisses the small of her back, and then down she wanders, her tongue darting out to flick Camila’s butthole. That’s all she gets for the time being despite the keening whine that escapes her. Lauren spreads Camila’s pussy with her thumbs. Her tongue licks from her clit to her cunt, moaning at the abundance of cum that leaves Camila’s thighs wet and messy.

The black haired woman pulls away for a second to reach into her bag for a bottle of lubricant. Camila hears Lauren uncap it, and feels the cool liquid drizzle down the crevice of her ass.

A finger presses against her puckered butthole. The pad of Lauren’s digit rubs into Camila’s flesh, the tip dipping in just enough for the lubricant to trickle along the inner wall of Camila’s ass. She breathes softly to relax her muscles. Knees part slightly. Back arches some more. A picture of sexual submission.

While Lauren is busy working a finger inside Camila’s eager asshole, her free hand strokes her cock. Though she doesn’t need the extra help to keep herself hard–the visual alone of Camila bent over, ass cheeks spread is enough for her–the meat between her legs feels a little bit abandoned.

“You know,” Camila sees the stroking motion of Lauren’s arm though she does not see her hand curled around her cock. “You can slide your cock inside my pussy while you open up my asshole open.”

“Great idea,” Lauren says, and she slams into Camila in one smooth thrust. She keeps her hips still, relishing the rhythmic clench of Camila’s cunt while her butthole does the same to her fingers. A few more streams of lubricant, and Lauren has three fingers thrusting into Camila. “You think you’re ready for my dick in this tight ass, Camz?”

She nods, and she tilts her hips just so when Lauren’s fingers slide out of her, revealing her gaping anal hole. Lauren bends over to dip her tongue inside the loosened cleft, her cock sliding out of Camila’s pussy. She adds more lube to her cock, and then the tip presses into her crinkled hole.

At the sensation, Camila sucks in a deep breath and keeps her body loose and relaxed. Lauren is a pro, she thinks, she won’t hurt me on purpose. Slowly, the pressure of Lauren’s dick increases, and it pops inside. Camila shivers. Toes curl. She had been masturbating to this for the longest time and now that Lauren’s cock is in her butt, her pussy clenches. A clear line of girl cum trickles out of her pussy. It drenches the bed.

“Holy…” Lauren palms Camila’s plump ass and it lands with a loud smack. Camila groans and pushes back, Lauren’s meat sliding in deeper inside her grasping anal walls. Lauren leans forward. Flattens her front against Camila’s back. Stiff nipples gliding against soft skin. She kisses along Camila’s shoulder, her neck, her mouth nips at her ear. “This ass feels so amazing around my cock, baby. I’m gonna fuck it hard until you’re gaping. Until I can just slide my dick inside you whenever I want. What do you say?”

Camila shudders at Lauren’s rough voice whispering in her ear. “I-I think it’s a good idea,” she squirms. She’s so drenched. Her clit is slick with cum. “You can fuck me however you want, Lauren.”

“Yeah?” Lauren grins against Camila’s neck and she wraps an arm around Camila. She palms her tits, squeezes her nipples between fingers. Lauren grunts into her ear, her hips pounding into Camila’s plump ass. Her cock reams Camila’s butthole open, and the pleasure of it, the way her body feels stretched and filled to the brim, leaves Camila breathless. She breathes raggedly. Her pussy is so fucking wet and she’s so close to coming.

Without pulling out of Camila’s ass, Lauren rolls to her side and pulls Camila with her. She squeezes the brunette’s tanned legs shut, making her hole tighter. Lauren pants against Camila’s neck, and she cranes her neck back to kiss Lauren, her tongue slipping into the black haired woman’s mouth while Lauren suckles on it. Lauren’s hand slips between Camila’s closed thighs to rub her clit. She continues to pound her ass.

“G-gonna come,” Camila whimpers, her thighs quivering, asshole milking Lauren’s dick as it humps into her. “Oh yes, oh yes, Lauren!” She digs her nails into Lauren’s arm. She ruts her throbbing clit into Lauren’s hand and her moans fill the room, swallowed by Lauren’s eager mouth that sucks on her tongue. Camila comes hard, in waves that makes her pussy quiver. Cum flooding out of her cunt.

Lauren slides two fingers into Camila’s slippery hole and takes off in pounding into her again. “I’m gonna fill up your ass with my load, baby.” She promises softly against Camila’s cheek, her darkened hazel eyes staring deep into Camila’s dazed eyes. Lauren thrusts some more, and when her rhythm stutters, she pushes her cock deep inside Camila. Her cock pulses, her balls tighten. Her seed spurts out of her meat to drain into Camila’s clenching asshole. “Fuck yes… Take it deep.”

They remain attached for a few moments, kissing and trying to catch their breath (which doesn’t seem so conducive when they’re kissing). Lauren eases out, her cock followed by her cum that floods the bed. “Gotta clean that up.” She groans, rolling Camila out of the wet spot. “Good thing the bed is huge.”

Camila hums. She’s so tired, so thoroughly fucked that she can’t say anything else.

Lauren stands up, her limp dick against her thigh. She goes into the bathroom and comes out with damp towels. She wipes her cock and then Camila’s ass, her hole, her pussy. Then she cuddles behind Camila, her cock sliding between her butt cheeks. “So…”

“So,” Camila sighs wistfully. “I don’t think I can deal with just watching your videos after having the real thing.”

Lauren smiles and kisses Camila’s neck. “That’s fine. I was thinking of retiring anyway.”

She gasps and twists around in Lauren’s arms to face her. “You’re retiring? Why?”

The black haired woman shrugs. “I want to try dating again but I don’t think a potential girlfriend would appreciate me doing porn.”

“I wouldn’t mind,” Camila says. “If I was your girlfriend, I’d support your porn-making, for sure.”
At that, Lauren grins. “Are you saying you want to be my girlfriend, Camila?”

“Maybe after a date or three.” Camila rubs the length of Lauren’s arm that drapes across her hip, laughing. “But that means you can’t hold a contest like this one again.”

Lauren nuzzles Camila’s cheek and rubs her belly. “Fine by me. I found the one I was looking for, anyway.”

Chapter Text

An empty house always meant one thing for Camila and Lauren. It usually involved clothes strewn across the hardwood floor of Lauren’s room. At the moment, Camila was topless and straddling her girlfriend of three years, a smirk curling at her lips. Her hands were closed around Lauren’s wrists, pinning her down.

“What’re you gonna do to me, baby?” Lauren asked, brow cocked. She raised her hips off the bed, grinding her straining erection against Camila. The heat of her pussy was making Lauren light-headed. Camila leaned low, brushing her mouth against Lauren’s parted lips.

“I want..” Camila began, rolling her hips in fluid circles that caused Lauren to gasp and arch into her. “ try something new.”

Lauren blinked and licked her lips. “Like what?”

“I haven’t thought about it yet.” Camila admitted, releasing Lauren’s wrists. The raven haired rose to a sitting position, her palms cupping Camila’s butt.

Lauren kissed her exposed neck and hummed softly, her girlfriend’s fingers threading through her hair. “I want to make sure you’re okay with it.”

“Do I get to veto?” Lauren murmured against Camila’s cheek. Her cock was still hard, no doubt about it. They had been busy for the past few weeks. And so, it had been a few weeks since she last felt the slick, velvet walls of Camila’s pussy. “No weird stuff, like peeing on each other—”

Camila pulled back and scrunched her nose. “Where in the world did you get that idea of peeing on someone?”

Lauren flushed and busied herself with the fading marks she left all over Camila’s neck during lunch earlier that day. “I don’t know, but apparently it’s a thing.”

“I want to spice up our sex life but not that much.” Camila scratched the nape of Lauren’s neck, knowing how much it made her girl shudder. True enough, Lauren whimpered and trembled underneath  Camila’s touch. She ducked her head down and latched onto Camila’s nipples, sucking softly. Her fingers curled around the small of Camila’s back, pulling her closer to her.

“How about we do the spicing up later and just have good, old-fashioned sex?” Lauren husked, kissing up Camila’s cleavage to her mouth. She sucked on her bottom lip and hummed. A soft noise came from Camila’s throat, and Lauren smiled in triumph.

Flipping them over, Lauren took off her own shirt and yanked her sweatpants down to release her cock. It bobbed and slapped her lower stomach, resting against Camila’s soft inner thigh. “Fuck, I missed this.” Lauren hastily pulled off Camila’s panties and flicked her clit in rapid circles.  Camila bucked and moaned, fists closing around the sheets.

“Now, Lauren.” She husked. “Before Taylor comes home.”

“She has tennis practice.” Lauren hooked her arms under Camila’s knees and lifted her up, placing her thighs underneath Camila’s back to keep her propped, pussy spread nicely before her. She parted the slick lips with her tongue, as she lapped eagerly. “God, you taste so good…” Lauren nosed  Camila’s clit and reached down to tug at her hard nipples.

“Let me ride you.” Camila gritted out, her entrance clenching around Lauren’s tongue. “Baby, please… I want to feel that thick cock inside me again, hitting me deep.”

Lauren sank her teeth into Camila’s inner thighs. “You say the sweetest things.” She teased, before rolling onto her back. Camila slung her legs over her and cupped the base of Lauren’s thick shaft.

“Did Lauri miss me?” Camila purred, her lips trailing along the warm shaft. She traced the veins the climbed up Lauren’s cock with her tongue, making it jump. Lauren gasped and laughed, her fingers closing around the base of her cock.

“Stop giving my dick nicknames and suck it.” She swiped the tip against Camila’s lips. Camila smirked and dipped the tip of her tongue into the slit, before latching onto the tip. She sucked hard, her cheeks hollowing. Lauren groaned and caressed her cheek. “That’s it… Your mouth is so amazing, holy shit.” She thrust up, the head of her cock rubbing against the ridged roof of Camila’s mouth.

Camila pulled back and trailed a slick path down to Lauren’s testicles. She sucked on one, and then the other, leaving a pool of her spit to coat the soft skin of her sacs. Camilas placed one last kiss on the leaking tip of the rock hard shaft, and then straddled Lauren . The head of her cock nudged at her pussy lips, parting them. In a single jerk upwards, Lauren was sheathed down to the root inside Camila’s throbbing walls.

“Oh!” Camila yelped, collapsing forward, palms on either side of her girlfriend’s head. The older Latina smirked and gripped her ass, her feet planted firmly on the bed for leverage. She slammed up into Camila in a breakneck pace, watching the way her mouth parts in a scream, eyes squeezed shut. “So beautiful…” Lauren murmured against her breasts, Camila’s nipple in her mouth.

Camila moaned, and Lauren was relieved that they were home alone. She pounded into the girl, her balls slapping against her skin at the force of her thrusts.

Downstairs, Taylor was in the middle of removing her shoes when she heard a high-pitched scream. Her brow knotting in confusion, she grabbed an apple from the kitchen and munched on it as she climbed up the steps. She just came home from tennis practice an hour early, and judging from the shoes on the foyer, Camila was with her sister. Still, the screams escalated into swearing and slaps. The door to Lauren’s room was ajar.

Taylor nudged the door open wider and was about to ask what was going on when she saw skin slick with sweat, Camila’s back arched into a perfect bow, her breasts bouncing with each thrust Lauren did. In her sweatpants, Taylor’s cock twitched. She bit her lip to bite back a whimper as she squeezed herself. She always thought Camila was cute but seeing this side of her, wanton, desperate, and sexy, made Taylor’s cock go soft to rock hard in two seconds.

She watched while she stroked herself. Taylor could see her sister’s cock, slick with the juices from Camila’s pussy, pounding into her. The sight was so erotic that it didn’t register to Taylor that this was her sister fucking her girlfriend, and here she was, watching. Not to mention that Lauren was thick and an inch bigger than she was.

Taylor reached into her sweatpants and stroked herself, almost moaning when Camila leaned back, palms on either side of Lauren’s calves, and humped her in slow circles. She could hear the low murmur of her voice, speaking in dirty words that Taylor had never heard outside of porn.

“You like my pussy sucking your cock in, baby?” Camila smirked when Lauren groaned and nodded.

Taylor listened eagerly, precome making her strokes easier and more pleasurable.

But then, Camila turned her head, enough to lock eyes with her. Taylor froze and was about to leave when she noticed the slight shake of  Camila’s head. The brunette stretched her arm out and crooked her finger at Taylor .

Below her, Lauren noticed the way Camila’s pussy tightened around her cock. She cracked open her eyes and saw Taylor . “Holy fuck, get out, Taylor !”

Camila kissed Lauren deeply until she melted into the bed. She pulled back and climbed off Lauren’s cock and motioned for Taylor to come closer.

“Seriously, Camz. What are you doing?” Lauren asked, sitting up and getting in between her and Taylor. “And I thought you had practice?”

“I told you I’m going to be back early though.” Taylor mumbled, her eyes still locked on the buds of Camila’s nipples, shiny from Lauren’s spit. “I told you this morning.”

Lauren snapped her fingers. “Eyes off my girlfriend, Squib.” Taylor blushed and looked away. Behind Lauren , Camila wrapped her arms around Lauren’s neck and kissed her gently.

“Remember when we talked about spicing up our sex life?” Camila murmured into Lauren’s ear. She felt her nod, and Camila suckled on her earlobe.

“I’m thinking… Taylor might be able to help us out with it. If she agrees.” Camila locked her eyes with Taylor, her palm wandering down Lauren’s body to stroke her cock. “Do you want to help us out, Tay?” Camila husked in a low murmur that made both Jauregui girls shudder.

“S-sure…” Taylor whispered. In her pants, her cock was begging to be released.

“Wait, wait.” Lauren turned to  her girlfriend. “Camz, she’s my baby sister. That’s so weird.”

“It’s hot.” Camila said, biting her lip. “Both Jauregui girls, pounding into me…” She moaned and twitched. “It’s not like you’re going to fuck her or vice versa.” Camila reached out to Taylor and palmed her erection through her sweatpants. “Ooh, she’s hard and ready. Please, Laur?’

Lauren looked between Camila and Taylor . “Fine.” She huffed, and Camila grinned. “But you’re not coming inside my girl.” Lauren warned. She took a deep breath and kissed Camila. “Since you’re the one with the bright ideas, tell us what to do.”

At this, Camila beamed and yanked Taylor’s pants down. The younger Jauregui yelped and cupped her erection. “Don’t cover yourself.” Camila cooed, gently prising her hand away. She cupped Taylor’s shaft by the base and kissed the tip.

“Oh…” Taylor whimpered and bit her lip. She watched Camila’s mouth part to suckle on the tip. Lauren watched her girlfriend suck her sister’s cock. It was still bizarre, but she wasn’t going to lie. Witnessing Camila suck someone else’s cock was making her harder than ever.

“I’m being neglected here,” she growled in Camila’s ear. Lauren grabbed Camila’s free hand and curled it around her throbbing dick. She pumped into her hand, her mouth latched onto her neck.

“Stand up, Lauren .” Camila said as she released Taylor’s cock with a pop. Without question, Lauren stood up beside Taylor, her arm slung behind her. Camila grabbed both of their cocks and pressed them together. Taylor and Lauren groaned deeply. They knew it was wrong, but it didn’t feel like anything but pleasurable and hot, especially the sensation of their cocks pressed against one another.

Camila parted her mouth and engulfed the two cock heads in her mouth, her tongue swirling against the tips that oozed precome. They tasted differently; Lauren’s precome was saltier, while Taylor’s was more bitter. Camila moaned and tried to take both of them in her mouth.

“Fuck, you’re so hot…” Taylor whimpered. “Oh my god.”

Lauren smirked, feeling her chest swell in pride as her sister praised her girlfriend. It still felt oddly fucked up, but it felt good. She thrust her hips slowly, pushing her cock into the tightness of Camila’s mouth. “Yes… Suck it like that, baby…”

Camila pulled back and wiped the drool from her chin. “Who wants to fuck what?” She asked with a smirk, pumping their shafts firmly.

Turning to her little sister, Lauren raised her brow. “Well?”

“I get to choose?” Taylor sputtered, her face flushed and her brunette locks sticking to her forehead. “I… Um..”

Lauren chuckled and grabbed Taylor’s hand. “Close your eyes.” Taylor hesitated but she soon allowed her eyelids to flutter shut. Lauren made her curl her fingers save for her index and middle digits. She directed Camila to get on her knees and stick her ass out.

“You could fuck Camila’s pussy. It’s hot and wet and really slippery.” Lauren swiped Taylor’s fingers against Camila’s slit. The younger Jauregui gasped and snapped her eyes open.

“Oh… My god.” Taylor gulped and fingered Camila’s core. “She’s so wet.”

Camila moaned and reared back into Taylor’s curious fingers. Lauren licked her lips and kissed the flesh of her ass. She parted her cheeks and Taylor let out a spluttered gasp. “Her ass… Oh man, her ass is the best.” Lauren teased the puckered star, moaning as it contracted. “It’s tight… And I mean really, really tight.”

Taylor licked her lips. “Can I..?” Lauren nodded and kept Camila’s ass cheeks open, as Taylor swiped her slick fingers against the hole. Camila gasped and pushed back, but Lauren smacked her ass. She grabbed a bottle of lube and slicked up Taylor’s fingers with it. “Don’t move, babe. Go ahead, Tay.”

The younger Jauregui felt as if she was going to burst. Her cock was so hard, she couldn’t concentrate. She stroked herself slowly as the tip of her finger dipped inside her. “Oh wow.” Taylor groaned, as she slid in to the first knuckle. “That’s… You can fit in here?”

Lauren nodded. “The way her ass stretches for my cock is so hot.” She said. “Add another finger. Stretch her out. I can tell you want to fuck Camila’s ass.” Lauren smirked and spanked her girlfriend.

Taylor swallowed hard and nodded. She slid her finger all the way inside, pulled it out, and twisted it back in. Camila buried her face into the pillow, her moans muffled, but Lauren wasn’t having any of it. She tugged Camila by the hair, her whimpers ripping through her in a continuous stream. “You like fingers in your ass? My sister’s fingers?”

Lauren bit her ear and moved in front of her. “Suck my cock while Taylor gets you ready to get double fucked, babe.”

Taylor couldn’t believe her ears. Her angelic sister was uttering the filthiest things. She gawked at her, and when Lauren looked up, she blushed.

“Keep fucking her ass, Tay.” She ordered. “Don’t stop until her ass is nice and stretched out to take your cock.” Taylor nodded and stared at the way Camila’s ass quivered around her fingers.

After a few minutes of scissoring and stretching out Camila’s ass, Taylor pulled her fingers out and kissed the soft, warm flesh. She could see the way Camila’s throat expanded to take in the entirety of Lauren’s length and girth. Lauren pulled her cock out and slapped the slick, hard flesh against Camila’s wanton face. “You ready to get fucked, baby?”

“Mmhmm.” Camila whined. “Fuck me please, both of you… Want your cocks inside me.”

Taylor gripped her cock and whimpered. Lauren chuckled and slid underneath Camila. “Okay, Tay. You ready to fuck Camila’s hot ass? I want you to be really careful, you hear me? If your hurt her, I’m going to punch you and cut your di—”

“Laur, baby.” Camila kissed all over her face. “Calm down, you’re scaring her.”

“Just making a point… But anyway. I’m going to put it in her pussy, and you’re going to slowly inch inside her ass. Don’t move until I say you can move. Do you understand?”

“Y-yeah…” Taylor was unable to hide the quiver in her voice. She was going to fuck Camila. In her ass. With Lauren inside her pussy. It wasn’t a daily event, and she didn’t want to hurt Camila.

“Calm down. If you’re nervous, you’re going to end up hurting her.” Lauren soothed her little sister. She slipped her eight inch cock inside Camila and moaned at the velvet grip around her. “Damn, babygirl…You’re dripping. You hungry for cocks inside your holes?”

“Yes!” Camila whimpered and rode Lauren roughly. Taylor watched Lauren’s balls slap Camila’s ass, stroking her cock in time with their movements.

“Okay, Tay.” She heard the distant, strained voice of her sister. “Make sure you’re lubed—fuck, Camz, stop clenching—and slide the head of your cock in.”
Taylor swallowed hard and added more lube on her straining dick. She straddled Lauren’s thighs and nudged the puckered hole of Camila’s ass. Taylor eased in slowly, grunting at the unbearable tightness that gripped her shaft.

Beneath Camila, Lauren rocked her hips slowly as she nipped and sucked on the taut skin of Camila’s throat. “Push in some more… Bury your cock in her.”

Taylor twitched and pushed in until she was buried to the hilt. By now, Camila was a quivering mess, her breathing ragged and hot against Lauren’s cheek. “M-Mila… Are you okay? Should I pull out?” Taylor babbled, her palms on her ass. She made a move to remove her cock, and it only caused friction to spark through Camila’s spine, her back arching. “Oh!!”

“Sorry!!” Taylor yelped, but Camila reached back and pulled her close.

“N-no.. Don’t pull out.” She whimpered. “Feels so good..”

Taylor kissed her shoulders and glanced down at Lauren. She was smirking and palming Camila’s tits roughly. “When I slide in, you pull out.” Lauren husked. “Ready?” Taylor whimpered and nodded. “Here we go.”

The tempo started of well and easy, Taylor pumping in, when Lauren pulled her cock out. Between them, Camila was a panting, moaning, mess of a girl, her moans slurring into a mix of the sisters’ names. Her holes clenched continuously, egging the two Jaureguis to get rougher, to pound into her, the tempo be damned.

“Fuck, you’re so sexy.” Lauren bit against Camila’s jaw. “Your holes are sucking us up… You like getting fucked with two cocks in you? Hmm?” She slapped Camila’s ass and winked at Taylor. “You’re doing great, Tay.. Just remember not to come inside her.”

“Yeah..” Taylor groaned. “I-I can feel you inside her.” She murmured. “You’re so rough.”

“My baby likes it hard and fast.” Lauren gripped Camila’s hips for leverage and slammed up into her. Camila screamed and sobbed into Lauren’s neck as Taylor ran her hands all over her back. “Take it… Take our cocks, Camila.”

Taylor whimpered. The dirty talk was proving to be too much for her. She slammed into Camila a few more times. She yanked out her cock and jacked off against Camila’s ass, the tip of her slick meat rubbing against Camila’s soft skin. “Oh.. O-oh, fuck!” Taylor’s body stretched taut and she spilled her load all over Camila’s shapely butt. White streaks dribbled down her caramel skin, which Taylor spread all over with her cock.

Camila moaned and started moving again, whispering against Lauren’s lips. “It’s your turn… Come inside me. Fill up my cunt with your hot come.” At this, the older Jauregui grinned and pumped into her with renewed vigour. Beside their rutting bodies, Taylor fell, cock limp against her inner thigh.

Lauren growled and Taylor saw the way her balls twitched as they came at the same time. She watched Lauren’s testicles pump cum inside Camila, their thighs trembling. Taylor moaned at the sight of thick, white come dripping down Lauren’s length as she pulled out.

“Wow…” Camila groaned. “T-that was…” Her body convulsed and shuddered, falling limp on top of Lauren.

“She just squirted.” Lauren said with a smirk, winking at Taylor. She reached for a tissue on the bedside table and wiped Taylor’s cum from Camila’s ass. “C'mere, let’s make another sandwich.” Lauren said as she rolled them over to the side. Taylor slid behind Camila and smiled at Lauren.

“That was… something.” She murmured against Camila’s shoulder. Lauren hummed and nodded as she slung her arm over Camila’s and Taylor’s hips. “Thanks for… You know, letting me do that.”
“Don’t thank me, thank Mila. Though that was really fun…”

“Will you two stop talking?” Camila grumbled. “I’m supposed to be passed out in extreme pleasure right now but you two are too noisy.”

“Bossy, bossy.” Lauren murmured. Taylor smiled and kissed the nape of Camila’s neck. The three of them closed their eyes, and fell asleep.

