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Smash Fighters In Quarantine

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#general, 3:52

RoysOurBoi: Guys

RoysOurBoi: I got a boner

Angelic-Light: Ew y r u telling us dat

RoysOurBoi: Because

RoysOurBoi: I wanna ;)

EdgyExalt: thats something personal we dont wanna kno

RoysOurBoi: Well its Akira's fault

TheJokerOfHearts69: How da hell am i responsible

RoysOurBoi: U showed me boku no pico!

RoysOurBoi: Now I'm hard!!!!!

TheJokerOfHearts69: I did? My bad

DarkAngelOfSkyworld: did u seriously show the kid porn

TheJokerOfHearts69: u kno u r a kid 2 rite?

DarkAngelOfSkyworld: no I'm not

Angelic-Light: U r

Angelic-Light: U r like 13 appearance wise but actually 11 :p

Angelic-Light: Shota


Angelic-Light: Well I just did >:D

EdgyExalt: wats a shota?

TheJokerOfHearts69: look it up

RoysOurBoi: Can we get back on topic?

RoysOurBoi: Akira really wanted 2 get away from me so he gave me hentai

RenRensMom: Renren...

TheJokerOfHearts69: ah shit its my mom

EdgyExalt: ohohoho u in trouble now

RenRensMom: I'm proud of you

TheJokerOfHearts69: yay!

TheKingOfKoopas wat da faq even is this conversation

DarkAngelOfSkyworld: fire marth is horny lmao

TheKingOfKoopas: y

Angelic-Light: Scroll up

Zelda!: Wait is Bayonetta actually Akira's mom?

TheJokerOfHearts69: ya

TheJokerOfHearts69: im half british

Zelda!: Cool

RoysOurBoi: W8 zelda u were hear dis hole time

Zelda!: Correction: "Wait Zelda, you were here this entire time?"

Zelda!: Grammar is important.

Zelda!: And yes, I was, my status is invisible. Why are we even talking about this?

DarkAngelOfSkyworld: roy started it

RoysOurBoi: Hey joker u wanna come 2 my room n play animal crossing with me?

TheJokerOfHearts69: no

TheKingOfKoopas: u guys wanna c smg funny

TheKingOfKoopas: smashmoan726758.mp3

EdgyExalt: WAT DA FUCK-


Angelic-Light: Hehe pittoo is a screamer


RenRensMom: Hey, this is the time I banged you Palu~

Angelic-Light: fsjdfcdejceyefkdeufu

TheJokerOfHearts69: w8 actually

Angelic-Light: hedgukdefvkwvjyslwas,g;.whpwgds

RenRensMom: yee I did

Royal_-_Fighter: Roy wat did u do dis time

RoysOurBoi: Watched anime porn

Royal_-_Fighter: -_-'

Royal_-_Fighter: Whoa wat is dis audio

Angelic-Light: bedfviuafqjaflqjvwjsefvlqabdl.abldwibkudwf

Zelda!: Did any of you graduate school? Because clearly none of you guys can spell or use proper grammar.

Zelda!: Except for Akira's mom.

EdgyExalt: were texting so it doesnt matter

Angelic-Light: gdsyjfvwsajvwsaufiwakubgwkasufwiy

DarkAngelOfSkyworld: i think we broke palu

TheJokerOfHearts69: should we do smg

KingOfTheKoopas: ;trollface;

Zelda: Bowser you're so evil.

KingOfTheKoopas: Ik

EdgyExalt: smh

LucinaIsMine: Luci

LucinaIsMine: Who did you have sex with?

EdgyExalt: fuck

EdgyExalt: no one

DarkAngelOfSkyworld: w8 is dis Corrin?

DarkAngelOfSkyworld: press F 2 pay ur respects

RoysOurBoi: F

TheKingOfKoopas: F

TheJokerOfHearts69: F

RenRensMom: F


LucinaIsMine: Lucina

LucinaIsMine: It's okay

LucinaIsMine: I won't hurt you if you told me.

FireEmblem06: But youll murder da one who fucked her

KingOfTheKoopas: whos dis now?

Zelda!: *this

FireEmblem06: Ike

DarkAngelOfSkyworld: wat kinda username is dat

FireEmblem06: its the users decision 2 use dis username

FireEmblem06: dont h8 on em

LucinaIsMine: Lucina?

LucinaIsMine: Are you still there?

TheJokerOfHearts69: she went offline

RenRensMom: You're scaring her

RoysOurBoi: Wat kinda gf r u 2 hurt ur lovers friends

RoysOurBoi: She doesn't deserve you

LucinaIsMine: ...

FireEmblem06: she went offline 2-

TheJokerOfHearts69: ROY RUN

TheJokerOfHearts69: COME 2 MY ROOM



RoysOurBoi: Aw u do care!


Angelic-Light: Fine ill just teleporte u 2 akis room

Zelda!: Hurry!

