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Camren g!p Smut (Compilation)

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The camera focused in on a brunette clad in skinny jeans and a black V-neck shirt, sitting on a park bench and texting on her phone. She had a grin on her face, brunette locks curtaining her face as she typed out a reply. The one holding the camera let out a snort. “What’s happening, L?”

Lauren looked up from her phone, grin still firmly in place. “We’re meeting this girl I met when I went out for coffee the other day, and Luc, she looks so good.”

“Was she the reason you were gone for like, eight hours the other day?” Lauren grinned, nodding. “You think she’s down to fuck?” The camera shifted closer while Lauren’s phone made a sound and she proceeded to text back. “Who the hell are you texting anyway? Is it the girl?”

“Uh huh,” Lauren licked her lips, her thumbs moving at a rapid pace all over the screen of her phone. “Wait until you see her though. I don’t want to spoil anything but I’m pretty sure you’re gonna like her too. Oh,” Lauren looked up and the camera panned towards the far end of the street where a brunette was making her way to where Lauren and Lucy were sitting. Lauren stood to her feet. “That’s her right there. Hey, Camila!”

The camera panned to show a beautiful brunette clad in a black dress, her legs long and slender, glistening as if already oiled. From behind the camera, Lucy made a sound of approval while Lauren pulled Camila into a hug. Lucy raised the camera and walked around the hugging pair. Lauren’s hands roamed all over Camila’s back until it rested right on top of the swell of her ass.

“Is this your friend that you mentioned?” Camila asked, turning to face Lucy. Her smile was bright, upper lip curled just right to show a knowing smirk. “I’m Camila.”

“You weren’t kidding when you said she was a total babe, Lauren.” Lucy grinned, holding out her hand for Camila to shake. “L told you what we do, right?”

“She did,” Camila nodded, biting her lip and glanced at Lauren with a small, secretive smile before looking into the camera lens. “I’d very much prefer working with two sexy women rather than with the types of guys people associate with those who make porn.”

Lauren curled her arm around Camila’s hip and pulled her close. “What do you think, Luc? Good, right?”

Behind the camera, Lucy made a sound. “I’ll tell you what I think when we get back to our place. That cool with you, Camila?”

Nodding, she and Lauren went on ahead, walking to the black sedan parked a few feet away. Its windows were tinted black, and the leather seats barely made a sound when all three of them got in, with Camila sitting at the front seat while Lauren drove to their house that also doubled as their studio.

In the car, Lucy kept the camera rolling while she asked Camila a couple of questions. “What’s the most you’ve done sexually?”

“I’ve been pretty vanilla,” Camila spoke to the camera while Lauren grinned and waggled her brows. “But I’ve always been interested with the kinkier side of sex. I just haven’t found the right person to explore that kind of thing with me.”

“Ever had a threesome?” Lauren asked. Her hand was on Camila’s thigh where the hem of her dress rode up to expose equally tanned skin that was soft to the touch.

“Nope, but I’m hoping I would be in one today.”
“You met the right people for exploring your horizons though,” Lauren told Camila while Lucy cut off the camera. “But if you get uncomfortable, just say the word and we’ll stop. We won’t force you into anything.”

The car pulled up to a wide driveway. A flagstone path curved up the side of the villa, leading inside. Lauren and Camila walked together, hand in hand, while Lucy rolled the camera again. She focused on the sway of Camila’s ass, the way her thighs jiggled just a tad, almost having the camera up her skirt. Lauren led them to the backyard where there were rows of patio chairs set up underneath a huge beach umbrella.

“Let’s see that body,” Lucy husked. Lauren took a step back so Camila was the only one in the frame. She spun, the camera taking in the sight of her entire body. “Damn, baby. You look so fucking hot. How about you take that dress off?”

“Lauren, a little help?” Camila curled her finger to the brunette who approached eagerly, her hands planted firmly on the plumpness of Camila’s butt as if magnetized there. Lauren unzipped the back of her dress and let the straps fall off Camila’s arms, exposing bare tits, her flat stomach, and her lacy pink thong. The slip of fabric disappeared between plump ass cheeks. A low groan escaping Lucy’s throat while she focused her camera there.