Chapter Text

Lauren watched her girlfriend over the rim of her coffee cup on one particularly boring Saturday. The brunette was in the middle of reading the New York Times, toast in hand, when she looked up at Lauren with a small smile. “We don’t have anything planned today, do we?” She asked. But Lauren, to Camila’s surprise, shook her head. “What? What are we doing?”

For Lauren, it was time to put her plan in action.
“Nothing in particular.” Lauren sauntered over and plopped herself on top of Camila’s lap. Lauren wrapped her arms around Camila’s neck and leaned into nuzzle the side of her face.

“I know you want to fuck me in my ass.” She whispered, smirking to herself when she felt Camila tense up. Lauren soothed her by stroking the space in between her shoulder blades. Once she felt Camila relax, Lauren sucked her sensitive earlobe into her mouth and sucked.

“Every time you eat me out, I feel your fingers drifting down there.” Lauren wiggled her ass and scraped her nails up Camila’s tan neck. “Every time I ride you, your fingers wriggle in between my ass cheeks, and you finger my ass.” She could tell that Camila was turned on. Her chocolate eyes were fully blown, and she took deep, ragged breaths. Her arms were tight around Lauren’s waist, even as the brunette rubbed her ass up against her painfully erect cock.

“You can do it, you know?” Lauren smirked and nipped Camila’s jaw. “You can fuck me in the ass. As hard as you want. As fast, and as rough. You can take it.”

Camila spluttered, her knuckles turning white when she gripped the edge of the table. “B-baby, holy shit…” She gasped, Lauren’s hips grinding circles against Camila’s lap. “I can really do it?” Her hands ran up Lauren’s creamy thigh to cup her perfectly-shaped ass. “You have no idea how much I wanted to—” Camila bit her lip and Lauren took her face in her hands to kiss her, slow and deep. A shiver ran through Camila’s body when she felt Lauren’s tongue, wet and warm, slide in between her lips.

Lauren pulled back and dragged her nails up against Camila’s scalp. Underneath her, Camila's  hips rose off the chair, eliciting a deep moan from Camila at the pressure that squeezed against her clothed cock. “But before you get to fuck my ass—”

“You need to stop saying it like that.” Camila begged through gritted teeth, her hands slipping up Lauren’s shirt to feel the smooth skin of her back.

“Say it like what, baby?” Lauren smirked and licked the shell of Camila’s ear. She chuckled and cupped the nape of her neck. “As I was saying. Before you get to shove that thick cock inside my tight little ass—” Camila sputtered and Lauren grinned. “I want to fuck yours.”

Silence followed, save for Camila’s and Lauren’s heavy breathing. The atmosphere was heady, and Lauren knew she needed to do more to convince Camila. She opened her mouth to speak but Camila beat her to the punch.

“Okay.” Camila smiled up at Lauren and stood up, carrying her in her arms and into the bedroom. “And knowing you, I’m sure you assumed I’m going to say yes. You bought the strap-on already, don’t you?”

Lauren blushed and nodded as she was laid down onto the bed. She pulled Camila on top of her, fingers tugging at brunette strands. The delicious weight of her girlfriend never failed to turn Lauren on. Camila’s warmth, the firmness of her arms, and the warm pulsing against Lauren’s thigh reminded her of how much Camila wanted her.

Digging her nails up the curve of Camila’s neck, Lauren sucked on her bottom lip and tugged it with her teeth. She reached down and cupped the bulge in Camila’s boxers, the groan that escaped the brunette on top of her was electrifying. Lauren stared up at the way Camila’s lips parted as she breathed heavily. “You’re so hard already…”

“What did you expect?” Camila asked, her voice trembling. Lauren’s hand slipped into her boxers and wrapped around the soft, erect flesh of Camila’s cock. “Oh geez…”

“It’s so hot when you’re all breathy and gasping.” Lauren stroked Camila’s cock with a delighted smile. She wriggled out from underneath Camila so that she was hovering above the brunette’s heaving body. Lauren tugged their clothes off, and once they were both fully naked, Camila palming her tits in her hands, Lauren pulled away. “On your knees.” She murmured in an authoritative voice.

It sent a shudder up Camila’s spine. The tone Lauren used was so reminiscent of their high school days that she felt every bone in her body (especially the one currently bobbing between her legs) to obey. With her elbows against the bed, and her knees keeping the lower half of her body propped up. Lauren groaned at the sight of Camila’s ass. She palmed it, spreading the tan globes apart to see the puckered hole that was her asshole.

“Oh fuck, your hole looks so good.” Lauren reached for the lube and uncapped it. She poured it all over her fingers and Camila’s ass, and teased her fingertip inside her. Camila groaned and gripped the sheets, pushing back into her lover’s hand. Lauren applied more lube, and twisted her finger inside Camila’s anus.

“So tight.” Lauren kissed all over Camila’s lower back and slipped in another finger. “You love me stretching you out baby?” Camila bobbed her head, the only sound coming from her mouth were grunts and whimpers. “Your ass feels so good around my fingers. And you look so good.” Lauren laid down on the bed, underneath Camila’s body, and took her leaking cock in her mouth.

A cry came out of Camila, and her hips jerked, burying her thick shaft in Lauren’s slick mouth. Lauren continued to finger and scissor her digits inside Camila. She sucked the precome out of her shaft, moaning at the taste that landed on her tongue. Lauren kissed down Camila’s thick cock and took her balls in her mouth.

“Fuck!” Camila yelped and bucked into Lauren as she sucked on her soft testicles. Her lips tightened around the sacs and tugged, while her mouth maintained a steady, wet suction that made Camila’s knees tremble. Lauren released them with a pop. Smiling at how Camila’s balls shined with her spit, Lauren palmed them and returned the head of Camila’s cock into her mouth.

With Lauren’s fingers sliding in and out of Camila’s now stretched ass, and her mouth sucking, the brunette was sure that she would come. She staggered to her knees and pulled her cock out of Lauren’s mouth. “B-babe, I’m close if you keep doing that I…”

Lauren nipped on Camila’s inner thigh and moved out from underneath her. “You think you’re ready to take my cock?”

Camila shuddered and nodded. “Let me see it.”
Scrambling off the bed, Lauren went to her closet and pulled out a black box. From it she extracted a harness and a translucent pink dildo, measuring a few inches smaller than Camila’s cock. The smaller latina stared at her with dilated eyes. “Wow…”

“You like?” Lauren smirked and stroked the fake cock that jutted between her legs. “I can tell you do.” She got back on the bed, yanked Camila towards her by her hips and twisted her around so that she was on her back. With a yelp, Camila landed, her cock bobbing between her legs. “Are you ready to get fucked, baby?” Lauren husked, grazing her lips against Camila’s lightly. She arced up, chasing after Lauren.

“Yes.” Camila gripped the sheets and spread her legs apart. As Lauren spread lube all over her dildo, Camila gripped her cock and jacked herself off. Positioning the head against her girlfriend’s entrance, Lauren cupped Camila’s balls and pushed the tip of her dildo in. “Oh shit…”

Lauren bit her lip and focused her eyes on Camila’s ass, and how it stretched to accommodate around the pink cock that Lauren slid inside her, inch by inch. “Fuck, that’s so sexy…” Lauren groaned, pulling out entirely before pushing back inside Camila until the harness scratched against Camila’s thighs. “Feel that? You like the stretch, baby?” Lauren asked, her hands playing and tugging with Camila’s balls.

“Fuck, fuck…” Camila whimpered and jerked herself off. Lauren gripped her wrist and shook her head. “B-babe—”

“Nu-uh you don’t. The only way you’ll come is by me fucking you.” Lauren growled and pinned Camila’s arms against the bed. She rutted hard into the girl, her hips rolling each time she slammed her cock in. “Take it, Camz. Take my cock…” Lauren grasped Camila’s thighs and yanked her to her body each time she rutted into her. By then, Camila was whimpering and writhing against the sheets, her hands gripping Lauren’s arms.

“That’s it, baby. You feel so good—so big inside me.” Camila cupped the back of Lauren’s neck and pulled her down for a sloppy kiss, her tongue forcing itself between Lauren’s lips. The brunette sucked her in, her teeth sinking into Camila’s bottom lip. Between them, Camila’s cock was rockhard and pulsing, leaking slippery precome all over her abs. Lauren picked up her cock in her hands, eliciting a whimper from the smaller girl.

“D-don’t…” Camila gasped out, her body arching into Lauren. “I’m gonna—” Lauren smirked and ignored her. She pumped Camila’s cock in time with her thrusts that became rougher with each slap of her thighs against Camila’s. “Laur, oh god Laur..” Camila whimpered, her ass tightening around Lauren’s pink dick.

Lauren watched Camila’s entire body shake as she continued to pump into her, her hand twisting and squeezing her hard cock. Camila’s mouth parted into a perfect O shape, her hips rising off the bed as her dick spurted out thick shots of white come all over her stomach and chest. Lauren moaned at the sight of Camila pumping out her jizz, her hips still humping into the brunette.

Once Camila was a slack mess on the bed, Lauren withdrew her cock out and unbuckled the harness. As Camila regained her breathing, Lauren laid down beside her and fingered her clit, her pussy slick with her own juices. She was so close, but the pressure from the dildo wasn’t enough.

“Oh no you don’t, it’s my turn now.” Camila sat up and hooked her arms underneath Lauren’s knees, pulling her towards her.

Chapter Text

“Oh no you don’t, it’s my turn now.” Camila sat up and hooked her arms underneath Lauren’s knees, pulling her towards her. Kneeling down, with Lauren’s hips rising off the bed, Camila buried her tongue into her slick pussy. She sucked and flicked against her girlfriend’s clit and pussy, making her whimper.

“Fuck, yes… I love that tongue of yours.” Lauren gripped the sheets and humped Camila’s greedy mouth. She palmed her tits and watched Camila devour her pussy until Lauren was coming, hard and trembling, gushing as she tried to whimper out Camila’s name. “Oh fuck!!”

Camila eased Lauren down and flipped her around so that she was on her knees. Without pausing for a beat, she parted Lauren’s sexy ass cheeks and flattened her tongue against her crack, licking up to her asshole. Camila swirled around the puckered entrance, making Lauren shake and gasp at how needy Camila was for her asshole. Camila wriggled her way into Lauren’s tightness to stretch her, and fucked her with her tongue.

“Yes!” Lauren squealed and pushed her ass back into Camila . “Finger me, Camz. I need more than your tongue…” She grasped the sheets, her knees trembling with every lick to her asshole. Camila pulled back, a string of spit connecting her tongue to Lauren’s ass. She slid in a finger, slick with her saliva, and curled it inside Lauren’s anus, her tight, hot walls grasping at Camila’s digit.

Adding another finger, Camila buried her features into Lauren’s pussy while she scissored and stretched out her ass. She sucked on her labia and tugged on it with her lips, along with her clit. Camila flattened her tongue against Lauren’s pussy and sucked. Her thighs trembled and Lauren let out a gasp, her orgasm washing over her like a tidal wave.

Smirking to herself, Camila drew her tongue back to Lauren’s puckered hole. She reached for the lube and dribbled it all over Lauren’s ass. She rubbed her cock slick with the lube and positioned the head against Lauren. “You ready to get your ass pounded, Laur?”

“Yes, please, Camz…” Lauren pushed her ass back into Camila, while she allowed her to grind against her. Humping her cock into Lauren’s ass, Camila yanked Lauren’s ass cheeks apart and directed the head of her shaft against the puckered hole and pushed.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck…” Camila gasped, her nails digging tightly into Lauren’s skin. “That’s so much better than I imagined. Holy tight… And hot.” Camila bit her lip and inched inside Lauren until her cock was sheathed all the way inside her. 

She dragged her cock out and shoved it back in, relishing the cry that came from Lauren’s mouth.
Leaning forward to grasp the base of Lauren’s neck, Camila lips traced the shell of her ear. She rutted into her, her skin slapping harshly against Lauren’s bouncing ass. “Your ass feels amazing around my cock, baby.” Camila husked, low and deep, enough to send a shudder through Lauren’s spine. “So tight… Clenching around my dick like it wants to choke me.” Camila smirked, her free hand reaching up to palm Lauren’s breast. “Your ass is mine.”

Lauren whimpered, a string of drool dripping down the side of her chin as Camila slammed into her without any sign of slowing down. “Look at you, drooling for my cock in your ass.” She smirked and released her grasp around Lauren’s neck. Instead, she shoved her down against the bed, leaving only Lauren’s ass up in the air. “Yank your ass apart. Let me see that tight hole of yours taking me in.”

Moaning at the authoritative tone in Camila’s voice, Lauren pulled apart her ass and allowed Camila to watch the way her fat cock slid in and out of her. “Fuck, I’m so close already…” Camila growled and increased the pace of her thrusts, now pistoning into Lauren’s ass. “Ready to take my cum, babe? Deep in this tight… little… ass?” Gripping Lauren’s hips tightly, Camila rutted into her. Until her hips stuttered, Camila whimpered Lauren’s name as the brunette thrashed and clenched around Camila’s hard dick.

“Fuck, I’m coming.” Camila choked out, her entire body twitching as she shot her load deep inside Lauren’s waiting ass, her anus milking Camila for every drop of come she had while she came as well, gasping as her pussy clenched around nothing. Camila slumped forward, on top of Lauren, with a breathless sigh.

“Was I too rough?” Camila asked, her lips tracing the curve of Lauren’s neck. She eased out of Lauren’s ass, moaning at the sight of her come leaking out of her used hole. Camila averted her eyes, knowing that if she stared for too long, she would get hard again.

She cuddled beside Lauren, who was still breathing heavily. “That… We should do that again.”

Camila perked up and kissed her nose, and then her lips. “We should. Even the part where you fucked me. That was so sexy.” Her palms grazed the slopes of Lauren’s curves, while the brunette in her arms cuddled closer. “You’re so sexy. And so beautiful. I love you.”

Smiling, Lauren curled her arms around Camila’s neck and slung her leg across her hip. “I’m glad you liked it.” She opened her eyes cupped Camila’s jaw, her lips tracing against her girlfriend’s features. “I love you too.”

Chapter Text

Camila was sat cross legged on top of her bed with her computer in her lap to finish up a few assignments from her psychology class when a gust of cold air hit her body causing her to shiver. She pushed her glasses up on her nose and examined her room. Before she could look the whole room over, her laptop was jerked out of her hands while her legs were pulled out from beneath her. A loud squeal erupted from her body when she found herself now lying flat on her back. Her heart started to beat faster when a familiar smell caressed her nostrils.

“Oh my god,” she groaned and withered around when a cold body laid on top of her own.

“Not god,” A warm, low voice said against the skin of her neck. “Although, I do get called that on occasion.”

“Seriously, Lauren?” Camila laughed and squirmed against Lauren’s body weight. “You’re crushing me.”

Lauren hummed and rolled with such quickness that Camila hadn’t even had the chance to catch her breath before she was sat up right on Lauren’s hips with her hands placed on the woman’s stomach to keep her balance.

“Better?” Lauren said softly, twisting her hips ever so lightly.

Camila could feel Lauren’s cock hardening against the inside of her thigh and she knew she needed to get off the woman as soon as possible.

“No, no. I have homework.” Camila shook her head and attempted to shift to the other side of the bed but Lauren’s hands held in place. “And it’s that time of the month,” she informed quietly.

Camila watched Lauren’s eyes flash a bright golden color then back to emerald green. She studied her curiously.

“I know,” Lauren nodded and grinned. “I could smell you for miles.”

Camila furrowed her eyebrows. “Then why are you here?”

“Please.” Lauren sat up quickly and wrapped her arms around her girlfriends small frame. Her nose nuzzled against Camila’s collarbone. “Please, baby,” she begged.

“Lauren, you know I don’t like doing that and-” she paused when she tried to push Lauren back but the arms around her waist held on tighter. “Didn’t you just eat?” Camila asked as she let her body relax against her girlfriends but she made it a point not to get too relaxed.

Lauren placed a soft kiss against tanned skin then muttered a quite ‘no’.

“Why not?” Camila implored. She found her hand lightly massaging Lauren’s scalp. Her fingers had mind of their own.

“Could only smell you. Nothing else.”

Camila thought for a few moments while her fingers raked through black hair. She really didn’t like when Lauren went down on her while she was on her period, it was just….gross. Then again, part of her wanted to give the vampire what she wanted. Before she could could think any further of the situation, she felt Lauren’s fingers slipping into the fabric of her panties through the hole of her shorts. She gasped when the vampires fingers lightly grazed her clit and then moved down to where her tampon sat inside of her.

“Lauren,” she whispered shakily when she could feel the object being lightly pulled on.

“Just a little taste.” Lauren tugged on the string again then moved back up to stimulate her girlfriends clit.

Camila whimpered and pressed her hips forward to get more friction. “You’re not playing fair, Jauregui,” she whispered against Lauren’s ear.

A light bite against her neck made her moan loudly and she agreed without hesitation. The bite was soon forgotten when Lauren rolled them once more. Camila shorts were nowhere to be seen and she was sure her tampon was lying somewhere on her bedroom floor but she couldn’t find it in her to care when she felt Lauren’s lips attach to her clit with the perfect amount of tongue and suction.

“Lauren.” She threw her head back and buried her hands in the silky black hair. “God, baby.”

Lauren hummed and carefully moved her tongue against Camila’s already straining nub. She sucked lightly then moved down to where the blood was flowing out without with out problem now. She lapped at the red liquid and sucked until the red substance graced her taste buds. She could feel her whole body ignite in a way she’d never experienced until she’d met Camila Cabello.

Blood was blood, but there was just something addicting about Camila’s and she was sure she would never taste anything as delicious again.

Camila whimpered when she felt Lauren mouth slide back up to her clit and suck a little harder this time, she could feel a gush of wetness leak out of her but it didn’t have the chance to go anywhere except in Lauren’s mouth.

“Just like that,” Camila encouraged when Lauren’s tongue rolled over her sensitive clit with the right amount of pressure. “I’m so fucking close already,” she admitted.

She couldn’t help it. Lauren was amazing at what she does, even if they hadn’t been in this position for long. Camila caught sight of Lauren’s golden eyes and felt another gush of wetness leak out of her. Her girlfriend was hungry and Camila couldn’t help but feel pride in know she was the one sating her.

“Baby, I’m really close.”

She could feel Lauren suck at her hole one more time before the vampire reluctantly sat up on her knees. Her fingers worked against the button and zipper of her jeans and Camila watched her hungrily.

Lauren pushed the fabric down her thighs and let her body fall until she was hovering over Camila’s. She reached between them and grabbed the base of her cock before pushing inside of her girlfriend quickly.

“Jesus,” Lauren whimpered and flexed her hips. Her body was truly on fire now. She could taste Camila on her lips and feel her tightening around her dick.

“Please, Lauren,” Camila begged, her hands balled into the dark fabric of Lauren’s shirt.

Lauren wasn’t one to deny her lover.

She pulled her hips back and pushed back in a few times before she picked up the perfect rhythm. Camila’s lips found Lauren’s. She could taste copper on the vampires lips but still, she couldn’t seem to care when Lauren was fucking her so perfectly.

Camila moaned and pressed up when Lauren pressed down. She couldn’t stop the winding in her stomach, she was going to burst and she knew there was nothing she could do about it.

“I’m coming,” Camila panted. “Lauren, baby, I’m coming.”

Lauren grunted against her and worked faster. She felt Camila’s body start to shake and she knew her girlfriend was coming. She slowed her thrusts and worked herself in and out of the rippling channel with ease while Camila moaned and panted against her lips. When she knew Camila was coming back down from her high, she pulled out and slid back down to drink at the ever giving hole of her lover.

“Babe,” Camila sighed, happily. “You haven’t cum yet.”

Lauren licked and sucked until her mouth was full before she acknowledged Camila. “I’m okay.”

“No way, Jauregui. Switch me now.”

Lauren licked a few more drops of blood before she fell to Camila’s side. She helped her girlfriend crawl over her until they were in a position to where they would both receive oral pleasure. Lauren’s cocked twitched at the thought of feeding on and getting sucked off by a girlfriend at the same time. She wasn’t going to last very long.

She stuck her tongue inside the pulsing hole while a pair of warm lips engulfed her cock. Camila bobbed her head up and down a few times before she started to take the member down her throat. Lauren’s hips raised off the mattress while her tongue worked deeper inside of Camila.

Camila came back to the tip and sucked harshly before taking Lauren deep again.

Lauren pulled her tongue out and groaned loudly. “Don’t stop, Camz. I’m about to cum.”

Camila worked harder until she felt and heavy stream of cum coating her throat. Lauren whimpered and grunted beneath her while her hips flexed unconsciously to work her dick in and out of her girlfriend throat while every drop of her cum slid down into Camila’s stomach.

“I’m so in love with you,” Lauren sighed when she finished and kissed Camila’s ass.

Camila laughed and craned her neck to look at Lauren’s blood covered lips. “You better be.”

Camila yelped when she felt a sharp slap to her skin and the heavenly sound of Lauren’s laughter.

Chapter Text

“I don’t fucking know what’s her problem, Mani,” Lauren said in anger as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, green eyes piercing on a particular player on the other side of the court.

It was another game of Lauren’s school against the team she hated the most because her rival is there. Being the team captain as Lauren is for her own team, Camila Cabello irritates the hell out of the green-eyed girl because of how dirty the brunette plays. It was the final game and if Camila thought that Lauren wouldn’t notice the way she would fake fouls on purpose to earn a free throw, she was wrong. With the times she played with this aggravating girl, Lauren knew her moves and her secrets. She knew that Camila would even trip players in hopes to injure them. Lauren knew all of that.

But what bothers her the most, is that Camila doesn’t do it to every player in Lauren’s team. She only does it to Lauren, and the other girl have started to take it personally that’s why she couldn’t keep her mouth shut once a timeout was called.

“I know that she’s trying to take me down,” Lauren said, starting to stand up from the ground as her friends look worriedly at her. “We only have 1 minute left and it’s her strategy to fake fouls so they could score without effort. But what I don’t get is she’s only doing it to me! Why can’t she do it to Chelsea or Vero instead?”

“It’s because you’re the best player in our school, Lauren,” Normani said, grinning at her friend. “But you know what? Just try to avoid her or something. Don’t come near her until the time ends. You’re having the upper hand anyway.”

“I’ve been fucking doing that since the game started but she just won’t stop,” Lauren muttered, wiping her sweaty nape with her towel. “We’re only on 77-76. I’m pretty sure she’ll do something about it.”

“Then you’ll have to do something about it, too,” Ally, Lauren’s another friend, chimed in. “You’re both team captains and if she has something in mind to make their school win, you should have, too. You need to act on it and not let her win this. Lauren, it’s a do-or-die for Christ’s sake!”

Before she could even respond, the buzzer rang again as it indicated the end of timeout. Lauren threw her towel on the empty seat with her perfectly thick brows furrowed in distress. Camila’s taking it easy, as if she knew what would happen to this game. Even if she wasn’t on the home court, she had this strong confidence that Lauren always find intimidating. But she shouldn’t let Camila take over her game.

It was Camila’s team’s ball, and their center, Dinah, was already holding the ball in her hand as she looked for free players she could pass it on. However, with the small amount of time remaining, Lauren pushed her team’s defense and they’re now man-on-man strategy.

Being the same small forward of the team, Lauren was standing in front of Camila with her arms stretched out as her back was facing her to prevent Dinah from passing it to the brunette. Camila on the other hand was only smirking behind Lauren, and the green-eyed girl swore she could hear the action by her ear. Even with the timeout given, the two girls were catching their breath and Lauren shivered when she felt Camila’s hot breath hit her nape. The brunette noticed this, only causing her smirk to grow wider as she looked down at the goosebumps by Lauren’s dragonfly tattoo.

“Scared that you’ll lose, princess?” Camila teased, slightly pressing her front to Lauren as she transfered her gaze to Dinah.

“Shut the fuck up, Cabello,” Lauren seethed, sprinting to the other side of the court when Dinah passed the ball to her teammate.