TheJokerOfHearts69: O good ur still in 1 piece

FireEmblem06: did u just say one piece

RenRensMom: my son is a weeb

LucinaIsMine: Joker.

LucinaIsMine: I'm only going to say this once.

LucinaIsMine: Open the door.

Tactical_Strategist: NOT SO FAST!

LucinaIsMine: Robin what are you-

Tactical_Strategist: I knocked her out with thoron :D

RoysOurBoi: Yay!

RoysOurBoi: Can we play animal crossing now pwese?

TheJokerOfHearts69: u kno u dont need 2 text im standing right here

EdgyExalt: w8

Zelda!: You're back!

EdgyExalt: i was hiding my vibrator

DarkAngelOfSkyworld: u have a vibrator with u XD

EdgyExalt: so wat if i do

EdgyExalt: anyways i think were all wanna kno who fucked who

TheKingOfKoopas: i never did anyone but i still wanna kno

Tactical_Strategist: What r u guys talking about?

TheKingOfKoopas: smashmoan726758.mp3

Tacticial_Strategist: ;blush;

RoysOurBoi: Marth was da one who fucced me

Royal_-_Fighter: shush

TheJokerOfHearts69: den y did u wanna do me

TheJokerOfHearts69: u already have a bf

Royal_-_Fighter: no he isn't

Royal_-_Fighter: were friends

Royal_-_Fighter: with benefits ;)

TheJokerOfHearts69: fair fair

TheJokerOfHearts69: i laid futaba

EdgyExalt: who dat

TheJokerOfHearts69: futuba.jpg

Zelda!: Wow, she's so pretty!

TheJokerOfHearts69: ik...

TheJokerOfHearts69: i'm still not over her...

Zelda!: Oh

Zelda!: I *tried* to get Link to have sex with me

Zelda!: But he's too baby.

EdgyExalt: jajajajajajaja

FireEmblem06: lucina its ur turn

Angelic-Light: ur the bag of chips in this covo

EdgyExalt: oki

EdgyExalt: u guys kno selena

DarkAngelOfSkyworld: no

Tactical_Strategist: Oh

Tactical_Strategist: Da tsundere

EdgyExalt: yeah

EdgyExalt: corrin better not find out about her

EdgyExalt: we better delete these messages b4 she wakes up

Zelda!: Agreed.

Zelda!: What about you Pittoo?

DarkAngelOfSkyworld: ;blush;

RenRensMom: You don't need 2 hide it, I remember you and Pit had fun after that party

DarkAngelOfSkyworld: WE WERE DRUNK OK?!

TheJokerOfHearts69: so thats where da screams were fro ;leeny face;

DarkAngelOfSkyworld: no one asked u

Zelda!: I see.

Zelda!: Makes sense.

Zelda!: Wait, who gave the child booze?

Angelic-Light: I let him drink a lil ;)

RenRensMom: We should also probably delete these texts before Pit reads them

FireEmblem06: speaking of who where is he

DarkAngelOfSkyworld: asleep

Zelda!: Palutena, you're a bad mom

Angelic-Light bfjgkudjbvjsdfukjarsdcwkadvskfsdckydsvk

TheJokerOfHearts69: oh god here we go again

Tacticial_Strategist: Im dating monado boi btw

Tacticial_Strategist: We made love last night

Tacticial_Strategist: Screw corona

RoysOurBoi: ;thumbsup;

RoysOurBoi: wat bout Ike

FireEmblem06: sadly im a virgin

FireEmblem06: i wanna ask samus out but i doubt shes interested in me

RenRensMom: Aw

RenRensMom: That's so cute

RenRensMom: Give it a shot! ^o^

FireEmblem06: and risk being slammed into da wall?

FireEmblem06: i need more time 2 think

RenRensMom: I understand

RenRensMom: Anyways Palutena fucked me a year ago

Angelic-Light: divfskuvdsjcdsjdcsjcfsdjycsj

DarkAngelOfSkyworld: leave her alone

DarkAngelOfSkyworld: let her cool off

RoysOurBoi: Welp Im gonna take a shower and play with myself to get rid of my boner

TheJokerOfHearts69: u kno u have me right?

TheJokerOfHearts69: and hes gone

TheJokerOfHearts69: ;cry;

EdgyExalt: gonna call it a night

EdgyExalt: bai

Royal_-_Fighter: cya

DarkAngelOfSkyworld: adios

TheKingOfKoopas: time 2 harass peach again

Angelic-Light: mnjbdsufvdsjvaskugvsfaijfcedk

RenRensMom: good night

FireEmblem06: bye

Tactical_Strategist: Use protection ;)


#ventandsupport 6:17

HylianNaruto: guys greninja flooded da main hall again

HylianNaruto: anyone there?

HylianNaruto: dammit guess im gonna have 2 deal with dis shit myself