Lucy was crouched to angle the camera from below. Lauren tipped Camila’s face towards her and kissed her, lips teasing and nipping while Lauren’s hands roamed all over her sides, her stomach, and ass. Soft, breathy moans spilled out of Camila’s mouth when Lauren grasped her butt cheeks and spread them open for Lucy and the camera’s viewing pleasure.

“Shit, baby…” Lucy glanced up at Lauren and the taller girl shifted away. She led Camila to straddle a patio chair and for her to stick her ass out. “You ever had a tongue up that sexy ass of yours?”

Camila shook her head, giving her ass a little shimmy that only made Lucy’s and Lauren’s cock twitch in their pants. “Why, are any of you volunteering?” She teased. Shaking her ass, she looked into the camera and raised her brow.

Lauren lunged for Camila’s ass and buried her face between her butt cheeks. A sharp squeal erupted from Camila, and then a bout of giggles, breathless and laced with moans. She rocked back into Lauren while Lucy focused the camera on Camila’s butt. Pulling back just a bit, Lauren pulled the string of fabric aside to expose the neat pink pucker of Camila’s butthole.

“Look at that,” Lauren sighed, the pad of her finger stroking the crinkled skin. “I can already smell you getting wet, baby. You liked my tongue up this tight butt?”

Camila leaned against the back of the patio chair, nodding. “Feels really good. Do it some more.”

“You heard the lady, L.” Lucy laughed. Yanking Camila’s ass apart to expose her hole, Lauren stuck out her tongue, stiffened it, and pressed the tip into the rim. Camila squirmed, the tanned globes of her ass glistened with natural light, and Lauren couldn’t help but rake her nails against the smooth skin. She spanked Camila, her tongue pushing bit by bit into her hole.

“Show us that pussy too,” Lucy said from behind the camera. She sounded short of breath. “God, I’m already so fucking hard.”

“Me too,” Lauren panted, the bulge in her pants now more prominent. Thumbs hooked against the slip of Camila’s thong, Lauren lowered it, exposing Camila’s spit-slick asshole that had a tiny gape, and her pussy lips slippery with cum. Lauren squeezed her pussy lips together, accentuating how thick and swollen they were. “You are seriously the hottest girl ever,” Lauren murmured against the small of Camila’s back.

She kissed up Camila’s spine and up to her shoulders. Camila craned her neck to meet Lauren in a kiss, tongue stroking the roof of the brunette’s mouth. Lucy zoomed in on their locked mouths, then lowered the view to Camila’s hand gripping Lauren’s thick bulge over her pants.

“Hey, you’re not done eating her ass, are you? Because I’m willing to dive in there and take over.”

“Fuck no,” Lauren pulled away from Camila after kissing her lips in rapid succession. She situated herself behind a giggling Camila and spread her thighs apart while Lucy honed in on the sight of her gorgeous pussy. Lauren dragged her tongue up Camila’s folds and worked it against her puckered asshole once more, until the tightness loosened and she was able to fuck into it. Her tongue sank in the gaping hole with ease. More cum coated Camila’s cunt, some even dripped down her thighs.

“Ooooh, fuck…” Camila gasped out. Lauren grinned and positioned herself so she reclined on the deck chair. She gave Camila’s ass a firm squeeze and guided her to lower her pussy down to her eager waiting mouth. Lauren craned her neck, and as soon as Camila’s slick pussy met the brunette’s tongue, Camila squealed and sank fully on Lauren’s mouth. She latched on her clit, wet slurping noises caught on camera.

Meanwhile, Lucy kept filming with one hand and with the other, she palmed her pulsing shaft. She really wanted to join in, to get Camila to suck her off for a POV shot. But right now, the blissed out look of Camila, eyes rolled to the back of her head, her mouth parted as she gasped for air, was just as hot to watch.

Underneath Camila, Lauren was having the time of her life devouring Camila’s pussy as more cum flooded out to coat her tongue. She kept massaging and spreading Camila’s butt, a finger slippery with spit and girl cum pressed against her puckered hole. Lauren eased it inside, the tight grasp of Camila’s hole made her cock pulse.