“Oh, please,” Camila said as she followed Lauren close behind, “you’ll like me better when I’m talking in some other circumstances.”

Lauren knew exactly what she meant and she felt her cheeks heat up. Was Camila sexually flirting with her in the middle of an intense game she should be focusing on? And did she like the way Camila’s voice sound so close as she spoke?

Lauren shook her head and went back to the game, following the ball with her eyez as it was quickly passed to Camila. Lauren’s pulse started to race when she met the most alluring brown eyes she had ever seen that she nearly forgot where she was. What the fuck was she thinking? She should be playing seriously, and not thinking about how gorgeous her rival was.

Well shit.

Camila had already crossed her over, and she jumped before the three-point line and took the shot. The crowd roared as it came in and Lauren mentally slapped herself as she realized it was her fault why their opponent was able to score. She was supposed to defend for her team and keep them from shooting until the time stops but what was she doing? Yes. Admiring Camila’s ass as she took a shot earlier instead of running after her to try to block her.

Well, how could you not?

Camila’s butt looked perfect even if she was wearing the baggy basketball jersey. It still showed how voluptuous it was and Lauren couldn’t take the image out of her mind. Another yes. What the actual fuck.

“Lauren, what the hell was that?!” Her team’s shooting guard, Chelsea, complained as she brought their team captain back from her thoughts. “Why the fuck did you let her shoot?!”

“Hey, hey, calm down,” Lucy, their point guard, said, pulling Chelsea away from Lauren. “We still got a few seconds before time. We can take that 3 points back.”

“The hell we will if only our team captain’s focused on the game than the bitch on the other team,” Chelsea said harshly before shaking off from Lucy’s grasp, walking away from Lauren.

Lucy didn’t say anything, she knew that arguing wouldn’t help their situation now and she followed Chelsea’s steps towards the edge of the court as their other teammate, Keana, held the ball outside of the court. If Lauren could only punch herself without looking idiotic, she would’ve done it already. How could she admire the person she’s been hating on earlier in just a blink of an eye?

Lucy carried the ball across the court before passing it to Chelsea. The group’s center, Vero, served as a screen for the shooting guard. But she wasn’t going to shoot it, and it was part of their plan. Chelsea jumped, but she pushed the ball towards Lauren’s direction whilst she was free from any guard because the people who were supposed to guard her were caught to Chelsea’s fake shot.

Lauren received the ball and dribbled quickly to the empty space by the ring. It was too late when Dinah hopped on her feet to block, Lauren managing to dunk the ball with the ability to jump that high.

The crowd roared upon Lauren’s shot and she grinned in triumph, accidentally catching Camila’s eyes as she looked around. The green-eyed girl was even more confused when she had this smug smirk plastered on her face. Lauren thought she knew what it exactly meant.

And she was right.

The smirk meant that Camila was going to do her trick and fake fouls by shooting and purposefully making Lauren’s hand hit her forearm every time the green-eyed girl tried to stop her from shooting. This caused their score to go by 77 to an easy 83. Lauren’s team was held down by 81 with losing one opportunity to shoot because of Camila’s amazing skill at stealing.

With 3 seconds remaining, Lauren has to shoot the ball—either make it a 3-point shot or just a regular one. They just had to score or they’ll completely lose this game. The pressure was real for the team captain, seeing that she was already tired to the point that her knees are starting to feel numb, and this was a do-or-die. It will memorable for all whether they lose or win. Lauren tucked her jersey under her shorts as she met Camila’s playful gaze. Lauren furrowed her brows when the other girl on the court eyed her up and down, shamelessly checking her out. Lauren didn’t know what she was up to but it was definitely not working. She even got fueled by this, not appreciating Camila’s action. Lauren turned around and decided to ignore the girl’s blatant staring.

The game continued, and wituout enough time left, they did the plan that their coach told them to. Chelsea, known as someone in the team who has a strong pulse to throw forcefully, stood outside the line. Lauren already had her eyes focused on the ring as she was standing by the three-point line whilst Vero was on the other side. The opposing team knew what they would do, but it’s only a matter of who would take the shot. It’s either they would have to double team Lauren, knowing that the girl could take one down, or they would have to guard Vero, being the tall one and a master for shooting ringless effortlessly. That would leave one player of Lauren alone without defense, and the shooter would actually be Keana, standing close to the ring with no one paying attention to her. If she would remain unnoticed, they would surely have the chance to win even with only a few time from overtime.

Lauren’s heart was beating against her own chest and she was afraid that it would fall out as Chelsea passed the ball to Vero, the ball flying across half of the court. This caused two people to run after Vero with 2 seconds left, but she quickly passed it to Lauren. Lauren, with her hands clammy and now trembling legs, chest-passed the ball between Dinah and another opponent to Keana’s direction.
1 second.

Lauren waited for another set of cheers from the audience, but it didn’t come. It was because Camila was able to prevent the ball from being sent to Keana’s hands. The brunette was insanely fast and stealthy that Lauren didn’t even see that coming.

Camila’s teammates cheered for her instead as she ran to the other court, Chelsea, Lucy, and Vero trying to catch after her. But Camila was quick, performing a monster dunk as the buzzer rang.


Lauren couldn’t look at her teammates in shame. No one blamed her, but it felt like it was her fault that they lost. They worked hard to be in the finals and she failed to win for her school—she failed everyone. She felt Ally’s small supporting hand as she drank her water, but refused to look at the girl. Lauren wasn’t even talking to anyone even when their team manager asked them to participate for a short interview. She wasn’t interested at all.
Lauren waited for everyone to finish showering in the locker room before she took one herself. She avoided contact from everyone as she felt horrible by her own performance earlier at the game. She would’ve done it well if it wasn’t for that fake ass bitch.

Camila Cabello.

Lauren’s sadness was easily turned to anger, and she brought her closed fist to hit the shower wall. The action rang around the locker room, but she was glad no one could hear her. She was sure everyone went home after the sorrowful loss of their game—not because of her but Camila. How could the referees approve of what she was doing when it was obvious that she was only faking it?
Lauren took a deep breath before turning the shower off, reaching for the towel and wrapping it around her lean body. Before she could even turn, she jumped at the sudden voice she least expected to hear.

“Nice game?” Camila said, more like a question than a statement as the familiar annoying smirk danced on her lips.

She wore her school’s sweatshirt with her khaki pants on, hands secured in her pockets as a snapback sat on her long, brown, wavy locks.
“Fuck off, Cabello,” Lauren said with rage in her bright green eyes as she walked past her opponent, “you’re not even allowed to be here.”

“Someone’s salty about their loss, yeah?” Camila continued to tease, following Lauren to the metal lockers. “Not used at getting your ass kicked in basketball?”

Lauren scoffed, putting her dirty clothes in her duffel bag on the bench. “You’re talking like you played fair.” She looked up to meet Camila’s impeccable gaze—too strong for Lauren’s liking. “Don’t act like you deserved to win.”

Camila only chuckled, shaking her head as she kept her mouth shut much to Lauren’s confusion—not to mention that she was a little scared at how Camila was acting. Lauren turned around to open her locker and jumped when it was suddenly shut closed. Her eyes were wide in shock as she glanced at Camila, the brunette showing no emotion now that made Lauren shiver. She didn’t know if it was because of the cold—she was still wrapped in a towel and her hair was dripping wet—or it was because of how quick Camila’s eyes darkened.

“Does that still matter?” Camila said, her voice low as she stepped closer to Lauren, making the other girl step back. “Is winning still important to you?” She pulled her left hand out from her pocket to use it to trap Lauren against the locker as her words ghosted Lauren’s lips at how close they were. “When you have me in front of you now?”

Lauren gulped heavily, and she wasn’t even able to catch her breath when Camila’s soft and plump lips attached itself to her cold ones. She felt her head spin as she forgot how to breathe, Camila’s other hand resting on her waist. Lauren felt butterflies in her stomach when Camila slid her tongue across her lower lip as it begged for entrance. However, Camila sucked on it first before pulling it between her teeth and releasing it with a pop.

“Do you want to feel like you’ve won, Lauren?” She asked breathlessly, her eyes never leaving the emerald-eyed beauty’s full lips. She slowly reached up to Lauren’s cheek, running the back of her fingers on the soft, pale skin. Camila leaned in to kiss the corner of Lauren’s mouth, trailing her lips to her jaw until she reached her ear. She licked Lauren’s earlobe before nipping on it, earning a soft sigh from the girl. “Because I could make you feel like you did.”

Lauren almost felt embarassed when she didn’t have the voice to tell Camila to stop, because the truth is, she didn’t want her to. She felt something when Camila kissed her, and it was far from something to what her exes made her feel before.

Although Lauren knew this was the farthest she would actually want to do with her rival in basketball, for an unknown reason she couldn’t bring herself to just push Camila off.

She felt different with her.

The hand of Camila that kept Lauren from getting away stayed against the locker as the other snaked to her waist, pulling Lauren close as she peppered kisses all over the pale skin of her neck. Lauren hands tangled themselves on Camila’s hair, accidentally knocking her snapback off when the brunette bit on her sensitive spot. Camila instantly soothed the skin with her tongue, sucking on it thereafter.

“Camila,” Lauren breathed out, making Camila’s member harden as if she wasn’t sporting a hard-on already.

Lauren knew what Camila had down there, and even if she wasn’t fond of the brunette, she wasn’t disgusted with the fact of her having an extra member. In fact, she felt like it was another reason why she didn’t want this to stop. She was curious about it, seeing Camila’s bulge sometimes during games she had with her.

Camila pulled away from Lauren, only to take her sweatshirt off and she barely had the time before Lauren was impatiently pulling her back for a hungry kiss. Lauren slid her tongue inside Camila’s mouth as the brunette sucked on it eagerly. Lauren’s hands traveled down to Camila’s abdomen, the muscles on her stomach becoming taut under her the green-eyed girl’s touch. As Camila’s tongue battled with Lauren’s for dominance, she felt the other girl raking on her bare abs and she moaned against Lauren’s mouth.
Lauren started kissing Camila’s neck as the brunette palmed her ass, pulling her towards her.

Camila groaned when their covered centers made contact with each other and Lauren felt the girl’s frustration, keeping her mouth on Camila’s skin as her hand went down to undo her pants.

Camila cupped Lauren’s jaw to bring their mouths together again, trying to focus more on the way Lauren’s lips moved than the way her warm palm rubbed her through her boxers as it slid inside her pants. Their kisses became even more heated until Camila couldn’t keep it anymore, aggressively yanking the towel off of Lauren’s body with a growl.

This caught the green-eyed girl off guard, finding Camila’s dominance even more attractive. Camila gazed down at Lauren’s body, her sexy curves causing her to drool as her jaw literally dropped at the sight. Sure, Camila have been fantasizing a lot about Lauren, and even though she planned this on happening tonight, she was still surprised to find such mesmerizing body like Lauren’s.

“You’re so beautiful,” Camila said, her voice too small that Lauren found it endearing even in this intense moment.

She couldn’t help but lean in to kiss the younger girl and Camila met her halfway, holding onto Lauren’s vulnerable frame tightly—as if her life depended on it. She wanted to feel Lauren close to her, but she had too many clothes on. She kept kissing Lauren as she slid out of her pants, pulling her sports bra over her head next before embracing the taller girl again. They both moaned when their breasts touched, their hard nipples grazing against each other as they kissed feverishly. Lauren’s hand reached Camila’s butt as her other hand was tugging on her hair slightly. Camila let out a shriek against Lauren’s lips when she unexpectedly spanked her, the brunette pulling away to meet the emerald eyes she easily became fond of.

“I honestly have a weird obsession with your ass,” Lauren said confidently, Camila’s flushed face and messy hair making her body heat up.

“Well, thanks for being honest?” Camila said, causing Lauren to giggle like a baby. They were too close to each other that the prominent thought in Camila’s head was to kiss Lauren once more.
And she did.

Even more passionate than before.

Lauren kept rubbing Camila that she grew ten times her size around her hand. She pulled Camila’s boxers down as far as she could and the shorter girl pushed it off completely with her feet. Camila’s 9-inch dick sprung up, the head unintentionally sliding Lauren’s clit before slapping Camila’s own stomach.

“Shit,” Lauren moaned at the sensation, breaking their kiss as Camila brought her lips to Lauren’s neck. “Camila.”

Camila sucked harshly on Lauren’s throat, flattening her tongue against her skin until she reached her protruding collar bone. She gave it a teasing bite before sucking on it, too, making the taller girl moan again. Camila turned them around as she kept contact, carefully pushing Lauren back until she was seated on the bench. The younger one settled Lauren until she was lying her back on the cold metal bench, her whole body aching for Camila’s touch that she was literally scratching her to come back. She didn’t really have to ask twice, and Camila took one breast in her mouth without warning, her hand reaching up for the other to roll her fingers on the perky nipple.

“Oh … ” Lauren threw her head back as Camila sucked her nipple, the other hand slightly pinching. “Camila, please.”

Camila was already achingly hard, and she pulled her hand back to pump herself first. She sucked roughly on Lauren’s breast, the mark on it becoming an addition to the ones she had made on the green-eyed girl’s neck and chest.
Camila released Lauren’s bump with a satisfied grin upon seeing the hickies she left, keeping her hand-job as she slowly looked up at the dilated, and now gray eyes of Lauren. “I’m gonna make you feel so good, baby girl.”

Lauren groaned as she felt wetness rush out of her just hearing Camila talk like that—she didn’t think it would turn her on that much. “Fuck me, baby.”

Smirk never faltering, Camila stretched her free hand down to Lauren’s entrance before sliding her fingers across her glistening slit. Lauren was lubricated enough but Camila wanted to spend her time so she leaned down as she pushed the girl’s legs aside.

“You’re so fucking wet,” Camila said, her thumb toying with Lauren’s clit as the girl writhed beneath her. Lauren released another gush of wetness and Camila swiped her tongue across her folds. “Mmm. So good. Is this all for me, baby?”

“Camila,” Lauren moaned loudly, shivering as Camila started teasing her entrance with her mouth.

The slurping sound the brunette was making made Lauren’s stomach turn and she took a handful of Camila’s hair, desperate to hold onto something.
“Ugh, baby, yes, just like that,” Lauren said, the pleading only coming as motivation for Camila. “Fuck, Camila.”

Camila hooked her arm around the raven-haired girl’s legs and used her fingers to play with her clit as she drew shapes with her tongue. She slid her tongue inside Lauren and felt her clamp around her strong muscle tightly, as if it was really waiting for her to come in. She hummed at Lauren’s sweetness, causing vibrations to her clit that made the green eyes see stars. Lauren’s stomach became tight as her walls were and with a few more thrusts of Camila’s tongue and the constant movement of her finger, the older girl’s body started shaking.

“Shit, Camila! I’m coming!” Lauren pulled the brunette’s hair and Camila continued her action, trembling legs squeezing her head as she was in between them. “Baby.”

Camila slowed down a bit, helping Lauren to ride out her orgasm. Once the taller girl was done convulsing, Camila started cleaning her up and she dipped two fingers inside Lauren, collecting her release. Camila stood up and pushed her fingers to Lauren’s lips, earning an understanding look from the other girl before opening her mouth. Lauren hummed as she took in her rival’s fingers, tasting herself. She starting pushing and pulling her head as she sucked on Camila’s fingers, causing her cock to twitch.

“Good girl,” Camila said before pulling her digits away from the raven-haired girl, sitting beside her. “Sit on my lap. I want you to ride me.

The idea made Lauren’s eyes sparkle, quickly doing what she was told. She didn’t even care about using a condom. She was just as eager as Camila was. Despite her still weak knees, Lauren managed to get in position, her hands planted on Camila’s shoulder as the brunette watched her lower herself on her rock-hard dick. Lauren bit her lip as Camila’s head came in contact with her wet folds. She was too big for her but slowly, she managed to take Camila whole inside her.

“Fuck,” Lauren said, feeling herself stretch on Camila’s foreign length.

“You sure you can take me, Lauren?” Camila teased, her signature smirk plastered across her face. “I’m gonna ruin your little pussy and I’m not sure if you’re ready for that.”

Even if Lauren wanted to punch her at the exact moment, she knew this would lead to the loss of contact of Camila’s dick and she’d rather be mocked than not to have the opportunity to be fucked by Camila. Yes, she was that eager—and horny.

“Watch me, Camila,” Lauren said, trying to sound confident when she lifted her hips up. Lauren hadn’t had something this big in her before so it was sure a bit of a struggle, but she didn’t want to feed Camila’s pride.

Lauren started riding Camila timidly, and as much as Camila wanted to tease her more, she loved the warm walls of Lauren around her. She also noticed that the girl was tight but Lauren insisted on satisfying Camila, making the younger girl smirk. Lauren was lacking in speed and Camila wanted more but instead of saying something about it, she reached Lauren’s ass and lifted her up before laying her down on the bench. Lauren was about to protest when Camila sealed her lips with her own, their tongues dancing with each other instantly.

Camila started moving her hips in a slow manner, not to tease Lauren but to make her get used to her size. She was the girl’s rival, but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t care about her. Camila’s fingertips ran from Lauren’s thigh, up to her abs, then finally on her breasts. She rolled the stiffening nipple between her fingertips before squeezing, all the time keeping Lauren’s mouth occupied by sucking on her tongue.

Lauren failed to keep up with the kisses when Camila picked up her pace, the brunette enclosing her luscious lips around her neck instead.

“Camila,” Lauren moaned, the girl’s pelvic deliciously hitting her clit due to their position.
Camila continued her movements, her teeth trapping Lauren’s nipple before tugging on it. Lauren groaned in pleasure, her nails clawing on Camila’s back and leaving red lines on her skin. Camila felt herself getting close and she pounded harder on the girl, hitting a particular spot that made Lauren’s eyes roll to the back of her head.
“Fuck, yes, right there,” Lauren said breathlessly, her fingers getting tangled with Camila’s hair as she pulled her closer. “Oh my god, Camila … ”

With Camila’s stimulation on Lauren’s breasts and her cock continuously grazing her g-spot, a few more thrusts was all it took for the taller girl to fall over the edge once again. Lauren pulled harshly on Camila’s hair, causing her to retract her mouth from her nipple. The way Lauren’s walls tightened around Camila as she came gave a different sensation to the brunette, and before she knew it, Camila was seeing stars.

“Fuuuuck, Lauren!”

Camila shot her string of thick seed inside Lauren, joining the other girl’s come inside her with a loud moan. She collapsed on top of her rival, chest heaving as they were barely able to catch their breaths. When the two finally managed to calm down from their high, Camila regretfully pulled out from Lauren, shivering when she saw their mix of pleasure leaking out from the girl’s hole of glory. She stood up, the signature smirk back on her face before leaning down to kiss Lauren one last time.

“I guess you feel like you’ve won now?” Camila asked, her hot breath hitting Lauren’s lips.

Lauren chuckled, her finger playing with the baby hairs on Camila’s nape. “I’m a fucking champion.”

Chapter Text

Lauren is plenty successful by the time she hits her big 30. She’s the CEO of her own company, ambitious and well-respected among her peers. She lives in a penthouse apartment with a view of lights and towers and she drives three different cars.

Lauren still feels unfulfilled when she comes home after a long day and the apartment is cold and empty, no one there to greet her. She hasn’t dated anyone properly since she was 19; it’s been a string of different people to keep her bed warm and they wouldn’t last long before Lauren got bored with them.

Her parents want her to stop messing around and settle down and start her own family. But the thing is, people are mostly either intimidated by her success and her sometimes bossy demeanor and others just want to leech of everything she’s worked so hard to create.

And lately, she has acquired a very particular taste and it’s a bit of a curse.

It all started last summer with this new intern at work; a boy at barely 20 with glasses and floppy and sweet smile. He’d been cute. Something about him had drawn Lauren in and she’d taken him under her wing, teaching him valuable lessons—like how to work that cute mouth of his on her cock. Just thinking about the wet, gagging sounds he made and the way his glasses would fog up is still enough to get her off in the shower.

It all ended too soon when he went off to college, leaving Lauren with this newly developed need for someone young, fresh-faced she could take care about.

This all leads her to the decision to create a profile on a slightly sketchy website called sugardeals in hopes of finding what she’s looking for. She puts up a nice picture of herself that her photograph enthusiast of a friend, Normani Kordei took—it’s one where Lauren is wearing a curve-hugging red dress as she stands by the floor to ceiling windows of her living room, looking out at the city lights, a glass of wine in her hand.

Lauren thinks it’s perfect; it reflects a lot of what she has to offer.

She’s hopeful at first, but the hope quickly dwindles when her inbox overflows with older men—even though she specified that she is looking for someone younger—with tasteless, pervy comments and the younger crowd she finds on there doesn’t pique her interest.

She’s two weeks when she feels all she’s accomplishing on this damn, disappointing site is wasting her time. She tells herself to give it another week before she deletes her account and find another solution. Towards the end of the week, she finds something that looks promising.

It’s a girl.

Young—late teens perhaps—fresh faced, long black hair framing a pretty face.

If the picture didn’t catch her attention, the description on her profile surely do.

Do you ever get the urge to do a million things at once? like at 11 pm you wanna travel to Africa and go bungee jumping and knit a sweater?

Lauren snorts. She wonders if this girl—Karla, she calls herself—was high when she wrote this. Lauren decides she doesn’t care. She likes this. It’s original. All the other profile descriptions were all essentially variations of the same thing
This girl, Karla, sounds funny and she’s young and pretty.

Lauren takes a deep breath, excitement fluttering in her tummy and she shoots her a message.

I cant say I’ve ever had that feeling? But it sounds interesting. I would love to hear more.

She waits anxiously for a reply, but she doesn’t receive a reply for days. She’s extremely disappointed, she’d been sure she’d found what she’d been looking for but it appears that Karla hasn’t used her profile in a while—understandably so, Lauren can imagine the kind of attention she got that probably drove her away.

The one day, nearly a week later, Lauren checks her inbox not exactly expecting much, but then she sees it, among the sea of dirty messages, is a message from Karla and her heart jumps in her throat.

She quickly opens it.

Ok so to be honest I made this profile as a joke and then a got too many pervy message and I haven’t been on here for a while. I was bored and decided to check in and then I saw your message and your profe and HOLY SHIT YOU’RE HOT

Lauren laughs delighted. Karla sounds as cute as she looks. She quickly responds.

”I’m glad you think so. I think you look pretty cute yourself.”

She only has to wait a couple of hours for a reply.
“I can’t believe that I rambled so much…but thanks, im flattered :)”

That’s how it begins. They begin chatting semi-regularly over the next few days and Lauren is eager to meet her though she takes it slow—can feel Karla’s hesitance over the texts.

Karla tells her on the second day that her real name is Camila and she’s using Karla, because her friend Dinah Jane says it’s her sexy alter ego. She’s 19 years old and on her second year of college—which she complains plenty about. She shares little, funny stories of her everyday life that only make Lauren even more endeared by her.

After two weeks, she finally asks Camila if she wants to meet up and Camila’s responds—I thought you’d never ask—is perfect.
They make a plan to meet Saturday at the starbucks downtown—nice and public in case either of them gets uncomfortable, though Lauren doubts it—and Lauren opts for a casual, professional look in a blazer and a form hugging dress that goes just above the knees.

She arrives early and picks out a table by the window and orders herself a coffee while she waits. She’s good at concealing it, but she’s practically vibrating with excitement—she’s been looking forward to this day since the first time she stumbled upon Camila’s profile.

When Camila doesn’t arrive at their scheduled time, she gets a little nervous but assures herself that she’s just a little late. A quarter past their agreed time and she’s on her second cup of coffee feeling a lot like a fool. Her cheeks burn a bit as she thinks that perhaps Camila doesn’t even exist and some idiot had just stolen a poor girl’s picture to lure in horny men.

