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Die2Nite Drabbles

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"My friend Joanne is gonna watch Doggo for me tonight," the Tamer said to the Scavenger. "Wanna come over to my hovel so I don't get lonely?" She gave him a flirty look. Her eyes were shadowed with earthy dust, her cheeks reddened with a touch of fleshroom juice. She had never known a world with actual cosmetic products.

The Scavenger chuckled. "It'd be my pleasure. I've even got a, heh, 'Plastic Bag' I been saving for such an occasion."

The Tamer moved closer and stroked the Scavenger's arm. She'd been using the Pocket Vibrator on lonely nights for a while. But there were new orders from Mayor Bram now: Batteries were sorely scarce, and not to be squandered. And this Scavenger was a handsome specimen to boot.

"I'll prep a tasty homemade dish," she said.

"Mmm boy! Looking forward to that!" he said eagerly. S'good thing we've had the Faucet built, he thought. I can wash myself up real good for her.... not just spritz my body with a water gun, hah.

She smiled and was about to speak again, but a low roar sounded close by. They both turned and saw a zombie emerging from behind some rubble.