“I can’t wait to fuck your ass,” Lauren growled, sliding out from underneath Camila. She undid her pants, cock sprung out and slapped against the swell of Camila’s ass. Uncapping a bottle of baby oil, Lauren drenched Camila’s ass with it to make her glisten, from her ass to her thighs and legs. Lauren used her rigid cock to rub the liquid into Camila’s skin, making the smaller brunette moan.
Lauren guided her cock into Camila’s pussy, the heat of her walls sucking her in. With a desperate groan, Lauren sank deeper inside her, Lucy’s camera taking in the sight of Camila’s pink pussy hole grasping at the thick meat of Lauren’s length.

“Oh god damn,” Lauren panted, hunching over Camila to tilt her chin towards her for a kiss. “Your pussy is so fucking hot, baby.”

A keening whine spilled out of Camila’s mouth and into Lauren’s, her butt grinding back against the cock buried inside her. “Pound that big dick into me,” she raked her nails along the line of Lauren’s jaw. “I can take it.”

Grinning, Lauren groped Camila’s tits and fucked into her. Harsh, steady claps of skin on skin, the length of Lauren’s cock dragging along the slippery walls of Camila’s pussy. Lucy couldn’t keep the camera or her eyes away.

“How does that pussy feel, L?” Lucy asked, her own cock straining against the zipper of her jeans.

“Does it feel as good as it tastes?” She zoomed in on Lauren’s features, blissed out and a shimmer of Camila’s girl cum coating her lips and chin. The brunette licked at her lips and moaned at the residual taste of cum.

“Yeah it does,” she grunted, ramming sharply into Camila to make her scream. “She feels amazing. Hot and tight.”

Lucy grinned and gave Lauren a thumbs up before walking over to where Camila was facing. She reclined the back of the patio chair so it laid flat, allowing her to get closer to Camila who leaned against her for support. “You like that big dick fucking in your desperate pussy, huh?” Lucy goaded, groaning softly when Camila palmed her cock. “You want another? One in your mouth to keep you busy?”

The look on Camila’s face was one that would sear itself in Lucy’s head, and in the video that she kept on filming. Thick, dark eyelashes fluttering. Doe eyes, swollen, full lips. Lucy sucked in a harsh breath and her cock pulsed, insistent to be freed from its confines. “Let me suck you off,” Camila panted.

Lucy stuck her hips out and lifted her shirt. “Take my cock out, babe.” Camila undid the buttons of Lucy’s jeans, her face mere inches from her cock. She yanked Lucy’s pants down and her cock fell out, the thick, hot shaft hitting Camila’s cheek. Precum glistened from the tip.

Thighs quivering with anticipation, Lucy aimed the camera down at Camila. Her throbbing cock strained against Camila, her pink tongue peeking out to tease the vein that curled around Lucy’s shaft. Curling one hand around the base, Camila kissed the length of the underside, her eyes never leaving the lens of the camera.

More precum oozed out of the slit of Lucy’s cock and she couldn’t bear waiting anymore. “Lick up that precum for me,” she husked. A low groan burst out of her as Camila’s tongue swirled around the swollen head, the flat of it brushing against the sensitive slit to lick the precum away.

Behind Camila, Lauren had her eyes trained on the way Camila sucked off her friend. It only made Camila’s pussy tighter. Clearly, she enjoyed sucking cock as much as Lucy loved receiving it.

Lauren humped into Camila’s pussy while she grabbed the bottle of lube. Slicking up her fingers, she pressed the tips against Camila’s asshole. Gauging from Camila’s head still bobbing up and down Lucy’s thick meat, she didn’t mind. Lauren worked the tip of her index finger until it was buried up to the first knuckle. The sight of her pale cock stretching out Camila’s pussy, a finger stuffed in her tight asshole, nearly made Lauren bust her load.

She reached for the spare camera and filmed herself fucking both of Camila’s holes. Her cock, every time it slipped out of Camila’s pussy, came out shiny with cum.

“Fuck,” Lauren eased her cock out of Camila, causing it to slap against her belly. “I don’t think I’ve ever been this hard before, god damn.” She said, motioning to her straining cock.

Lucy laughed, breathless. “I know what you mean,” she turned to Camila and bent down for a kiss. “Your mouth is fucking awesome too. You like sucking dick, huh? You can’t be this good and not like it.”