It’s twenty minutes past when Lauren decides to leave, a heavy weight of disappointment sitting on her chest. Stupid, she thinks, she’d been stupid to think that she’d find anything but crushing disappointment on that damn site—she should’ve known that Camila was too good to be real, should’ve demanded a few confirming pictures. She’s smarter than this, goddamnit.

She rises to her feet with as much dignity as she can muster and adjusts her dress. Just as she’s about to make her first step towards the exit, the doors swing open dramatically and a girl stumbles through them, doesn’t see the spilled coffee on the floor and ends up slipping it, two seconds later she’s an ungraceful heap on the floor.

Lauren stops up and stares as the girl awkwardly rises to her feet, raising her hands above her head, cheeks bright pink as she says, “I’m ok. I’m ok.”
A barista rushes forward and profusely apologize, the girl laughs—an utterly enchanting sound—and brushes it off.

As the barista begins to clean the spilled coffee, the girl looks around the café searchingly and her gaze meets Lauren’s.

It’s Camila. No doubt. And the picture didn’t do her justice. She’s absolutely adorable in her little peach dress that shows of her smooth, long legs and her stunning smile when she also recognizes Lauren.
She comes over, apologizing frantically, “I’m so sorry!” she exclaims, bambi eyes wide, “I woke up through all my ten alarms this morning—I have a hard time waking up, I think it’s a medical condition? Like, my roommate had her rowdy friends over last night and I couldn’t sleep! I don’t even think I’ve gotten up before 1pm on a Saturday? I don’t want you to think I’m tardy—“

“Camila,” Lauren interrupts her with an amused laugh. “It’s alright.”

Camila looks embarrassed. “I’m sorry. I go on rants all the time—it’s a flat, I’m working on it.”

Lauren smiles. “It’s alright. I think it’s cute.”

Camila’s cheeks go a lovely pink and she lowers her gaze, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.
“Thank you,” she says shyly and Lauren wants to sink her teeth in her.

Camila looks at her, suddenly worried, “You were leaving, weren’t you? Holy shit, I’m sorry for wasting your time. Maybe, we can do this some other time? I mean, in case you still want to? I promise I won’t be late next time.”

Lauren chuckles. Camila is right—she likes to ramble and on anyone else, Lauren would’ve found it irritating but it suits Camila, adds to her charm.

“I still have some time to spare,” Lauren says and gestures for Camila to take a seat. “Let me buy you a drink—what would you like?”

Camila sinks into the chair, looking sweet and relieved. “A chai latte, please.”

Even if it’s such a small thing as buying Camila a coffee, Lauren still feels a soft rush when she places the order. She settles into the chair across from Camila and notices her wide-eyed look.
“Something wrong?”

Camila shakes her head, the color in her cheeks deepening.

“No, not at all,” she says, “You’re just so…wow.”

Lauren smirks. “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“Oh yeah, you definitely should. I’m pretty sure you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen.”
Lauren is used to flattery and compliment, but Camila’s makes her feel warm deep inside.

“Oh stop it,” she says with a soft smile, “Thank you. You’re sweet.”

And she is sweet. Sweet as sugar. She’s got this bright, vibrant energy that Lauren has always craved—the kind of person that can lit up a whole room just by their presence, their smile, their laugh.

They talk a bit about nothing, Lauren tells her about her plans for the rest of the day and listens to Camila complain about the heavy workload that awaits her at home and how she properly won’t get anything done.

Then suddenly, Camila goes quiet and shy, fiddling with her cup, “So um, I know we haven’t talked about where this is going? Like that site we chatted on has a…particular purpose.” She glances briefly up at Lauren and Lauren tries to read her face.

“We’ll only do what you’re comfortable with,” Lauren says when she really wants to tell Camila to come home with her right now so she can investigate if she blushes that bright pink other places on her body. But she doesn’t want to scare her away. “I was on that site to find someone young and pretty to spoil. If you’re comfortable with it, I’d like to spoil you rotten.”

The blush is constant on Camila’s adorable cheeks.
“Oh, uh thanks,” she says shyly, “that’s nice. But I don’t want you to think I’m here just because you’re rich and successful and beautiful? I think you’re really inspiring and smart.

Lauren smiles. “Thank you sweetheart.”

Camila drops her gaze to her coffee and takes a small sip. Then she looks at Lauren through her lashes and says the magic words,

“I’d like for you to take care of me.”


Just as Lauren had predicted, Camila is a perfect fit into her life. She moves into Lauren’s apartment within a couple of weeks of knowing each other—they both know it’s crazily fast just as they know that it’s exactly what both of them want.

And boy, does Lauren get what she wants and more. She gets to spoil Camila with gifts and money—everything from buying her expensive designer clothes and shiny jewelry and paying for her college and books. At first, Camila has a hard time accepting the gifts. She gets embarrassed and flushed and denies them vehemently but Lauren slowly teaches her to just take what she gives her.

She wakes up one morning to an empty bed, she blinks the sleep out of her eyes and gropes the empty space next to her where Camila’s supposed to be. She sits up and pushes her messy hair out of her face, wondering where the girl disappeared off to.

She finds her in the kitchen making pancakes—the only thing she can make without setting the kitchen on fire. She doesn’t let her presence known at first, just leans against the frame of the door opening and appreciates the sight.

Camila is standing with her back to Lauren as she softly hums a song under her breath. She’s clad in Lauren’s oversized cashmere sweater, it swallows her small frame up. Her legs are long and lean.

Camila reaches for something in the cupboard above her, causing her shirt to ride above and Lauren’s breath catches when she sees that Camila isn’t wearing anything underneath. She gets a quick glimpse of a perky, round ass on display.
Lauren fucking loves that ass. She has spent a lot of time playing with that gorgeous, perfect ass. She’s brought Camila tight jeans that showcases that ass, has watched people take a second look, has prided herself that it’s all hers.

Lauren moves, slow and predatory, sneaks up behind Camila and presses her against the counter. Camila gasps softly in surprise, cranes her neck and smiles when she sees Lauren.

“Good morning,” she says sweetly and purses her lips. She’s fucking precious and Lauren leans in to press a fond kiss into her soft, pink lips.

Lauren reaches down and grabbed her ass in her hands, causing Camila to squeak surprised and spill the pancake batter over the edge of the frying pan.
“Lauren!” she says with a soft huff of laughter, “I’m making pancakes.”

“I can see that,” Lauren says and nuzzles Camila’s neck, kissing the delicate skin, “But I’m not in the mood for pancakes.”

Camila’s breath quickens a bit as Lauren fondles her ass, “No?” she asks breathlessly.

“No,” Lauren says and slips one hand under Camila’s shirt, dragging her knuckles from her stomach to her chest and possessively closes a hand over one of Camila’s petite tits. Camila’s breath hitches when Lauren’s fingers found her nipple, rolling the hardening peak. “I’d been hoping to wake up next to you and feast on your sweet little body.”

Camila moans and pushes her hips back against the growing bulge in Lauren’s thin shorts. Lauren gave Camila’s beautiful ass a squeeze before she let her hand join the other on Camila’s chest. Her fingers closed around the tight little nubs, rolling between her fingers, pulling them, pinching them, causing Camila to throw her head back with a breathy little whimper.

“You like that?” Lauren asked against her ear, voice heavy, “You like me playing with your little tits, don’t you? You’re so sensitive here, a little playing there and you’re a mess. Jesus.”

The forgotten frying pan has gotten too heat, steam rising from its surface.

“Be a good girl and remove that pan and turn off the heat,” Lauren says against her ear, nibbling her earlobe. Camila does as she’s told with slightly shaky hands.

Once that’s done, Lauren presses her tighter against the counter, lets her feel Lauren’s hardness pressing eagerly against her round ass, knows how much Camila loves being pinned and held down.
“How’s it going down here?” Lauren asks, breath heavy and hot, her fingers release Camila’s nipples once they’re hard and red, poking through the shirt, her hand travel down, caressing the smooth, soft skin of her flat stomach before they reach their destination in the distinct heat between her legs. “Oh, fuck, look at this, baby, you’re already so wet for me, you’re practically dripping, such a hungry little pussy.”

Camila moans and cranes her neck. Her cheeks are flushed and her eyes are dark and dazed with lust. Lauren hungrily takes her tempting, pink lips in hers, pulling at her bottom lip, swallowing her pretty moans.


Lauren’s fingers dipped between her little folds, coated in slick and brought her fingers out, a shiny string of come hanging from them. She holds her fingers up so Camila can see.

“Look at how hungry your sweet little cunt is, baby girl,” Lauren said and Camila whined, her rosy lips parted hungrily. “Wanna taste yourself? I bet you taste delicious.”

She dragged her wet fingers across Camila’s lip making them shiny and slick with her own come before she dipped them in her hot mouth. She groaned when Camila didn’t hesitate to lick her fingers clean.

“Good girl,” she pants and returns her fingers to her hungry pussy, dipping the fingers in, pushing deep till Camila’s moaning loudly and bucking her hips back against Lauren, pressing her perfect bum against Lauren’s hard cock. She finds her sweet clit and flicks gently over it. Camila spasms and gasps loudly making Lauren’s cock twitch desperately in her shorts. She rubs it in slow circles, feeling Camila squirm deliciously against her.

“You want my thick cock in your tight, little cunt, don’t you?” Lauren breathes heavily. “Didn’t get enough of it last night, did you? You loved the way it stretched your open, filled you up so nicely.”

Camila squeaks and desperately pushes back against Lauren’s dick, rubbing against Lauren’s cock and making her groan. Lauren quickly pushed down her shorts, letting her cock spring free and nestle against Camila’s wet pussy.

“Oh G-God,” Camila moans lewdly, grabbing Lauren’s arm tightly.

“How badly do you want it, baby girl?” Lauren pants letting her cock rubs against Camila’s silky folds, feeling the slick it leaves behind on her length.

Camila whimpers. “Badly,” she says, “Please, please, fuck me.”

Lauren steps back and Camila whines in protest.
Lauren smirks. “Patience, baby,” she says and grabs Camila’s sweater, pulling it over her head.
“Let me see you,” she says and steps back. Camila slowly turns around on unsteady legs and Lauren’s mouth overflows with saliva—she looks absolutely fuckable.

She already looks like a wreck before Lauren’s got a cock in her. Her cheeks are flushed red, eyes hazy with hunger, mouth parted and slack, red from Lauren’s fierce kisses. Her little nips are teased pink and hard and her pussy–small, soft, smooth and horny, pink and glistening with wet hunger.

“Jesus Christ, you’re beautiful,” Lauren whispers and moves fast. She grabs Camila and spins her around and bends her over the counter, taking a fistful of her hair as she drags her cock teasingly along her wet slit.

Camila keens. “Please, please, please,” she blubbers, sounding like she’s about to cry.

“What?” Lauren asks and pretends like she’s isn’t also dying to slide into that promising heat as she teases penetration, rubbing against her quivering, hungry hole.

“Please, fuck me!” Camila cries desperately, “Please, daddy, fill me with your cock.”

Lauren’s cock jump as hot arousal rushes through her. The ‘daddy’ thing is recent, Camila first cried it out when Lauren was pounding into her cunt and Lauren hadn’t thought she’d remembered.
Lauren curls her fingers around Camila’s hips and bucks forward, sliding easily into her slick, tight heat.

Camila cries out in pleasure, tightening around Lauren’s heavy cock and Lauren groans.
“Oh, yes, baby, your tight cunt feels so amazing around me,” she groans, dicking into her deeper, savoring the feeling of her silky walls gripping around her.

Lauren pushes in until she’s buried to the hilt and Camila’s pussy is trembling around her. Camila lets out the most delicious sounds; small whimpers and cute little mews that quickly turn into loud, shameless moans when Lauren pushes out and slams back in.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Camila screams. It’d been a delightful surprise, how vocal and loud Camila is in bed, which probably shouldn’t have been a surprise considering how loud she always is.

“You like that, baby?” she asks and falls into a hungry pace, thrusting deep and quick into Camila, knocking her relentlessly against the counter. Camila doesn’t complain, she takes what Lauren gives her hungrily, spreading her legs sluttily for her and Lauren absolutely adores her.

She squeezes Camila’s appetizing ass, gives it a light pinch and a sharp smack, smoothes her hand over the flushed skin.

“You would let me take you in the ass, wouldn’t you?” she pants, “I bet you would let me push my thick cock in your tiny little asshole.” She slides a finger between her ass and rubs her little tight asshole causing Camila to gasp and buck and squeeze tightly around her cock. “I bet you would be a slut for it. I bet you would beg me to fill your pussy and your ass with cum so your dripping with it.”

Camila cries out softly, “Yes,” she gasps, “Oh God, yes, yes, yes. Do whatever you want with me. I’m yours, daddy.”

Lauren’s cock throbs and she moans deep in her throat. She abruptly pulls out of Camila’s pussy and before the girl can even begin to protest, she spins her around and lifts onto the counter, digging her finger into her thighs and spreading her legs upon.

“Fuck,” Lauren mutters as she stares at Camila’s ruined pink, pussy, dripping and puffy and abused. She pushes inside her again, the slide easy and wet.

She finds her swollen clit and rubs it relentlessly between her fingers and Camila lets out a broken sob, head fallen back, small breasts bounce gently with every thrust.

“You look like a fucking porn star,” Lauren licks her lips and leans in to suck on Camila’s tits. “You were made to be fucked and wrecked by me. My little, pretty slut.”

She rubs her clit in quick, fast motions while she pumps her dick into her cunt.

“I-I…ahhh…come! I’m gonna come!” Camila all but screams.

“Do it,” Lauren urges, “Come for your daddy.”
Camila’s orgasm feels as loud as it sounds, she goes tense for a second before her body trembles violently with the force of it. The wetness, the squeeze, the look of pure bliss on Camila’s face brings Lauren over the edge and she pumps her cock deep into Camila, bursting inside of her.
Camila whimpers as Lauren’s hot seeds fill her up, heavy and hot and it’s beautiful—it’s fucking art, how Camila’s pussy looks, stretched and wrecked around Lauren’s cock, dripping with her own and Lauren’s come.

The only thing keeping her up is Lauren and Lauren leans in, sliding her tongue into Camila’s panting mouth, giving her wet, lazy kisses.

“Good girl,” she whispers into her mouth and feels Camila smile.

“Thanks, daddy.”

She helps Camila down from the counter and strokes down her back and takes a handful of her ass.

“Now,” she says, voice low and husky. Her fingers delve between her ass, finding that tempting, little pucker. Camila gasps softly and arches her back gently. “Are you gonna let daddy take your sweet, little ass.”

Camila looks up at her, soft and submissive.
“Anything you want, daddy.”

Chapter Text

Officers Jauregui and Vives were almost at the end of their shift, just an hour or so left as they patrolled some isolated streets near the woods in their patrol car. Both were surprised to spot a vehicle ahead of them on the otherwise deserted road and as they drew closer they saw that it was going too fast and swerving all over the road. They exchanged looks and Lauren Jauregui pushed down on the accelerator as Lucy Vives flicked the switch and the sirens and lights came on, blaring and flashing.

They watched carefully as the driver ahead slowed and pulled over, albeit with a few swerves and wobbles. They both raised their eyebrows – whoever this was, they were really out of it. They pulled up behind the car and both got out, approaching cautiously. They walked up to the driver’s side window and peered in, a little surprised to see a petite young woman with long brown hair peering back at them. She was swaying slightly and her pupils were almost fully dilated. She was drunk and on drugs, probably ecstasy or cocaine considering her enlarged pupils.

Lauren rapped on the window and said: “Miss can you open this door and step out of the car please?”
The two officers stepped back as the woman (who looked to be in her early twenties) shakily open the door and stumbled to her feet with some difficulty.

“What-what’s the problem officers?” She asked a little groggily, trying hard to focus on the women in front of her.

“Well, for a start, you were speeding AND you seem to be drunk and under the influence of drugs too. I’ll need you to give me some identification Miss”, Lauren said with a stern tone and an impassive face.

Camila’s eyes widened with fright and she fumbled with her purse and pulled out her wallet. Her shaking fingers weren’t able to grasp her driver’s license so Lucy took her purse and got the license out. She looked at the name and photo, checking the girl’s face. As she did so, she couldn’t help noticing how hot the girl was. Long, soft brown hair and plump, red lips. Lucy’s cock twitched involuntarily as she imagined those lips wrapped around her dick; sucking hard. She quickly shook her head, trying to focus.

“Camila? Camila Cabello?” The girl nodded mutely.
However Lucy wasn’t the only one distracted. Lauren was staring at the girl’s long legs (who had legs that long when they were so short?) and the cleavage that was threatening to spill out of her revealing red dress.

As Lucy started walking back to the car to run her details Camila panicked:

“No please, I’ve never been in trouble before, it was just an awful mistake, please!” She begged desperately. Lucy, unable to control her dirty thoughts, imagined Camila begging in a different scenario…

Camila noticed a slight swelling in Lucy’s crotch area and she suddenly got an idea that both gave her hope and made her incredibly wet.

“Maybe we can work something out – I know I’ve been bad and need to learn my lesson but… maybe you could punish me out here instead…”

Both Lucy and Lauren’s cocks definitely liked her idea as they hardened considerably. Camila stepped closer and, feeling bold because of the alcohol and ecstasy in her system, softly cupped both the officers’ bulging crotches. Lucy jerked against her hand and Lauren grunted. Camila felt a rush of heat through her body, she was convincing the officers, she was sure of it, just another little push would do it.

“Ooooh I can feel that you have what’s needed to really punish me. Please, I’ll be a good girl and make you feel real good, I promise.”
She looked up at them with innocent eyes and rubbed them.

Lauren sneered: “You want us to punish you here? You have no idea what you just got yourself into. We’re gonna punish you so hard you won’t be able to walk afterwards.”

Camila let out a loud moan as she felt a wave of wetness drench her thong and something snapped in Lucy. She grabbed the girl and ground her hard-on against her center. She claimed her lips roughly and started shuffling backwards, wanting to lean against the car while she ground herself hard against a very willing Camila.

Camila was letting out little whimpering moans that were muffled by Lucy’s mouth as she ground herself wantonly against Lucy’s big hard-on.
Lauren stepped up behind her, an evil smile on her face as she decided to get started on Camila’s ‘punishment’.

Camila squealed in surprise when Lauren hiked her dress up over her hips and pulled at her thong, causing it to rub hard against her pulsing clit.
She leaned forward and whispered in her ear:
“It’s time for your punishment…”

With that she brought her hand down on Camila’s ass hard, causing the girl to shriek and shudder with pleasure.

“You’ve been bad, haven’t you Camila?”

“Yes, yes I’ve been so bad,” Camila sobbed out.


“Uuuh yesss,” Camila pushed her ass out further.

“You’ve been a very naughty girl.”


“Aaaah yes I’ve been a naughty girl!”



'Will you do it again?“ Lauren hissed into her ear.


"Oh God, I won’t do it again I promise,” Camila gritted out between whimpering moans as she switched from rubbing against Lucy’s cock to rubbing against her muscular thigh. This 'punishment’ was turning her on so much that she couldn’t stop herself humping Lucy’s leg like a dog in heat.

Lauren smirked: “You’re not getting off that easy. You’ve been bad and you need to be punished. Hard.”

With that Lauren ripped off her already soaking thong and began spanking Camila’s round, smooth ass in a steady rhythm, the sounds of the slaps and Camila’s moans echoing into the night.

Camila felt like she was losing her mind: every slap against her ass was sending jolts of pleasure to her pussy and she could feel that she was dripping cum down her thighs. She alternated between pushing her ass out to meet Lauren’s hard spanks and rubbing herself on Lucy’s thigh.

“Oh God! Uh-uh-uh oooh! yes yes yes SO GOOD! Uuunngghhhh oh-oh-oh-oooooh…”

Both Lucy and Lauren knew that Camila was already close – she was humping Lucy’s leg with abandon and every hard slap of Lauren’s palm against her ass forced a sound half-way between a moan and a shriek from her lips. She was clinging on to Lucy desperately, her arms clasped on Lucy’s shoulders as she felt herself losing control of her body. Lucy grunted loudly - watching Camila so lost in the pleasure of her 'punishment’ was making her impossibly harder. She was just happy they were in such a secluded area as Camila was moaning really loud.

Lauren was also incredibly hard as she stared at Camila’s reddening ass jiggling each time she spanked it. She started spanking Camila harder and faster, grinning at Lucy as Camila’s moaning became louder and non-stop. Lucy gripped Camila’s hips to hold her up as her legs started turning to jelly from the pleasurable punishment.
Camila had no coherent thoughts in her head: just an overwhelming animalistic desire to cum. She had never felt so mind-blowingly good in all her life. She clasped her thighs hard around Lucy’s, shoving her mouth against the brunette officer’s to try to muffle the screams she knew were coming.

Lauren gripped the back of her neck and started really waling on her ass and Camila’s eyes rolled back in her head as her orgasm pounded through her whole body, her clit throbbing so hard Lucy could feel it on her thigh as she swallowed Camila’s loud screams of ecstasy and thrust her tongue into her mouth. She could also feel Camila’s cum soaking her pants as her hips kept pumping and jerking erratically.

Lauren kept spanking her through her orgasm, causing Camila to cum harder and longer than she ever had before. She had no control over her body, which was jerking over and over against Lucy’s thigh as spasms of unbelievable pleasure coursed through her like lightning, completely frying her brain. Both her pussy and asshole were clenching hard and her tight nipples and clit were throbbing hard and fast, sending waves of almost unbearable pleasure wracking through her body as the seemingly endless orgasm almost caused her to black out.

Finally, just when she thought she really was going to pass out, she felt the last huge wave of ecstasy rising through her and she ripped her mouth away from Lucy’s, arched her back and opened her mouth wide in a silent scream. Lauren gave her ass one last hard slap, making Camila jerk hard against Lucy’s leg and, grunting, release another wave of cum on her. She let out a low, shuddering moan as she finally collapsed against Lucy, only the officer’s hands on her hips holding her up as her whole body went limp.

Lauren, by now painfully hard, ran her fingers along the folds of Camila’s still spasming pussy, eyes widening at the huge amounts of wetness on Camila’s pussy and thighs. There was so much of it that some of the cum had dribbled half-way down her thighs.

“Shit! Lucy, you should feel how fucking wet she is”, Lauren ground out, gasping a little in arousal.

The sight of Camila cumming so hard humping her leg and getting spanked had made Lucy’s dominant side rear its head. “I know how fucking wet she is”, she growled out with a hard edge to her voice, “the little slut soaked right through my pants.”

At this Camila, who was still moaning and grunting erratically as the aftershocks jolted through her body, let out a long, low groan and gripped onto the brunette officer’s body as she got weak at the knees once more.

Lucy exchanged a delighted, albeit slightly evil, grin with her fellow officer. This was too good to be true: not only was this hot girl begging to be punished, it looked like she wanted some dirty talk too.

“Oh yeah, listen to that! The filthy bitch likes being told what a whore she is, don’t you?” Lauren spat out, causing Camila to whimper helplessly and nod. Another slap to her burning ass, this time from Lucy who had reached around her, caused her to shriek loudly.

“You answer when you’re asked a question, slut.” Lucy growled at the girl, glaring intimidatingly.

“Ooooh fuck yes, I love being told what a dirty whore I am, I’m just a
horny slut…please, let me make you feel good, I can make you feel so fucking good..”

Camila was still having a little trouble forming coherent sentences, mainly because her thigh was still pressed up against Lucy’s crotch, where her aching hard-on was making a very impressive bulge. Camila licked her lips as she imagined how big the two officers must be – she had felt Lauren for a quick moment pressed up behind her before the spanking had started (she felt a little more cum dribble out of her as she shivered, remembering the mind-numbing pleasure,) and she had also felt huge.

She was in heaven – though bi, she had never found a boy or a girl who could properly dominate her, and now she’d found two incredibly sexy and skilled women (and cops to boot! So hot!) who were fulfilling all her deepest needs, spanking her hard and calling her names. She was desperate to feel their cocks inside her, she didn’t care which opening, she just needed to be filled.

