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Smash Fighters In Quarantine

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Samus stepped out the mansion despite Master Hand forbidding everyone from leaving the premise. Well she WAS wearing her suit which is fully sealed and can survive the vacuum of space, so what can the virus do to her? 

     "Heh, take that Goddess," She said with a chuckle.

     Earlier, Palutena was flexing about the fact she was a goddess and that gods never got sick unlike humans, so she can go outside whenever she wanted. Could they really not? Who knows, Palutena is a nutjob anyways. So the bounty huntress decided to step outside for a walk fully armed to prove Palutena wrong.

     Unfortunately, her victory was short lived, because no one else was outside other than Samus. Makes sense, cause it was easy to get infected. And since the death toll is nearly a hundred thousand, why risk it? 

     Being the only one out didn't bother Samus because she was alone all her life (cough cough, RIDLEY). Then again, she has been enjoying other people's company. Lucina and Zelda for instance are good people to talk to. Calm, caring and very intelligent, they make good acquaintances. Pit as well. Sure, he may be naive and a little obnoxious, but he's fun to talk to. And to play Mario Kart with.

     After strolling the streets of New York for an hour or so, Samus decided to return to the mansion, only for her to be rushed by a wave of water. Taking a closer look, the main hall was being Hydro Pumped by Greninja, with Ike running after him. 

     Oh boy, what happened now?

     Samus didn't have time to ask because Crazy Hand in a blue rubber glove appeared and Thanos-snapped the water away. Yes, I actually referred to Thanos so kill me.

     "grEnINjA, gO bAck tO yOUR RooM!" Crazy exclaimed in a distorted voice.

     "Ninja!" The frog shot back before running out the hall while flipping off Crazy Hand.

     "tHE sAme gOes tO yOu tWO!" The hand said, pointing to Ike and Samus.

     Rolling her eyes, Samus walked back to her room, shoved her suit in the closet (not that kinda closet, she's straight okay?) and changed into her pajamas. Flopping back onto her bed, she pulled out her phone to see she had over a hundred notifications from Peach and Marth- Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter, you name it. Why she even had them on social media, she wasn't sure. Samus was about to fall asleep when someone started knocking on her door. Groaning in frustration, she jumped up and answered it only to see a certain blue-haired mercenary holding a tray of lasagna (BITCH LASAGNA).

     "I made pasta?" Ike said awkwardly with a small smile, though it came out like a question.

     Samus was about to let him in, only to hold her hand out in a stop sign. The whole point of quarantine is to prevent getting others infected with the Coronavirus, so the best course of action is to stay inside, isolated from other. But that lasagna looks great...

     "Did you wash your hands?" Samus asked, leaning against the doorframe. 

     "Five times, in the past half hour." Ike said with a smile.

     Well, he WAS wearing gloves. And looked clean.

     "Leave your shoes at the entrance." She said as she held the door for him. Ike nodded, kicked off his Adidas and walked in, placing the tray on the table.

      "What was going on with you and Greninja?" Samus asked.

     "He wanted to turn Smash Mansion into a pool AGAIN and I was trying to stop him." Ike explained.

     Ah. That was something normal on a Tuesday morning. When will the frog give up his dream of water haven?

     "So, what have you been up to?" He asked sitting down on the sofa, more than seven feet away from Samus.

     "Asides from getting bombarded with dumb memes, nothing." She answered nonchalantly. "You?"

     "Netflix. And learning to cook from online classes from Chef Kawaski." He said, mentioning to the pasta.

     "I see."

     Silence. And then-


     Samus blushed and looked down at her stomach in embarrassment. Ike chuckled and walked to the kitchen to grab plates and cutlery. "Riverdale?"

     Samus picked up the remote and shook her head. "No bootleg Archie. How about Jojo?'

     Ike returned with two plates of mouth-watering pasta. "Sounds good to me." He said, sitting ten feet away from her. You know, social distancing?

     But before Samus could play the anime, someone started pounding on the door. Face palming, Samus got up again and opened the door to see Nintendo's mascot with a stupid grin on his face.

     "I heard-a there was-a lasagna here?" Mario asked.

     Samus slammed the door on his face and walked back to Ike. "Jojo can wait, time to make an anti-Mario sign. Because no Italian plumber touches my lasagna."