Smirking, Camila fixed the patio chair so the back was upright once again, Lauren and Lucy standing on either side of her. “I like having my mouth filled,” she said, her lips more swollen than before. She looked up at the two studs, their big dicks hanging out, rigid and pulsing faintly, waiting for her mouth. Wrapping her hands around both cocks, Camila pulled them closer and stuck out her tongue. They bumped together while Camila slurped at the tips, moaning at the mixed taste of precum.

Lucy’s tanned cock was stout, bent at the tip due to its weight, while Lauren’s was pale, the head flushed a bright pink. Longer than Lucy’s, but it stood on its own, reaching the brunette’s navel. Both were clean shaven, making their cocks appear bigger, and their balls hung low, filled with cum.

Lauren threw her head back, a shaky moan bursting out of her throat. Her thighs visibly quivered, the camera sitting on a nearby bench, forgotten. Lucy, vigilant as always, aimed it briefly at Lauren’s features before filming the way Camila slurped her cock. The filthy, wet noises were toe-curling, and Lucy had to grasp the base of her cock in case she came just from hearing those sounds.

“Oooh, shit…” Lauren panted, hunched over Camila’s head. She humped into Camila’s mouth, and Lucy had to step back to film Lauren’s erratic movements, a sure sign of what was to come. Her balls swayed with the rhythm of her thrusting hips, her cock sliding down Camila’s throat. It was an impressive sight, and one that made Lauren whimper. Yanking her cock out of Camila’s mouth, Lauren pumped her dick, hand twisting on the upstroke. Strings of precum and spit clung to Camila’s lips and Lauren’s cockhead.

“Fuckfuckfuck, I’m gonna bust. H-here it comes,” Lauren squirmed, rubbing the head of her cock against Camila’s mouth. Camila cupped her balls and stuck out her pink tongue, and that was Lauren’s undoing. Thick ropes shot out of her cock, hitting Camila’s waiting tongue. Some streaked along her cheek.

Lauren’s entire body trembled as her balls were drained, though her cock remained upright and stiff. She dragged her thumb along Camila’s chin and gathered up her semen to push into the brunette’s mouth. She moaned, sucking on Lauren’s finger eagerly.

“You came way too early,” Lucy teased, propping the camera up on a nearby tripod.

“You would come as soon as I did too if you had her pussy before she sucked you off,” Lauren said, moving to lie on top of Camila. She kissed down her neck to worship at her tits, her hard cock pressed between soft thighs. “Let me fuck you again, babe.”

Camila wrapped her arms around Lauren’s neck and hummed. “I want to ride you,” she husked into the brunette’s ear, one hand grasping her cock while stroking it in slow, fluid motions.

“Gladly, but let’s go in first. The lighting is getting too bright.” Lauren lifted Camila in her arms like a bride and kissed her. Tongues playful and teasing each other, while Lucy followed with the camera still aimed at them.

Lauren lied down on the lounging couch, her cock resting between Camila’s ass cheeks. Lucy positioned two cameras up on tripods and carried one with her for close up shots. Lucy slicked up Camila’s ass again, as well as Lauren’s dick before sinking it into her waiting pussy.

“Your cock is so deep,” Camila panted against Lauren’s mouth, her butt shaking while she humped against the cock stretching her pussy. “Fuck me hard with it, baby. I want you to stretch me out.”

Lauren gripped Camila’s ass, spreading them apart so Lucy could rest her cock against the puckered hole. She bit and nipped at Camila’s exposed neck, the tendons straining as the brunette squirmed.

“How about we fill both your holes? My cock in this slippery pussy, and Luc’s…” Her pussy walls tightened at Lauren’s proposition, fingers dipping into Camila’s ass. “Up here. What do you think?”

“I want it,” Camila whined, her body rubbing up against Lauren’s. Behind them, Lucy filmed Lauren’s cock fucking into Camila’s cunt. She knocked Lauren’s hand away from the brunette’s ass so she could have a taste. Lucy wriggled her tongue into Camila’s butt, bobbing her head back and forth to fuck it. Pulling back, she focused on the tiny gape, as small as the nail on her pinky finger. “Please fuck me now…” Camila begged.
Lucy kissed the base of Camila’s spine, two fingers pumping in unhurried movements in her ass, while Lauren’s cock barely left her pussy. “No need to rush. We’ll make you feel so good.”