“That’s right,” husked Lauren; “you told us you’d 'make us feel real good'…” She raked her nails up Camila’s throbbing butt cheeks, grinning at howl of pain and pleasure it elicited from the petite brunette. She then locked eyes with Lucy and engaged in a silent battle of wills with her partner about who got to fuck the girl first. Eventually Lucy grunted and nodded – though her dick was painfully hard and covered in pre-cum, she had loved watching Camila cum and she knew Lauren would want to take the girl’s soaking pussy, leaving her a nice, tight un-fucked asshole to drive her dick into after.

She pushed Camila away a little and moved out from in front of her, making Camila put a hand on the hood of the car to steady herself as she turned round to face Lauren, her dress falling back down from where it had been hiked up over her hips. Lucy stood to the side as the dark-haired officer prowled towards Camila, her eyes black with arousal and a massive bulge in the crotch of her uniform.

“Yes, yes…” Camila whimpered helplessly, unable to take her eyes off the outline of Lauren’s hard-on, “please put your dick in me, I need to be fucked so bad…”

Lauren, practically nose to nose with her, quirked up an eyebrow.

Quickly Camila remembered she was there to be punished. She ran her hand down Lauren’s chest and stomach as she stared pleadingly into her eyes until she reached her belt buckle and clutched at it.

“I’ve been such a naughty girl officer, I need to be fucked really hard so that I learn my lesson. Please, punish me with your big cock, I’ll take it any way, anywhere you want, I’ll make you feel so good…”

Lauren was sure that her dick had never been this hard or big before, and she had to choke back a groan as she felt it swell even more at the brunette’s innocent tone. She grasped Camila by the hips and turned her around so she was facing away from her again. She put her hand between the brunette’s shoulder blades and pushed her down until she was bent over the hood. Camila panted with excitement; she loved taking it from behind.

“Seeing as you were humping Lucy’s leg like a horny animal, I’m gonna fuck you from behind like the bitch in heat you are, you filthy slut” Lauren growled.

“Uuuuunggghh yes please please I need it so bad! I’m a dirty little slut, I need to be punished!”

Lucy groaned at how dirty Camila was talking and put her hand in her pants to stroke her erection and ease the painful throbbing. Lauren meanwhile was unbuckling her belt and unzipping her pants before pulling out her ridiculously hard cock, the overwhelming arousal she was feeling making the erection incredibly big. She grabbed Camila’s hair and pulled back before hissing at her:

“Turn around, bitch, I want you to see what you’re about to be punished with, what I’m going to ram into your dripping sluthole.”

Camila mewled and pushed herself up a little to look back over her shoulder and finally see Lauren’s cock. What she saw made her gasp as her jaw dropped. Lauren was huge! She was well over 9 inches long and almost 3 inches wide. The head of the tan cock was leaking precum that made Camila lick her lips hungrily. Her pussy clenched and her clit throbbed at the thought of something so huge pounding her and she couldn’t help moaning out:

“Oh holy shit! Fuck yes uuuuuhhh you’re soBIG! Oh my god you’re gonna punish me soooo good oooooh…”

She trailed off into incoherent whining and Lauren pushed her back down onto the hood of the car again while hiking her dress back up over her hips. She rubbed her length along Camila’s dripping folds as Camila whimpered and bucked her hips, trying to hump her cock. Lauren grabbed her hips and pushed them against the car, trapping her in that position. She let the thick head of her cock brush up and down the folds of Camila’s soaking pussy, occasionally hitting her clit. Camila felt like she would go crazy if the officer behind her didn’t fill her up soon, she was whimpering and practically sobbing with need.

“Oh god please please please I need it, I need it so – OH! UH! UH! UUUUNNGGH!”

Lauren had just pushed the bulbous head of her dick into Camila’s pussy and she smirked at the loud, ecstatic moans that fell from the desperate girl’s lips. If this was how she reacted to just the head pushing in, imagine how she was going to react when Lauren plunged the whole length into her clenching cunt?

Camila couldn’t help the loud moans and groans coming from her mouth – Lauren’s cock was easily the biggest thing she’d ever taken inside her and the feeling of the entrance of her pussy being stretched so good was driving her insane. She slumped against the car, shivering as she waited for Lauren to take pity on her and shove the rest of her long, thick cock in.

Lauren was breathing deeply as she mentally prepared herself to be all the way inside Camila’s hot, throbbing pussy. She leant forward to whisper in the girl’s ear, causing the head of her cock to change position inside Camila, who let out a surprised squeak.

“You ready for the rest of my big cock, slut? When I’m done pounding you, you’re not even going to be able to stand, much less walk. You’re gonna feel it for weeks, squirming when you sit down as your stretched hole aches… That’s what a dirty little bitch like you wants, isn’t it?”

Camila was no longer capable of coherent speech. Each dirty thing Lauren whispered in her ear made her pussy clench hard on the thick head inside her. She could only nod frantically and vocalize a long, desperate moan.

Hearing that, Lauren lost it and shoved the rest of her cock in hard and as quick as she could, knowing the girl would love the pain of being stretched so roughly.

“AAAAAAAHHHH! AAAAAAGGHHH! UUUUUNNNNGH! Oh god yesss, so big, so good, holy shit! Fuck fuck uuuuuunhh!”

Camila sobbed and shuddered as she orgasmed just from having the cock rammed into her. She panted as she adjusted to feeling something so big inside her whilst waves of pleasure still ripped through her. Lauren was so deep, she could feel the head of her dick bumping up against her cervix, her thick length rubbing spots that had never been reached before. Her pussy had never been stretched so much either; she felt like she was being split in two and it hurt so fucking good…

“You want to be fucked? You want to be fucked hard? Then beg for it like the slut you are!” Lauren was almost losing her mind at the feeling of being buried in Camila’s super-tight wet pussy. Easily the tightest I’ve ever fucked, she thought. She’d barely managed to stop herself from cumming too when she’d felt Camila’s pussy convulsing and clenching around her cock.

’“Please, oh please pound me, pound my pussy, I’m a filthy fucking whore uuuh god I need it, I need to be punished please please! Fuck me hard, show me what a slut I am!”

Camila was desperately blabbering out anything that entered her head, hoping that some of it would be what Lauren wanted to hear.

Lauren growled and pulled back out almost all the way, leaving the head in as Camila whined at the emptiness. Then she smirked and let loose, pounding Camila’s pussy hard and fast, the tight wet clenching feeling like heaven around her cock. Her smirk grew wider as she heard the noises Camila was making: animalistic shrieks and moans, occasionally managing to blabber out curses and incoherent nonsense as her body thrashed. Within a few seconds of Lauren’s heavy pounding, she was cumming again, clenching so tight on the officer’s dick that it was hard for her to keep going.

Camila’s mind was blank. White sparks fired repeatedly behind her eyes, erasing any coherent thought as she felt pleasure she didn’t even know was possible. It was like every other function in her body had shut down and all she could feel was the huge thickness ramming in and out of her pussy, making her whole body convulse in ecstasy. She glanced up for a second and caught sight of herself in the reflection off of the windscreen of her car. She was flushed, her hair wild and her face contorted in a mixture of intense pleasure and desperation; her tits had popped out of the front of her dress, making her diamond-hard nipples rub against the cool metal of the car with every powerful thrust of Lauren’s hips. She looked like a debauched whore. Then she came so hard she blacked out for a few seconds but the relentless thrusting of the thick cock splitting her open brought her round again. She could vaguely hear the obscene noises she was making as she was mercilessly impaled but couldn’t have stopped them even if she wanted to.
“AH! AH! AH! UUUUuuuuuuuh yes YES! uh-uh-uh-uh-OOOOOOOH! Fuck fuck uuungh..”
Lauren kept up her relentless pace, close to cumming herself but wanting Camila to cum one more time first. She decided some dirty talk might speed things up:
“That’s right, take it like the slut you are. Fuck, my big cock’s stretching your tight pussy wide open and you’re screaming and moaning like a whore. You really are a filthy cockslut, aren’t you? I bet you can’t fucking wait for my hot cum to fill you right up.”
Camila let out a hoarse scream at Lauren’s words and her pussy clenched hard on the officer’s cock as she was thrown into her strongest orgasm yet. She couldn’t stop screaming as every muscle tensed and thrashed, the pleasure from her pussy and clit radiating everywhere in sharp pounding pulses. She was cumming again and again around the huge cock and just when she felt she couldn’t take anymore she felt Lauren spurt into her over and over and feeling Lauren’s thick, hot cum filling her up made a massive burst of pleasure pound into her body so strongly that her eyes rolled back into her head and she collapsed against the hood of the car as she blacked out.
Lauren groaned and grunted as she finally came and filled Camila’s pussy with more cum than she’d ever spurted in her life. Even though her body was weak and shaking from her monster orgasm, she managed to grab Camila’s unconscious body before it slid down to the street. Lucy, by now shaking with need, walked over to help her prop Camila up in her original position bent over the hood. They both took a minute (Lauren panting) to admire Lauren’s cum dribbling slowly out of Camila’s cunt.
At this point Lucy had her dick out, it had been far too uncomfortable in her boxers and uniform pants.
“My turn,” she grunted out through clenched teeth.
Bringing her hand back she smacked Camila’s red ass, causing her to come round with a shriek. Lucy chuckled as she saw the girl’s pussy clench and more of her fellow officer’s cum leaked out.
Camila moaned and shuddered a little as she remembered how hard and long she had cum, she didn’t think it was possible to feel that much pleasure. Her mouth watered as she pictured Lauren’s huge cock and how good it had filled her pussy. She could feel a delicious burning ache in her cunt and she realized when she felt her twitching legs that Lauren was right: she wasn’t going to be able to walk or stand.
“Oh my god you fucked my brains out, you punished me so good, thank you for punishing me, thank you for giving me what I deserve…”
Camila’s whimpered words snapped Lucy’s self-control:
“Your punishment isn’t over yet, cockslut.”
Camila looked over her shoulder at Lucy who was holding her cock in her hand and stroking it softly. She was a little smaller than Lauren, less thick but just as long. It was still bigger than any cock she had seen other than the other officer’s. She thought that after being fucked into unconsciousness she wouldn’t be able to take anymore but her pussy clenched and she felt desperately aroused again. She squirmed as she felt Lauren’s cum sliding down her thighs. Locking eyes with Lucy, she shakily slid a hand down between her legs and slipped two fingers into her pussy, her eyes widening as she felt how stretched it was. She shuddered as she scooped out some of Lauren’s copious cum and, still holding Lucy’s gaze, brought her cum-coated fingers to her mouth and sucked them. She moaned and her eyes rolled back at the taste of the cop’s cum – she knew then and there she had to blow both of them at some point, it just tasted too damn good.
Lucy growled and grabbed her hips, slamming her down against the car and then rubbing her cock between Camila’s ass cheeks.
“So you’re a fucking cum-whore too, huh? Jesus, just when I think you can’t get any filthier, any more perverted…I get the feeling you’re going to enjoy this part of your punishment too.”
Camila moaned in agreement, knowing that she’d enjoy whatever Lucy did to her, she just needed her to do it soon: she was starting to hump the car in wanton arousal.
Lucy put one hand on Camila’s lower back to pin her down and brought the other hand down between her legs. She grunted as she felt the unbelievable amount of cum dripping out. A lot of it was Lauren’s, but most was Camila’s – she must have squirted when Lauren fucked her because there was cum almost down to her knees, her inner thighs were completely coated. Camila whimpered as Lucy pushed at her pussy, gathering a mixture of her and Lauren’s cum on her fingers.
She used her other hand to spread the brunette’s round ass cheeks, which were still red from the spanking she’d received, and spread the cum on Camila’s quivering asshole. Camila let out an excited screech as she realized Lucy was going to fuck her ass.
“Oh god YES I want it, please, please…”
“Oh you’re gonna get it you filthy little whore. Do you have any idea how hard I’m gonna pound you? How much my big dick is going to stretch your tight little ass? I’m gonna make you take it hard like the dirty bitch you are. You’re gonna love it, aren’t you, slut?”
“Yes, yes, I’m such a slut, please give it to me, give it to me in the ass, uuunnggh please,” Camila sobbed out. She was letting out little mewls of pleasure as Lucy ran her dick between the sopping folds of her pussy and then she unexpectedly thrust two fingers into her asshole.
“AAAAAHHH! UUUUHHHH! Oh fuck! Fuck!”
Lucy smirked and removed her fingers, her smirk widening at Camila’s disappointed whine. She looked over at Lauren, who was still recovering, and called out:
“Hey you’re gonna wanna see this, Laur. Watch the filthy bitch take my cock up the ass.”
Lauren grunted in agreement and made her way over til she was standing next to Lucy. Camila was trembling on the hood, desperate to be fucked.
“Alright slut, spread yourself for my cock,” Lucy growled with a sneer. Camila nodded feverishly and brought to two shaky hands down to clasp each butt-cheek and pull them apart. Every degrading thing that was done or said to her was making her pussy gush and throb. She spread her cheeks wide to reveal her tight cumstained little asshole clenching with need.
Lucy lined herself up and slowly squeezed the head of her cock into the brunette’s tight opening.
Camila grunted loudly but forced herself to keep her asshole relaxed.
Lucy looked at Lauren, winked, and in one quick move thrust her entire dick deep into Camila’s ass.
“AAAAAAAAGGHHH! OH OH OH UUUUHHH! Oh god I feel so full! You’re so deep inside oooooooh fuck please! Please fuck me!”
Lucy had waited long enough to be inside Camila and didn’t tease her any longer. She started pounding in and out of Camila’s ass at break-neck speed, making sure to thrust in as hard as she could. Camila was shrieking and screaming, occasionally moaning how good it was and how big Lucy was but mostly she had lost the power of speech. Lucy’s cock was stretching her ass so much she felt like she was being ripped apart but the pain was only adding to the ecstasy wracking her body. Lucy was so big, so deep inside and she was fucking her so hard that she thought she was going to lose her mind.
Lucy had a similar problem – Camila’s ass was so tight and hot she also felt like she was losing her mind. She gritted her teeth to stop herself from cumming and started rotating her hips to hit every spot possible inside Camila.
At this Camila arched her back while letting out an ear-piercing ecstatic scream and the new angle meant Lucy was able to drive even deeper into her. It was too much for the brunette and her ass tightened around Lucy’s dick as she came hard for the fifth time that night. Cumming around the huge cock fucking her ass so hard sent shockwaves throughout her body, her toes curling and her clit throbbing non-stop whilst spasms of pleasure shuddered through every limb as she collapsed against the hood.
Feeling the almost painful tightening around her cock and hearing the pornographic noises flowing out of Camila’s mouth was, in turn, too much for Lucy.
She grabbed Camila’s hips and lifted her so that her feet were no longer on the ground and started driving into her at the speed of a jackhammer.
“Unngh fuck that’s right, your tight little hole is gonna be filled with my cum, it’ll be dribbling out of you for days there’s gonna be so much of it so far up your ass..oh oh oh here it comes….UUUUGH UUNNNHH!”
At the feel of Lucy’s cum filling her ass Camila whimpered helplessly as she gave herself over to yet another orgasm:
“AAAAAAH your cum feels so good yesss fill me up UUUUNNNNGGGHHH!”
Camila’s asshole clenched and spasmed once more, milking every drop of cum out of Lucy.
Finally, the night was silent bar some heavy panting. Lucy slowly pulled out of Camila, who mewled quietly, and set her feet back down. Camila promptly lowered herself to the ground, knowing it might be quite a while before she had enough control over her body (which was still pulsing in pleasure) to be able to stand and walk.
Lauren shifted uncomfortably, she had another hard-on from watching Camila take it so good up the ass. But she checked the time and saw that their shift was over in twenty minutes.
“Hey Luce, we need to get back to the station and clock off. You drive her car and I’ll take her in the patrol car and you follow us back to her home.”
Lucy nodded shakily and walked to the driver’s door of Camila’s car, seeing the keys on the seat. She got in, closed the door and belted up.
Lauren meanwhile was practically carrying Camila over to the patrol car and lowered her into the passenger seat then belted her in. She got in the driver’s seat and asked Camila her address – Camila wracked her orgasm-fried brain for a couple minutes before remembering where she lived and telling the officer. Lauren smirked to herself – oh they’d 'punished’ her good alright…
Camila squirmed in her seat – she could feel the thick cum sloshing around inside her cunt and ass. There was just SO much of it – she knew her dress was ruined from all the cum leaking out of both her stretched holes. It made her feel like a well-used whore, which turned her on so much she started subconsciously rolling her hips a little, trying to get relief from the ache that had once more flared up between her legs.
Lauren smirked, all too aware of Camila’s discomfort – and its cause.
“You insatiable little slut. Look at yourself – you’ve been spanked, had your pussy pounded until you passed out and been fucked up the ass so hard you can barely walk; but you’re still humping the air, desperate for more. You’re just a dirty, desperate whore, aren’t you?”
“Uh-huh…” Camila whined weakly, eyeing Lauren’s crotch hungrily.
“Yeah I bet you’d love to suck my cock, suck it all down like a good little slut. Too bad for you that I’m not going to be late clocking off just because you couldn’t control yourself.”
Lauren finally pulled up to the house Camila told her to, Lucy right behind her in the girl’s car. Again Lauren had to almost carry Camila to the front door as Lucy went through her purse looking for the house keys. She found them and fitted them to the door, opening it for Camila. Camila reached for her hand, smiling coyly despite her wobbly legs;
“You know, I really am a very naughty girl and I sometimes need to be punished REALLY hard over and over and over before I learn my lesson…”
Camila had no idea where her second wind had come from but she thought it might have something to do with her still unsated desire to suck the officers off and feel them fucking her throat.
Lucy and Lauren exchanged looks.
“God you really are an insatiable little slut. We’ll be back here in 20 minutes,” Lauren said with a huge smirk on her face. Camila shuddered and grinned, her pussy clenching again as she imagined what other punishment she would have to face…

Chapter Text

Camila shut the front door behind her and leaned against it, breathless. She tried to absorb the fact that she had just had the most amazing, mind-blowing, earth-shattering sex just because she was trying to get out of a DUI. She was aching in the best possible way, but mostly she was aching for more… She swiftly (and with some difficulty) pulled herself together – 20 minutes! She had 20 minutes. O.K. Shower first. Shower then pick something to wear…

Lucy and Lauren drove most of the way back to the station in silence, still in a state of (happy) shock at what had just happened. Neither looked at the other when Lauren started talking:

“Alright, we wrap it up as quick as we can and we head back to hers. Right?”

“Fuck yeah. Jesus, Laur – this girl is fucking amazing! God I bet she’d let us do just about anything to her…”

Lucy trailed off as her mind wandered into fantasy-land. Lauren glanced over at her partner and sniggered:

“Careful there Luce, you’re practically drooling…and you’re gonna wanna save that” (Lauren threw a pointed glance at the growing bulge of Lucy’s crotch) “for later. You’re gonna need it. Or rather, horny little miss Cabello is gonna need it!”

Lauren chortled to herself, very pleased with her little joke, while Lucy simply rolled her eyes.

They pulled up into the station’s parking lot, both planning to file their paperwork and clock off at the speed of light. Just as they were getting out of the squad car Lauren was struck by a thought:

“Hey Luce, let’s tell the captain that we need to bring our uniforms home and get them dry-cleaned – I’m pretty sure that knowing she was getting fucked by cops really got that kinky little bitch going. So we’ll keep them on for her! Besides, it’s not really a lie in your case, is it? You are going to have to get your uniform cleaned!”

Lucy looked down at the large dark stain Camila’s cum had left on her trouser-leg when she was humping her and grinned in agreement. They both walked into the station as fast as they could without letting everybody know they were in a rush and started tying up the loose ends at the end of their shift.

Camila meanwhile was panicking a little. She’d showered, and everything that needed to be was waxed, moisturized or exfoliated. Now she stood frozen in front of the drawer and section of the hanger rail where she kept her sexy lingerie. Yes, she had a whole drawer and substantial hanging space just for lingerie. ‘Ok running out of time Camila! Just pick something quick!’

“Finally!” Lauren had definitely broken a few of the laws they were meant to be enforcing in her mad rush to drive them to Camila’s. Lucy nodded feverishly until she realized they were acting like a couple of giddy schoolgirls…

“Umm Laur – maybe we should chill a little…we’re not the ones who’re meant to be desperate and begging…”

“Shit good point, Luce. Ok – cool and collected. Let’s go!”

Camila jumped as she heard three loud knocks at her door – she was slightly embarrassed that the mere knowledge that the cops were at her door was enough to make her soak her thong. 'Oh well’, she thought 'I’m way past embarrassment now!’ One last glance in the mirror and she rushed downstairs.

Lauren and Lucy had a hard time keeping their 'cool and collected’ demeanors as they entered the house and saw what Camila was wearing (barely).
Camila, in the end, had settled for simplicity. A completely sheer black robe that hid absolutely nothing – Camila’s hard brown nipples were fully on display, as well as acres of tan skin and a sheer black lace thong that did nothing to hide her wet, shaved pussy. And Camila herself felt a rush of heat sweep over her body as she saw that the officers still had their uniforms on.

Lauren recovered first although it was a bit hard to appear unaffected when she and Lucy both had massive erections between their legs.

“Well, well, well. You clean up nice…for a slut. But you didn’t have to bother, you know.” Lauren was smirking when she saw Camila’s face drop. Did they not like it? Camila was surprised at how upset the idea made her – she felt like she was on the verge of tears. Lauren leaned in close, her lips brushing Camila’s ear as she whispered:

“Because the only thing you’ll be wearing by the time we’re done with you is our cum…all over that sexy body of yours.”

Just as Camila was practically creaming herself at the idea of being covered in the officers’ cum, Lauren finished off by driving her tongue into Camila’s ear. Camila couldn’t restrain the loud and obscene moan that fell from her lips. God, she wanted them to fill her up, she needed to taste them, take them all the way down her throat…

“Please! Oh God please!” Camila knew she was going to collapse any second if Lauren kept working that magic tongue in her ear.

Thankfully Lucy stepped up and grabbed her ass, pressing her hard-on against Camila’s pussy once more. She seized Camila’s mouth with her own and thrust her tongue in roughly.

Camila didn’t think she could take much more: Lauren’s tongue winding deeper into her ear while Lucy was fucking her mouth with her tongue – her knees finally gave way, and despite Lucy’s hands on her ass, groping and squeezing, she sank to her knees on the floor.

This brought her face-to-face with the big, hard bulge in Lucy’s pants. Exactly where she wanted to be.

Lucy started unbuckling her belt while Lauren threaded her hand in Camila’s hair, tugging a little as she growled:

“I hope you’re comfortable you fucking slut, because you’re going to be spending a lot of time on your knees tonight - just like the dirty little whore we all know you are.”

Camila moaned; her eyes fixed on the thick, hard cock that Lucy had pulled out of her boxers. She could feel herself literally drooling as she saw Lucy’s pre-cum leaking out of her dick. God it looked even bigger close-up – she was so close she could smell Lucy’s arousal, she could almost taste her…

Camila leaned in closer, stretching her tongue out to get a taste but whined in disappointment when Lauren tugged on her hair and her head jerked back just as she was about to lick the head of Lucy’s throbbing dick.

“Uh-uh, I don’t think so. You want to suck cock like a slut? You want Officer Vives to fuck your face?”
Camila nodded as best as she was able considering Lauren’s grip on her hair, her eyes wide and pleading.

“Well then. What do good sluts do when they want to be fucked?” Lucy chimed in, struggling not to just thrust forward and start fucking Camila’s open mouth.

“Please…” Camila’s voice could only be described as a desperate whine.

“Very good, Camila! When sluts want cock they beg for it!” Lucy praised Camila patronizingly as she slowly pumped her painfully hard cock.

“Oh god please officer, I wanna suck you so bad, I need to show you how sorry I am for being such a bad girl! Pleeeaaase I need your big cock filling my mouth! Let me be a good slut for you!”