“Let me make her come first,” Lauren panted, gripping Camila’s thighs, her hips slamming up into the squirming girl. One hand snuck between their bodies to stroke her clit. “You’re so wet, oh my god…”

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” Camila whimpered, nails digging into Lauren’s toned arms. She arched, eyes rolling to the back of her head. Cum gushed out of her pussy, and Lucy could see just how much and how hard Camila was coming. Her butthole clamped tight around Lucy, making it difficult for her to keep stretching her out with her fingers.
Lucy pulled out her fingers with a slick pop. She took a few seconds to point the camera to the wider gape of Camila’s ass. She passed her tongue along the pucker before straddling Lauren, meaty cock resting against the swell of Camila’s butt. She lubed herself some more before pressing a kiss against the base of Camila’s spine.

“Ready to get filled?” Lucy husked against the slope of Camila’s shoulder, the tip of her meat poking, nudging against the fluttering hole.

“So ready, Luc.” Camila moaned.

“Fuck yes, do it…” Lauren panted, her hips still. “You’re so drenched, Camz. You want it so badly, right?”

Nodding, the smaller brunette kissed Lauren deeply. The brunette yanked her butt cheeks open for Lucy.

“Let me feel that pussy first though. Let me get slippery.” Lucy grinned. Lauren whined, penis slipping out of the warmth so Lucy’s thicker meat could be coated with Camila’s abundant cum. Grasping the brunette’s waist, Lucy pounded into her, soft walls squeezing her in a velvet grip. “God damn.”

“Don’t forget about me,” Lauren whined, eliciting a giggle from Camila. She kissed all over the pale girl’s face before latching her mouth onto Lauren’s stiff nipples. She sucked, doe eyes fluttering, seducing Lauren into silence.

Lucy smirked at how docile and obedient Lauren could get. She pulled out of Camila and Lauren was already back in her pussy, balls deep with a throaty moan escaping her.

“Stay still,” Lucy warned, but she didn’t really need to say it since Lauren was a professional. Plus she was distracted in making out with Camila. She clung to Camila with a desperation, one that Lucy noticed but chose to ignore for the time being. Lucy guided her rigid cock, slick with lube and cum, to Camila’s waiting asshole. The anticipation made her legs shake and her cock pulse.

As soon as the tip was engulfed in the tight ring of Camila’s hole, Lucy released the shaky breath she was holding. “Holy shit,” she dug her nails into Camila’s skin. “Holy fuck, you’re so tight!”

“I am an anal virgin, you know.” Camila teased, bouncing her ass a bit, making the cheeks clap against the thick head of Lucy’s meat. The movements made Lucy curse some more, her hips humping into Camila’s ass.

It took Lucy a few minutes of slow thrusting, hands roaming all over Camila’s warm back while she and Lauren made out. Lucy rocked back and forth, adding lube now and then to make it easier for her cock to slide in Camila’s tight heat. She could feel the hard, pulsing cock of Lauren’s meat against the thin membrane inside Camila.

Lucy was so lost in the sensations of humping Camila’s warm ass that she didn’t realize exactly how hard her cock was, and how heavy her balls were. “Oh, shit. Fuckshitgoddamn!”

She yanked her cock out of Camila’s ass and hastily grabbed the nearest camera, the one she placed by Lauren’s head for easy access.

Breathless, Lucy managed to aim and focus on Camila’s gorgeous ass, one hand curled around the thick meat of her penis. She jerked herself off, only taking two or three strokes. Semen cascaded in viscous ropes all over Camila’s perfect butt. Soft grunts came out of Lucy’s throat, her body trembling from the suddenness of her orgasm.

“Fuck…” Lucy slumped beside Lauren, panting. She eyed the brunette who was grinning, and Camila who was smiling. “Don’t say a damn thing, L. You too, Camila.”

“What?” Lauren smirked. “You were giving me shit for blowing my load early and I don’t get to do the same? What’s the fun in that?”

Camila leaned over Lucy and kissed her. A deep kiss that emptied out the air in Lucy’s lungs, her fingers burrowing in thick, brown locks. “Don’t worry. I seem to have that effect on the both of you.”

“Right,” Lauren agreed, kissing along the length of Camila’s neck. She rolled out from under Camila, while the smaller girl crawled on top of Lucy. “Your ass is stretched out for my big dick. I can’t wait to start pounding you, baby.” Lauren husked against the slope of Camila’s ass, her cockhead dragging and spreading Lucy’s cum all over Camila’s skin.

“Then do it. Fuck me.” Camila moaned, sinking her slick pussy around Lucy’s cock, making her grunt, her back arched. She squirmed, sensitive dick pulsing hard. Camila rutted against Lucy while behind her, Lauren slicked up her cock and sank it in one slow thrust until she was balls deep in Camila’s butt.

Kissing Camila’s neck, Lauren cupped her tits and started a lazy pace, one that got Camila moving against Lucy’s rigid cock while she kissed Camila and swallowed her moans. Moving in tandem, Lauren and Lucy fucked Camila’s body, felt her holes quivering with every hard thrust deeper into her.

Camila released a keening whine, her legs trembling. Lucy spread her pussy lips apart and with the tip of her finger, flicked her clit. Lauren’s balls smacked wetly against Camila’s butt cheeks. Camila couldn’t even get a word out, but Lauren and Lucy both felt her coming. Her walls clamped tighter and she squirmed. Sucked air into her lungs, while two cocks still fucked into her.

“I’m gonna come too,” Lauren panted, her heavy balls twitching. She held Camila down. Watched her cock ream into the tight ring of her ass. Lauren’s toes curled and she let out a feral growl. From underneath Camila, Lucy scrambled for the camera and pointed it towards Lauren and Camila’s ass. The thick vein that curled around the brunette’s cock pulsed, and she unloaded ropes of her seed into Camila. After a few spurts, Lauren dragged herher cock out of her ass and shot a few more lines into the gape of Camila’s butt. “Damn, Camila. You’re so fucking sexy.”

“My turn,” Lucy husked against Camila’s cheek while Lauren busied herself with the camera. Camila was limp, her body soft and pliant as Lucy grasped her thighs and fucked into her pussy. Her slick walls grasped at Lucy’s cock, keeping it in a snug fit. Lucy’s back arched off the bed, her thighs tensed. Semen flooded into Camila in streams, Lucy’s hips jerking with each spurt of cum that pulsed out of her.

“Hot.” Lauren kept filming as Lucy drew her cock out of Camila’s pussy, a stream of cum gushing out of her pink pussy. After a few more seconds, Lauren cut off the recording and helped Lucy roll Camila on her back. “Are you okay, Camila?” She asked, kissing her forehead and guiding a bottle of cool water to her lips.

The girl drank slowly with a small nod. “That was the best sex I’ve ever had.”

Lauren and Lucy grinned at each other. “Me too,” the brunette said. “And I’m not just saying that,” she defended when Camila shot her a look with a brow raised. “Really, you’re the only one that made me come super fast with how hot you were, oh man.”

Lucy grabbed herself a drink as well. “L’s right. We don’t come early. You’re just a total babe, Camila. That’s all there is to it.”

Grinning, Camila shifted until she got comfortable. Lauren snuggled against one side while Lucy placed the camera on the table. She went around to shut off the cameras that were up on tripods. “Maybe you would do better next time if you don’t worry about filming and cameras and all of that.”
“Next time?”

Camila smiled at the eager look in Lauren’s face. “Mmhmm. Next time.”

Lucy joined them in bed and threw her leg over Camila’s, her soft cock pressed against her hip. “Can that next time can be after a nap because I really need one right now.”

Lauren covered them up with a blanket and she curled up against Camila who was already asleep. She leaned over her shoulder to whisper to Lucy. “I don’t really want to sell the video we just made.”
With a raised brow and closed eyes, Lucy yawned.
“You want to keep her for yourself or something?”

“…yes? I don’t know, but I feel weird posting it online.” Lauren rubbed Camila’s smooth belly.

“Ugh, fine. You’re such a sap.”

“But we’ll still keep the files because she is seriously the hottest girl if she lets us. And that probably has to be the hottest video we ever made.”

Lucy snorted and shook her head. “Yeah, yeah. Just go to sleep already so you can fuck her some more.”

At her friend’s approval, Lauren grinned, buried herself against the nape of Camila’s neck, and slept.