Camila was still babbling desperately when Lucy thrust her cock into her mouth. Camila’s long, grateful moan of satisfaction was muffled by the thick meat in her mouth. She immediately started sucking hard, bobbing her head up and down. Lauren let go of her hair, only for Lucy to grab hold of her head with both hands and start fucking her mouth with abandon.

“Yeah that’s right, suck my dick like the cockslut you are! Fuck you’re such a dirty whore OH GOD! Fuuuuuuuuuck!”

Camila had just deep-throated Lucy’s throbbing dick, prompting cries of ecstasy from the brunette officer. She was very glad for her lack of a gag reflex as she struggled a little not to choke on the nine and a half inches of thick cock being rammed down her throat over and over. Camila was so aroused she could feel her cum dribbling down her thighs as she thrust her hips forward into empty air, desperate as a cat in heat.

The feel of Lucy’s cock rubbing against the insides of her mouth and stretching her throat was making her pussy clench and her clit pulse with each thrust of Lucy’s hips. She felt completely helpless as Lucy held her head in a vice grip and fucked her mouth and throat so hard that her balls were smacking against Camila’s chin every time her cock bottomed out down her throat.

“Jesus fuck yeaaaahh UUUUGH so good, you’re such a dirty cock-sucking whore, you like it, don’t you? FUUUUUUUCKK!”

Lucy’s head was thrown back in ecstasy, her legs were weakening from the sheer pleasure but she didn’t give a fuck, she just needed to keep feeling Camila’s hot, wet throat massaging her dick.
Lauren was watching this scene with her mouth hanging open and a rock-hard boner between her legs. She groaned as she saw a mixture of drool and pre-cum dripping down from Camila’s chin onto her tits. Lucy was grunting and groaning while obscene slurping noises came from Camila, as well as the occasional slight gagging sound every time Lucy thrust in particularly hard. It only made Lauren even harder.

“You choking on Lucy’s big dick, whore? Nah I don’t think so. The bigger the better for a slut like you, hmm? This is how you like it! God, you’re so fucking filthy!”

Camila let out a muffled moan – she didn’t think she could get even more aroused but Lauren’s words were creating a flood between her legs.
“Uuuuuh so goooood….so hot…wet..OOOH get ready for it whore!”

Lucy pushed Camila’s head down all the way: her plump, swollen lips smushed up against Lucy’s abdomen. Suddenly Camila was swallowing frantically as Lucy unleashed streams of cum down her throat, whimpering a little in disappointment at not being able to taste Lucy’s hot juices. Although the feeling of Lucy’s thick cum gushing down her throat all the way down into her stomach, filling her up, was enough to make her feel she might cum on the spot.

Lucy grunted and moaned as she dumped the last of her load down Camila’s wet, convulsing throat – she’d cum so much she was feeling a little light-headed. She pulled out of the petite brunette’s mouth, admiring her red and swollen lips, and staggered over to a nearby armchair and collapsed on it.

Camila, meanwhile, was catching her breath whilst eyeing Lauren’s crotch hungrily. She could only imagine what she looked like right now: pre-cum and drool all over her mouth and chin, slowly dripping down onto her chest, her hair completely wild from Lucy’s forceful grip and her plump, red lips swollen from sucking cock so hard. No one had ever been able to make her feel like such a slut before and she fucking loved it. Her breath caught in her throat as Lauren stepped up in front of her and pulled out her big hard cock.

“Well, Cabello? If you want it, you know what to do.” Lauren smirked down at the panting, desperate girl.

“Pleeeaase fuck my throat, oh god I need your cock so much please I’ll suck you so good! I’ll be a good little whore, I promise!”

Lauren chuckled – this power trip was really turning her on.

“Open wide, you filthy bitch.”

Camila immediately open her mouth as wide as she could, her tongue hanging out, panting like a dog – she knew it would be a struggle to take all of Lauren but that only turned her on even more. The thought of the officer forcing her huge cock down her throat had her moaning out loud and dripping down her thighs in anticipation.

Even though it was torture for her to hold back, Lauren slowly slid her dick into Camila’s open mouth until she hit the back of her throat and paused. Camila immediately started sucking sloppily, her hands grasping and groping Lauren’s ass. She was sure she’d never tasted anything so good in her life, and she took a deep breath through her nose in preparation for what she was about to do.

Lauren watched in amazement as Camila took her in, inch by inch, until her lips were pressed against the tan skin of her abdomen. No girl had ever been able to take all of her, or Lucy for that matter, but her girth especially usually meant instant choking.
Instead of choking, Camila started moaning, the vibrations pulsing through Lauren’s dick. Her throat and mouth were stretched to the limit and she knew she was dripping onto her carpet.

Lauren growled at the sensation, her eyes still wide with shock, and starting thrusting back and forth down Camila’s throat. Camila was sucking her as best she could, bobbing her head to meet Lauren’s increasingly frantic thrusts.

“Shiiiiiit so fucking good! Fuck you must be a really desperate whore to swallow all my big dick! Uuuuuh yessss UUNGH such a dirty slut! That’s right, suck it good OOOH! OH GOD!”

Camila had started swallowing around her over and over – Lauren let out a long moan and grabbed Camila’s head to start really fucking her throat. Camila’s eyes rolled back in her head – this was what she’d been craving: on her knees, helpless, while her mouth and throat were used….hard. She could feel how heavy and swollen Lauren’s balls were every time they crashed against her chin.
“Ooooooh fuckfuckfuckfuck UUUUGGHHH!”

Lauren couldn’t hold on any longer, and only just had the presence of mind to pull back so just the head of her cock was left clasped between Camila’s swollen lips. She unleashed a torrent of hot cum into Camila’s hungry mouth. She’d never cum so much in her life, and glancing down to see Camila’s throat working furiously to swallow her load only forced even more cum out of her.

Despite her best efforts, Camila was overwhelmed by how much cum Lauren was filling her mouth with. No matter how fast she swallowed, there was so much that her cheeks were bulging and some of Lauren’s juices started dribbling out the corners of her lips. There was just so much, and it tasted so good – the only sounds were Lauren’s groans and swears, Camila’s loud, frantic gulping and the sound of Lucy’s heavy panting.

Lucy was slowly stroking her hard length only to ease the painful throbbing that had started as soon as Camila had managed to deep-throat Lauren’s huge cock. Her mouth hung open as she watched Lauren pull all the way out and dump the last of her load all over Camila’s face.

Camila tried to moan when she felt Lauren’s hot cum spurting onto her face, but all she could manage was a gargling sound due to all the cum she still had to swallow. Her pussy clenched and her clit throbbed with every rope of hot cum that landed on her face and in her hair – she was completely desperate now; she felt like she might just die if she didn’t get to cum soon.

As Lauren panted while she tried to recover, she was astounded to find that one glance down at Camila (who was making no effort to wipe any of her cum off) was enough to get her hard again. She’d always had great stamina but this was something else…

Camila moaned in a mixture of shock and arousal as she saw Lauren’s cock harden again – anyone else would have been sucked dry after cumming that much but as she watched she saw the officer’s balls swell up with another load – all for her!

She was so fixated with the big, juicy cock in front of her that she only noticed that Lucy had stepped up next to Lauren when the brunette’s dick entered her line of vision. She whimpered as she stared at the two big, thick cocks right in front of her. She looked up to see the two cops leering down at her with matching smirks on their faces.

“On your feet – get that slutty robe and thong off. You’ve got a whole lot more punishment coming to you tonight,” Lauren growled at a desperate, eager Camila who scrambled to obey, dropping her robe and completely ruined thong on the floor. She stepped forward hesitantly, reaching for the officers’ pulsing erections. Before she knew it, Lauren had roughly grabbed her hair once more, sending another wave of arousal rushing through her body as she tugged her head back.

“You really don’t learn, do you slut? No wonder you have to be punished so hard over and over. Like I said, you’re being punished, which means Officer Vives and I are in charge. We decide when you get to be fucked. We decide which of your slutty holes gets pounded. Do you understand that now, whore?”

Lauren grinned when she saw that her words were causing Camila’s legs to tremble and even more arousal to slide down her thighs.

“Yes, yes officer, I’m so sorry, I’ll be a good little slut for you! Pleeeaase punish me with your big cocks, I’m a dirty whore and I need to be taught a lesson! Oh god please I’ll do anything, I need to be fucked so bad pleeeaase…”

Camila didn’t think she could take much more, her pleading gaze flickering between Lucy and Lauren’s flushed faces. She could tell they wanted to fuck her as much as she wanted to be fucked and she hoped this meant they wouldn’t tease her for much longer. She was so lost in her overwhelming arousal that she yelped in shock when she felt Lucy’s fingers pushing at her soaked pussy. Her yelp quickly changed into a loud moan as the brunette rubbed her fingers through the folds of her dripping cunt, carefully avoiding her throbbing clit. Camila started rolling her hips, trying to ride Lucy’s fingers but the officer just pulled her hand away. At this point, Camila could have cried from sexual frustration. Her tortured whimpers only served to encourage Lucy and Lauren to see how far they could push her before she lost it completely. Lucy held her hand in front of Camila’s face as Lauren pulled on her hair again, forcing her to look at the brunette’s cum-covered fingers.

“You see that, slut? You see how wet you are, just from sucking cock? It’s because you’re a desperate whore, isn’t it? Because you’re just a dirty little bitch in heat?” Lucy snarled at her while smearing Camila’s arousal on her face where it mixed with Lauren’s cum. Camila knew she was only seconds away from her knees giving out under her.


Camila shrieked loudly as Lauren delivered a stinging smack to her ass.

“You still haven’t learnt that a good slut answers when she’s asked a question? Unbelievable – maybe you don’t deserve to get fucked after all,” Lauren’s smirk grew even wider when she saw the look of panic that washed over Camila’s face at her words.

“No no, please, I’m sorry, you’re right – I’m just a desperate whore, a dirty bitch in heat! I need your cocks so bad, pleeeaase!”

Camila panted out her pleas as she wobbled precariously on legs that felt like they were made of jelly. She whimpered when Lucy stepped closer, the tip of her cock brushing against the tan skin of her stomach, leaving a trail of hot pre-cum.

“That’s right,” Lucy said with a predatory smile on her face, “and if you act like a dirty bitch, you deserve to get fucked like one. On your hands and knees like a dog, slut.”

“OOOoohh god yessss!”

Camila moaned joyfully – finally! She dropped into position instantly; thankful she didn’t have to stand anymore. She could hear the officers moving around but she kept her eyes on the floor while she waited for instructions, shivering when she saw her own cum-stains on the carpet.

“Look up, bitch!” Lauren spat out at her from behind. Camila’s head snapped up immediately and she found herself once more face-to-face with Lucy’s raging erection. She shuddered as her pussy spasmed at the sight – it seemed even bigger and harder than before (if that were even possible). She shuddered again and gasped as she felt the tip of Lauren’s dick brush against her dripping pussy from behind. A huge wave of arousal threatened to make her pass out at the thought of taking both Lauren and Lucy at once. Her mouth hung open and her hips were thrusting back towards Lauren’s dick – her insatiable libido had taken complete control over her body.

“Alright whore, let’s hear you scream!” With that, Lauren grabbed Camila’s hips in a vice-grip and rammed her entire length into her wet pussy in one powerful thrust. Camila’s ear-splitting shriek of pleasure mingled with Lauren’s shocked exclamation:

“FUUUCK how are you so tight again already?! Uuuh shit you’re such a fucking slut – you like my big cock splitting your tight cunt wide open, don’t you? Ooooh god uuungh…”

Camila’s head swam and her vision blurred as Lauren started up a brutal, unforgiving pace, the pounding thrusts jolting her forward and making her face rub against Lucy’s dick. Just like when Lauren had fucked her bent over the hood of her own car, she felt like all her other senses had shut down; and all she could feel was the exquisite pleasure pulsing from her pussy. The tingling sensation in her stomach had spread all over her body and she started to fell light-headed – she couldn’t draw a proper breath past all the screaming she was doing. Her body was wracked with lightning-like spasms of ecstasy each time Lauren’s cock bumped up against her cervix and Lauren was right: she loved the delicious ache of being stretched so wide, being fucked so hard – it only added to the indescribable pleasure engulfing her, threatening to overwhelm her completely. Lauren suddenly shifted her angle a little and pounded a spot deep inside her that had never been hit before and Camila regained the power of speech (somewhat…).

“UUUUUUUHHHHHH! Oh god your cock – AAAAAGH! So big! Oh-oh-oh-oh-OH GOD! Holy fucking shit I – AAAAAAAAH! UH-UH-UH-UUUNNGGHHH!” Camilahad started cumming already, her body writhing and jerking in time with the convulsions of her pussy. Lauren didn’t stop her hard pounding despite the tight clenching of Camila’s cunt – in fact, when she looked down and saw her cock gleaming and glistening with Camila’s arousal each time she pulled out; she actually managed to up her pace even more.

Camila was making sounds that Lucy didn’t even know were humanly possible – ear-splitting shrieks of anguished ecstasy, screams of incredible pleasure…Along with the temptation of the brunette’s wide open mouth, it was too much for her – she grabbed the back of Camila’s head pushed her entire length down Camila’s throat in one go, letting out her own animalistic groans along the way. Feeling Camila’s screams vibrating through her hard meat only intensified the ecstasy.

Camila hadn’t even started to come down from her mind-blowing orgasm when Lucy thrust her dick roughly into her open mouth and down her throat, and the sensation was enough to throw her violently into another huge orgasm. Being fucked at either end, having both the officers’ cocks inside her at once, on her hands and knees like an animal…. It was her idea of heaven. She’d given up trying to contribute by thrusting back against Lauren or sucking Lucy and was just letting the officers use her as they wanted. She felt like she was just their dirty little fucktoy - she’d been reduced to an animalistic level, existing only to feel those big thick cocks fuck her hard. Unbelievably, she felt the beginnings of another orgasm start to rise within her as Lucy and Lauren kept pounding her holes; their powerful thrusts jerking her back and forth like a rag doll. She started tightening once more around the cock pounding her pussy like a jackhammer and she would have been shrieking like a banshee but her howls were muffled by a big mouthful of hard, thick dick.

Neither Lucy nor Lauren could really hear her screams of ecstasy, but the brunette could certainly feel it. She felt her cock swell up even more and her balls tighten as the vibrations pulsed convulsively up and down her shaft and she knew she was going to cum, and cum hard at that. She threw back her head, a look of exquisite pleasure washing over her face and started pumping quickly and erratically into the brunette’s mouth.

Lucy somehow manage to pull back a little despite the throes of ecstasy and dump most of her load in Camila’s mouth instead of spurting down her throat again. She wanted to see her struggle to swallow it all just as she had earlier with Lauren and she was not disappointed. She watched through slitted eyes as Camila swallowed frantically, making the most obscene gulping noises as she desperately tried to suck down all of Lucy’s thick cum.

The added distraction of having her cunt pounded from behind at the same time didn’t help and Camila clenched hard on Lauren’s cock when she felt some of Lucy’s juices ooze out of her stretched mouth to cover her chin and drip down onto her tits once more.

When Lucy finally stopped cumming she pulled out and sank to the floor, panting and trembling as she tried to regain control of her own body. This meant she was face-to-face with Camila, and she leaned back against a conveniently placed couch to enjoy the show.

Lauren was now pounding Camila like a battering ram, only a couple thrusts away from cumming herself. And then it happened.

“FUUUUCK HERE IT COMES YOU WHORE! AAAAAAAAH! OOOOOH take it! Take it all in your slutty pussy! UUUUUUNNNGH oh god! SO. FUCKING. TIGHT!”

Lauren punctuated each exclamation with three last rough thrusts before Camila’s pussy milked her dry. Her cries had mixed with Camila’s own as the smaller girl let loose with an unintelligible stream of shrieks, moans and curses – the feel of Lauren’s hot cum filling up her hungry pussy was threatening to make her pass out again as another massive orgasm wracked her body, making her spasm and convulse as if she were being electrocuted. But instead of electricity pulsing through her, it was white-hot pleasure making her writhe and scream like a woman possessed. She was bucking and shuddering so hard that Lauren was having to use almost all her strength to hold Camila’s hips steady enough to keep fucking her.

As she finally came down and Lauren pulled out, she collapsed onto the floor, lying face down on her stomach completely spent, unmoving except for a few twitches as the aftershocks jolted through her.
For a while the only sound in the room was heavy panting as all three women slowly recovered from the mind-blowing intensity of their orgasms. Lucy was the first to stir, shifting uncomfortably as she realized how hot and sticky with sweat she was.

She was slightly surprised to see that she hadn’t even taken her shoes off, and started to slowly undress in order to cool down a little. Both Lauren and Camila glanced up as they heard her pulling off her clothes – Camila’s breathing picked right back up again and she moaned quietly when Lucy’s rock-hard abs were revealed. Lauren decided that Lucy had the right idea (she had also worked up a sweat) and started undressing too.

By the time Lucy and Lauren had stripped, they were both hard again; Lauren from staring at the now familiar sight of her cum oozing out of Camila’s pussy and Lucy because of the hungry, unwavering stare Camila was directing at her cock. As the two of them watched, Camila began to roll her hips, whimpering as she rubbed her clit against the carpet.

“Well it looks like you’re ready for another round, slut. Is that right? You want to be fucked hard again? Of course you do, you’re such a fucking whore! Look at yourself, rubbing against the carpet because you’re so desperate for cock! You really are just a dirty bitch in heat!”

Camila let out a choked gasp and sped up the motion of her hips when she heard what Lauren was snarling at her. She felt a familiar clenching in her pussy and asshole at the officer’s demeaning words and she moaned softly when more of the dark-haired cop’s cum dribbled out of her, coating her inner thighs along with her own juices. She was about to start begging again when she glanced up and realized that the two officers were having another silent conversation – as she watched they switched positions. Lauren moved in front of her and Lucy stood and walked behind her. She then felt Lucy’s hands under her arms as she was hoisted up. She was glad when Lucy kept hold of her as she knew she wouldn’t be able to stand on her own. All she could do was press herself back against the brunette and grind her ass against the hard dick nestled between her cheeks.

She licked her lips as Lauren lowered herself to the ground and lay there; and a familiar and powerful throbbing started up between her legs as she gazed longingly at the tan, toned body and full breasts right below her. Not to mention that huge, incredible cock…

“You know what to do, you dirty fucking slut. Ride my dick, bitch!”

Camila keened in anticipation as Lucy lowered her to her knees and she shuffled forward until the thick head of Lauren’s cock was pressing up into her pussy. She slowly lowered herself, taking in the huge cock inch by inch, moaning continuously as she felt herself being stretched wider and wider. She let out a loud strangled cry as she was finally filled completely – the Latina was so deep she was convinced she could feel her in her stomach.

Looking down as she tried to catch her breath, she saw her stomach was a little swollen, undoubtedly because of the huge amount of cum filling up her belly. The sight made her groan helplessly and squeeze Lauren’s cock hard with her pussy. It was all too much – the exquisite sensation of feeling like she was being split in two by the officer’s massive cock, so deep inside her she was getting light-headed again; and the visual proof of just how much of a slut she was – her belly swollen with all the cum she’d swallowed so eagerly. Her body was completely weakened by the overwhelming pleasure and she was only managing to stay upright because she was so firmly impaled on Lauren’s thick, throbbing meat.

Lauren had noticed Camila glancing down at her own stomach and she followed her gaze to see what was entrancing the smaller girl so much. The combination of the amazing feeling of being so deep inside that tight pussy and the realization that Camila’s belly was actually swollen from all of her and Lucy’s cum nearly had her blowing her load on the spot. It took a huge amount of self-control not to cum and she knew she had to move things along – now.

“Lucy…” Lauren’s voice was strangled and desperate and an already incredibly aroused Lucy needed no further urging. She knelt behind Camila between Lauren’s spread legs and pushed the trembling girl forward a little, forcing her to lean down towards Lauren.

“Aaaaaaahhhh…” Camila groaned as the shift in position stretched her even more. She had to be dreaming – it just couldn’t be possible to feel this good! Her groan quickly changed into an ecstatic shriek as she felt Lucy moving around behind her until the head of her cock was pressing up against her asshole.

“Oh yesyesyesyesyes PLEEAASE! Uh-uh-uh-uh!” As soon as Camila realized what was about to happen, she somehow found the strength to start riding Lauren hard and fast, powerful spasms coursing through her each time she dropped down and felt the officer’s dick ram against her g-spot. She wasn’t even sure if what was about to happen was physically possible considering the size of the cops’ equipment, but instead of filling her with trepidation that thought was arousing her even more. She wanted to be stretched to the very limit; the thought was such a turn-on that she gushed out another wave of arousal onto Lauren who was by now covered in her cum.

Lucy grabbed her roughly by the hips to still her and she let out whining moan – disappointed to have been stopped from riding the Latina beneath her but also trembling with excitement for what was coming next. God why was the brunette taking so long?

“Oooooh please I want it, I want it so bad! I want to take it like a whore, please I need – UUUUUUUHHHH!”

Lucy had slowly eased the head of her cock in, gasping at the tightness and fighting the urge to just thrust in hard and fast. It was going to take some finesse to fit herself in when Camila also had her pussy filled up so completely. Inch by torturous inch she eased herself in, her ears ringing a little with the petite brunette’s loud, incessant howling. She could actually feel Lauren through the layer of skin separating their dicks and she locked eyes with her over Camila’s shoulder as she finally pushed herself all the way in, rubbing against the hardness in Camila’s pussy.

Lauren was just as entranced by the sensation as Lucy was – she was gasping for breath at the thought of Camila being so filled, her insides being stretched so much. She couldn’t believe someone so small and so tight could actually take them both in her cunt and ass at the same time. Glancing up at Camila she felt her dick twitch at the look on her face – she’d stopped howling when Lucy finally bottomed out up her ass and was letting out a continuous stream of breathy little moans. As well as the obvious arousal in her eyes there was also a look of faint bewilderment as if she too couldn’t quite believe what was happening.

There was a moment of absolute stillness as they all prepared themselves; Lucy and Lauren both reached for Camila’s hips, seeking some sort of leverage. They intertwined their fingers so that each had a good grip on the soft, tan skin. They locked eyes and grinned at each other before letting loose and fucking the brunette with wild abandon.


Camila couldn’t help herself – the two cops had barely started and she was already in the throes of what had to be the best, most powerful orgasm yet. But the ecstasy didn’t stop – before she could recover from that mind-blowing climax she was thrown into another, and then another. She couldn’t even speak or scream anymore, just passively kneel with her eyes closed and her mouth hanging open as she convulsed wildly, her jerky spasms pushing her down even harder against the thick cocks bringing her so much pleasure. She couldn’t form a coherent thought, her brain was totally fried as the white-hot pleasure pounded through her. She was well and truly trapped in the ecstasy of taking more cock than she ever had before, harder than she ever had before and she was loving every second. She started to feel light-headed again, whether from the pleasure ravaging her body or her inability to draw a full breath, and she felt her trembling muscles weaken as she was thrust closer and closer to unconsciousness.

Lauren noticed this and wasn’t having it (though she herself felt a little woozy from the continuous pulsing clenching on her cock as multiple orgasms were ripping through Camila) and smacked Camila hard on her inner thighs, covering her hand in the brunette’s cum.

"AAAAAAAH YESSSS!” The hard smacks seemed to have restored Camila’s power of speech a little but before she could say much more a particularly hard thrust on Lucy’s part made her shriek and gibber incoherently as she felt herself cum hard again.

Lucy knew she wouldn’t last much longer – the repeated convulsions of Camila’s tight asshole were driving her crazy and she started thrusting in at an unbelievable speed, moaning long and loud as she came along with Camila, filling her ass up with a truly prodigious amount of cum. Camila screamed as she felt the thick, sticky warmth of the officer’s cum flood her ass and her eyes rolled back in her head when she felt another orgasm rise up in her. She wasn’t sure she could take much more pleasure but at the same time she never wanted it to stop. She grunted as Lucy pulled out, completely spent, and her cum started dribbling out of her stretched wide-open hole.

It was too much for Lauren – the look of sheer ecstasy on Camila’s face as Lucy had cum in her ass broke her self-control completely. She started ramming up into Camila, grunting as she felt the beginnings of her orgasm. She yelled loudly as she felt herself start to spurt into the brunette’s tight cunt:


Camila shuddered helplessly as an unbelievable amount of cum was pumped into her pussy, causing a huge orgasm that milked Lauren’s cock dry. She howled and screamed before her eyes rolled back into her head and she passed out completely, collapsing onto Lauren. Despite feeling weak and drained, Lauren couldn’t contain a small grin at having fucked Camila into unconsciousness twice in one night. She tried to talk to her partner but only a hoarse gasp came out. Luckily Lucy was able to figure out what she wanted and, having managed to regain some of her strength, she lifted Camila up and off Lauren; shaking her head in disbelief when the unconscious girl’s hips jerked a little.

She placed Camila face down on the carpet, staring appreciatively at the delicious sight of her cum leaking out of Camila’s abused asshole. She slowly and reluctantly started getting dressed – though she didn’t want to leave, she was pretty sure she couldn’t go another round and besides, she and Lauren had work the next day. Lauren had also grudgingly begun to put her uniform back on, still trying to wrap her mind around the fact that she had just the hottest, most mind-blowing sex in her life – all due to a traffic stop. She suddenly remembered a promise she’d made earlier…. She used her hand to gather as much cum from between Camila’s legs as she could and started smearing it all over her ass and back, admiring the contrast of the white cum against tan skin. With an enormous effort she flipped Camila over whilst Lucy watched open-mouthed and repeated the procedure, taking special care to coat Camila’s tits and nipples thoroughly. She gave Camila’s cum-covered body a satisfied look and pulled the rest of her clothes on. When both she and her brunette partner were dressed she delivered a volley of hard smacks to Camila’s wet thighs, bringing her round with a low moan. She stood up on trembling legs and sneered down at the barely conscious girl below her.

“Well whore, do you think you’ve finally learnt your lesson?” Camila nodded weakly, unable to move at all. For the first time in her life, she felt completely full and satisfied.

Lucy wasn’t ready to let go quite yet and she chimed in with a similar sneer in her voice. “Well in case you need a little reminder now and then, Officer Jauregui and I now know where to find a dirty slut to take our frustrations out on, don’t we?”

“That we do, Lucy, that we do.”

Camila managed another weak nod, a silly smile drifting across her lips at the thought of receiving another good fucking sometime. Lucy and Lauren stepped over to let themselves out, leaving her on the floor like a discarded, well-used whore. She felt another little twitch in her pussy at the thought and finally passed out again when she heard her front door close, still with a silly, dazed grin on her face.

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Lauren bit her lip as she stared at Camila’s crotch, the bulge of her penis noticeable underneath her boxers. It occurred to her that she never saw Camila masturbate during the whole of their relationship, and she was curious as to how her girlfriend jerked off. Or what she fantasized about when she fisted her hands around her thick, meaty cock.

As for herself, she would think about Camila’s pulsing member nailing her pussy on the days where she was feeling really horny and the brunette wasn’t there to take care of her needs. She wondered if Camila still got herself off even though they were already in a relationship. And if she thought of pounding her snatch if she did.
Camila’s dick was impressive, though. And Lauren loved being fucked by it. Loved having her hole stretched out and filled by that prick. To think that being a former Celibacy Club President, and now having long graduated from high school, she loved having sex with Camila a lot. Camila was really sweet when it came to making love to her, slow and deep and passionate, but she also loved the days where they would fuck with wild abandon. How Camila would nail her into their bed, relentlessly shoving her cock inside her pussy.
Just the mere thought made Lauren’s eyes darken, and she licked her lips as she leaned her head on Camila’s shoulder and started to trace the outline of her penis.

“Whoa there,” Camila laughed, but she didn’t stop Lauren’s ministrations. “I thought today was supposed to be a lazy Sunday?”

Lauren just hummed and rubbed her palm against the tent in Camila’s boxers, the bulge thickening underneath her touch. The brunette sighed and kissed her forehead, and Lauren giggled as she squeezed Camila’s member.

“Can I ask you to do something for me?” Lauren husked, still palming Camila’s dick.

“Y-you know I’ll do anything for you, Lauren,” Camila groaned and bucked her hips to feel more of Lauren’s hand.

Lauren smiled and moved to straddle Camila’s lap, rubbing her panty-clad sex against the thickness of the brunette’s member. She leaned down and sucked on Camila’s earlobe, then whispered, “I want you to masturbate for me.”

Camila’s eyes widened and Lauren smirked as she ground her hips downwards, feeling her panties get drenched at the thought of her girlfriend fucking herself using her hands. She wondered what high school Lauren would think of her, getting all kinky and horny for Camila to shove her cock inside her cunt.

They had a healthy and active sex life, and she loved how Camila was always open to her ideas.
“I want to watch you touch your cock, all hard and twitching for me. I’ll touch my pussy for you too,” Lauren rasped, and when Camila’s eyes darkened with lust and her breathing grew erratic, she knew that she won. “I’ll shove my fingers inside my juicy cunt while thinking of your meaty prick plowing me into the mattress.”

“Fuck, that’s so hot,” Camila panted and gritted her teeth as she ground her crotch upwards, dick twitching and fully hard by now. “You want to do this now?”

“Mmhmm. Masturbate for me, Camila…” Lauren moaned and scrambled off her girlfriend’s lap.
Camila groaned, unclasped her bra and quickly pulled down her boxers, her thick and veiny shaft springing free. Lauren panted, her pupils dilated as she watched the brunette’s cock teeter in between her legs. Her pussy gushed out cum, and she took off her shirt and pulled down her soaked and ruined panties and threw it at Camila, to which the brunette caught easily.

Spreading her legs wide, Lauren sighed and traced her slick pussy lips, keeping a hot eye on Camila all the time. Camila grabbed the bottle of lube from their bedside table and squirted a copious amount on her rock hard cock, then wrapped her hand around the base. Lauren moaned in appreciation as Camila lazily stroked the whole length of her member, twisting and curling her fist against its thickness.

The cool liquid dribbled down to Camila’s balls, and Lauren found herself stroking her slit faster, silent mewls tearing through her lips. Camila groaned deeply and sniffed the crotch of Lauren’s panties, and the Brunette gasped at the sight. More so when Camila licked the abundance wetness.

“Oh my God,” Lauren whimpered and palmed her drenched snatch, juices steadily leaking out of her hole.

She started fingering her clit, bullying the bundle of nerves with her fingers while Camila palmed and massaged her full testicles. Moaning helplessly, Lauren listened to the wet sounds of Camila beating her cock, her slippery pussy making obscene squelching sounds.

“Fuck yes,” Camila gasped and thrust her shaft into her fist, eyes closed and eyebrows furrowed together. She twisted her member and rubbed the head, precum oozing out abundantly from its slit.

“My God,” she whimpered as she fisted her cock, and the sight drove Lauren mad with want.

She was glad that she asked Camila to do it, because it was so fucking hot and a huge turn on. She mentally added mutual masturbation to her list of kinks, and went back to working on her sopping wet pussy.

Camila had other ideas, as she placed Lauren’s ruined panties over her shaft and rubbed the weeping cockslit over the crotch. Lauren groaned and slipped two fingers inside her dripping sex, the slickness of her walls making it easier for her to slide in.

“Shit,” Lauren whined and began fucking herself in earnest, with Camila fondling her balls while she pumped her leaking member faster and harder.
Camila grunted and sniffed Lauren’s panties while she jerked herself off more roughly, dick twitching violently in her hand. Lauren wanted that meat in her mouth, to suck on it and blow Camila until the brunette busted a nut. Maybe with some whipped cream, and she’ll lick and suck on her girlfriend’s dick like a lollipop.

Oh, high school Lauren would definitely be blushing if she knew that this would happen.

“I’m close, Lauren,” Camila gasped brokenly, hips jerking as she squeezed the base of her pulsing member. “So fucking close!”

“Blow your load all over my pussy, Camila! I want to see your sperm bursting out of your cock,” Lauren commanded, a short scream tearing through her as she came, her pussy juices gushing out of her sex in steady streams.

Camila moaned went on her knees in front of Lauren, beating her dick faster until she finally came, thick ropes of her creamy, white cum exploding from her slit and landed on the Brunette’s stomach and pussy lips.

Lauren sighed at the warm sensation of Camila’s semen sliding against her skin and folds, a lazy smile playing at her lips as she eased out her fingers. Laying slack against the bed, she smiled as Camila crawled towards her and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

“Wow, that was fun,” Camila laughed hoarsely and ran her hands through Lauren’s sweat-matted hair. “I’ve never jerked off in front of you, have I?”

“Nope,” Lauren shook her head and wrapped her legs around Camila’s hips, smirking as the brunette’s still hard dick nudged her inner thighs. “I love your stamina, by the way. Have I mentioned that before?”

Camila grinned and ran her hands across Lauren’s legs. “Oh, you have. Every time we have sex, actually.”

“How about we put that to good use again? I think I can forego this lazy Sunday and turn it into a fuck Sunday,” Lauren suggested sultrily, tracing Camila’s collarbone with her fingers. Biting her lip seductively, she ground her sex upwards against Camila’s abs. “Watching you jerk off got me so worked up.”

“I love your idea,” Camila agreed and rutted her cock more insistently against Lauren’s thighs. “Spread those legs for me, baby.”

Lauren opened her legs as far as they would go, eager to have her pussy stuffed with Camila’s prick. Camila grabbed her dick by the base and slid into Lauren in one, clean thrust, and the Brunette moaned at the sensation of being filled. She always felt full with Camila’s member fully sheathed inside her core, and it always made for a good day.

She cupped Camila’s face and brought her in for a kiss as the brunette started thrusting into her, slow and deep and rubbing against her walls perfectly. Their kisses grew sloppy and heated as Camila pumped her dick faster inside Lauren’s tight heat, until the Brunette was moaning uncontrollably.

Threading her hands through Camila’s hair, Lauren lifted her hips off the bed to thrust back against the cock that speared her pussy. Camila sighed and propped herself on her hands as she fucked Lauren with lazy strokes, then bent down to devour her breasts. Lauren squeaked and pushed Camila’s head to her tits, moans and mewls of pleasure rumbling inside her chest.

“I feel so full,” Lauren breathed out contentedly as she felt Camila’s thick shaft dragging against her walls. “So good, Camz… I always love having you fuck me like this.”

“Mmm,” Camila sighed and buried her face against Lauren’s neck, hips thrusting forward to work her dick inside the Brunette’s tight hole.

“And your cock feels so hot and thick inside my pussy… I can’t get enough of you,” Lauren babbled, her body arching off the bed as Camila thrust roughly inside of her.

“Fuck, your pussy’s really warm, too. I love burying my dick inside this tight hole,” Camila moaned in appreciation as she pushed her cock deeper, causing Lauren to purr in delight.

“That’s it, Camz… Fuck me like that,” Lauren gasped and scratched the nape of Camila’s neck with her fingernails. “Give it to me…”

Camila shuddered and quickened her pace, her balls slapping Lauren’s ass as she fucked her dick faster inside Lauren’s slick sex. Lauren’s mouth hung open and she whimpered in sheer pleasure as she lay slack in Camila’s arms.

The stretch felt amazing, and all Lauren could do was keep moaning and whimpering Camila’s name as she was fucked into the bed, her breasts bouncing with the force of her girlfriend’s thrusts. She used her pussy muscles to squeeze and massage Camila’s shaft, her juices soaking the brunette’s dick.

“Oh, that feels so good! So fucking amazing, Camila! Keep pounding me with this thick prick,” Lauren managed in between loud groans as she thrust back against Camila’s member.

Camila gasped and took off pounding Lauren’s tight pussy, their moans of pleasure bouncing off the walls of their bedroom. Lauren whined and buried her fingers in Camila’s hair, kissing her desperately as she was ravished thoroughly. She reached in between her legs and rubbed her clit in tight circles, keening into Camila as she was nailed against the mattress.

“Don’t stop, baby! Harder!” Lauren begged, her pussy aching for more.

“Shit, you’re too good,” Camila moaned and drilled her cock faster and harder, setting a brutal pace that left Lauren into a whimpering, quivering mess. “That pussy- damn!”

“Ah! Mm, mm, ah! Give me that cock, Camila! If you fill me up with your thick jizz, I’ll let you mount me afterwards,” Lauren panted and used her legs to push Camila closer to her.

“Holy fucking- yessss!” Camila growled and still her hips, unloading her thick load inside Lauren’s waiting pussy.

Lauren mewled as she felt Camila’s warm semen explode inside her, coating her walls with white and filling her up. Camila coming inside her was one of her favorite sensations, and she loved it when she felt her girlfriend’s sperm sliding against her walls and leaking out of her hole.

“Fuck, I love it so much when you blow your load in me,” Lauren smiled lazily as she played with Camila’s hair. “You cum so much, did you know that?”

Camila laughed and flipped Lauren so that she was on all fours, then started plowing her pussy with her cock. Lauren screamed in pleasure, uncaring that she acted like she was debauched. Then again, Camila’s dick always did that to her.

“Faster, Camila! Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop!” Lauren chanted and gripped the sheets tightly. “Fuck me, fuck me!”

Camila groaned and pounded Lauren’s pussy, the wet squelching sounds filling their ears as they fucked. Lauren moaned and screamed continuously as she was drilled by Camila’s dick, the animalistic pleasure taking over her body. She didn’t know how many sheets they’ve already ruined due to their sex marathons, but she didn’t care. It was worth it if it meant getting fucked by Camila like this.

“So fucking tight and hot,” Camila panted and leaned forward to trail Lauren’s spine with kisses.

“God, yes!” Lauren gasped brokenly and buried her face in the pillows to muffle her loud screams of ecstasy. “Nail me like that! Drill that prick inside my pussy!”

“Whose pussy is this?” Camila groaned and drove her hips forward, plowing Lauren into the bed.

Lauren whined and shrieked, “Yours, Camila! This pussy is yours!”

She couldn’t deny that as much as she loved dominating Camila, Lauren also enjoyed it when her girlfriend was fucking her with such animalistic desire. It always got her snatch dripping and drenched when Camila said the dirtiest things and fucked her roughly.

“This cock is also yours, baby. This dick belongs in your hot and tight pussy,” Camila huffed as she slowed down her pace for a while, then started beating Lauren’s cunt again.

“Yes, mine!” Lauren growled possessively and started pushing back against the thick meat that pounded relentlessly inside her sex. “This fat dick is mine!”

Camila whimpered and stopped for a while, but Lauren was having none of it. She rolled her hips and pushed back, getting Camila to start again. Moaning loudly, Lauren used her sex and massaged Camila’s cock, the way the brunette enjoyed it.

“Fuck!” Camila cursed and plowed Lauren’s sopping pussy, the force of her thrusts making the bed rock.

Eventually, Lauren gave up in trying to prop herself upwards and let her upper body lay slack against the sheets. She let Camila pound her, enjoying the way it made her feel debauched and ravished.
“You want me to dump my load in your pussy again, Lauren?” Camila pushed forward roughly, and Lauren let out a lewd moan.

“Yes, baby. Dump your hot and thick sperm in my pussy. Want to feel your semen dripping down my thighs,” Lauren said, her voice hoarse from her screaming.

Camila groaned and gave three more short and rough thrusts, until her cock twitched inside Lauren’s hole and her balls unloaded her sperm. It was enough to trigger Lauren’s orgasm, pussy juices bursting out of her along with Camila’s jizz.
Lauren’s thighs trembled and her pussy twitched from the force of her orgasm, now feeling overly sensitive. But before she could move from her position, Camila dived in between her legs and started lapping at her twitching pussy, licking off the remnants of their combined cum. At first, Lauren wanted her to stop because she felt like she couldn’t cum again, but Camila was so good at eating her out that she just moaned in encouragement.

“I love how your pussy tastes,” Camila husked as she slurped at Lauren’s pussy lips. “Especially when your juices and my sperm are leaking out of you.”

“Keep going,” Lauren squeaked when Camila pushed her tongue inside her hole. “You’re gonna make me cum again.”

“Cum for me, Lauren. Let me see that sexy pussy come again for me,” Camila husked as she sucked and mouthed at Lauren’s glistening nether lips.
Lauren trembled and she came again, a weak moan falling from her lips as she slumped forward, thighs twitching as Camila brought her down from her orgasm. She smiled lazily as Camila started trailing kisses up and down her back, soft hands caressing her skin.

“You okay, baby?” Camila asked gently, brushing her lips against Lauren’s shoulders.

“Are you seriously asking me that after fucking me so good?” Lauren arched an eyebrow, but giggled when Camila gently bit on her neck. “Of course I am, Camila.”

Camila grinned and rolled Lauren over on her back. Tired but sated, Lauren dragged her lips against Camila’s jaw before kissing her fully on the lips, moaning at the taste of their cum on the brunette’s tongue.

“How about you just rest here and I’ll go fix us some lunch?” Camila suggested, her eyes soft and adoring.

“I’d love that,” Lauren smiled and nodded. “Thank you, Camila.”

“Mmhmm. I love you,” Camila murmured, causing Lauren’s smile to widen.

“I love you too, Camila,” Lauren returned, loving the way Camila looked at her.

Camila grinned, teeth pearly white and climbed off the bed, with Lauren watching as she pulled on her boxers and put on her bra. Sighing contentedly, she rested her head against the pillows and stared at the ceiling, smiling as she heard Camila’s singing drift from their kitchen.

She could definitely trade in all their lazy Sundays for this.

Chapter Text

Lauren couldn’t stop thinking about Camila all morning, the constant reminders of her laid out everywhere in her magazine’s office. All it took was one second of letting her mind drift to their night last night and Lauren was crossing her legs together. She could not wait to see Camila at home tonight and proceed to ride her thick cock all night, until then however, her hand was going to have to do.

“Sandra, I’m taking an hour.” She told her secretary to hold all calls, that she was going on lunch and to leave her be. When Sandra confirmed, Lauren immediately palmed her breasts through her blouse, hand traveling down to push down her thong and dip into her skirt to tease her soaking wet folds. “Mmmm, Camz” She moaned out, eyes closing as she imagined Camila’s cock teasing her folds as her fingers were. Deciding this angle would not do, she quickly scrambled up and balanced one leg on her desk, furiously rubbing her clit, free hand keeping her skirt out of the way. “So good”

When Camila head out of rehearsal for an extended lunch break to surprise her girlfriend at work, what she found was the last thing she expected to see. Camila had made her way into Lauren’s office building, giving her secretary a polite smile when she walked by and pushed the wooden doors to the office open, closing them behind her. What she saw when she when the doors closed nearly made her knees buckle, there was Lauren, skirt pushed down with three fingers buried into her pink pussy. “Holy shit” Camila groaned, making her presence known. Her cock came alive in this moment, her jeans suddenly feeling unbearably tight.

“Holy shit” The words rang in Lauren’s ears and she immediately blinked her eyes open, eyes dark as they landed on Camila, the object of her desires. “Hello to you, too. This is…not what it looks like?” She panted, able to stop her fingers but not take them away from her pussy. Instead, her hips continued trying to grind against them.

“Really Lauren?” Camila’s tone was laced with desire as she took in the situation, her dick doing most of the talking. “Because it looks like you decided to fuck yourself in the middle of the day where anyone could walk in and find you” She smirked, pretty much waddling over to Lauren’s desk and popping open her jeans to shove them down, her dick springing free (finally), replacing Lauren’s hand with her own cupping her hot pussy. Camila kissed Lauren firmly, nipping her lip and making the blonde squeal in pleasure.

Lauren swallowed a moan, “I…I…This is your fault!” she whined at the loss of friction when Camila removed her hand, moaning at the site of her now naked cock bobbing in the air. Its precome soaked tip was teasing her to taste. “Please, I need you, Camz. So bad, please fuck me” Lauren moaned, hoping to spur Camila on. She all but tore off her blouse, leaving her half naked in her skirt.

“My fault, have you seen my damn cock? This is your fault” Camila countered, gesturing to her cock that pointed straight to Lauren, now slipping her fingers through her folds to tease them, closing the distance between their hips and guiding the black haired woman’s leg to the floor. Her cock slid deliciously through wet folds, causing her to hiss in pleasure. “You’re so wet, Laur, I bet I could slide right in” Camila teased, scratching up Lauren’s thighs as she teased Lauren’s entrance. Her fingers came up to her mouth to lick the juices on them, making them both moan.

“Mmmmnn” Lauren moaned when their hips met, wrapping her legs around Camila to pull her as close as possible, grinding as hard as she could to gain friction. “You can, I don’t mind. In fact I encourage it” the journalist smirked and kissed Camila hard, bringing her hand down to rub her shaft a little bit, palm lightly circling her tip.

Camila’s chuckle at Lauren’s desperation turned into a throaty moan when Lauren jacked her off. She decided to throw her a bone (no pun intended) and shifted to top Lauren on the desk, pushing papers and her stapler every which way, making her moan at the feeling. Camila pushed forwards into her pussy, groaning at the feeling and moving Lauren’s hand to lace with her own. “I swear you’re tighter every time” She growled while letting the girl adjust, kissing down her neck leaving little marks.

“So tight for you” the black haired woman moaned, and When Lauren started to whimper for more, pretty much clawing at Camila’s ass as she started to thrust, lightly at first and getting harder by the minute. They worked up a rhythm, Lauren trying to push up while Camila pushed her hips down and eventually, Lauren gave in and let herself be pounded into her desk, hungry for the way Camila’s cock stretched her pussy. “That’s it, take my fucking cock you dirty slut” Camila hissed as Lauren’s walls clamped even harder around her dick, building momentum as her stomach began to tighten.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop! So close” Lauren whined, only spreading her legs further to allow Camila to push deeper, find the spots that made her scream. The second she felt fingers on her clit she nearly lost it, only lasting a few more of Camila’s expert thrusts before she needed to let go. “Oh god, I’m coming! Camila!” She screamed, jerking into the girl above her as her pussy clamped down hard on Camila’s cock, soaking her.

Camila never let up with her pace as Lauren soaked her cock, this fueling her to push even harder as her balls tightened, come begging to be released. “Do you want me to fill you up, Laur? Let you take my come in your fuck hole like a good slut?” She murmured, resting her forehead on Lauren’s as she gave one last good thrust. “God yes, fill me up” Camila heard faintly as her hips began to thrust erratically, her orgasm hitting her hard, making her spill thick ropes of come inside of Lauren. “Fucking take it!” Camila groaned as she gave one more thrust, finishing herself off, and soon lay panting against Lauren, lips finding her neck and kissing up to Lauren’s lips.

“So fucking good” Lauren mumbled in pleasure and kissed Camila softly. A mix of sweat and sex filled the room as they lay still for a moment, only groaning when the sound of Lauren’s secretary on her intercom filled the room. A chorus of “god dammit” filled the room next, and Lauren somehow found the button to her intercom. “I’m taking the afternoon, don’t wait up” She said into it, not caring how obvious it was she would soon be leaving to spend the night being more than thoroughly fucked.

Chapter Text

The camera focused in on a brunette clad in skinny jeans and a black V-neck shirt, sitting on a park bench and texting on her phone. She had a grin on her face, brunette locks curtaining her face as she typed out a reply. The one holding the camera let out a snort. “What’s happening, L?”

Lauren looked up from her phone, grin still firmly in place. “We’re meeting this girl I met when I went out for coffee the other day, and Luc, she looks so good.”

“Was she the reason you were gone for like, eight hours the other day?” Lauren grinned, nodding. “You think she’s down to fuck?” The camera shifted closer while Lauren’s phone made a sound and she proceeded to text back. “Who the hell are you texting anyway? Is it the girl?”

“Uh huh,” Lauren licked her lips, her thumbs moving at a rapid pace all over the screen of her phone. “Wait until you see her though. I don’t want to spoil anything but I’m pretty sure you’re gonna like her too. Oh,” Lauren looked up and the camera panned towards the far end of the street where a brunette was making her way to where Lauren and Lucy were sitting. Lauren stood to her feet. “That’s her right there. Hey, Camila!”

The camera panned to show a beautiful brunette clad in a black dress, her legs long and slender, glistening as if already oiled. From behind the camera, Lucy made a sound of approval while Lauren pulled Camila into a hug. Lucy raised the camera and walked around the hugging pair. Lauren’s hands roamed all over Camila’s back until it rested right on top of the swell of her ass.

“Is this your friend that you mentioned?” Camila asked, turning to face Lucy. Her smile was bright, upper lip curled just right to show a knowing smirk. “I’m Camila.”

“You weren’t kidding when you said she was a total babe, Lauren.” Lucy grinned, holding out her hand for Camila to shake. “L told you what we do, right?”

“She did,” Camila nodded, biting her lip and glanced at Lauren with a small, secretive smile before looking into the camera lens. “I’d very much prefer working with two sexy women rather than with the types of guys people associate with those who make porn.”

Lauren curled her arm around Camila’s hip and pulled her close. “What do you think, Luc? Good, right?”

Behind the camera, Lucy made a sound. “I’ll tell you what I think when we get back to our place. That cool with you, Camila?”

Nodding, she and Lauren went on ahead, walking to the black sedan parked a few feet away. Its windows were tinted black, and the leather seats barely made a sound when all three of them got in, with Camila sitting at the front seat while Lauren drove to their house that also doubled as their studio.

In the car, Lucy kept the camera rolling while she asked Camila a couple of questions. “What’s the most you’ve done sexually?”

“I’ve been pretty vanilla,” Camila spoke to the camera while Lauren grinned and waggled her brows. “But I’ve always been interested with the kinkier side of sex. I just haven’t found the right person to explore that kind of thing with me.”

“Ever had a threesome?” Lauren asked. Her hand was on Camila’s thigh where the hem of her dress rode up to expose equally tanned skin that was soft to the touch.

“Nope, but I’m hoping I would be in one today.”
“You met the right people for exploring your horizons though,” Lauren told Camila while Lucy cut off the camera. “But if you get uncomfortable, just say the word and we’ll stop. We won’t force you into anything.”

The car pulled up to a wide driveway. A flagstone path curved up the side of the villa, leading inside. Lauren and Camila walked together, hand in hand, while Lucy rolled the camera again. She focused on the sway of Camila’s ass, the way her thighs jiggled just a tad, almost having the camera up her skirt. Lauren led them to the backyard where there were rows of patio chairs set up underneath a huge beach umbrella.

“Let’s see that body,” Lucy husked. Lauren took a step back so Camila was the only one in the frame. She spun, the camera taking in the sight of her entire body. “Damn, baby. You look so fucking hot. How about you take that dress off?”

“Lauren, a little help?” Camila curled her finger to the brunette who approached eagerly, her hands planted firmly on the plumpness of Camila’s butt as if magnetized there. Lauren unzipped the back of her dress and let the straps fall off Camila’s arms, exposing bare tits, her flat stomach, and her lacy pink thong. The slip of fabric disappeared between plump ass cheeks. A low groan escaping Lucy’s throat while she focused her camera there.

Lucy was crouched to angle the camera from below. Lauren tipped Camila’s face towards her and kissed her, lips teasing and nipping while Lauren’s hands roamed all over her sides, her stomach, and ass. Soft, breathy moans spilled out of Camila’s mouth when Lauren grasped her butt cheeks and spread them open for Lucy and the camera’s viewing pleasure.

“Shit, baby…” Lucy glanced up at Lauren and the taller girl shifted away. She led Camila to straddle a patio chair and for her to stick her ass out. “You ever had a tongue up that sexy ass of yours?”

Camila shook her head, giving her ass a little shimmy that only made Lucy’s and Lauren’s cock twitch in their pants. “Why, are any of you volunteering?” She teased. Shaking her ass, she looked into the camera and raised her brow.

Lauren lunged for Camila’s ass and buried her face between her butt cheeks. A sharp squeal erupted from Camila, and then a bout of giggles, breathless and laced with moans. She rocked back into Lauren while Lucy focused the camera on Camila’s butt. Pulling back just a bit, Lauren pulled the string of fabric aside to expose the neat pink pucker of Camila’s butthole.

“Look at that,” Lauren sighed, the pad of her finger stroking the crinkled skin. “I can already smell you getting wet, baby. You liked my tongue up this tight butt?”

Camila leaned against the back of the patio chair, nodding. “Feels really good. Do it some more.”

“You heard the lady, L.” Lucy laughed. Yanking Camila’s ass apart to expose her hole, Lauren stuck out her tongue, stiffened it, and pressed the tip into the rim. Camila squirmed, the tanned globes of her ass glistened with natural light, and Lauren couldn’t help but rake her nails against the smooth skin. She spanked Camila, her tongue pushing bit by bit into her hole.

“Show us that pussy too,” Lucy said from behind the camera. She sounded short of breath. “God, I’m already so fucking hard.”

“Me too,” Lauren panted, the bulge in her pants now more prominent. Thumbs hooked against the slip of Camila’s thong, Lauren lowered it, exposing Camila’s spit-slick asshole that had a tiny gape, and her pussy lips slippery with cum. Lauren squeezed her pussy lips together, accentuating how thick and swollen they were. “You are seriously the hottest girl ever,” Lauren murmured against the small of Camila’s back.

She kissed up Camila’s spine and up to her shoulders. Camila craned her neck to meet Lauren in a kiss, tongue stroking the roof of the brunette’s mouth. Lucy zoomed in on their locked mouths, then lowered the view to Camila’s hand gripping Lauren’s thick bulge over her pants.

“Hey, you’re not done eating her ass, are you? Because I’m willing to dive in there and take over.”

“Fuck no,” Lauren pulled away from Camila after kissing her lips in rapid succession. She situated herself behind a giggling Camila and spread her thighs apart while Lucy honed in on the sight of her gorgeous pussy. Lauren dragged her tongue up Camila’s folds and worked it against her puckered asshole once more, until the tightness loosened and she was able to fuck into it. Her tongue sank in the gaping hole with ease. More cum coated Camila’s cunt, some even dripped down her thighs.

“Ooooh, fuck…” Camila gasped out. Lauren grinned and positioned herself so she reclined on the deck chair. She gave Camila’s ass a firm squeeze and guided her to lower her pussy down to her eager waiting mouth. Lauren craned her neck, and as soon as Camila’s slick pussy met the brunette’s tongue, Camila squealed and sank fully on Lauren’s mouth. She latched on her clit, wet slurping noises caught on camera.

Meanwhile, Lucy kept filming with one hand and with the other, she palmed her pulsing shaft. She really wanted to join in, to get Camila to suck her off for a POV shot. But right now, the blissed out look of Camila, eyes rolled to the back of her head, her mouth parted as she gasped for air, was just as hot to watch.

Underneath Camila, Lauren was having the time of her life devouring Camila’s pussy as more cum flooded out to coat her tongue. She kept massaging and spreading Camila’s butt, a finger slippery with spit and girl cum pressed against her puckered hole. Lauren eased it inside, the tight grasp of Camila’s hole made her cock pulse.

“I can’t wait to fuck your ass,” Lauren growled, sliding out from underneath Camila. She undid her pants, cock sprung out and slapped against the swell of Camila’s ass. Uncapping a bottle of baby oil, Lauren drenched Camila’s ass with it to make her glisten, from her ass to her thighs and legs. Lauren used her rigid cock to rub the liquid into Camila’s skin, making the smaller brunette moan.
Lauren guided her cock into Camila’s pussy, the heat of her walls sucking her in. With a desperate groan, Lauren sank deeper inside her, Lucy’s camera taking in the sight of Camila’s pink pussy hole grasping at the thick meat of Lauren’s length.

“Oh god damn,” Lauren panted, hunching over Camila to tilt her chin towards her for a kiss. “Your pussy is so fucking hot, baby.”

A keening whine spilled out of Camila’s mouth and into Lauren’s, her butt grinding back against the cock buried inside her. “Pound that big dick into me,” she raked her nails along the line of Lauren’s jaw. “I can take it.”

Grinning, Lauren groped Camila’s tits and fucked into her. Harsh, steady claps of skin on skin, the length of Lauren’s cock dragging along the slippery walls of Camila’s pussy. Lucy couldn’t keep the camera or her eyes away.

“How does that pussy feel, L?” Lucy asked, her own cock straining against the zipper of her jeans.

“Does it feel as good as it tastes?” She zoomed in on Lauren’s features, blissed out and a shimmer of Camila’s girl cum coating her lips and chin. The brunette licked at her lips and moaned at the residual taste of cum.

“Yeah it does,” she grunted, ramming sharply into Camila to make her scream. “She feels amazing. Hot and tight.”

Lucy grinned and gave Lauren a thumbs up before walking over to where Camila was facing. She reclined the back of the patio chair so it laid flat, allowing her to get closer to Camila who leaned against her for support. “You like that big dick fucking in your desperate pussy, huh?” Lucy goaded, groaning softly when Camila palmed her cock. “You want another? One in your mouth to keep you busy?”

The look on Camila’s face was one that would sear itself in Lucy’s head, and in the video that she kept on filming. Thick, dark eyelashes fluttering. Doe eyes, swollen, full lips. Lucy sucked in a harsh breath and her cock pulsed, insistent to be freed from its confines. “Let me suck you off,” Camila panted.

Lucy stuck her hips out and lifted her shirt. “Take my cock out, babe.” Camila undid the buttons of Lucy’s jeans, her face mere inches from her cock. She yanked Lucy’s pants down and her cock fell out, the thick, hot shaft hitting Camila’s cheek. Precum glistened from the tip.

Thighs quivering with anticipation, Lucy aimed the camera down at Camila. Her throbbing cock strained against Camila, her pink tongue peeking out to tease the vein that curled around Lucy’s shaft. Curling one hand around the base, Camila kissed the length of the underside, her eyes never leaving the lens of the camera.

More precum oozed out of the slit of Lucy’s cock and she couldn’t bear waiting anymore. “Lick up that precum for me,” she husked. A low groan burst out of her as Camila’s tongue swirled around the swollen head, the flat of it brushing against the sensitive slit to lick the precum away.

Behind Camila, Lauren had her eyes trained on the way Camila sucked off her friend. It only made Camila’s pussy tighter. Clearly, she enjoyed sucking cock as much as Lucy loved receiving it.

Lauren humped into Camila’s pussy while she grabbed the bottle of lube. Slicking up her fingers, she pressed the tips against Camila’s asshole. Gauging from Camila’s head still bobbing up and down Lucy’s thick meat, she didn’t mind. Lauren worked the tip of her index finger until it was buried up to the first knuckle. The sight of her pale cock stretching out Camila’s pussy, a finger stuffed in her tight asshole, nearly made Lauren bust her load.

She reached for the spare camera and filmed herself fucking both of Camila’s holes. Her cock, every time it slipped out of Camila’s pussy, came out shiny with cum.

“Fuck,” Lauren eased her cock out of Camila, causing it to slap against her belly. “I don’t think I’ve ever been this hard before, god damn.” She said, motioning to her straining cock.

Lucy laughed, breathless. “I know what you mean,” she turned to Camila and bent down for a kiss. “Your mouth is fucking awesome too. You like sucking dick, huh? You can’t be this good and not like it.”

Smirking, Camila fixed the patio chair so the back was upright once again, Lauren and Lucy standing on either side of her. “I like having my mouth filled,” she said, her lips more swollen than before. She looked up at the two studs, their big dicks hanging out, rigid and pulsing faintly, waiting for her mouth. Wrapping her hands around both cocks, Camila pulled them closer and stuck out her tongue. They bumped together while Camila slurped at the tips, moaning at the mixed taste of precum.

Lucy’s tanned cock was stout, bent at the tip due to its weight, while Lauren’s was pale, the head flushed a bright pink. Longer than Lucy’s, but it stood on its own, reaching the brunette’s navel. Both were clean shaven, making their cocks appear bigger, and their balls hung low, filled with cum.

Lauren threw her head back, a shaky moan bursting out of her throat. Her thighs visibly quivered, the camera sitting on a nearby bench, forgotten. Lucy, vigilant as always, aimed it briefly at Lauren’s features before filming the way Camila slurped her cock. The filthy, wet noises were toe-curling, and Lucy had to grasp the base of her cock in case she came just from hearing those sounds.

“Oooh, shit…” Lauren panted, hunched over Camila’s head. She humped into Camila’s mouth, and Lucy had to step back to film Lauren’s erratic movements, a sure sign of what was to come. Her balls swayed with the rhythm of her thrusting hips, her cock sliding down Camila’s throat. It was an impressive sight, and one that made Lauren whimper. Yanking her cock out of Camila’s mouth, Lauren pumped her dick, hand twisting on the upstroke. Strings of precum and spit clung to Camila’s lips and Lauren’s cockhead.

“Fuckfuckfuck, I’m gonna bust. H-here it comes,” Lauren squirmed, rubbing the head of her cock against Camila’s mouth. Camila cupped her balls and stuck out her pink tongue, and that was Lauren’s undoing. Thick ropes shot out of her cock, hitting Camila’s waiting tongue. Some streaked along her cheek.

Lauren’s entire body trembled as her balls were drained, though her cock remained upright and stiff. She dragged her thumb along Camila’s chin and gathered up her semen to push into the brunette’s mouth. She moaned, sucking on Lauren’s finger eagerly.

“You came way too early,” Lucy teased, propping the camera up on a nearby tripod.

“You would come as soon as I did too if you had her pussy before she sucked you off,” Lauren said, moving to lie on top of Camila. She kissed down her neck to worship at her tits, her hard cock pressed between soft thighs. “Let me fuck you again, babe.”

Camila wrapped her arms around Lauren’s neck and hummed. “I want to ride you,” she husked into the brunette’s ear, one hand grasping her cock while stroking it in slow, fluid motions.

“Gladly, but let’s go in first. The lighting is getting too bright.” Lauren lifted Camila in her arms like a bride and kissed her. Tongues playful and teasing each other, while Lucy followed with the camera still aimed at them.

Lauren lied down on the lounging couch, her cock resting between Camila’s ass cheeks. Lucy positioned two cameras up on tripods and carried one with her for close up shots. Lucy slicked up Camila’s ass again, as well as Lauren’s dick before sinking it into her waiting pussy.

“Your cock is so deep,” Camila panted against Lauren’s mouth, her butt shaking while she humped against the cock stretching her pussy. “Fuck me hard with it, baby. I want you to stretch me out.”

Lauren gripped Camila’s ass, spreading them apart so Lucy could rest her cock against the puckered hole. She bit and nipped at Camila’s exposed neck, the tendons straining as the brunette squirmed.

“How about we fill both your holes? My cock in this slippery pussy, and Luc’s…” Her pussy walls tightened at Lauren’s proposition, fingers dipping into Camila’s ass. “Up here. What do you think?”

“I want it,” Camila whined, her body rubbing up against Lauren’s. Behind them, Lucy filmed Lauren’s cock fucking into Camila’s cunt. She knocked Lauren’s hand away from the brunette’s ass so she could have a taste. Lucy wriggled her tongue into Camila’s butt, bobbing her head back and forth to fuck it. Pulling back, she focused on the tiny gape, as small as the nail on her pinky finger. “Please fuck me now…” Camila begged.
Lucy kissed the base of Camila’s spine, two fingers pumping in unhurried movements in her ass, while Lauren’s cock barely left her pussy. “No need to rush. We’ll make you feel so good.”

“Let me make her come first,” Lauren panted, gripping Camila’s thighs, her hips slamming up into the squirming girl. One hand snuck between their bodies to stroke her clit. “You’re so wet, oh my god…”

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” Camila whimpered, nails digging into Lauren’s toned arms. She arched, eyes rolling to the back of her head. Cum gushed out of her pussy, and Lucy could see just how much and how hard Camila was coming. Her butthole clamped tight around Lucy, making it difficult for her to keep stretching her out with her fingers.
Lucy pulled out her fingers with a slick pop. She took a few seconds to point the camera to the wider gape of Camila’s ass. She passed her tongue along the pucker before straddling Lauren, meaty cock resting against the swell of Camila’s butt. She lubed herself some more before pressing a kiss against the base of Camila’s spine.

“Ready to get filled?” Lucy husked against the slope of Camila’s shoulder, the tip of her meat poking, nudging against the fluttering hole.

“So ready, Luc.” Camila moaned.

“Fuck yes, do it…” Lauren panted, her hips still. “You’re so drenched, Camz. You want it so badly, right?”

Nodding, the smaller brunette kissed Lauren deeply. The brunette yanked her butt cheeks open for Lucy.

“Let me feel that pussy first though. Let me get slippery.” Lucy grinned. Lauren whined, penis slipping out of the warmth so Lucy’s thicker meat could be coated with Camila’s abundant cum. Grasping the brunette’s waist, Lucy pounded into her, soft walls squeezing her in a velvet grip. “God damn.”

“Don’t forget about me,” Lauren whined, eliciting a giggle from Camila. She kissed all over the pale girl’s face before latching her mouth onto Lauren’s stiff nipples. She sucked, doe eyes fluttering, seducing Lauren into silence.

Lucy smirked at how docile and obedient Lauren could get. She pulled out of Camila and Lauren was already back in her pussy, balls deep with a throaty moan escaping her.

“Stay still,” Lucy warned, but she didn’t really need to say it since Lauren was a professional. Plus she was distracted in making out with Camila. She clung to Camila with a desperation, one that Lucy noticed but chose to ignore for the time being. Lucy guided her rigid cock, slick with lube and cum, to Camila’s waiting asshole. The anticipation made her legs shake and her cock pulse.

As soon as the tip was engulfed in the tight ring of Camila’s hole, Lucy released the shaky breath she was holding. “Holy shit,” she dug her nails into Camila’s skin. “Holy fuck, you’re so tight!”

“I am an anal virgin, you know.” Camila teased, bouncing her ass a bit, making the cheeks clap against the thick head of Lucy’s meat. The movements made Lucy curse some more, her hips humping into Camila’s ass.

It took Lucy a few minutes of slow thrusting, hands roaming all over Camila’s warm back while she and Lauren made out. Lucy rocked back and forth, adding lube now and then to make it easier for her cock to slide in Camila’s tight heat. She could feel the hard, pulsing cock of Lauren’s meat against the thin membrane inside Camila.

Lucy was so lost in the sensations of humping Camila’s warm ass that she didn’t realize exactly how hard her cock was, and how heavy her balls were. “Oh, shit. Fuckshitgoddamn!”

She yanked her cock out of Camila’s ass and hastily grabbed the nearest camera, the one she placed by Lauren’s head for easy access.

Breathless, Lucy managed to aim and focus on Camila’s gorgeous ass, one hand curled around the thick meat of her penis. She jerked herself off, only taking two or three strokes. Semen cascaded in viscous ropes all over Camila’s perfect butt. Soft grunts came out of Lucy’s throat, her body trembling from the suddenness of her orgasm.

“Fuck…” Lucy slumped beside Lauren, panting. She eyed the brunette who was grinning, and Camila who was smiling. “Don’t say a damn thing, L. You too, Camila.”

“What?” Lauren smirked. “You were giving me shit for blowing my load early and I don’t get to do the same? What’s the fun in that?”

Camila leaned over Lucy and kissed her. A deep kiss that emptied out the air in Lucy’s lungs, her fingers burrowing in thick, brown locks. “Don’t worry. I seem to have that effect on the both of you.”

“Right,” Lauren agreed, kissing along the length of Camila’s neck. She rolled out from under Camila, while the smaller girl crawled on top of Lucy. “Your ass is stretched out for my big dick. I can’t wait to start pounding you, baby.” Lauren husked against the slope of Camila’s ass, her cockhead dragging and spreading Lucy’s cum all over Camila’s skin.

“Then do it. Fuck me.” Camila moaned, sinking her slick pussy around Lucy’s cock, making her grunt, her back arched. She squirmed, sensitive dick pulsing hard. Camila rutted against Lucy while behind her, Lauren slicked up her cock and sank it in one slow thrust until she was balls deep in Camila’s butt.

Kissing Camila’s neck, Lauren cupped her tits and started a lazy pace, one that got Camila moving against Lucy’s rigid cock while she kissed Camila and swallowed her moans. Moving in tandem, Lauren and Lucy fucked Camila’s body, felt her holes quivering with every hard thrust deeper into her.

Camila released a keening whine, her legs trembling. Lucy spread her pussy lips apart and with the tip of her finger, flicked her clit. Lauren’s balls smacked wetly against Camila’s butt cheeks. Camila couldn’t even get a word out, but Lauren and Lucy both felt her coming. Her walls clamped tighter and she squirmed. Sucked air into her lungs, while two cocks still fucked into her.

“I’m gonna come too,” Lauren panted, her heavy balls twitching. She held Camila down. Watched her cock ream into the tight ring of her ass. Lauren’s toes curled and she let out a feral growl. From underneath Camila, Lucy scrambled for the camera and pointed it towards Lauren and Camila’s ass. The thick vein that curled around the brunette’s cock pulsed, and she unloaded ropes of her seed into Camila. After a few spurts, Lauren dragged herher cock out of her ass and shot a few more lines into the gape of Camila’s butt. “Damn, Camila. You’re so fucking sexy.”

“My turn,” Lucy husked against Camila’s cheek while Lauren busied herself with the camera. Camila was limp, her body soft and pliant as Lucy grasped her thighs and fucked into her pussy. Her slick walls grasped at Lucy’s cock, keeping it in a snug fit. Lucy’s back arched off the bed, her thighs tensed. Semen flooded into Camila in streams, Lucy’s hips jerking with each spurt of cum that pulsed out of her.

“Hot.” Lauren kept filming as Lucy drew her cock out of Camila’s pussy, a stream of cum gushing out of her pink pussy. After a few more seconds, Lauren cut off the recording and helped Lucy roll Camila on her back. “Are you okay, Camila?” She asked, kissing her forehead and guiding a bottle of cool water to her lips.

The girl drank slowly with a small nod. “That was the best sex I’ve ever had.”

Lauren and Lucy grinned at each other. “Me too,” the brunette said. “And I’m not just saying that,” she defended when Camila shot her a look with a brow raised. “Really, you’re the only one that made me come super fast with how hot you were, oh man.”

Lucy grabbed herself a drink as well. “L’s right. We don’t come early. You’re just a total babe, Camila. That’s all there is to it.”

Grinning, Camila shifted until she got comfortable. Lauren snuggled against one side while Lucy placed the camera on the table. She went around to shut off the cameras that were up on tripods. “Maybe you would do better next time if you don’t worry about filming and cameras and all of that.”
“Next time?”

Camila smiled at the eager look in Lauren’s face. “Mmhmm. Next time.”

Lucy joined them in bed and threw her leg over Camila’s, her soft cock pressed against her hip. “Can that next time can be after a nap because I really need one right now.”

Lauren covered them up with a blanket and she curled up against Camila who was already asleep. She leaned over her shoulder to whisper to Lucy. “I don’t really want to sell the video we just made.”
With a raised brow and closed eyes, Lucy yawned.
“You want to keep her for yourself or something?”

“…yes? I don’t know, but I feel weird posting it online.” Lauren rubbed Camila’s smooth belly.

“Ugh, fine. You’re such a sap.”

“But we’ll still keep the files because she is seriously the hottest girl if she lets us. And that probably has to be the hottest video we ever made.”

Lucy snorted and shook her head. “Yeah, yeah. Just go to sleep already so you can fuck her some more.”

At her friend’s approval, Lauren grinned, buried herself against the nape of Camila’s neck, and slept.